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In the Aftermath of 'Glory': African American Soldiers & Sailors from Annapolis Maryland, 1863-1918

William F. Murphy, canon, and two additional menSPECIAL COLLECTIONS (Black Civil War Soldiers Collection) Thought to be a photograph of William F. Murphy (on right), founder and publisher of the Baltimore Afro-American. MSA SC 2432-1-1.

Purpose: To examine what happens to African American soldiers & sailors who survive the Civil War by tracing their careers through public and private records. The packet includes maps, contemporary accounts, census records, court records, and Federal Pension files. The packet relates the soldiers to the efforts to expand and then restrict the suffrage (the 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and subsequent attempts to incorporate grandfather clauses into state law), and ends with the voting rights cases of 1915 before the U.S. Supreme Court, one of which involved a Civil War sailor from Annapolis who died in 1918.

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  6. ADJUTANT GENERAL (Civil War Muster Rolls and Service Records) 1865. 30th Regiment, Company ‘D’, MSA S 936-55. MSA SC 2221-8-6. Note: some annotations do not appear on this copy because they were written in purple ink which does not scan well.
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  9. GOVERNOR (Miscellaneous Papers) 1869-1870, Transmittal and text of the 15th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, MSA S 1274-123-17-1;4;3. MSA SC 2221-8-9.
  10. ANNAPOLIS ELECTION JUDGES (Poll Book), 1871, Ward 1, MSA M 32-50-3;4. ANNAPOLIS ELECTION JUDGES (Poll Book),1885, Ward 3, MSA M 32-8-11;18. MSA SC 2221-8-10.
  11. U.S. CENSUS BUREAU (Census Record, MD) 1880, Population, AA, MSA S 1184-16. MSA SC 2221-8-11.
  12. SPECIAL COLLECTIONS (Mrs. Horace Leitch Collection) ca. 1870 tintypes (2) of possible black soldiers and a notice of non-payment of G.A.R. dues found together behind a mantle in a house in Annapolis, Maryland, MSA SC 2197-1-2;3;1. MSA SC 2221-8-12.
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  26. Photographs from SPECIAL COLLECTIONS (Agnes Kane Callum Collection) MSA SC 3010, (Merrick Collection) MSA SC 1477, and (Black Maryland Civil War Soldiers Collection) MSA SC 2432. MSA SC 2221-8-26.
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