Stairwell Room:
18th Century State House Wall

View of Annapolis

Artist: Charles Cotton Milbourne (fl. 1790-1840), c. 1794
Medium: Watercolor on paper
Hammond-Harwood House Association

State House - Stairwell Room   

John Shaw’s Huge Flags Welcome Congress

When Congress arrived in Annapolis in 1783, it was greeted by two large flags atop the dome of the State House and the governor's residence. Each measured almost 10-feet tall by 23-feet wide, and were designed and created in John Shaw's shop "at the request of the Gov[ernor] and Council." Research suggests that Jane Lewis, a 14-fourteen year-old seamstress apprenticed to Shaw, made the flags.

Charles Cotton Milbourne's watercolor clearly shows the current dome, built between 1787 and 1797, flying the Shaw flag. This view served as the basis for the design of an accurate reproduction flag that was created in 2009. The reproduction flag is sometimes displayed in the rotunda.



KEy Images on the

Apprentice cabinetmakers Francis Pavlak (l) and Brian Weldy(r) work in the 
Anthony Hay Cabinetmaker's Shop, 2011
Front Elevation of the State House
General George Washington Resigning His Commission

The Ground Plan of the STATE-HOUSE at ANNAPOLIS
View of Annapolis
Advertisement, Maryland Gazette, December 17, 1783

Key Documents on the Wall

Washington's Resignation Speech
Payment to Negro Cardy
Inovice of Johhn Shaw
Letter from Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer to David Stewart

Exhibits in the Stairwell Room

John Shaw # 1 Des