MSA SC 4313: 1st Fidelity Collection of the Savings Bank of Baltimore

1818-1957 ca.

Bank records, Savings Bank of Baltimore and Metropolitan Savings Bank of Baltimore. Records of the Savings Bank of Baltimore include: letterbooks 1855-1918; record books 1831-1878, 1891-1960; signature books 1818-1918; Investing Committee records 1846-1889; societies 1834-1927; journals 1818-1918; receipt books 1829-1890; general ledgers 1818-1918; deposit ledgers 1824-1917; cash books 1900-1954; loans 1873-1926; rent book 1904-1925; mortgages 1844-ca. 1922, 1957; real estate loans 1888-1926; appraisals 1909-1919; stock loans 1888-1926; stocks 1873-1926; investments 1869-1927; tax assessments 1941-1955; deposit ledger, index ca. 1868-ca. 1917, n.d.; societies, index n.d.; school loans 1973-1974; expense ledgers 1924-1941; general transfer ledgers 1932-1953; maps 1906-1939; corporation records [1818]-1982, n.d.; counter record 1864-1974; bills receivable 1923-1928; vault log 1946-1951; teller's receipt book 1912-1918; deposit ledger proof 1905-1906; bill book 1877-1931, n.d.; miscellaneous; lunchroom expense ledgers 1925-1936; loan applications 1888-1931; executive committee 1889-1962; liberty loans, n.d.; reference books 1945-1974; attachments, n.d.; daybooks, 1912-1913; bonds 1940-1951; and bank account 1889-1944. See also box level inventory for additional loose materials.

Records of the Metropolitan Savings Bank include: first deposits 1867-1957; signature books 1867-ca. 1891; receipt books 1868-1907; finance committee reports 1912-1957; day boosk 1867-1872, 1899-1908; cash books 1867-1933; depositor debits 1867-1911; deposit ledgers 1867-1907; journals 1867-1957; general ledgers 1867-1957; mortgages 1948-1957; blotters 1886-1895; scratchers 1873-1886, 1922-1927; time books 1925-1943; deposit ledger, index, n.d.; stock ledger 1881; balance ledger 1882-1908; monthly journals 1867-1930; minutes 1868-1884, 1916-1943; annual statements 1867-1954; ground rents 1933-1942; trial balances 1908-1957; summary balance book 1909-1921; mortgage ledger 1868-1869; check books ca. 1930-ca. 1957; checking account ledger 1925-1928; miscellaneous 1902-1958; loans ledger 1928-1938; and photographs, various dates.

Volumes of the records of the Savings Bank of Baltimore and the Metropolitan Savings Bank of Baltimore are arranged by series and described by series unit inventories. Loose papers of the Savings Bank of Baltimore, including records of the Comptroller and Treasurer, are arranged and described at the box level.

Series 1: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Letterbooks, 1855-1918 Letters to account holders and others having business with the Savings Bank of Baltimore relating to business matters. Letters are generally arranged in chronological order. Most volumes contain index at the beginning of volume. For letters received by the bank, see Boxes 139-156. Missing 1904. 23 vols.

Series 2: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Record Books, 1831-1878, 1891-1960. Minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors of the Savings Bank of Baltimore, held monthly. Includes a "monthly exhibit" showing monies received from and paid out to account holders and an itemized listing of income from stocks and bonds, loans on stocks, and real estate, showing the balance of funds. Arranged chronologically. Volumes for 1901-1903 and 1903-1905 only contains monthly exhibits. Missing 1854. 29 vols.

Series 3: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Signature Books, 1818-1918. Record of authorized signature of account holder made when the account was opened. Indicates account number and signature or mark. Records may also indicate race, age, marital status, address, occupation, birth date, and opening balance. First volume (accounts 1-60878) includes a transcription of the 1818 articles of association and the 1822 and 1828 amended by-laws. Arranged by account number. For access, see Deposit Ledger Indexes (Series 20). 59 vols.

