The Stairwell Room

Statue of Washington, Washington Monument (detail)

Artist: Henrico Causici (1790-1833)
Medium: Marble, 1829
Mount Vernon Place Conservancy

James Madison

The Nation’s First Washington Monument
Baltimore's iconic tribute to George Washington is America’s first public monument erected in honor of the beloved founding father. Begun on July 4, 1815, it was completed in 1829. Standing at 178 feet tall, Baltimore’s monument is crowned with a statue of George Washington shown at the moment he resigned as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army. The statue faces Annapolis with Washington’s commission in his outstretched hand.

In depicting this specific act from Washington’s lifetime of achievement, the creators of this monument affirmed the historical significance of his resignation, and the peaceful transfer of power that occurred after the Revolutionary War.  

Completely restored in 2014, this monument was designed by Robert Mills, who later designed the Washington Monument in the nation’s capital.  





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George WasHINGTON Wall

Cornwallis Sues for Cessation of Hostilitie
Washington Entering New York
Washington's Farewell to his Officers
Washington Crossing the Delaware
Washington Monument
Washington Resigning His Commission
Washington receiving French generals at Mt. Vernon

Key Documents on the Wall

Washington's Resignation Speech

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