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The Treaty of Paris at Annapolis Wall

Maryland Gazette, January 15, 1784, Detail

Maryland Gazette, January 15, 1784
Medium: Ink on paper

The United States of America, Confirmed by Treaty 1783

Announcing the Peace

After the Treaty of Paris was ratified, Congress asked each state to issue a proclamation letting its citizens know that peace was at hand. On January 15, 1784, the day after the treaty was ratified, the Maryland Gazette announced to Maryland the good news that the war was officially over, and independence was won. News of the ratification arrived too late in the day for the paper to publish a complete account of the treaty, and a separate “extraordinary” edition of the paper was printed the next day to inform readers of the details of this very significant event.



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James Madison
Marquis de Lafayette
Thomas Jefferson
Sketch of the Maryland State House
The United States of America, Confirmed by Treaty 1783
Peace Commissioners

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Willianm Paca Proclamation
Announcing the Peace
Treaty of Paris

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