Too Close to Call:
Presidential Electors and Elections in Maryland
featuring the Presidential Election of 1904

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Casper R. Taylor, Jr., Speaker of the Maryland House of DelegatesSpecial Message from
the Speaker of the House
January 10, 2001

Welcome to the 415th session of the General Assembly of Maryland, the 194th Assembly to be convened under the privileges granted the citizens of Maryland in the Charter of 1632.  Indeed Maryland was the first permanent English colony on the North American continent to provide from its founding for an assembly of resident freemen.

In honor of Opening Day 2001, I asked the Maryland State Archives to provide us with a brief introduction to the new electronic Archives of Maryland volumes on the Maryland Electoral College, and in light of recent experience, to provide us with another historical example of a Presidential election that was too close to call.

The following Introduction and Guide to Documents includes newspapers and proceedings of the Maryland Electoral College which the Archives is in the process of bringing on line at its website: for general reference and for use in the classroom.

May our proceedings this year be the most productive in our history, and may we seek to ensure that every citizen's right to vote is encouraged, protected, and made secure through a system of voting that is as accessible, incorruptible, and accurate as it can possibly be.

Casper R. Taylor, Jr., Speaker of the House

Sparrow seal
Sparrow Seal. This seal first appeared in 1765 on the title page of the Reverend Thomas Bacon's compilation of the Laws of Maryland, and until 1793 it ornamented printed editions of the session laws of the Assembly. Carved on a wood block by Thomas Sparrow, ward and employee of the Annapolis printer, Jonas Green, the Sparrow seal bears the Latin motto "Crescite et Multiplicamini," which means "Increase and Multiply."

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