Hall of Records Commission

for a Meeting 
at the Maryland State Archives
Electronic Classroom
12 Noon
November 22, 2004 (St. Cecelia's Day)

Call to Order by the Chairman

Chairman Bell called the meeting to order at 12:19 p.m.

Attendees and Introduction of Special Guests

The following Commission Members, Alternates, and staff of the Archives were present:

    The Honorable Robert M. Bell, Chief Judge, Court of Appeals, and Chairman of the Hall of Records Commission
    Ms. Vicki Fretwell, representing The Honorable Thomas V. Mike Miller, President of the Senate
    Ms. Pat Bruce, representing The Honorable Mary A. Conroy, House of Delegates
    Mr. Howard Freedlander, representing The Honorable Nancy K. Kopp, Treasurer
    Mr. Dennis Fiori, representing Barbara Katz, President, Maryland Historical Society
    Mr. Boyd Rutherford, Secretary, Department of General Services
    Mr. Christopher B. Nelson, President, St. John's College
    Dr. Glenn Phillips, representing Dr. Earl S. Richardson, President, Morgan State University
    Dr. Whitman H. Ridgway, representing Dr. William E. Kirwan,Chancellor, University of Maryland
    Mr. Bret Schreiber, representing Dr. William R. Brody, President, The Johns Hopkins University


    Mr. Timothy D. Baker, Deputy State Archivist
    Ms. Kathy Beard, Recording Secretary, Maryland State Archives
    Mr. John Gartrell, Archivist II, Maryland State Archives
    Ms. Jennifer Hafner, Archivist III, Maryland State Archives
    Mr. Chris Haley, Archivist V, Maryland State Archives
    Ms. Lynne MacAdam, Computer Network Specialist Manager, Maryland State Archives
    Ms. Pat Melville, Archivist V, Maryland State Archives
    Dr. Edward C. Papenfuse, State Archivist and Secretary, Hall of Records Commission
    Mr. Richard H. Richardson, Personnel Officer and Deputy Commissioner of Land Patents
    Mr. Rob Schoeberlein, Archivist III, Maryland State Archives
    Ms. Emily Oland Squires, Archivist V, Maryland State Archives

Special Guests:

Mr. Christopher N. Allan
The Honorable Dale R. Cathell
Mr. William G. Kerbin, Jr.
Miss Lauren Rutherford, daughter of Secretary Rutherford

Chairman Bell welcomed Chris Allan, Judge Dale Cathell (a colleague from the Court of Appeals), and William Kerbin (Judge Cathell's father-in-law) who has been practicing law in Maryland for 71 years and one month.  Mr. Kerbin is over 94 years old and still goes into his office every day.

Special Announcements:
Dr. Papenfuse reported that on November 5, Jim Hefelfinger, a faithful member of the Archives' staff, passed away.  He called the Commission's attention to a fine article in the Bulldog written by Rob Schoeberlein paying tribute to Mr. Hefelfinger. In Mr. Hefelfinger's memory, Dr. Papenfuse displayed on the screen Mr. Hefelfinger's favorite photograph of the State House that he colorized and presented to the Archives.
Dr. Papenfuse also asked the Commission to remember Harry Cole. Fifty years ago, Harry Cole was the first African American elected to the Senate and this year would be the 50th anniversary of his election to the Maryland Senate.  Dr. Phillips has an article coming out shortly about Harry Cole's life. Dr. Papenfuse advised that the Archives has posted information about Harry Cole on its biographical web site at: http://www.mdarchives.state.md.us/msa/speccol/sc3500/sc3520/012000/012087/html/msa12087.html (user name:  aaco  password:  aaco#).
  • Formation of Friends of the Archives:
  • Dr. Papenfuse announced that Chris Allan has taken on the job of being President and Resident Agent for the formation of the Friends of the Archives.  Mr. Allan advised that with the assistance of the Archives' former counsel, Dick Israel, he was able to put together Articles of Incorporation for a non-stock company with the Department of Assessments and Taxation.  David C. Troy, who was active in preparing a web site on the 15th Amendment for Archives of Maryland On Line, has agreed to be a director.

    Reports and Minutes of Previous Meetings

    Records Retention and Disposal

    Old Business

    Archivist's Report and Staff Activities
     (see the Maryland State Archives' Bulldog for additional details) Administrative and Fiscal Matters Education and Outreach Recent Gifts, Deposits and Acquisitions
    Mr. Freedlander offered a Resolution of Appreciation for the recent gifts, including other special collections received but not described, seconded by Dr. Ridgway and unanimously approved, the Chairman concurring.
    Archives of Maryland On Line Forthcoming special meetings of the Commission and events of interest Next meeting

    At the call of the Chair for some time in spring.


    There being no further business to discuss, Mr. Freedlander offered a motion to adjourn at 1:46 p.m., seconded by Dr. Ridgway and unanimously approved, the Chairman concurring.

    Approved by the Hall of Records Commission, April 19, 2005.

                                                The Honorable Robert M. Bell, Chairman

                                                Edward C. Papenfuse, Jr., Secretary

    Dr. Edward C. Papenfuse
    State Archivist
    Maryland State Archives
    350 Rowe Boulevard
    (410) 260-6403.

    Email: edp@mdarchives.state.md.us

    © Copyright Maryland State Archives