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Black, John, m. by 31 Aug 1756, Susannah, widow of Col. George Clark of SM Co. (MWB 28:521; MDAD 39:211).


BLACKMAN BLACKSTON(E) Blackwell, John, m. by 24 Jan 1731, Eunice, relative of Thomas Beswick of TA Co. (MDAD 11:267).

Blades, Joseph, m. by 2 Dec 1742, Elizabeth, widow of Thomas Walter of QA Co. (MDAD 19:247).


Blakiston, Predeaux, m. by 13 May 1732, Martha, widow of William Dunn of KE Co. (MDAD 11:596).


Blaney, Louis, m. by 21 June 1677, May, relict of Disborough Bennett (MDTP 9:184).

Blanford, Thomas, m. by 13 June 1678, Tabitha, relict and extx., of William Mills of CV Co. (INAC 5:146).

Blangy, Lewis, m. by 24 May 1678, Mary, admx of Tobias Wells of KE (INAC 5:193; ARMD 67:28). He m. by 30 July 1679, Mary, relict of Disborough Bennett of KE Co. (INAC 6:261; ARMD 51:205; 68:49; MDTP 9:184).


Blencoe (or Elencoe), Pieter, m. by 17 Oct 1721, Sarah, execs. of John Smith of CE Co. (MDAD 4:41).


Blundell, Richard, m. by 21 March 1704/5, Dorothy, admx of Michael Taney of CV Co. (INAC 25:139; MDTP 19B:80).


Blythe, John, m. c.11 Oct 1799, Nelly Fullerton (WAML 1797-1800).

Boardly. See Bordley.

Boaring. See Boring.

Boarman, Wm., of SM Co., m. by 1706, Mary Pile (Liber HH: 43, 138).

Bobbins, Mr. (N), of Alexandria, VA, is to be married evening of 7 Sep 1794 to Polly Knapp (Diary of William Faris, MHM 28:208).

Bodell, Thomas, m. (date not given), Jane, relict of Stephen Clifton of CV Co. (MDTP 2:106).

Bodkin, (N), m. by 28 Jan 1756, Eliza, dau. of Anne Hale of CE Co. (MDAD 39:124).

Body, Philip, m. by (c1696), Sarah, admx of Thomas Robinson (INAC 13B:103).

Bogle, John; 10 Jan 1773; Mary Latin ("Marriage Register of Rev. David Love," discovered by Peter Wilson Coldham in the Public Record Office, London (PRO: AO 13/61(II)/ 420ff.).

Bolfield, Meshack, m. by 23 June 1749 1749, Sdarah, widow of Richard Greason (MDAD 26:116).

Bolfield. See also Botfield.


BOND Bone, Thomas, m. by 3 July 1751, Sarah, sister of John Cockey, Jr., of BA Co. (MDAD 30:112).

Boner, James, m. (date not given), Agnes Baker, HA Co. (no ref. given).

Bonfield, Christopher, m. by 5 Sep 1728, Frances, widow of Samuel Wallis, and dau. of Arthur Young of CV Co. (MDAD 9:53).

Bonham, Samuel, of Hanover Co., NC, m. by 31 Oct 1767, Tamlinson, granddau. and sole heir of Edward Carter of Balto. Co., who owned Carter's Rest, part The Expectation (BALR B#Q:290).


BOOKER BOON(E) Bootes, Thomas, of KE Co., d. by 9 may 1724 when his est. was admin. by Prudence Bootes, the admx. (MDAD 6:16)


BOOTHBY BORDLEY BORING Boscoe, John, m. by 13 July 1725, Hannah, admx of John Miers of KE Co. (MDAD 6:424).


BOSTICK Bostock, (N), m. by (no date), Elizabeth, widow of John Nicholson of AA Co. (AALR IH#1:219).


Boswell, (N), m. by 5 May 1748, Anne, dau. of Alexander Wilson of CH Co. (MDAD 25:246).

Bosworth, John, m. by 3 Dec 1745, Mary, dau. of William Robinson (BALR TB#D, 428).


Botfield. See also Bolfield.

Boucher, Rev. Jonathan, m. by 1774, Eleanor Addison, sister of Thomas (PGWB T#1:12).

