U. S. History to 1877

CS 464.103 (3)

Wednesdays 6:15-8:45 p.m.
Shaffer 100

This course consists of lectures and discussions about the assigned reading. Asssignments include two text books available in the bookstore, document packets of original sources available on the WEB, weekly reading discussion notes, and a take-home final exam.



Students are required to read and analyze two books and selections from assigned document packets which are available on the World Wide Web.


Because the web-based materials are out of print and/or are protected by copyright, they are supplied for personal use only on the WEB at the Maryland State Archives. In order to access these files you will need a user name and password which will be given out in class.

This course is intended to be an introduction to United States History utilizing published texts and the resources of the World Wide Web. Students can access the web-based materials at any library or other web-linked terminal. Discussion notes and the take-home final exam should be submitted to the instructor via EMAIL and it is assumed that all students have EMAIL accounts which registered students can obtain free of charge. All discussion notes assignments are to be submitted to the instructor by 10 a.m. on the day before class by email. Up to 10 points will be deducted from final grades for late assignments. The policy is three lates and you are out the full 10 points. Assignments can be in any word processing format that can be sent as an EMAIL attachment, although the instructor prefers that they be in rich text format (rtf) which is supported by all major word processing programs as an export to file function.

The syllabus and all document packets will be available on the WEB. The latter will be accessible by password and are intended for the personal reference use of registered students. Copying or further distribution in any form of this material is at the risk of the student and constitutes violation of copyright.



Each of the discussion notes (12) will be worth up to 7points each for a total of 84 points, and are due by EMAIL to edpapen@erols.com by 10 a.m. the day before class discussion. See discussion notes for futher details.

The take-home final will be worth up to 16 points.

A=90-100 points; B=80-89 points; C=70-79 points; D=60-69 points; F= anything less than 60 points.

NOTE: The direct quoting of someone else's work as your own (anything more than a phrase or two) without using quotation marks and citing the specific source of the quote (author, title, edition, and page) will not be tolerated and will result in an automatic 'F' on the assignment. Adopting an author's point of view is not considered plagiarism as long as the source is identified by some form of annotation of your text (i.e. footnotes, Turabian short form; note on sources at the end of your essay or review, or some other format approved in advance by the instructor).

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