100-399 General Reference Books

100 General History

125 Almanacs

150 Calendars

175 Atlases (Cartography), Map Indexes and Bibliographies

200-299 Dictionaries

200-222 Language

200 English

214 German

215 Greek

220 Latin

221 Spanish

222 French

223 Historical

225 Law

226 Geographical

230 Art and Architecture

240 Other (Miscellaneous)

300 Encyclopedias

324 Bibliographies, Indexes, Catalogs

325 Biographical Dictionaries and Directories

366 Postal Guides

380 Computer Reference Books

390 Other Reference Works (Style Manuals)

391 Electronic Images / Digital Imaging

400-499 Genealogy (see also under individual counties)

400 Genealogical Research Guides and General Genealogies, Bibliographies

401 Heraldry

404 General Genealogical Source Records, Indexes, Directories

405-440 Genealogical Sources

405 Bible Records

407 Vital Records

409 Divorces

410 Marriage Records

411 Pension and other Military Records, Oaths of Fidelity

412 Maryland Records (Tax Lists, Land Records)

414 Court Records (State or Provincial)

415 Probate Records

418 Cemetery Records

419 Newspapers � Genealogical Abstracts and Indexes

420 Census Records (Federal and Other States)

422 1776- MD State Census

423 1790- County Census

425 Immigration, Emigration, Naturalization Records

426 Death Records, including Obituaries

427 Internal Migration (MD to NC, KE)

430 Parish Records, Church Records and Registers

450 Family Genealogies

460 Patriotic Societies/Lineage 

470 County Genealogical Societies

475 National Genealogical Societies

500-897 Archives (Historical Societies, etc.)

500 General Works

501 Paleography

502 History of Archives and Other Historical Agencies

503 Church Archives

504 Government Archives

505 Archival Administration (Appraisal, Processing) and Librarianship

506 Records Management � Space Management, Appraised Material to Keep

507 Other Types of Archives

508 Electronic Records Management

510 Manuscripts

515 Oral History, Local History

516 Research in Archives

518 Bibliographies

525 Preservation � Pest Control � Restoration - Conservation

526 Security Systems

529 Reproduction

530 Photographic Reproduction (Microphotography, Microfilming), Image Technology

531 Photographs

536 Directories

537 Cartographic Records

538 Outreach Programs

550-599 Archives, Federal (National Archives)

550-553 Publications

550 Publications

A2 Annual Reports

A5 Miscellaneous Publications

A8 Microfilm Publications

B1 Bulletins

C4 Circulars

F3 Federal Register Office (U.S. Government Manuals)

M4 Miscellaneous Processed Documents

R3 Records Administration Circulars

R4 Reference Information Circulars

S3 Special Lists

S6 Staff Information Circulars

T2 Technical Information Papers

551 Appropriations

553 Guides

555 Cartographic Records

556 Conferences and Departments

C7 Conference on the National Archives and Statistical Research

H3 Publication of Historic Documents

L4 Library

557 Exhibits

558 Facsimiles

560 Classification

570 Disposal of Records

575 Records Management

580-589 Historical Records Survey

580 General

582 Inventories, Calendars and Guides (Alphabetical by State)

590 Historic American Buildings Survey

591 American Institute of Physics

600-685 Archives, State of Maryland

600-605 Hall of Records

600 Annual Reports

601 Bulletins

602 Addresses

603 Records Management

604 State Documents

605 Hall of Records Commission Publications

606 Commissions, i.e. Public Records Commission, Maryland Commission

607 Land Office

608 Miscellaneous (General)

620-629 Other Archives and Manuscript Collections in Maryland

620 Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference (MARAC)