Series 4: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Investing Committee Records, 1846-1889. Loans made by the Savings Bank of Baltimore, indicating date of loan or renewal, name of borrower, period of loan, interest rate, property or stocks purchased with loan, and amount of loan. Arranged chronologically. See Loans (Series 11) and Real Estate Loans (Series 14) for information on loans after 1889. 9 vols.

Series 5: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Societies, 1834-1927. Signature books for churches, lodges, charitable organizations and other institutions holding accounts with the Savings Bank of Baltimore. Indicates institutional representative(s) authorized to transact business with the bank. Arranged by account number. For index, see Societies, Index (Series 21) and Deposit Ledgers, Index (Series 20). 6 vol.

Series 6: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Journals. 1818-1918 Record of daily financial transactions arranged chronologically. Includes cross references to General Ledgers (Series 8). 16 vols.

Series 7: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Receipt Books. 1829-1890 Record of daily receipt of monies, indicating date, account number, amount, name of account holder. Shows signatures of account holders. Arranged chronologically. 118 vols.

Series 8: Savings Bank of Baltimore, General Ledgers. 1818-1918 Record of daily financial transactions arranged by type of transaction. Includes cross references to Journals (Series 6). Missing 1833-1835, 1884-1885. 9 vols.

Series 9: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Deposit Ledgers. 1824-1917 Record of financial transactions of savings account holders. Indicates account number, name, credits and debits, and balances. Account history cross referenced to subsequent ledgers. See Deposit Ledgers Indexes (Series 20) for access to deposit ledgers. Scattered volumes missing. 223 vols.

Series 10: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Cash Books. 1900-1954 Daily itemized accounting of debits and credits, including payments to loans and mortgages, bonds and other expenses. Cross referenced to General Ledgers (Series 8). 25 vols.

Series 11: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Loans. 1873-1926 Daily accounting of monies received on loans due to the Savings Bank of Baltimore. Includes date, name of borrower, amount, security, and date loans were reported to the Board. See also Investing Committee Records for information on loans prior to 1873 Arranged chronologically. 6 vols.

Series 12: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Rent Book, 1904-1925 Monthly recording of rents paid to the Savings Bank of Baltimore for real estate owned by the bank. Indicates address, tenant, rent paid, dates of payment, and final disposition of the property. Cross referenced to Journals (Series 6). Indexed. 1 vol.

Series 13: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Mortgages, 1844-ca. 1922, 1957 Records relating to the management of mortgages. Volume of mortgage loan payments indicates date, mortgage holder, total mortgage, principal, interest, and expense. Two volumes of mortgage records, arranged alphabetically, indicate the name of the mortgage holder, amount of mortgage, description of property, insurance, and deed reference. One volume of mortgage recordings, arranged alphabetically, is a transcript of the deed. 4 vols.

Series 14: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Real Estate Loans, 1888-1926 Listing of loans and loan renewals held on real estate, indicating the date, name of borrower, amount and length of loan, interest rate, address, and date loan was reported to the Board. Volumes relating to new loans include a brief description of the property. Volume relating to loan renewals includes payment. Arranged chronologically. See Investing Committee Records (Series 4) for loans prior to 1889. 3 vols.

Series 15: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Appraisals, 1909-1919 Correspondence between the Savings Bank of Baltimore and real estate appraisers and tenants concerning the condition and description of properties, appraised value of lots and improvements, and general condition and value of surrounding neighborhood. 1 vol.

Series 16: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Stock Loans, 1888-1926 Listing of loans and loan renewals held on stock, indicating date, name of borrower, type of security, amount of loan, rate of interest, and date reported to Board. 3 vols.

Series 17: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Stocks, 1873-1926. Registers relating to stocks purchased and redeemed by the Savings Bank of Baltimore. 3 vols.

Series 18: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Investments, 1869-1927. Registers relating to investments made by the Savings Bank of Baltimore. 4 vols.

