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Somerset Judicial Records 1692-96, Abstracts with Selected Transcriptions
Volume 535, Page 74  
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MSA C 1774-11



11 JANUARY 1693/4


65 ~  Court convenes; Commissioners present: Francis Jenckins, James Round; Thomas Jones, Edmund Howard, Capt. John King.


65 ~  Stephen Costine, Deft. vs. John Emmett, Deft. for 5000 lbs/tbco; Sam Worthington, attorney for Costine, presents bond signed 25 April 1689 by Emmett to deliver 150 acres of land to Costine, upon receipt of 5 cows and calfs from him; land is half of a tract jointly owned by Emmett and Charles Racliff, adjacent tract called Dean, located on the Seaside; Worthington claims that Costine has made payment but Emmett has done nothing; Court rules a non-suit (no explanation).


67 ~  William Scott, Pltf. vs. Thomas Dixon, Deft; references Scott’s petition on f.5 (for 530 lbs/tbco); Dixon’s attorney admits debt of 120 lbs: Court agrees and orders that “the wheel in dispute” be returned in same condition as when appraised. (See below f.68 )


67 ~  Petition of Charles Racliff, Thomas Fenwick, James Walker, Henry Allan for payment for four days attendance at Court, case of James Round vs. Robert Howard.


67 ~  Thomas Browne, of Gloster County VA, Pltf. vs. Stephen Page, Deft. for 500 lbs/pork; Peter Dent, attorney for Browne, presents bill signed 4 August 1690 by Page and Charles Tindall, mariners, to be paid by end of November; witnesses Hough Marinix, Mary Bradlo; Peter Dent, for Page, admits debt, but states that Page believed Tindall had paid it; Court rules Page to pay, with costs.


68 ~  George Layfield & wife, Pltfs. vs. Matthew Scarbrough, Deft. for 3567 lbs/tbco due to the estate of William Stevens, for which his widow Elizabeth, now wife of Layfield, is executrix; Peter Dent, attorney for Plaintiffs, states debt is due from account due Stevens from 6 March 1686/7; Samuel Worthington, for Scarbrough, asserts that nothing is due; note of William Stevens dated 10 September 1687 entered, states all accounts have been balanced; Court rules a non-suit.


68 ~  Col. David Browne proves two documents in Court: deed and account of David Harris.


68 ~  William Scott, Pltf. vs. Thomas Dixon, Deft.; account of Robert Dukes with balance 370 lbs/tbco entered in record; includes tailor’s items and a spinning wheel at 250 lbs; Dixon denies any debt; Court makes judgement as already recorded, f.67.


69 ~  James Miller, Pltf. vs. Col. David Browne, Deft for debt of £9/16/0; promissory note signed 25 December 1672 signed by Archibald Ereskine, William Howard entered in record; obligates Ereskine, merchant in Limbrick, Howard, merchant in Cashell, and James Miller, merchant in Dublin, to pay Timothy Pont the said amount under penalty of £18; witnesses Duncane Sinklee, Robert Stevens; Miller makes oath that he has received only £5 of the amount due; Robert Pirrie, for Browne, admits balance; Court orders Browne pay £4/16, with costs.


69 ~  Edward More, of Accomac, Pltf. vs. Ralph Doe, Jun., carpenter, Deft. for 5 ewes and one ram; Peter Dent, attorney for More, claims animals were promised by Doe on 15 December 1690 but never delivered, asks for damages of 2000 lbs/tbco; Doe’s attorney asks for security for cost of suit; for lack of security Court ordered a non-suit against More, with costs.


70 ~  John Pope, Pltf. vs. John Swain, Deft. for 820 lbs/tbco; Robert Pirrie, attorney for Pope, presents note signed 16 February 1691 by Swaine promising delivery at Pocomoke by 10 October following; Peter Dent, for Swain admits debt for balance of 540 lbs/tbco; Court orders  Swain pay balance, with costs.


70 ~  Andrew Whittington, Pltf. vs. William Onorton, Deft. for 135 lbs/tbco; Sam Worthington, attorney for Whittington, says amount is due for accomodations provided Onorton at Pocomoke  in March 1687/8; Robert Pirrie, for Onorton, admits debt; Court orders payment, with costs.


71 ~ Mary Cranshaw, Pltf. vs. Leonard Jones, Deft.; Cranshaw, transported as indentured servant, petitons Court for clothes and corn due her for completing her indenture; presents note assigning rights to Cranshaw signed 10 April 1691 by William Gross of Ann Arundel County; assigns rights for remaining 3 years and eight months of Cranshaws services, originally acquired from Richard Chegne, to Leonard Jones, sloopman; witnesses William Wheeler, John Morse; Court rules Mary Cranshaw be free; Jones to pay her corn and clothing, and costs.