Boudy, Richard, of CE Co., d. by 22 Oct 1708, when his estate was admin. by Richard Knitt, exec. The acct. mentioned a son richard Boudy (INAC 29:231)

Boughton, Richard, of CH Co., about to marry, June 1688, Verlinda (Eaton), widow of Thomas Burdit (ARMD 60:133).

Boulding, Thomas, of CE Co., m. by 21 Feb 1737, Anne, dau. of Jane Clark of the Island of Barbados (MDAD 16:69).


Bourdillon, Rev. Benedict, of BA Co., m. by 14 June 1751, Janettee Jansen (MDAD 30:105).

Bourman, Robert, m. by 5 May 1688, Anna, relict and extx of Henry Staples of TA Co. (INAC 9:515). [See also Burnam]

Bourn, Jacob, m. by 9 Aug 1745, Rebecca, dau. of John Dorrumple of CV Co. (MDAD 22:276).

Bourne, (N), m. by 1755, Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Ireland of Cv Co. (MWB 29: 416, and MWB 31: 237).


Bowditch, Robert, m. by 1715, Ann, dau. of Andrew Wilson (MWB 14: 181)


BOWEN BOWERS BOWIE Bowin, Wm., m. by 28 April 1750, Elizabeth, dau. of David Hazard of WO Co. (MDAD 28:70).

Bowing, John, m. by 1 March 1721, Elizabeth, dau. of John Dorsett (PGLR I:173).


BOWLING BOWMAN Bowyer, Peter, m. by 18 July 1737, Hester, widow of John Lewis of CE Co. (MDAD 14:385).

Boxwell, (N), m. by 10 March 1762, Mary, dau. of William Guy of DO Co. (MDAD 47:465).

Boy, John, m. by 11 Oct 1698, Jennet, relict and admx of John Knight of CH Co. (INAC 18:790).

Boyce, Roger, m. by 1772, Rebecca, sister of John Addison Smith ([MWB] 38:796; MINV 119:229).


Boyden, (N), d. by 2 Feb 1688, having m. Deborah (N), widow of Thomas Impey (TALR 5:242).

Boyles, James, m. by 6 Aug 1750, Rebecca, dau. of Andrew Rider of CE Co. (MDAD 29:30).


Bozwell, Mary, dau. of John, m. by 1690, George Pounrey (CH Court Records Q#1:10).

Braday, John, m. by 6 June 1680, Susanna, dau. of John Richardson of DO Co. (ARMD 70:158, 159).

Bradburne, William, m. by 17 May 1720, Elizabeth, extx. of Francis Spinke of SM Co. (MDAD 2:507).

Bradbury, Roger, m. by 14 June 1720, Mary, dau. of Edward Man (TALR 12:403).


BRADLEY Bradwater, Jas., m. by 2 June 1772, Betty, extx. of Peter Corbin of WO Co. (MDAD 67:345).

Brady, Charles, m. by 25 April 1720, Jemyme, extx. of Thomas Lawton of SM Co. (MDAD 2;510; HH:445).

Brainthwate, Wm., m. by 1649, Helenor Stephenson, who came into the Province with Sir Edmund Plowden. (ARMD 1:524; Warrants 2:556).

Bramble, David, m. by 10 Aug 1757, Levinah, dau. of Theophilus Hackett of DO Co. (DOLR 15 Old:505).

Bramwell, (N), m. by 4 Aug 1750, Susanna, widow and extx. of Samuel Fort (BALR TR#C:532).

Bran, Joseph, Jr., m. by 11 March 1746, Sarah, dau. of George Andrew of DO Co. (DOLR Old 14:109).

Brand, Randolph, m. by 21 Sep 1723, Anne, widow of James Cottrell of CH Co. (MDAD 5:218).

Brangwell, Peter, m. by 30 April (1683?) Elizabeth Kemb (BCCP D: 94).

Brannock, Henry, m. by 16 Nov 1751, Anne, dau. of Peter Stoaks of DO Co. (DOLR 14 Old:568).

Branson, Benjamin, m. by 17 March 1755, (N), extx. fo Samuel kech of SM Co. (MDAD 37:166).

Brascrop, John, m. by 21 June 1736, Phelia, dau. of Thomas Eubanks of TA Co. (MDAD 15:68).


BRASHEARS Brashiers, Thomas, m. by 2 Nov 1726, Sarah, dau. of John Constant, Sr. (BALR IS#H:381).

