"What is History?"

JHU 100.193

Meets in the Distance Learning Lab, basement of the Engineering Building at 10 a.m. & 2 p.m., unless otherwise posted.

Second Semester

The first two weeks of the Seminar will concentrate on a discussion of Laurel Ulrich's A Midwife's Tale available in the bookstore.

On February 14 I will be talking about Herbert Baxter Adams and the original Hopkins History Seminar.

We will meet in the Library room at Evergreen House on Wednesday February 21. For transportation in the JHU van, meet in the driveway of Homewood House at 9:55 a.m. and 1:55 p.m. Judy Gardiner Flint will introduce us to the collections and we will discuss paper topics. For your guidance, a list of repositories containing records relating to the history of Baltimore is available at this WEB site. The list is courtesy of Elizabeth Schaaf, Archivist of the Peabody who very kindly updated an earlier edition for our use.

Unless otherwise negotiated, paper topics are limited to some aspect of Baltimore history during the first decades of the History Seminar (roughly the 1880s to 1930). For suggestions see Sherry Olson's Baltimore.

A choice of topic is due the following week (February 28), after which we will meet/correspond by EMAIL about your papers until the middle of April when each of you will begin presenting abstracts of your papers to the Seminar for discussion. Details on the scheduling of seminar presentations will be worked out with each of you individually.

Final papers will be due the last week of class.

Dr. Edward C. Papenfuse (instructor)
State Archivist
Maryland State Archives

Office Hours by appointment
Phone: (o) 410-260-6401
Email: edp@mdsa.net