Hall of Records Commission Meeting
Monday, November 22, 2004
Electronic Classroom
Maryland State Archives

Commission Members, Alternates, and Counsel:

The Honorable Robert M. Bell, Chief Judge, Court of Appeals, and Chairman of the Hall of Records Commission
The Honorable Thomas V. Mike Miller, President of the Senate
Ms. Pat Bruce, representing The Honorable Mary A. Conroy, House of Delegates
Mr. Howard Freedlander, representing The Honorable Nancy K. Kopp, Treasurer
Mr. Dennis Fiori, representing Barbara Katz, President, Maryland Historical Society
Mr. Boyd Rutherford, Secretary, Department of General Services and his daughter, Lauren Rutherford
Mr. Christopher B. Nelson, President, St. John's College
Dr. Glenn Phillips, representing Dr. Earl S. Richardson, President, Morgan State University
Dr. Whitman H. Ridgway, representing Dr. William E. Kirwan,Chancellor, University of Maryland
Mr. Bret Schreiber, representing Dr. William R. Brody, President, The Johns Hopkins University

Special Guests:

Mr. Christopher N. Allan
The Honorable Dale R. Cathell and William G. Kerbin, Jr.
Mr. Timothy D. Baker, Deputy State Archivist
Ms. Kathy Beard, Recording Secretary, Maryland State Archives
Mr. John Gartrell, Archivist II, Maryland State Archives
Ms. Jennifer Hafner, Archivist III, Maryland State Archives
Mr. Chris Haley, Archivist V, Maryland State Archives
Mr. Van Lewis, Director, Fiscal Administration, Maryland State Archives
Ms. Lynne MacAdam, Computer Network Specialist Manager, Maryland State Archives
Ms. Pat Melville, Archivist V, Maryland State Archives
Dr. Edward C. Papenfuse, State Archivist and Secretary, Hall of Records Commission
Richard H. Richardson, Personnel Officer and Deputy Commissioner of Land Patents
Mr. Rob Schoeberlein, Archivist III, Maryland State Archives
Ms. Emily Oland Squires, Archivist V, Maryland State Archives