Brawer, Joseph, m. by 19 Jan 1754, Sarah, widow of Thomas Jackson of CH Co. (MDAd 36:223).

Bread, (N), m. by 13 Oct 1677, Jane, relict and extx. of Dr. Thomas Matthews of CH Co. (INAC 4:379).

Breading, James, m. by 18 June 1750, Ann, dau. of Nathaniel Ewing of CE Co. (MDAD 28:186).


Breatton, John, m. by 2 April 1709, Katherine Hutchins, in 1709 act. of Edward James of Kent Island (INAC 29:218)

Bredell, Isiah, m. by 13 March 1735/6, Eliza, dau. of William Bowen of SO Co. (MDAD 14:195).

Breed, John, m. by 24 April 1679, (N0, mother of Ignatius Matthews (ARMD 51:242)

Breeden, (N), m. by 1758, Elia, dau. of Joseph Johnson of CV Co. ([MWB?] 30:495).

Breeman, James, m. by 9 Feb 1736/7, Katherine, extx. of Thoams Layfield of SO Co. (MDAD 15:280).


Brenton, John, m. by 1715, Mary, dau. of John Wadmor of CV Co. (MCHR 3:24-25).

Brereton, Richard, m. by 8 May 1746, Mary, rep. of Richard Chambers (MDAD 22:186; MINV 15:253).

Bretton, William, of Little Britain, MD, 10 July 1651, about to marry Mrs. Temeprance Jay (ARMD 65:684).

Brevard, John, m. by 4 Sep 1767, Sarah, widow and admx. of Joshua Dale of WO Co. (MDAD 58:48).

Breward, Thomas, m. by 26 Oct 1763, Hannah, widow of John Crosier of CE Co. (MDAD 50:74).


Brian, Nathaniel, m. by 2 Nov 1695, Frances, heir (sister?) of Richard Charlett of of Patuxent river (Pro. Court WRC# 1:772).


Bricoe, Joseph, m. by 29 March 1762, Ann, admx of John Terry of KE Co. (MDAD 47:368)

Bridgin, Robert, m. by 1686, Mary,m dau. of Simon Reader of SM Co. (Liber 13: 389).


Brightwell, Capt. Richard, m. by 1681 Catherine, dau. of Robt. Lashley of CV Co. (Liber 2:196).

Briney, Edward, d. by 24 Nov 1752 having m. Elizabeth, widow of William Sanders of TA Co. (MDAD 33:220).


BRITTINGHAM BRITTON BROAD Broadarse, Thos., m. by 1677,m Mary, widow of James Oliver (MDTP 9:180).

Broadas, Edward, m. by 26 Aug 1771, Eliza, widow of William Trego of DO Co. (MDAD 66:85).

Broady, John, of CV Co., m. by 31 March 1753, Mary, dau. of William Edmonds (MDAD 33:388).

Brockett, Samuel, m. by 21 Feb 1660, Ann, dau. of John Abbott of Isle of Kent, MD (ARMD 41:422).


Broodas, Moses, m. by 25 June 1772, Sarah, widow of Richard Cole of DO Co. (MDAD 67:322).


BROOKES Brooks, Henry, m. by 7 Sep 1650, Jane, widow of David Wickliffe (MDPL ABH:49).

Brookson, William, m. by 10 April 1700, Elisabeth, admx. of Thomas Nicholson, in acct. of Peter Sesserson of CE Co. (INAC 19-B:52)

Broome, Thomas, m. by 3 Oct 1733, dau. of John Godssgrace of Cv Co. (MDAD 12:51)

Brougher, John, m. by 1723, (N), coheiress of Alexander Thomas of SO Co. (SORR:65).


BROWNE Browning, Thomas, m. by 31 Feb 1695, Anne, relict and admx of Darby Noland (INAC 13B:19).

Bruce, John, m. by 6 May 1720, Judith, relict and extx., of John Warren of CH Co. (MDAD 3:16).

Bruen, (N), m. by 15 Sep 1713, Priscilla, dau. of John Serjeant, dec. (QALR ETA:181).

Bruff, Thomas, m. by 19 Feb 1704, (N), elict and admx. of Joseph Wickes of KE Co. (INAC 25:171, 27:204)

Brumbly, Thomas, of DO Co., d. by 2 Aug 1752, having m. (N), dau. of Richard Harrington (MDAD 33:273).

