Hall of Records Commission

of a Meeting 
at the Maryland State Archives
Electronic Classroom
12 Noon 
October 17, 2003

Call to Order by the Chairman

Chairman Bell called the fall meeting of the Hall of Records Commission to order at 12:24 p.m.  He then welcomed Bonnie A. Kirkland, Esquire, Counsel to the Archives and Howard Freedlander, Deputy Treasurer, to the meeting.

Attendees and Introduction of Special Guest:

The following Commission Members, Alternates, Counsel and staff of the Archives were present:

    The Honorable Robert M. Bell, Chief Judge, Court of Appeals, and Chairman of the Hall of
        Records Commission
    Mr. Howard Freedlander, representing The Honorable Nancy K. Kopp, Treasurer
    Mr. R. Dean Kenderdine, representing The Honorable William Donald Schaefer,
        Comptroller of the Treasury
    Mr. Boyd Rutherford, Secretary, Department of General Services
    Dr. Glenn Phillips, representing Dr. Earl S. Richardson, President, Morgan State University
    Dr. Whitman H. Ridgway, representing Dr. William E. Kirwan, Chancellor, University of
    Bonnie A. Kirkland, Esquire, Assistant Attorney General

     Mr. Timothy D. Baker, Deputy State Archivist
     Ms. Kathy Beard, Executive Associate and Recording Secretary, Maryland State Archives
     Ms. Nancy Bramucci, Data Base Specialist Manager, Programming, Maryland State
     Ms. Jennifer Cruickshank, Archivist II, Maryland State Archives
     Mr. Van Lewis, Director, Fiscal Administration, Maryland State Archives
     Ms. Lynne MacAdam, Computer Network Specialist Manager, Maryland State Archives
     Ms. Pat Melville, Archivist V, Maryland State Archives
     Dr. Edward C. Papenfuse, State Archivist and Secretary, Hall of Records Commission
     Richard H. Richardson, Personnel Officer and Deputy Commissioner of Land Patents
     Ms. Emily Oland Squires, Archivist V, Maryland State Archives
     Dr. David Taft Terry, Administrator II, Slavery Commission

Reports and Minutes of Previous Meetings

Records Retention and Disposal Schedules

Old Business

  • How other Archives are faring:
  • Other Archives around the country are faring very poorly.  The Maryland State Archives is very grateful to the Judiciary for its willingness to partner with the Archives on a project that benefits the Archives and the Judiciary with regard to making indices and land records available to the public.  It is being done out of a special fund, a portion of which comes to the Archives. This is the main reason that the Archives budget is balanced and it is able to hire people where other state agencies are not.  There is not another Archives in the country doing nearly as well as the Maryland State Archives.  In the next budget, the Archives is being mandated to give salary increases to employees but no General Funds are being allocated for these increases.  Dr. Papenfuse said that at the Archives budget hearing on October 28, he will point out that agencies are being told to do something for which they are not being given General Funds.
    Archivist's Report and Staff Activities
         (see the Maryland State Archives Bulldog for additional details)
  • April 25:  Dr. Papenfuse served as panel participant in The Future of Civil Rights Research - A Program to Commemorate the Reopening of the Thurgood Marshall Law Library, The University of Maryland School of Law;
  • April 30:  Dr. Papenfuse attended the Administrative Law Section Annual Spring Dinner and talk by Judge Wilner on The Governor's Emergency Powers;
  • May 5:  Dr. Papenfuse addressed the Maryland Circuit Court Clerk's Association in Ocean City, MD re:  Land Records ELROI/Archives project;
  • May 15:  Dr. Papenfuse addressed the China Burma India (CBI) Veterans group of WWII  re:  What's in a name and why we should remember: Peleliu and the men of 1-1-1-HQ Company - Communications Platoon;