71 ~  Ellis Coleman, Pltf. vs. Howell Francis, deft. for 3500 lbs/pork; Robert Pirrie, attorney for Coleman, presents bill of debt signed 1692 by Francis, obligating him to pay 3500 lbs/pork at Snow Hill by 5 December 1692; witnesses Samuel Hopkins, James Hill; Samuel Alexander, for Francis, admits debt of 1656 lbs; Court orders payment, with costs.


72 ~  John West, Pltf. vs. William Matthews, Deft. for 1200 lbs/tbco; Matthews admits debt; ordered to pay, with costs.


72 ~  Alexander Kyle, of Annemessex, Pltf. vs. Leonard Jones, Deft. for 3068 lbs/pork; Peter Dent, attorney for Kyle, presents bill of debt signed 6 December 1693 at Manokin by Jones promising payment by 10 December; witnesses William Banister, Solomon Turpin; Court orders Jones to pay and puts him in Sheriff’s custody “for want of special bail”.


73 ~  William Smullen, Pltf. vs. Jeremiah Harris, Deft.; no declaration filed; Court rules a non-suit.


73 ~  Capt. Henry Smith, Pltf. vs. James Barry, Deft.; Barry ordered into Sheriff’s custody for lack of special bail.


73 ~  Jacob Mayle, Pltf. vs. William Dickinson, Deft. attachment ordered; Peter Dent assumes security for Mayle.


73 ~  Actions agreed or dismissed:

John Emmett vs. Joseph Bowles

George Layfield vs. Henry Lynch

Anne Bishopp vs. James Maynard

John Cole vs. Edward Johnson

Stephen Page vs. John Poplewell

John Cole vs. Job. Truett

John Edgar vs. Lawrence Coppinger

John Pope vs. John Tarr


74 ~ 

Joseph Bassnett vs. James Maynard; Maynard deceased

Neal Mccoy vs. Ralph Milbourne

John Webb vs. Stephen Page

Hendrick Johnson vs. Edward Day

Howell Francis vs. Ellis Coleman

Thomas Oxford vs. Edward Green

Thomas Oxford vs. Walter Reed

Cornelius Anderson vs. Nicholas Jones

John Pope vs. John Tarr

James Maynard vs. Joseph Bassnett, Maynard deceased

Robert Polke vs. Patrick Quatermus

Robert Polke vs. Edward Hugan

Thomas Smith vs. Joseph Cotle

Henry Morgan vs. Joy Hobbs

Stephen Cannon vs. Lawrence Young

John Webb vs. Neil Mccoy

Edmund Hugan vs. Edward Jones

John Starrett vs. Lawrence Crawford


74 ~  Edward Birke requests payment for four days attendance at Court, case of Edward Moore vs. Ralph Doe


74 ~  Deed of gift for a black heifer, from Alice Hall, Junior, to Elizabeth Curtis, daughter of James Curtis; dated 9 February 1693/4; male increase to go to James Curtis until Elizabeth be age 12; witnesses George Lane, John West.


75 ~  Affidavit of John Bonnes granting his wife Mabell Bonnes freedom to go where she pleases; also her mare, side saddle, linen and woolen clothes, as well as 1000 lbs/tbco per year. (See Transcription)


75 ~  Writs returnable 2nd Tuesday in March 1693/4

John Ricketts, answer to Cornelius Anderson

Lawrence Craford, Admn for Benjamin Keizer, answer to John Vigerous

Subpoena, James Rauley and wife Jane, Dorothy Painter, case of Bryan Snee vs. Robert Polke

Thomas Shiles, answer to William Harvey

Subpoena, George Collins, Thomas Johnson, Elmer Crockett

Hannah Maynard, Admn of James Maynard, answer to John Webb

Richard Green, currier, of Virginia, answer to John Teague

John Vigerous, chirurgeon, answer to William Willmott

Subpoena, Daniel Athelston, Matthew Scarbrough, Henry Beck; for Mr. James Round vs. John Poore


76 ~  Writs returnable 2nd Tuesday in March 1693/4 (continued)

John Rousello, answer to James Round

Thomas Gee, answer to Bernard Ward

Edmund Macdonnell, answer to John Tarr

Hannah Maynard, Admx for James Maynard, answer to Andrew Whittington

Case against Katherine Barroch; informer Nicholas Cornwell

Case against Thomas Powell

Joseph Boyce, wife Anne, answer to Edward Jones

John Rutter, answer to John Parsons

John Barrenskill, cordweiner, answer to Adam Hitch (Heatch)

Subpoena, Mr. Roger Woolford, Mr. Dominick Coppinger, Joy Hobbs, George Hutchins; for Bryan Snee vs.