Brumwell, (N), m. by 3 feb. 1719, Rebecca, widow and extx. of Thomas Seswick of TA Coi. (MDAD 2:475).


Bryon, Terrence, m. by 6 Dec 1720, Mary, amdmx of Charles Tuele of PG Co. (MDAD 3:149).

Bryant, John; 8 May 1771; Alice Jones ("Marriage Register of Rev. David Love," discovered by Peter Wilson Coldham in the Public Record Office, London (PRO: AO 13/61(II)/ 420ff.).


BUCK Buckingham, John, m, by 31 Oct 1721, Hannah, admins. of robert Cross of AA Co. (MDAD 4:31).

Buckley, (N), m. by 15 Sep 1718, Elizabeth, widow of John Currier of TA Co. (MDAD 1:353).

Bucknall, Thomas, m. by 27 March 1676, (N), widow of Edward Wheelock of AA Co. (INAC 2:18).

Buckner, William, m. by 10 Jan 1726/7, Patience, dau. of Col. Richard Colegate (BAAD 1:322).

Budd, John, m. by 14 Sep 1757, Susannah, admx of John Robson of DO Co. (MDAD 41:392). She was mother of Joseph Robson (DOLR 17 Old:155).

Buker, Henry, m. by 5 July 1763, Anne, dau. of Ulriock eckler of BA (BAAD 6:52).


Buller, Charles, m. by 11 July 1758, Eliza, mother of Peter Cockey of BA Co. (MDAD 41:457).

Bulpitt, John, m. by 11 Jov. 1676, Anne, relict and legatee of Thomas Henfrey (INAC 5:359).

Bungey, (N), m. by 10 April 1771, Ruth, dau. of John Ensor (BAWB 3:257).

Bunt, Amos, m. by 28 feb. 1740, Mary, dau. of Thomas Skinner (DOLR Old 7, 17; Old 10, 85).

Bunting, (N), m,. by 21 Dec 1782, Billy Drew, dau. of William Andrew (BAWB 3:583).

Burbage, John, m. by 1762, Mary, dau. of Ephraim Heather of WO Co. (MDAD 48:13).


Burchfield, Thomas, m. by 4 Aug 1721, Joan, extx. of Edward Cantwell (BAAD 1:258).

Burdit, Thomas, m. by June 1688, Verlinda Eaton, sister of Nathaniel and Samuel Eaton (ARMD 60:133).

Burford, James, m. by 13 June 1767, Sarah, dau. of Robert Morgan, dec. (BALR B#P:615).

Burgan, James, m. by 13 June 1772, Rebecca, dau. of Nicholas Smith of KE Co. (MWB 38:180; MDAD 66:341).


Burgh, (N), m. by 1724, Margaret, sister of George Billingsley of VA; she m. 2nd, (N) Jordan (ARMD 38:340).


Burkett, (N), m. by 12 July 1701, Rebecca, dau. of Francis Billingsley of CV Co. (INAC 21:102).


Burnam, Robert, m. by (c.1688), Anne, extx. of Henry Staples of TA Co. (INAC 10:336). [See also Bourman]

Burney, William, m. by 4 Nov 1719, Martha, relict and extx. of William Howard (BALR TR#DS:60).


Burwick, John, of TA Co., m. by 2 Nov 1751, Jane, extx. of James Townsend of QA Co. (MDTP 35:114).

Busey, Charles, m. by 10 April 1725, Elizabeth, admx of John Eastwood of AA Co. (MDAD 6:323).

Bush, Isaac, m. by 19 Dec 1760, Elizabeth, dau..of Andrew Thompson (BAWB 2:329).

Butcher, William, of KE Co., d. by 1 June 1752, when his est. was admin. by Sarah, wife of Isaac Wilson, admx. with will annexed. (MDAD 33:51)


Butteram, John, m. by 8 March 1710, Elizabeth, heir of William Westbury (BALR TR#A:63).

Butters, Jamnes, m. by 6 May 1773, Sarah, admx. of Mary Beck (who was a widow of Samuel Beck) BAAD 6:278).

Buttram, Nicholas, m. by 13 Nov 1679, Elizabeth, widow of Andrew Henderson, and mother of Roger Moore (ARMD 51:303).

Byfoot, William, m. by 5 March 1744, Sarah, dau. of John Hall (BALR TB#D:51).

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