[photo, TV news film crew, City Hall Plaza, Baltimore, Maryland]

TV news film crew, City Hall Plaza, Baltimore, Maryland, May 2015. Photo by Diane F. Evartt.

[photo, Video camera crew, American Visionary Art Museum, 800 Key Highway, Baltimore, Maryland] Within the Department of Commerce, the Maryland Film Office promotes Maryland's diverse locations for film and video production. For feature films, and television programs and commercials, the Office works to provide facilities throughout the State. The Office also helps with location scouting, permits, casting, film crew housing, catering, and equipment rental.

Video camera crew, American Visionary Art Museum, 800 Key Highway, Baltimore, Maryland, June 2019. Photo by Diane F. Evartt.

[photo, TV film crew, Baltimore Flowermart, Mount Vernon Place, Baltimore, Maryland]


(shot on location in Maryland)

Local TV film crew, Baltimore Flowermart, Mount Vernon Place, Baltimore, Maryland, May 2010. Photo by Diane F. Evartt.

Strawberry Mansion (Albert Birney & Kentucker Audley, directors, 2020)

All Square (John Hyams, director, 2018)
BodyMore (Darren Mallett, director, 2018)
Charm City Kings (Angel Manuel Soto, director, 2018)
Finding Phoebe (Sadé Clacken Joseph, director, 2018)

Sollers Point (Matthew Porterfield, director, 2017)

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (George C. Wolfe, director, 2016)
Jackie (Pablo Larraín, director, 2016)

The Night Watchmen (Mitchell Altieri, director, 2015)

Better Living Through Chemistry (Geoff Moore & David Posamentier, directors, 2013)
I Used to Be Darker (Matthew Porterfield, director, 2013)
V/H/S/2 (Simon Barrett, Jason Eisener, Gareth Evans, Gregg Hale, Eduardo Sánchez, Timo Tjahjanto, & Adam Wingard, directors, 2013)
WNUF Halloween Special (James Branscome, Shawn Jones, Chris LaMartina, Scott Maccubbin, Lonnie Martin, Matthew Menter, & Andy Schoeb, directors, 2013)
A Year and Change (Stephen Suettinger, director, 2013)

Dead Money (Frank E. Jackson, Jr., director, 2012)
The Devil’s Playthings (Ben Reilly & Bijou Steele, directors, 2012)
Elf-Man (Ethan Wiley, director, 2012)
Game Change (Jay Roach, director, aired March 10, 2012)
Jamesy Boy (Trevor White, director, 2012)
LUV (Learning Uncle Vincent) (Sheldon Candis, director, 2012)
Nitro Circus: The Movie (Gregg Godfrey & Jeremy Rawle, directors, 2012)
Ping-Pong Summer (Michael Tully, director, 2012)

All in the Game (Gary Ugarek, director, 2011)
The Dead Ones (Jeremy Kasten, director, 2011)
Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best (Ryan O'Nan, director, 2011)
Hookman 2 (Adam Dutch Durham, director, 2011)
Lovely Molly (Edward Sanchez, director, 2011)
Roulette (Erik Kristopher Myers, director, 2011)

The Dead Ones (Jeremy Kasten, director, 2010)
The Possession (Eduardo Sanchez, director, 2010)
Putty Hill (Matthew Porterfield, director, 2010)
The Social Network (David Fincher, director, 2010)

An American Affair (William Olsson, director, 2009)
He's Just Not That Into You (Ken Kwapis, director, 2009)
Laid to Rest (Robert Hall, director, 2009)
My One and Only (Richard Loncraine, director, 2009)

Body of Lies (Ridley Scott, director, 2008)
Bumper (2008)
Deadlands 2: Trapped (Gary Ugarek, director, 2008)
From Within (Phedon Papamichael, director, 2008)
Good People (Lewis L. Long III, director, 2008)
One-Eyed Horse (Wayne Shipley, director, 2008)
Praxis (Alex Pacheco, director, 2008)
Red (Trygve Allister Diesen & Lucky McKee, directors, 2008)
The Response (Adam Rodgers, director, 2008)
Step Up 2: The Streets (Jon Chu, director, 2008)

First Sunday (David E. Talbert, director, 2007)
Live Free or Die Hard (Len Wiseman, director, 2007)
National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets (Jon Turteltaub, director, 2007)
Shooter (Antoine Fuqua, director, 2007)

