The Historiography of Baltimore City

While research in the history of a city is shaped by the surviving sources, generally students come to study urban history with a topic in mind, often inspired by a secondary source or general research trends in the different disciplines that are drawn to urban history and planning, such as a close reading of Sue Greene’s, Fee’s et. al,  and Sherry Olson’s books on Baltimore, or exposure to the Baltimore Ecosystem study.

Any study of Baltimore should begin with the present and a review of the published record, principally the news media, as represented in newspapers, journals, and today’s vast and varied electronic media.  To assist in sorting out what is and is not available on line, the Pratt Library, the on-line services of the Maryland State Archives, the Baltimore County Public Library, and the reference divisions of area university and college libraries are places to begin.  When in need or in doubt, ask a librarian or an archivist.

Where to start?