Series 19: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Tax Assessments, 1941-1955. Baltimore City real estate tax assessments published by the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore and the Real Estate Board of Baltimore. Indicates house number, street, name of assessment holder, size, land and improvement assessments. Published biennially. 8 vols.

Series 20: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Deposit Ledger, Index, ca. 1868-ca. 1917, n.d. Index to Deposit Ledgers (Series 9). Index volume identification correlates with ledger identification, i.e. index volume R correlates with deposit ledgers R- . Arranged alphabetical by first letter of surname. Indicates account holder name and account number. Also indexes some Societies (Series 5). A second set of indexes compiled ca. 1868-ca. 1887 indexes active accounts beginning with Deposit Ledgers (Series 9) volume R through account 496000. A third set covers active accounts ca. 1887-ca. 1917 from account 496000 to the end. 26 vols.

Series 21: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Societies, Index, n. d. Index to Societies holding accounts in the Savings Bank of Baltimore. Arrangement based on 6 initial column. Cross referenced to Societies (Series 5). See also Depositor Ledgers, Index (Series 20) for access to Societies. 1 vol.

Series 22: Savings Bank of Baltimore, School Loans, 1973-1974. Computer printouts of student loans owned by the Savings Bank of Baltimore. Trial balances indicate student number and name, original loan amount, disbursement date, anticipated graduation date, principal balance, principal collected, interest collected, and transaction date. Purchases are loans transferred to the Savings Bank of Baltimore and indicate student number and name, Social Security number, loan date, average daily balance, loan amount, principal balance, and date loan added. Payment journal indicates transfer code, number of payments, prepaid principal, principal and interest due and past due, subsidy, and repayment amount. 3 vols.

Series 23: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Expense Ledgers, 1924-1941, 1954-1974. Operating expenses incurred by the Savings Bank of Baltimore. Earliest ledger indicates date, payee, number of bill, total, type of service, and amount of fee. Later ledgers indicate type of expense, branch office, description of service, debit, credit, date, new balance, and old balance. Missing 1957, 21 vols.

Series 24: Savings Bank of Baltimore, General Transfer Ledgers, 1932-1953 3 vols.

Series 25: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Maps, 1906-1939 Includes George W. and Walter S. Bromley, Atlas of the City of Baltimore, Maryland, 1906, Rand, McNally and Co., Indexed Atlas of the World, Vols. 1 and 2, 1908, George W. and Walter S. Bromley, Atlas of Baltimore County, Maryland, 1915, Sanborn Map Company, Insurance Maps of Baltimore, Maryland, vol. 10, 1929 and vol. 4, 1939.

Series 26: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Corporation Records, [1818]-1982, n. d. Records of the establishment of the Corporation, including the Articles of Incorporation and a history of the bank written on its 50th anniversary. Includes scrapbooks of materials relating to the history of the bank and architectural plans. 6 vols, 1 framed letter, 6 sets of architectural plans.

Series 27: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Counter Record, 1864-1974 Record of counter transactions including the date, amount received, number of accounts opened and deposits, amount paid out, and number of accounts closed and payments. Later volumes are identified as the as the counter record of the Park Heights Avenue, Loch Raven, Pikesville, Rockville, Arbutus, Harundale, and Metropolitan branches of the Savings Bank of Baltimore. The Park Heights Avenue record also includes main office transactions handled in branch the number of Christmas and Special Purpose Accounts, and number of transfers. 27 vols.

Series 28: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Bills Receivable, 1923-1928 Indicates date, [biller], amount owed. May also indicate payments and credits. 1 vol.

Series 29: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Vault Log, 1946-1951 Log of access to the bank vault, indicating the time the vault was opened and closed and the initials of the officers. 1 vol.

Series 30: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Teller's Receipt Book, 1912-1918 Record of monies received by the paying teller indicating date, amount received and signature of teller with running balance for the month. 1 vol.

