Stairwell Room: Revolutionary Annapolis Wall

The Deputy Commissary's Guide...

Elie Vallette ;(1734-1780); Printed by Anne Cathaerine Hoof Green (1725-1775)
Medium: Ink on paper, 1774

The Deputy Commissary's Guide   

A Guide to Managing Estates

Elie Vallette was register of Maryland’s Prerogative Court and wrote The Deputy Commissary's Guide Within the Province of Maryland in 1774. This book was written to assist executors with legal requirements and procedures regarding estate and guardianship matters. The Deputy Commissary’s Guide was prepared by Annapolis silversmith Thomas Sparrow and printed by Anne Catharine Hoof Green, and the title page was prepared by silversmith Thomas Sparrow.

This publication contains the only engraved title page from a colonial Maryland press. Anne Catharine Hoof Green became the official printer to the colony after the death of her husband, Jonas, in 1767. She continued to publish the Maryland Gazette until her death in 1775.



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The Deputy Commissary's Guide...

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