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County Court Judicial Records Project
Archives of Maryland Online

County Date formed Notes
St. Mary's 1637 the first Maryland county, was established in 1637, probably by an order of the Governor
Kent 1642 first mentioned as a county in 1642, when the Governor and Council appointed commissioners for the Isle and County of Kent.Commission issued to Commander, Aug. 2, 1642 (Archives of Maryland 3:105)
Anne Arundel 1650 created in 1650 (Chapter 8, Acts of 1650, April Session)
Calvert 1654 established 1654 by an Order in Council and called Patuxent County until 1658 (Archives of Maryland 3:308)
Charles 1658 created in 1658 by an Order in Council. It is not to be confused with an earlier Charles County (1650-1653) known as Old Charles County (Archives of Maryland 3:341)
Baltimore 1660 The legal origin of Baltimore County is not known, but it was in existence by January 12, 1659/60 when a writ was issued to the sheriff of the county
Talbot 1662 probably formed by virtue of an order of the Governor in Council. The County was in existence by February 18, 1661/62, when a writ was issued to the sheriff
Somerset 1666 created by an Order in Council in August 22, 1666 (Archives of Maryland 3:553)
Dorchester 1669 The exact date and legal origin of Dorchester County are unknown, but it was in existence by February 16, 1668/69, when a writ was issued to the county sheriff by the Lord Proprietary
Cecil 1674 formed in 1674 from Baltimore and Kent counties by proclamation of the Governor
Prince George's 1695 formed from Calvert and Charles counties in 1695 (Chapter 13, Acts of 1695, May Session)
Queen Anne's 1706 formed in 1706 (Chapter 3, Acts of 1706)
Worcester 1742 created from Somerset County in 1742 (Chapter 14, Acts of 1742
Frederick 1748 created in 1748 from Baltimore and Prince George's counties (Chapter 15, Acts of 1748)
Harford 1773 formed from Baltimore County in 1773 (Chapter 6, Acts of 1773)
Caroline 1773 created in 1773 from Dorchester and Queen Anne's counties (Chapter 10, Acts of 1773)