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The Commissioners

As mandated by law, the Commission is currently composed of members representing a variety of government agencies, non-profits and academic institutions. Commissioners serve a term set to expire June 30, 2026. The Commission submitted an interim report, as required, in 2020, and at the end of the term will submit a final report to the Governor and the General Assembly on or before December 1, 2025.

Commissioners also serve as liaisons, or points of contact, for counties where racial terror lynchings have been identified. For more information regarding the commissioner liaison for your county, see the Liaison Assignments.


Name Affiliation

David Fakunle, Ph.D., Chair

National Great Blacks in Wax Museum

Charles L. Chavis, Jr., Ph.D., Vice-Chair

George Mason University (Public Member)

David Armenti

Maryland Center for History and Culture

Lindsay Baker

Maryland Humanities (Public Member)

Iris Leigh Barnes, Ph. D.

Lillie Carroll Jackson Civil Rights Museum

Simone Barrett, Ph.D.

Morgan State University

Michelle Coles

Attorney (Public Member)

Nicholas Creary, Ph.D.

Maryland Lynching Memorial Project

Roger Davidson, Ph.D.

Bowie State University

Maya Davis

Maryland Commission on African American History and Culture

Chris Haley

Maryland State Archives

Elizabeth Hughes

Maryland Historical Trust

Amy Millin

Maryland Lynching Memory Project (Public Member)

Carl Snowden

NAACP Maryland State Conference

Marshall Stevenson, Ph.D.

University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Stephanie Suerth

Maryland Commission on Civil Rights

Teisha Dupree Wilson, Ph.D.

Coppin State University

Vacant - Reginald Lewis Mueseum

Vacant - Reginald Lewis Mueseum


Name Affiliation

Trish Boyle

Maryland Attorney Generals Office

Kristin McFarlane

Maryland Attorney Generals Office

Sonya Osei

Bowie State University

Will Schwarz

Maryland Lynching Memorial Project


Bowie State University