Future Plans

Coming Soon to the Statehouse


In November, 2016, the State House Trust approved moving forward with planning for adding sculptures of Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman to the Old House of Delegates Chamber of the Maryland State House. These sculptural figures are to be incorporated into the State House Visitor Experience Master Plan to support the interpretation of Maryland’s 19th century history.

The placement of these sculptuers in the chamber will allow us to interpret the interaction between Douglass and Tubman conveying their shared pursuit to end slavery in America.


In 2007, the State House Trust adopted, in concept, a Visitor Experience Master Plan commissioned by the Maryland State Archives and developed by C&G Partners, New York. This master plan envisioned a visitor experience that interpreted ‘four centuries of Maryland history’ utilizing every public space within the building, and including the exterior grounds.

To date, only the 17th century portion of the master plan, envisioned for the Old Treasury Building, remains to be implemented. As part of the master plan for the visitor experience, the Old Treasury Building will be open to the public with interpretive exhibits relating to the history of the building and 17th century Maryland history. These exhibits will create an historic link with Historic St. Mary's City, the capital of the colony until it was moved to Annapolis in 1695.