House of Delegates Chamber

House of Delegates Mace

Medium: Ebony, silver
MSA SC 5747

Delegate ChamberThe mace of the House of Delegates is one of the most historic objects in Maryland. It is believed to have been given to the colony when its capital moved from St. Mary’s City to Annapolis in 1695 by the royal governor, Sir Francis Nicholson.

The mace is a simple ebony or ebonized rod, 24.5” long and 1.75” in diameter. It is capped with silver upon which is engraved the reverse 1794 Great Seal, which was commissioned by the state from Charles Willson Peale.

More than any other symbol, the mace stands for the orderly, deliberative process of representative government of the people, by the people, and for the people and is always on the rostrum while the House is in session.







House of Delegates Chamber Portraits & Mace

R. Taylor
R.Clayton Mitchell
Benjamin L. Cardin
John Hanson Briscoe
Thomas H. Lowe
Perry O. Wilkinson
Marvin Mandel
A. Gordon Boone
John Christopher Luber
C. Ferdinand Sybert
Thomas E. Conlon

House Mace

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