The Governor's Reception Room

George Calvert (1579-1632)

Artist: Daniel Mytens the Elder (c.1590-c.1647)
Medium: Oil on canvas, c. 1630
Enoch Pratt Free Library, Gift of Dr. Hugh Hampton Young

Delegate Chamber

1st Lord Baltimore, 1625-1632

George Calvert was born at Kiplin Hall in Yorkshire, England and never traveled to Maryland. Having been, in effect, secretary of state to King James I, he was given the title Baron of Baltimore in 1625, after petitioning the king for a grant of land north of the Potomac River. The Charter of Maryland was granted in June 1632, shortly after his death in April of the same year. His eldest son, Cecilius, became the second Lord Baltimore while Leonard, his second son, became the first proprietary governor of Maryland.








Governor's Reception Room Portraits

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Governor's Reception Room
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George Calvert
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Hallway to Governor's Reception Room

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