Stairwell Room:
The Treaty of Paris at Annapolis Wall

Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

Artist: Mather Brown (1761-1831), 1786
Medium: Oil on canvas
National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution/ Art Resource, NY

Thomas Jefferson 

Thomas Jefferson: Our First Official Diplomat

On May 7, 1784, Congress, still meeting here in Annapolis, named Thomas Jefferson as one of America’s ministers plenipotentiary in Europe. This event, which occurred in the Old Senate Chamber, was the first appointment to a diplomatic post by the new nation. He joined John Adams and Benjamin Franklin in negotiating treaties of commerce with foreign countries. The following year, Jefferson was named minister to France, serving in that role until 1789.



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Marquis de Lafayette
Thomas Jefferson
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The United States of America, Confirmed by Treaty 1783
Peace Commissioners

Key Documents on the Wall

Willianm Paca Proclamation
Announcing the Peace
Treaty of Paris

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