  • May 21:  Dr. Papenfuse hosted Russ and Jody Morrison and the Kent County Historical Society on a tour of the Archives;
  • June 2:  Dr. Papenfuse served as keynote luncheon speaker at the TUGIS 2003 Conference at Towson University re:  From Then to Now: The Maryland State Archives Atlas of Historical Maps of Maryland;
  • June 4:  Dr. Papenfuse attended Reference and Research Advisory Committee meeting;
  • June 23:  Dr. Papenfuse participated in panel on the Mark Steiner show (WYPR FM) re:  State Constitution of Maryland;
  • June 27:  Dr. Papenfuse attended a Government House dinner with Governor and Mrs. Ehrlich for the kick off of the Foundation for the Preservation of Government House. Evening included a tour of the State House by Dr. Papenfuse for the dinner guests;
  • August 28:  Dr. Papenfuse addressed the Library of Congress overseas officials on using the Zeutschel scanner rather than microfilm and digital preservation;
  • September 4:  Dr. Papenfuse gave a demonstration of mdlandrec.net to all of the clerks hosted by Steve Hales in Snow Hill;
  • September 5:  Dr. Papenfuse welcomes conservators visiting from South Korea;
  • Dr. Papenfuse advised the Commission of an unexpected visit from a group from the main and regional archives in South Korea concerned with the conservation of paper.  This group found the Maryland State Archives by searching the web for conservators in the United States with a Korean last name.  Our conservator's last name is Lee, although she is not Korean, and Ms. Lee was able to show them some of things we do here.
  • September 10:  Dr. Papenfuse taught Judicial Institute course on Maryland Legal History at the Judicial Training Center;
  • Dr. Papenfuse said that he enjoys teaching a course on Maryland Legal History once a year at the Judicial Institute.  This year, he talked about the Constitution of 1851 and its impact.
  • September 11:  Dr. Papenfuse and Mr. Baker made a presentation to the Comptroller's Cabinet re: What the Archives is and what it does;
  • September 15:  Dr. Papenfuse gave a tour of the State House to European journalists and Connex officials on behalf of the Governor and Lt. Governor.  A donation of $1,000 was received for this activity;
  • September 15: Publication of new Government House brochure, written and produced by Archives' staff members Mimi Calver and Elaine Rice Bachmann;
  • September 16:  Dr. Papenfuse participated in a JHU Senior Alumni lecture on the Maryland State Archives Atlas of Historical Maps of Maryland at Evergreen House;
  • September 18-20:  Alexander Lourie attended, on behalf of Judge Bell, the sixth annual meeting of the State and Federal Court Historical Society Administrators and Trustees in conjunction with the AASLH Annual Meeting in Providence, RI;
  • October 7:  Dr. Papenfuse and Jennifer Hafner attended the oral argument in Virginia v. Maryland at the U.S. Supreme Court:
  • Dr. Papenfuse said that this was an extraordinary experience.  Although he had  attended oral arguments twice before when Berger was Chief Justice, he said that the Rehnquist court was the most dynamic he had ever seen.  The very first question to Andy Baida was to the jugular, and in Dr. Papenfuse's opinion, we did not recover very well, nor did we answer a question from Justice Scalia about Riparian rights very well.  Every Justice, with the exception of Thomas, had a question and they were all very germane to the issue.  Justice Stevens threw Maryland a bone when he said this means that if they agreed with Virginia that there will be a regulatory vacuum.  Justice Stevens was giving an opening for an opinion that would not completely be in Maryland's favor but would leave Maryland in control of the regulatory activity with regard to the water of the Potomac.  It is highly unlikely that this will happen, because the master who investigated the matter for the Supreme Court (Lancaster) was so biased and a-historical in the way he dealt with the evidence.  Dr. Papenfuse noted that Andy Baida ended with an eloquent plea that somebody has to be in charge, and, as Maryland owns the river, it has a right to deal with the regulatory issues, but his eloquence was probably to no avail.
  • October 10-11:  Dr. Papenfuse attended the fall meeting of the Historic St. Mary's City Commission. Dr. Papenfuse was appointed by Governor Ehrlich to the Commission for a term of four years commencing July 1, 2003;
  • October 11:  Chris Haley, Acting Director of Reference Services, addressed the Maryland Genealogical Society at the Maryland Historical Society re: What's new at the Archives.
  • Forthcoming special meetings of the Commission and events of interest

    Forthcoming special meetings of the Commission and events of interest are outreach activities the Archives does that the Commission is sometimes invited to.  Dr. Papenfuse said he was hoping to have individual sessions with the Senate and House or a joint session where the new Atlas will be presented to the Legislature.  Both the Senate and House have committed to buying the Atlas at a discount for all of their members.
  • October 21:  Dr. Papenfuse to attend the Governor's Consulting Committee meeting in Crownsville;
  • October 26:  Dr. Papenfuse to attend Baltimore Book Bash at Borders bookstore in Towson to promote the historical Atlas;
  • October 31:  Dr. Papenfuse to attend presentation to Sid Hart, Editor of the Peale Papers, by the Friends of Franklin, Inc. in the Calvert Room and conduct a private tour of the State House;
  • November 6:  Dr. Papenfuse to address the Washington Map Society at the Library of Congress re: Putting Maryland on the Map: A New Edition of the Atlas of Historical Maps of Maryland after 20 years;
  • November 21:  Dr. Papenfuse, Mimi Calver and Elaine Rice Bachmann to attend reception for the Foundation for the Preservation of Government House at Government House (rescheduled from September 19);
  • December 17:  Dr. Papenfuse to host a group of four Russian librarians, an interpreter, one facilitator and interested League of Women Voters for an orientation program and tour of the Archives;
  • May 6, 2004:  Dr. Papenfuse to address The Women's Club of Roland Park;
  • May 13, 2004:  Dr. Papenfuse to give presentation and tour to Boys' Latin School students;
  • May 25, 2004:  Dr. Papenfuse to address the Ft. Garrison Chapter of the Colonial Dames of the 17th Century at the home of Mary Parks located in Homeland in Baltimore.
  • Recent Gifts and Acquisitions

    Dr. Papenfuse said that recent gifts and acquisitions are papers and objects that the Archives has taken on as collections.  He focused on two collections:  Metropolitan Club Drawings and and the Sidney and Neff Map of Baltimore, 1852.

    Finding Aids, Reference Services, and Publications

    Research and Education

    Administrative and Fiscal Matters

    Next meeting

    Spring meeting at the call of the Chair


    There being no further business to discuss Dr. Phillips offered a motion to adjourn to the Conservation Lab at 1:20 p.m., which was seconded by Dr. Ridgway and unanimously approved, the Chairman concurring.

    Approved by the Hall of Records Commission, April 28, 2004.

                                            The Honorable Robert M. Bell, Chairman

                                            Edward C. Papenfuse, Jr., Secretary

    Dr. Edward C. Papenfuse
    State Archivist

    Maryland State Archives

    350 Rowe Boulevard
    Annapolis, Maryland 21401

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