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Documents for the Classroom

Our Document Packets cover a variety of topics and eras in Maryland history and are designed to bring primary sources into the curriculum. Online versions of original documents are available for use by teachers and students for lesson planning in elementary and secondary schools, as well as colleges and universities. We encourage Document Based Questioning through the use our our collection materials and can provide support in their use. If you would like to schedule a class trip to the Archives, arrange an in-class presentation by one our staff members, or receive more information about our educational programs, please contact

Access to materials linked within these document packets is intended for educational and research purposes. The written permission of the copyright owners and/or holders of other rights (such as publicity and privacy rights) is required for distribution, reproduction, or other use beyond that allowed by fair use or other statutory exemptions. The responsibility for making an independent legal assessment and independently securing any necessary rights rests with persons desiring to use particular items in the context of the intended use.

Featured Document Packets

» Charting the Chesapeake » “All the Means Within Our Power”: Maryland's Defenses During the War of 1812 » Flee or Stay?: The African American Experience during the War of 1812 » “Glorious News!”: How Maryland newspapers reported the War of 1812 » Frederick Douglass » Stories of Flight from Maryland » Fighting for Freedom: United States Colored Troops from Maryland » The Maryland 400 » Maryland and the 19th Amendment: Marching Towards Women’s Suffrage

Additional Classroom Materials

» Early Encounters of the Chesapeake Region, 1585-1767, MSA SC 2221-1-17 » Daily Life in the New World » Religious Toleration in Maryland, April 21, 1649, MSASC 2221-25 » All the News, 1765-1775, MSA SC 2221-1-21 » From Indignant Protest to Hesitant Revolutionaries: Maryland and the American Revolution, 1765-1776, MSA SC 2221-1-2 » Six Significant Maryland Appellate Cases » Writing It All Down: The Art of Constitution Making for the State and the Nation, 1776- 1833, MSA SC 2221-1-4 » Celebrating Rights and Responsibilities: Baltimore & the Fifteenth Amendment, May 19, 1870, MSA SC 2221-1-18 » The Baltimore Railroad Strike & Riot of 1877, MSA SC 2221-1-9 » In the Aftermath of 'Glory': Black Soldiers & Sailors from Annapolis Maryland, 1863-1918, MSA SC 2221-1-8 » From Segregation to Integration: The Donald Murray Case, 1935-1937, MSA SC 2221-1-11 » The Perils of Reading: Samuel Green and Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin., MSA SC 2221-1-22 » The Strength of our Diversity, 1634-1900, MSA SC 2221-1-19 » Is Baltimore Burning?, MSA SC 2221-1-12

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