Too Close to Call:
Presidential Electors and Elections in Maryland
featuring the Presidential Election of 1904

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Editorial note:
The following documents are provided as a small sample of original records, newspaper accounts, and contemporary sources that may be used to interpret the 1904 Presidential Election in Maryland as it related to the Electors and the Electoral College. For a guide to additional documentary material on the election and Maryland history in general visit the Maryland State Archives web site.  For general introdoctory articles and books on the subject relating to Maryland see the Reading, Listening and Viewing list for this document packet, and:

Archives of Maryland volumes on line, relating to the Electoral College, including references to books and articles on the history of the Electoral College in general and Maryland in particular.

List of Electors from Maryland, 1789-2000

List of Maryland Electors for 1904

Proceedings of  the Maryland Electors for 1904

1904.  Certified Electoral College Election returns for Maryland, including certification of nominations for the Democratic, Republican, Prohibition, Socialist, and Independent Republican parties candidates for Electors and Members of Congress for Maryland's six congressional districts. Includes name of candidate, residence, business and address. Also includes copies of relevant Federal laws from 1887 and 1888 governing the Electoral College in 1904/5.  From SECRETARY OF STATE (Election Papers), 1896-1911, MSA T 881-1. msa_t_881_1_1904-1.tif  File Size: 1.2 mb

1904/11/30. Record of the Returns of an Election held in the State of Maryland on November 8th, 1904, for election of President and Vice- President of the United States and for Representatives in the 59th Congress of the United States.  SECRETARY OF STATE (Election Return Abstracts) 1889-1906, MSA S 1122-3, pp. 179-186: 013826-1.tif   File Size: 1.2 mb

A demographic overview of Maryland ca. 1904, based upon the  Maryland Supplement to the Census of 1910: 1910-1.tif   File Size: 16.7 mb

The Sun Almanac for 1905

Selected Newspapers

Newspaper clippings and Press Releases
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