The State House Annex

Bronze Doors to North Entrance

Artist: John Williams, Inc, New York, NY
Medium: Bronze
State of Maryland

Annex Doors

Image: MSA SC 182-02-0874

The large bronze doors that mark the entrance to the 1905 Annex to the State House were crafted in 1906 by the New York Studio of John Williams, Inc.

The doors were described in a 1906 Baltimore Sun article as being, “Colonial, to harmonize with the period of architecture of the main portion of the building.” Featuring high relief moldings of the Great Seal of Maryland, each door measures 12 feet 8 inches by 7 feet 4 inches wide and weighs 2,100 pounds. The doors have been in use at the State House since 1907.



Works of Art in the Annex

Admiral Schley
Annex Doors
World War I navy plaque