In order to disseminate the project's methods nationwide, the partners will draw on the expertise of an Advisory Board of four scholars and teachers with considerable experience in social studies and with educational applications of technology. The members of this panel have diverse areas of interest and represent distinct regions of the country. The Board's participation in the program will utilize the most modern computer communication systems available, sparing all travel expenses. In this way, the project benefits from their experience and advice, as well as their connections to educators in their own localities and in the nationwide organizations to which they belong.

Constance B. Schulz is the co-director of the Department of Applied History at the University of South Carolina and leads the Kiplin Hall summer program which combines the studies of history and architecture with historic preservation and archival science. She has a long history herself with the use of original source materials in the pre-collegiant classroom, having worked with Dr. Adomanis to create a textbook supplement which, in many ways, inspired this program.

Dr. John Kaminski of the University of Wisconsin-Madison is the founder and director of the Center for the Study of the American Constitution. A frequently published historian, Dr. Kaminski has also made great contributions to our understanding of the legal history of this country through his career as a documentary editor. He is deeply involved in K-12 educational programs, including the "We the People...The Citizen and the Constitution."

Dave Seiter was awarded the National Council for Social Studies' Secondary Teacher of the Year Award for 1996. His Utah high school's history department was selected by that organization to receive the Program of Excellence Award for 1995. Mr. Seiter teaches Advanced Placement history and government and is known for his innovations in teaching techniques, his involvement in student learning activities beyond the classroom, and for his interest in applying technology to instruction. He has published articles in professional journals and is active in many professional organizations for teachers and historians.

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