Series 31: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Deposit Ledger Proof, 1905-1906 Daily compilation per deposit ledger of interest, payments and deposits. Monies are totaled monthly. Proofs correlate with the A series of Deposit Ledgers (Series 9). 1 vol.

Series 32: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Bill Book, 1877-1931, n. d. Tickler file arranged monthly of investments, showing name of holder, date, term, principal, interest, date due, account, and security. 3 vols.

Series 33: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Miscellaneous Miscellaneous unidentified volumes. Includes several blank volumes. 47 vols.

Series 34: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Lunchroom Expense Ledgers, 1925-1936 Record of groceries and other supplies ordered for the bank lunchroom. 10 vols.

Series 35: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Loan Applications, 1888-1931 Record of applications for loans, indicating name, amount, term, interest, property to be purchased, improvements, plat showing location of property, and decision of executive committee. 5 vols.

Series 36: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Executive Committee, 1889-1962 Minutes of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of the Savings Bank of Baltimore. 7 vols.

Series 37: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Liberty Loans, n. d. Record of outstanding Liberty Loans at the time of the closing of the Liberty Loan Partial Payment Department. Includes history of closing and listing of loans indicating loan number, subscriber, interest, balance due, date sold, price sold, amount sold, interest adjustment, credit balance, debit balance, and remarks. 1 vol.

Series 38: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Reference Books, 1945-1974 Reference books relating to the collection, including Baltimore city directories and Moody's Reference.

Series 39: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Attachments, n. d. Record of attachments resulting from court judgments. Indicates plaintiffs and defendants, court hearing case, date, and account number. Also indicates if dismissed. 1 vol.

Series 40: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Daybooks, 1912-1913 Record of personal events (deaths, change in mental health, alcoholism, changed in those authorized to withdraw money) which may affect accounts. Arrange alphabetically by account holder name. 1 vol.

Series 41: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Bonds, 1940-1951 Listing of bonds, indicating original exchange (price, spread, still open, average, broker, value date) and reversal (price, spread, profit, interest, amount, total profit, and broker). 1 vol.

Series 42: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Bank Account, 1889-1944 Accounts held by other banks with the Savings Bank of Baltimore. 27 vols.

Series 43: Metropolitan Savings Bank, First Deposits, 1867-1957 Record of deposits to accounts arranged chronologically. Indicates account number, name of account holder, and amount. For debits, see Metropolitan Savings Bank, Depositor Debits (Series 49). 8 vols.

Series 44: Metropolitan Savings Bank, Signature Books, 1867-ca. 1891 Record of authorized signature of account holder made when the account was opened. Indicates date, account number, signature, residence, occupation, year of birth, place of birth, name of parents, husband or wife, and name of beneficiaries in case of death. For access, see Metropolitan Savings Bank, Deposit Ledgers, Index (Series 57). 2 vols.

Series 45: Metropolitan Savings Bank, Receipt Books, 1868-1907 Record of money received from Metropolitan Savings Bank by account holders. Indicates date, account number, amount received, and depositors signatures. Arranged chronologically. 14 vols.

Series 46: Metropolitan Savings Bank, Finance Committee Reports, 1912-1957 Record of loans made by Metropolitan Savings Bank, indicating type of loan, name of borrower, interest, collateral, and market value of collateral. Arranged chronologically. 2 vols.

Series 47: Metropolitan Savings Bank, Day Books 1867-1872, 1899-1908 Record of daily transactions, indicating balance forwarded, interest accrued, amount received from depositors (not itemized per account), amount paid depositors, rents, loans, or bills received, and other transactions. Arranged chronologically. 3 vols.

Series 48: Metropolitan Savings Bank, Cash Books, 1867-1933 Record of cash received from interest, depositors (not itemized per account), bills receivable, and other transactions. Includes volume from Beneficial Savings Fund Society. Arranged chronologically. 5 vols.