    Robert Polke

Subpoena, Walter Read, wife Esther; for Hope Tayler vs. William Henderson

Subpoena, William White, Matther Horsey, Mr. Stephen Horsey, Henry Beck, Daniel Athelson; for John Poore vs.

     Mr. James Round

Subpoena, Thomas Camplin; case against Thomas Relph

Edward Fowler, answer to James Knowles

Miriam Smith, Admx of James Smith, answer to Col. David Browne

John Mallatt, Sen., answer to Henry Morgan

Subpoena, Peter Watson, answer to George Layfield

Edward Jones, answer to John Vigorous, chirurgeon

Robert Pirrie, answer to Thomas Oxford

Hannah Maynard, executrix of James Maynard, answer to John Tarr

John Jones, answer to William Oswell

leonard Jones, answer to Thomas Evernden

Leonard Jones, answer to Edward Wheeler

Property of William Dickenson, answer to Jacob Mayle

Leaonard Jones, answer to Mary Cranshaw

Thomas Gillett, answer to Francis Gunby

Samuel Johnson, answer to Samuel Davis

Peter Whaples, answer to Capt. William Whittington

Donnock Dennis, answer to William Billop, merchant

James Stanfield, answer to William Anderson, merchant

Archibald Holmes, answer to William Anderson, merchant


77~  Writs returnable 2nd Tuesday in March 1693/4 (continued)

John Porter, answer to Mr. Francis Makemy

Pierce Bray, answer to Francis Makemy

Susannah Church, answer to Ephraim Wilson

Gabriell Powell, answer to Ephraim Wilson

William Morris, answer to Joseph Peirce

Thomas Davis, answer to Capt. Henry Smith

John Rowell, answer to Samuel Sandford

Thomas Quillaine, answer to Samuel Sandford

Subpoena, Mary Jones, wife of Samuel Jones, for Bryan Snee vs. Robert Polke

Bryan London, answer to Anne Butler

Christopher Snoswell, answer to Edward Day

Thomas Cox, answer to Edward Day

Lawrence Crawford, answer to Col. David Browne

James Hill, answer to Francis Roberts

Subpoena, Alexander Walls, John Holland, Alexander Spencer, Thomas Camplin; case of Thomas Relph

Subpoena, Cornelius Anderson, William Layton, Jun.

Manassas Morris, answer to Ephraim Wilson, attorney for Samuel Wilson

Joseph Cromwell, answer to Peter Bodkin

Subpoena, William Willmott, Peter Bodkin; for John Tarr vs. Hannah Maynard

Samuel Davis, answer to Teague Quillaine

Manassas Morris, answer to John Debrulah

Lawrence Crawford, answer to Capt. John King & Mr. Thomas Jones

Christopher Snoswell, answer to Capt. John King & Mr. Thomas Jones

Christopher Snoswell, answer to Andrew Whittington, innholder

John Tyler, answer to Andrew Whittington


78 ~ Writs returnable 2nd Tuesday in March 1693/4 (continued)

Thomas Dixon, Admn of Robert Dukes, answer to Peirce Bray

Elinor Makemy, answer to Charles Williams

John Hanson, answer to Charles Williams

Thomas Kinsey, answer to Lawrence Crawford

John Johnson, answer to Dr. John Vigerous

George Layfield, Esq., answer to Dr. John Vigerous

Elinor Makemy, answer to Dr. John Vigerous

Mr. Thomas Jones, answer to Dr. John Vigerous

Subpoena, Samuel Morris; for Edward Green vs. Teague Quillaine

Oliver Berry of Boston, mariner, answer to Ellis Coleman; subpoena, John Webb, Peter Bodkin

Oliver Berry of Boston, mariner, answer to Ellis Coleman; subpoena, William Willmott, Robert Nearn,

    Mr. David Richardson,

Subpoena, William Willmott, James Ainsworth, Elizabeth Ainsworth; for John Tarr vs. Hannah Maynard

William Willmott, answer to Gilbert Tayler

Abraham Knott, answer to James Duncan, Admn of William Patton

Randall Revell, answer to Capt. Henry Smith

Thomas Gee, answer to Archibald Smith

Peter Whaples, answer to Col. David Browne

Stephen Costin, answer to William Morris

Joseph Gray, answer to William Morris

John Vigerous, answer to George Layfield, Esq.

John Poore, answer to William Hayman

Subpoena, Peter Cambell, Rowland Beavins, Lydia Quillaine; for Edward Green vs. T. Quillaine

Subpoena, Gilbert Tayler; for Teague Quillaine vs Edward Green




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Somerset Judicial Records 1692-96, Abstracts with Selected Transcriptions
Volume 535, Page 74  
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