"What is History?"

JHU 100.193

Undergraduate Seminar in History at Johns Hopkins University. Required for all history majors and normally taken during the sophomore year. Deals with the elements of historical thinking, research, and writing. Includes an introduction to the uses and tools of the World Wide Web. Fall of 1995 & Spring of 1996. For the first semester syllabus click here.

The second semester will be devoted to research methods and the use of locally available resources. The semester will be spent reseraching and writing an article-length paper on a theme related to the history of Baltimore City. During the semester we hope to have seminar discussions with the history faculty on their current research and writing. For the second semester syllabus click here.

Dr. Edward C. Papenfuse (instructor)
State Archivist

Office Hours by appointment
Phone: (h) 410-467-6137

Graduate Assistant:
Eric Abrahamson
7670 Blueberry Hill Lane
Ellicott City, MD 21043