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"Evacuation day" and Washington's triumphal entry in New York City, Nov. 25th, 1783

Edmund P. Restein (1837-1891) & Ludwig Restein (b. 1838)
Lithograph, 1879
Library of Congress

James Madison

A Triumphant Entry into New York

On November 25, 1783, General George Washington rode into New York City with nearly 800 American soldiers as the British forces evacuated. He and his troops were greeted as conquering heroes. Although the American victory at Yorktown had occurred in October 1781, it had taken nearly two years to negotiate the treaty of peace.

When news of the signing of the Treaty of Paris reached New York, the British forces began preparing to leave. Cannon fire marked their departure, and the American soldiers, led by Washington and New York Governor George Clinton, paraded through the city. That evening, Governor Clinton hosted a dinner at Fraunces Tavern in honor of Washington and his officers. New York City still celebrates "Evacuation Day" every November 25





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