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benifit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (Larry Charles, director, 2006)
Boy of Pigs (2006)
Deadlands: The Rising (Gary Ugarek, director,2006)
Failure to Launch (Tom Dey, director, 2006)
Hamilton (Matthew Porterfield, director, 2006)
The Invasion (Oliver Hirschbiegel, director, 2006)
The Last Mango (John Calvin Doyle, director, 2006)
Man of the Year (Barry Levinson, director, 2006)
Mentor (David Langlitz, director, 2006)
Rocket Science (Jeffrey Blitz, director, 2006)
Step Up (Anne Fletcher, director, 2006)
Swarm of the Snakehead (Joel Denning & Frank Lama, directors, 2006)
The Visiting (2006)

The Salon (Mark Brown, director, 2005)
Syriana (Stephen Gaghan, director, 2005)
XXX: State of the Union (Lee Tamahori, director, 2005)
Wedding Crashers (David Dobkin, director, 2005)
Winterlude (Evan Guilfoyle & Jonathan D. G. Schultz, directors, 2005)

A Dirty Shame (John Waters, director, 2004)
Chainsaw Sally (Jimmyo Burril, director, 2004)
Fear of Clowns (Kevin Kangas, director, 2004)
Hair Show (Leslie Small, director, 2004)
Pizza Palace (Rod Lopez, director, 2004)
Something the Lord Made (Joseph Sargent, director, 2004)
Swimmers (Doug Sadler, director, 2004)

Ghosts of Hamilton Street (Mike Flanagan, director, 2003)
Ladder 49 (Jay Russell, director, 2003)
Replay (Lee Bonner, director, 2003)
Shattered Glass (Billy Ray, director, 2003)

Gods and Generals (Ronald F. Maxwell, director, 2002)
Head of State (Chris Rock, director, 2002)
Hunting Humans (Kevin Kangas, director, 2002)
Red Dragon (Brett Ratner, director, 2002)
Sum of All Fears (Phil Alden, director, 2002)
Tuck Everlasting (Jay Russell, director, 2002)

Along Came a Spider (Lee Tamahori, director, 2001)
Polish Spaghetti (David P. Moore, director, 2001)
Riders (Doug Sadler, director, 2001)
Shot in the Heart (Agnieszka Holland, director, 2001)

Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 (Joseph Berlinger, director, 2000)
Cecil B. Demented (John Waters, director, 2000)
The Contender (Rod Lurie, director, 2000)
Little Red (Clay Valenti, director, 2000)
The Replacements (Howard Deutch, director, 2000)

Barry's Gift (Francis Xavier, director, 1999)
The Blair Witch Project (Ed Sanchez, director, 1999)
The Corner (Roc Dutton, director, 1999)
Liberty Heights (Barry Levinson, director, 1999)
Random Hearts (Sydney Pollack, director, 1999)
Runaway Bride (Garry Marshall, director, 1999)

The Adversaries (made-for-television movie, 1998)
Beloved (Jonathan Demme, director, 1998)
The Curve (Dan Rosen, director, 1998)
Deep Impact (Mimi Leder, director, 1998)
Divine Trash (Steve Yeager, director, 1998)
Enemy of the State (Tony Scott, director, 1998)
Forest For the Trees (Jonathan Slade, director, 1998)
Pecker (John Waters, director, 1998)
Species 2 (Peter Medak, director, 1998)
There's Something About Mary (Peter & Bobby Farrelly, directors, 1998)

Absolute Power (Clint Eastwood, director, 1997)
Dead Man's Curve (Dan Rosen, director, 1997)
For Richer or Poorer (Brian Spicer, director, 1997)
The Shadow Conspiracy (George Pan Cosmatos, director, 1997)
Speed 2: Cruise Control (Jan de Bont, director, 1997)
Washington Square (Agnieszka Holland, director, 1997)

Boys (Stacy Cochran, director, 1996)
Eraser (Chuck Russell, director, 1996)
Fly Away Home (Carroll Ballard, director, 1996)
G. I. Jane (Ridley Scott, director, 1996)

Die Hard with a Vengeance (John McTiernan, director, 1995)
Home for the Holidays (Jodie Foster, director, 1995)
Life 101 (Redge Mahaffey, director, 1995)
Twelve Monkeys (Terry Gilliam, director, 1995)

Guarding Tess (Hugh Wilson, director, 1994)
Serial Mom (John Waters, director, 1994)
Silent Fall (Bruce Beresford, director, 1994)
True Lies (James Cameron, director, 1994)

