Too Close to Call:
Presidential Electors and Elections in Maryland
featuring the Presidential Election of 1904

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Presidential Electors in Maryland, 1905
Meeting Date Victors in Maryland Electors Opposing Candidates
Monday,  January 11, 1905 For President and Vice President:
Alton Brooks Parker (D) & Henry Gassaway Davis (7 electoral votes)
Theodore Roosevelt (R) & Charles W. Fairbanks (1 electoral vote)
Frank Brown
Elihu E. Jackson
John E. George
T. Herbert Shriver
James King
Samuel A. Mudd
Ferdinand Williams
Charles J. Boneparte
For President and Vice President:
Theodore Roosevelt (R) & Charles Fairbanks
Silas Comfort Swallow (P) & George W. Carroll
Eugene Victor Debs (S) & Benjamin Hanford
Democratic (D)
Republican (R)
Prohibition (P)
Socialist (S)

State Administrative Board of Election Laws.  Review of the Meetings of Presidential Electors in Maryland, 1789 - 1980.  (State Administrative Board of Election Laws: Annapolis, Maryland, 1981).

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