Series 49: Metropolitan Savings Bank, Depositor Debits, 1867-1911 Record of debits made by account holders. Indicates account number, name, and amount. Arranged chronologically. For credits, see Metropolitan Savings Bank, First Deposits (Series 43). Includes volume from Beneficial Savings Fund Society. Missing January 1-September 5, 1911 [vol. 17?]. 18 vols.

Series 50: Metropolitan Savings Bank, Deposit Ledgers, 1867-1907 Record of financial transactions of savings account holders. Indicates account number, name of account holder, date, debits, credits, and balances. Arranged by account number. 11 vols.

Series 51: Metropolitan Savings Bank, Journals, 1867-1957 Record of daily transactions arranged chronologically. Cross referenced to Metropolitan Savings Bank, General Ledgers (Series 52). 23 vols.

Series 52: Metropolitan Savings Bank, General Ledgers, 1867-1957 Record of daily financial transactions arranged by type of transaction. Cross referenced to Metropolitan Savings Bank, Journals (Series 51). Includes volume from Beneficial Savings Fund Society. 5 vols.

Series 53: Metropolitan Savings Bank, Mortgages, 1948-1957 Record of mortgage payments, indicating name, total, principal, interest, and expense, arranged chronologically. 5 vols.

Series 54: Metropolitan Savings Bank, Blotters, 1886-1895 Record of daily transactions, similar to information found in Metropolitan Savings Bank, Journals (Series 51). Indicates interest accrued, total of money received from depositors, bills receivable, and daily balances. 3 vols.

Series 55: Metropolitan Savings Bank, Scratchers, 1873-1886, 1922-1927 Daily record of interest accrued from stocks and bonds (itemized). 5 vols.

Series 56: Metropolitan Savings Bank, Time Books, 1925-1943 Record of employee earnings, indicating initials of employee, amount of earnings, overtime, federal taxes, other deductions, and amount paid. 2 vols.

Series 57: Metropolitan Savings Bank, Deposit Ledger, Index, n. d. Indices to Beneficial Savings Fund Society and Metropolitan Savings Bank, Deposit Ledgers (Series 50). Indicates account name and account number. Arranged alphabetically. 2 vols.

Series 58: Metropolitan Savings Bank, Stock Ledger, 1881 List of stocks by stockholder, indicating date, certificate number, number of shares, and value. Indexed. 1 vol.

Series 59: Metropolitan Savings Bank, Balance Ledger, 1882-1908 Balances and reports of various accouts, including trial balances of the general ledger, beginning 1882; yearly statements, beginning 1882; reports of outside committees of examination, beginning 1885; comparative statements of Savings Banks of Baltimore (includes Savings Bank of Baltimore, Eutaw Savings Bank, Central Savings Bank, Hopkins Place Savings Bank, Metropolitan Savings Bank, German Savings Bank, Provident Savings Bank, Maryland Savings Bank, Border State Savings Bank, and St. James Savings Fund), beginning 1890; summary of the yearly reports of outside committees of examination; list of those who have served on outside committees of examination; published statements of the Savings Banks of Baltimore (includes Savings Bank of Baltimore, Eutaw Savings Bank, Central Savings Bank, Hopkins Place Savings Bank, Metropolitan Savings Bank, German Savings Bank, Provident Savings Bank, Maryland Savings Bank, Border State Savings Bank), beginning 1888; list of directors of the Metropolitan Savings Bank from its incorporation, April 16, 1867, indicating name, date of election, date of resignation, and date of death; annual interest and dividends paid by the Metropolitan Savings Bank; premiums on stocks and bonds bought and sold; resources and liabilities, 1908; rate on investments 1908. 1 vol.

Series 60: Metropolitan Savings Bank, Monthly Journals, 1867-1930 Monthly compilations of journal balances. Arranged chronologically. 2 vols.

