Discussion Notes instructions

Reading for each of the assignments will be from the two published texts or web-based as noted on the schedule. Those which are web-based can be printed out from the web or downloaded to disks and read via web browser on a computer at home, office or school. To read or download web-based assignments you will need a user name and password which will be given out in class. Downloading can prove very time-consuming, depending upon how the files are accessed.

Reading must be done in advance of class discussion and discussion notes must be EMAILED to edpapen@erols.com by 10 a.m. on the day before discussion is scheduled. Notes should focus on a critical reading of the argument and the sources in the assignment as they relate to the period covered or topic to be discussed. Notes should review the high points of the reading, but also should raise questions about what the reading fails to cover. In preparing discussions notes summarize the argument and prepare a list of questions you have about the reading or sources. Be critical of what you read (and of what you hear- the instructor appreciates feedback from the lectures).

Discussion notes should not exceed five single-spaced pages per assignment.