Born Yesterday (Luis Mendoki, director, 1993)
Dave (Ivan Reitman, director, 1993)
In the Line of Fire (Wolfgang Petersen, director, 1993)
Major League II (David Ward, director, 1993)
The Meteor Man (Robert Townsend, director, 1993)
Pelican Brief (Alan J. Pakula, director, 1993)
Pool Days (Brian Sloan, director, 1993)
Silent Fall (Bruce Beresford, director, 1993)
Sleepless in Seattle (Nora Ephron, director, 1993)
That Night (Craig Bolotin, director, 1993)

Ax 'Em (Michael Mfume, director, 1992)
The Distinguished Gentleman (Jonathan Lynn, director, 1992)
Patriot Games (Phillip Noyce, director, 1992)

He Said, She Said (Ken Kwapis & Marisa Silver, directors, 1991)
Homicide (David Mamet, director, 1991)
True Colors (Herbert Ross, director, 1991)

Avalon (Barry Levinson, director, 1990)
Cry-Baby (John Waters, director, 1990)
Men Don’t Leave (Paul Brickman, director, 1990)
On the Block (Steve Yeager, director, 1990)

Chances Are (Emile Ardolino, director, 1989)
Her Alibi (Bruce Beresford, director, 1989)

Accidental Tourist (Lawrence Kasdan, director, 1988)
Clara’s Heart (Robert Mulligan, director, 1988)
Hairspray (John Waters, director, 1988)
Satisfaction (Joan Freeman, director, 1988)
Talking to Strangers (Rob Tregenza, director, 1988)

The Bedroom Window (Curtis Hanson, director, 1987)
Broadcast News (James L. Brooks, director, 1987)
No Way Out (Roger Donaldson, director, 1987)
Tin Men (Barry Levinson, director, 1987)

Mosquito Coast (Peter Weir, director, 1986)
Violets are Blue (Jack Fiske, director, 1986)

The Galaxy Invader (Don Dohler, director, 1985)
St. Elmo’s Fire (Joel Schumacher, director, 1985)

Curse of the Cannibal Confederates (Tony Malanowski, director, 1982)
Diner (Barry Levinson, director, 1982)
Nightbeast (Don Dohler, director, 1982)
Space, 1982

Polyester (John Waters, director, 1981)

Sun Ra: A Joyful Noise (Robert Mugge, director, 1980)

And Justice for All (Norman Jewison, director, 1979)
The Seduction of Joe Tynan (Jerry Schatzaberg, director, 1979)

Alien Factor (Don Dohler, director, 1977)
Desperate Living (John Waters, director, 1977)
I Never Promised You a Rose Garden (Anthony Page, director, 1977)

Brotherhood of Death (Bill Berry, director, 1976)

Female Trouble (John Waters, director, 1975)

Amazing Grace (Stan Lathan, director, 1974)

Pink Flamingos (John Waters, director, 1972)

Multiple Maniacs (John Waters, director, 1971)
Two for the Money (made-for-television movie, Bernard Kowalski, director, 1971)

Mondo Trasho (John Waters, director, 1969)
Nightmare's Child (Maryland Center for Public Broadcasting, 1969)

Lilith (Robert Rossen, director, 1964)
Nothing But a Man (Michael Roemer, director, 1964)

Best Friends, 1960

The Goddess (John Cromwell, director, 1958)
Houseboat (Melville Shavelson, director, 1958)

A Man Called Peter (Henry Koster, director, 1955)

The Tall Target (Anthony Mann, director, 1951)

Anchors Aweigh (George Sidney II, director, 1945)

Thunder Afloat (George B. Seitz, director, 1939)

Annapolis Salute (Christy Cabanne, director, 1937)
Navy Blue and Gold (Sam Wood, director, 1937)

Annapolis Farewell (Alexander Hall, director, 1935)
Shipmates Forever (Frank Borzage, director, 1935)

Midshipman Jack (Christy Cabanne, director, 1933)

The Flying Fleet (George W. Hill, director, 1929)
Salute (John Ford, director, 1929)

Annapolis (Christy Cabanne, director, 1928)
The First Kiss (Rowland V. Lee, director, 1928)

The Spider's Web (Oscar Micheaux, director, 1927)

The Midshipmen (Christy Cabanne, director, 1925)

