Hall of Records Commission

for a Meeting 
at the Maryland State Archives
Electronic Classroom
12 Noon
November 22, 2005

Call to Order by the Chairman

Attendees and Introduction of Special Guests

Stephen P. Anderson, Director, State Law Library
Christopher N. Allan, Secretary, Friends of the Archives
Mrs. Mary S. Allan
Paul Frazer, Volunteer, Maryland State Archives
Jock Menzies, Chairman, Terminal Corporation

Special Announcements/Opening Remarks

  • Last Will and Testament of Francis Scott Key, 1837 (copy in packet);
  • Dunlap's American Daily Advertiser, April 14, 1791 (copy in packet);
  • Papenfuse Newspaper Collection, MSA SC 5634 (copy in packet);
  • St. Cecelia's Day, November 22;
  • Gift from the Friends of the Archives of Portrait thought to be Leonard Calvert.
  • Reports and Minutes of Previous Meetings

    Proposed Action: motion of approval of minutes (as amended, if amended), and recognition of the special meetings of the Commission as defined by standing resolution.

    Records Retention and Disposal

    Proposed Action: motion of approval of Records Retention and Disposal Schedules as presented.
    Old Business
  • Collection and Recovery Policy for private manuscripts and public records:
  • Extradition papers on eBay;
  • Court of Appeals Judge's Papers on eBay;
  • Sheriff's ledger, Prince George's County, 1777;
  • Claude account book.
  • Proposed Action:  defer discussion of draft Archives' Collection and Recovery Policy to next meeting.

    Archivist's Report and Staff Activities
     (see the Maryland State Archives' Bulldog for additional details)

    Recent Gifts, Deposits and Acquisitions
    Proposed Action by the Commission:  Resolution of Appreciation for the recent gifts.
    Archives of Maryland On Line Education and Outreach Forthcoming special meetings of the Commission and events of interest Administrative and Fiscal Matters
  • http://lrac.us

  • Building Maintenance/New Facilities/Space Needs
  • Capital Projects
  • Budget Issues, Past, Present and Future:
  • New Business Next meeting

    The next Hall of Records Commission meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 19, 2006.


    Dr. Edward C. Papenfuse
    State Archivist
    Maryland State Archives
    350 Rowe Boulevard
    (410) 260-6403.

    Email: edp@mdarchives.state.md.us

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