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State House Trust

The State House Trust was created in 1969 to oversee the area inside State Circle in Annapolis, including the State House. This oversight extends to the use of buildings and grounds and any exhibits on display there. The Trust supervises all improvements, alterations, additions, landscaping, and repairs within that area.

The Trust consists of four ex officio members (or their designees) who serve as trustees. Members of the Trust may appoint from one to three nonvoting associate members who are qualified by experience and interest in historical preservation. The Trust retains an architect as a consultant.

Chair: Wes Moore, Governor
Ex officio: Bill Ferguson, President of the Senate
Adrienne A. Jones, Speaker of the House of Delegates
Laura Davis Mears, Chairman, Maryland Historical Trust
Secretary: Elaine Rice Bachmann, State Archivist, Maryland State Archives

The contact for requests is Elaine Rice Bachmann, State Archivist, Maryland State Archives.