Series 61: Metropolitan Savings Bank, Minutes, 1868-1884, 1916-1943 Minutes of monthly board of directors meetings and weekly finance committee meetings. 2 vols.

Series 62: Metropolitan Savings Bank, Annual Statements, 1867-1954 Annual statements of the Metropolitan Savings Bank, indicating number of accounts opened and closed, depositors' receipts and payments, deposit gains and losses, annual interest and dividend to depositors, amount due depositors, surplus, interest accrued, rents from property and safe deposits, real estate profits and losses, premium bonds bought and sold, salaries, cost of bank improvements and office furniture, taxes and water rents, and other operating expenses. Volume also includes transcript of materials relating to the history of the bank, including its incorporation, first meeting, election of president and secretary, original prospectus, bills for original furnishings, first loan made and first dividend, election of early officiers, change in bank location, change of name from Beneficial Savings Fund Society to Metropolitan Savings Bank, construction of new building and first meeting of board in new bank. 1 vol.

Series 63: Metropolitan Savings Bank, Ground Rents, 1933-1942 Monthly compilation of ground rents indicating redits and debits. Also includes record of church loans to St. Anthony's Church, St. Joseph's Church, and St. Rose of Lima Church indicating principal date and amount, receipts on accounts, semi-annual interest receivable, and receipts of interest. 1 vol.

Series 64: Metropolitan Savings Bank, Trial Balances, 1908-1957 Compilation of balances from general ledgers of assests, interest, expenses, rents, loans, real estate, depositors, and other accounts. Compiled in May and November of each year. 2 vols.

Series 65: Metropolitan Savings Bank, Summary Balance Book, 1909-1921 Monthly compilation of debits and credits for accounts, including surplus, personal, cash, mortgages, call loans, church loans, corporations, real estate, bonds and stocks, interest, ground rents, depositors, and safe deposit and storage. 1 vol.

Series 66: Metropolitan Savings Bank, Mortgage Ledger, 1868-1869 Record of mortgages payments arranged by mortgage number. Volumes from the Beneficial Savings Fund Society also indicates location of property, ground rent, type of construction, value of building, and record of payments. Includes volume for Beneficial Savings Fund Society. 2 vols.

Series 67: Metropolitan Savings Bank, Check Books, ca. 1930-ca. 1957 Miscellanouse check books and check stubs. 7 vols., various dates.

Series 68: Metropolitan Savings Bank, Checking Account Ledger, 1925-1928 Statement of accounts held with Metropolitan Savings Bank, indicating account number, account name, date, amount deposited and withdrawn, and balance. 2 vols.

Series 69: Metropolitan Savings Bank, Miscellaneous, 1902-1958 Miscellaneous unidentified volumes. 4 vols.

Series 70: Metropolitan Savings Bank, Loans Ledger, 1928-1938 Record of balances loans held by the bank, including mortgage loans, corporation loans, call loans, church loans, and ground rents. 1 vol.

Series 71: Savings Bank of Baltimore, Photographs, various dates

RESTRICTIONS: Historic bank records, defined as information contained in the records of this collection which is over 72 years old or relates to a deceased individual, are open without restriction for purposes of research, copying, exhibition, publication, or other uses deemed appropriate by the State Archivist. Information recorded in historic bank records may be released without restriction, including the name of the account holder and other information relating to the establishment and holdings of the account not explicity listed here.

Recent bank records, defined as any information contained in the records of this collection which is less than 72 years old and relates to a living individual, are closed except for general scholarly studies approved by the State Archivist which respect the privacy of living individuals. Upon written request, the Archives may disclose and provide copies of recent bank records to: an individual or their legal representative who is named as holder of the account; an individual who has evidence of the death of the individual or individuals named on the account; or 1st Fidelity Bank.

All indexes relating to historic and recent bank records are open without restriction.

