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Stairwell Room:
The Treaty of Paris at Annapolis Wall

Treaty of Paris, final page

September 3, 1783
Medium: Ink on paper
National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, DC

The Treaty of Paris 

Sealed in Peace

The Treaty of Paris was signed in Paris on September 3, 1783 and ratified in Annapolis on January 14, 1784. Although the British Army had surrendered at Yorktown in October 1781, it took nearly two years to negotiate the terms of peace. The treaty was sent from France to Philadelphia, and taken to Annapolis by Thomas Mifflin, president of Congress. Ratification of the treaty required the presence of nine states, and confirmed international recognition of American independence. This occurred in the Old Senate Chamber on January 14, 1784, and made Annapolis the first peacetime capital of the new United States.

The final page of the treaty contains the wax seals of David Hartley, representing Great Britain, and each of the American peace commissioners: John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and John Jay.

The Road to Peace - August 1779 - August 1784

Ratification of the Treaty of Pairs

KEy Images on the

James Madison
Marquis de Lafayette
Thomas Jefferson
Sketch of the Maryland State House
The United States of America, Confirmed by Treaty 1783
Peace Commissioners

Key Documents on the Wall

Willianm Paca Proclamation
Announcing the Peace
Treaty of Paris

Exhibits in the Stairwell Room

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