Civilian Clothes (Hugh Ford, director, 1920)

Checkers (Richard Stanton, director, 1919)
A Tempermental Wife (David Kirkland, director, 1919)

Little Miss Hoover (John S. Robertson, director, 1918)

The Whip (Maurice Tourneur, director, 1917)

The Hero of Submarine D-2 (Paul Scardon, director, 1916)

A Child of the Regiment, 1910


Grandma's Hands (Craig Sewell, director, 2024)
All Light, Everywhere (Theo Anthony, director, 2020)
Into the Light (Jason Gray & Kathryn Martin, directors, 2020)
Mom & M (Jena Burchick, director, 2020)

Tales of Belair at Bowie (Jeff Krulik, director, 2019)
Charm City (Marilyn Ness, director, 2019)
Sage (Gabe Dinsmoor, director, 2019)
Gun Show (Richard Chisolm, director, 2019)
Deserted (Emily Stubb, director, 2018)
Oxford Watermen (Warren Brey, producer, 2017)
Rat Film (Theo Anthony, director, 2016) Throw (Darren Durlach & Dave Larson, directors, 2016)
12 O'Clock Boys (Lotfy Nathan, director, 2013)

Hit & Stay (Joe Tropea & Skizz Cyzyk, directors, 2013)
I Am Divine (Jeffrey Schwarz, director, 2013)
If We Shout Loud Enough (Gabriel DeLoach & Zach Keifer, directors, 2013)
With All Deliberate Speed: One High School's Story (Merideth Taylor, director, 2009)
Gameshow and Tell (Smitha R. Chadaga & Warren A. McPherson, directors, 2009)
Poliwood (Barry Levinson, director, 2009)
Extreme Commuting (Andrea K. Bloom, director, 2008)
Hard Times at Douglass High: A No Child Left Behind Report Card (Alan & Susan Raymond, directors, 2008)
Pip & Zastrow: An American Friendship (Victoria Bruce & Karin Hayes, directors, 2008)
The Trials of Law School (Porter Heath Morgan, director, 2007)
Darkon (Luke Meyer & Andrew Neel, directors, 2006)
Lincoln and Lee at Antietam: The Cost of Freedom (Robert Child, director, 2006)
The Boys of Baraka (Heidi Ewing & Rachel Grady, directors, 2005)
Ritchie Boys (Christian Bauer, director, 2004)
Status Anxiety (Neil Crombie, director, 2004)
Word Wars (Eric Chaikin & Julian Petrillo, directors, 2004)
Desperate Man Blues (Edward Gillan, director, 2003)
Tupac: Resurrection (Lauren Lazin, director, 2003)
The Last Season: The Life and Demolition of Baltimore's Memorial Stadium (Charles Cohen & Joseph Mathew, directors, 2002)
Investigation of a Flame (Lynne Sachs, director, 2001)
The Unfinished Civil War (Glenn Kirschbaum, director, 2001)
In Bad Taste (Steve Yeager, director, 2000)
Steel Legends: Railroads of the Northeast (Michael Thomas Dunn, director, 2000)

Divine Trash (Steve Yeager, director, 1998)
Memory & Imagination: New Pathways to the Library of Congress (Julian Krainin & Michael R. Lawrence, directors, 1990)

The Mind of Music (Michael R. Lawrence, director, 1980)

Love Letter to Edie (Robert Maier, director, 1975)

Watermen (Holly Fisher & Romas Slezas, directors, 1968)
Suburbia USA (West German, 1965)
Harvest of Shame (Fred W. Friendly, director, 1960)


[photo, Recreation Pier (set of Homicide: Life on the Streets), Thames St., Fells Point, Baltimore, Maryland]
  • Oz (pilot episode), 1997
  • Falls Road (pilot episode), 1996
  • Homicide: Life on the Streets, filmed in Baltimore, 1992-99
  • The Buddy Deane Show, filmed in Baltimore, 1957-64
  • Men of Annapolis, filmed in Annapolis, 1957-58
  • Recreation Pier (set of Homicide: Life on the Streets), Thames St., Fells Point, Baltimore, Maryland, July 2015. Photo by Sarah A. Hanks.

    [photo, C-SPAN cameraman, Annapolis Book Festival, Annapolis, Maryland]




    C-SPAN cameraman, Annapolis Book Festival, Annapolis, Maryland, April 2015. Photo by Diane F. Evartt.







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