Gift, 1st Fidelity Bank, 1995

LOCATIONS: 03/62/09/01-24 [series 1]; 03/63/20/122-150 [series 2]; 03/64/11/01-59 [series 3]; 03/63/02/151-159 [series 4]; 03/64/11/60-65 [series 5]; 03/63/04/25-40 [series 6]; 02/45/11/12-14, 03/63/02/01-118[series 7]; 03/63/04/41-49 [series 8]; 03/61/11/01-49, 03/61/10/01-48, 03/61/09/01-48, 03/61/07/01-32; 03/61/06/22-25, 03/61/12/01-08, 03/46/11/01-24, 02/67/03/10-19 [series 9]; 03/63/03/01-25 [series 10]; 03/63/04/63-64 [series 11]; 03/62/07/58 [series 12]; 03/63/02/168-171 [series 13]; 03/62/07/21 [series 14]; 03/62/0756 [series 15]; 03/62/07/17 [series 16]; 03/63/04/56-58 [series 17]; 03/63/04/59-62 [series 18]; 03/63/02/160-167 [series 19]; 02/67/03/31-56 [series 20]; 03/64/11/66 [series 21]; 03/63/02/172-174 [series 22]; 03/63/04/01-21 [series 23]; 03/63/04/50-52 [series 24]; 03/63/03/26-31 [series 25]; 02/45/11/12-18, 03/62/07/63-64 [series 26]; 03/62/07/28-54 [series 27]; 03/62/07/59 [series 28]; 03/62/07/60 [series 29]; 03/62/07/16 [series 30]; 03/62/07/15 [series 31]; 03/63/04/53-54 [series 32]; 03/62/07/01-14, 03/64/11/69-87 [series 33]; 03/63/04/23-24 [series 34]; 03/62/07/22-23 [series 35]; 03/62/07/18-20 [series 36]; 03/62/07/55 [series 37]; 03/62/07/65-78 [series 38]; 03/62/07/61 [series 39]; 03/62/07/62 [series 40]; 03/62/07/57 [series 41]; 03/62/07/24-27 [series 42]; 03/62/09/44-51 [series 43]; 03/62/09/71-72 [series 44]; 03/62/11/08-21 [series 45]; 03/62/09/84-85 [series 46]; 03/62/09/93-95 [series 47]; 03/62/09/73-77 [series 48]; 03/62/09/26-43 [series 49]; 02/67/03/20-30 [series 50]; 03/62/11/22-44 [series 51]; 03/62/09/66-70 [series 52]; 03/62/09/80 [series 53]; 03/62/09/81-83 [series 54]; 03/62/09/88-92 [series 55]; 03/62/09/86-87 [series 56]; 03/64/11/67-68 [series 57]; 03/62/09/63 [series 58]; 03/62/11/01 [series 59]; 03/62/11/02-03 [series 60]; 03/62/11/04-04 [series 61]; 03/62/09/59 [series 62]; 03/62/11/06 [series 63]; 03/62/09/60-61 [series 64]; 03/62/09/62 [series 65]; 03/62/09/78-79 [series 66]; 03/62/09/52 [series 67]; 03/62/09/64-65 [series 68]; 03/62/11/07 [series 69]; 03/62/11/07 [series 70]; 33/03/04/05-6 [801 photographs, series 71]. Additional materials are stored at 01/-1/03/33-61 [Boxes 1-29]; 01/03/04/47-95 [Boxes 30-77]; 01/03/03/55-85 [Boxes 78-108]; 01/03/02/47-70 [Boxes 109-132]; 01/05/02/25-73 [Boxes 133-181]; 01/05/05/15-20 [Boxes 182-187]; 01/20/03/46-70 [Boxes 188-211]; 01/28/03/46-88 [Boxes 212-254]; 01/28/04/01-23 [Boxes 255-277] 00/08/09/35[Boxes 278-285]; 01/28/04/24 [Box 286]; 03/64/11 [Boxes 287-291]; 00/09/06/56-58 [Boxes 292-295]

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