Dr. Edward C. Papenfuse, Archivist for the State of Maryland, will be the project co-director for the Maryland State Archives. Dr. Papenfuse provides the insight of both an historian and an archivist. His areas of expertise include the history of Maryland, the Constitution, and the colonial era. His long career of working with original sources as an archivist, a researcher, and an instructor make him uniquely qualified to teach in this program. He has been the principal compiler of the Documents for the Classroom series. He is well-versed in computer technology, having supervised its implementation at the Archives. He is the primary architect of the electronic classroom. Dr. Papenfuse has directed five programs similar to the one proposed here. He will conduct classes and co-direct the project with school staff.

Dr. James "Chip" Adomanis will be a project co-director for the Anne Arundel County Public Schools. He currently serves as a social studies content specialist. Dr. Adomanis was previously the state-wide coordinator of the "We the People" project. He has spent many years in the classroom. His experience with continuing education programs for teachers is extensive, including a long term partnership with the Archives. Dr. Adomanis will provide the education institutional context for the program and help coordinate "Teaching in the Age of the Internet" activities with the school systems. Dr. Adomanis will provide content lessons and manage the sessions held within the school system.

Judy Mauriello is the Coordinator of Computer Education Programs for the Anne Arundel County Public Schools and will be a co-director of this project. She serves on the Technical and Instructional Advisory Committee for the county. She will coordinate the teacher in-service programs and direct the technological aspects of the implementation of this program in the schools.


Kim Bobola, the "Principal assigned to Central Office - Instructional Technology," will administer the grant project. She will be responsible for the finances and other operational aspects of the program. Ms. Bobola will also assist in the coordination of ASAP and "Teaching in the Age of the Internet" activities.


R.J. Rockefeller is the Maryland State Archives' Director of Education and will be an assistant project administrator. He is a PhD candidate at the University of Maryland and has helped organize and execute each of the Archives' teachers' programs since 1990. He will handle all administrative details for the Archives, conduct several of the classes, and act as the liaison in all efforts with Anne Arundel County Public Schools.

Sarah Stiles is Anne Arundel County Public Schools' new Computer Science Resource Teacher. She will be assigned to the ASAP project and will contribute her considerable technical expertise and familiarity with social studies computer curriculum to help the teachers with the implementation of this project. She will help coordinate the teaching teams of computer services, media centers, content specialists, and the teachers themselves.

John Belser, Grant Administrator for Anne Arundel County Public Schools, will manage accounting, expenses, and all other financial aspects of the project.

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