621 Morgan State College

622 Baltimore City Archives


624 Johns Hopkins

625 U.S. Naval Academy Museum

630-635 Maryland Historical Society

630 Publications

A2 Archival Reports

A3 Addresses

F3 Fund Publications

N5 Maryland History Notes

631 Archives of Maryland

633 Exhibits

634 Library

635 Art Gallery

M1 Microfilm Publications

637 St. Mary�s Commission

638 Maryland Historical Trust

640 Other Historical Institutions in Maryland

650 Enoch Pratt Free Library

660 Maryland State Library / Maryland State Law Library

665 Maryland State Tax Survey Commission

666 Comptroller of the Treasury

670-685 Maryland Historical Records Survey Project, WPA

670 Inventories of County and Town Archives

680 Inventories of Church Archives

685 Other Inventories

686 Archives, Other States (except Maryland)

Historical Societies, Government Publications, and Genealogical Source Compilations Relating to Other States

A Other Territories, i.e., American Samoa

A1 Alabama (AL)

A2 Alaska (AK)

A3 Arizona (AZ)

A4 Arkansas (AR)

C1 California (CA)

C2 Colorado (CO)

C3 Connecticut (CT)

D1 Delaware (DE)

D2 District of Columbia (DC)

F1 Florida (FL)

G1 Georgia (GA)

H1 Hawaii (HI)

I1 Illinois (IL)

I2 Indiana (IN)

I3 Iowa (IA)

I4 Idaho (ID)

K1 Kansas (KS)

K2 Kentucky (KY)

L1 Louisiana (LA)

M1 Maine (ME)

M2 Massachusetts (MA)

M3 Michigan (MI)

M4 Minnesota (MN)

M5 Mississippi (MS)

M6 Missouri (MO)

M7 Montana (MT)

N1 Nebraska (NE)

N2 Nevada (NV)

N3 New Hampshire (NH)

N4 New Jersey (NJ)

N5 New Mexico (NM)

N6 New York (State) (NY)

N7 New York City

N8 North Carolina (NC)

N9 North Dakota (ND)

O1 Ohio (OH)

O2 Oklahoma (OK)

O3 Oregon (OR)

P1 Pennsylvania (PA)

R1 Rhode Island (RI)

S1 South Carolina (SC)

S2 South Dakota (SD)

T1 Tennessee (TN)

T2 Texas (TX)

U1 Utah (UT)

V1 Vermont (VT)

V2 Virginia (VA)

W1 Washington (WA)

W2 West Virginia (WV)

W3 Wisconsin (WI)

W4 Wyoming (WY)

687-689 Archives, Canada

687 Preliminary and General Inventories of the Public Archives of Canada

688 Public Archives of Canada Reports and Other Publications

689 Other Canadian Archives and Manuscripts Collections, National Archives of Canada

690-699 Other Countries

690 Africa

692 Europe

693 Virgin Islands

695 Latin America- Brazil

696 U.S.S.R.

697 Asia/Australia/Polynesia

699 United Nations and Other International Organizations

700-800 Library of Congress

700 History

706 Publications

711 Manuscript Collections

712 Prints and Photographs

715 Cartography

730 Calendars of Personal Papers

750 Cataloging

770 Bibliographies

795 Annual Reports

800 U.S. Continental Congress

810-898 Other Institutions and Organizations

810 Smithsonian Institution

820 Carengie Institute of Washington

824 American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC)

825 International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (IIC)

828 Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR)

827 Council of State Historical Records Coordinators

829 National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC)

830 American Council of Learned Societies

840 U.S. Bureau of State Historical Standards

850 American Historical Association (AHA)

855 Organization of American Historians (OHA)

860 American Association for State and Local History (AASLH)

870 American Association of Museums

875 National Trust for Historic Preservation

880 U.S. Government Historical Agencies

885 Society of American Archivists (SAA) (Directories SEE 536)

890 International Council on Archives (ICA)

895 National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)

896 National Association of Government Archives and Records Administrators (NAGARA)

897 National Institution for the Citizen Education in the Law

898 U.S. National Commission on Libraries and Information Science

900-1199 Maryland History

900 General History

901 Historical Guides to Maryland History (Includes bibliographies)

902 Gazetteers

903 Description (Historical) - Surveys

904 Social Life and Customs

905 Eastern Shore

906 Western Maryland

908 Chesapeake Bay/ Potomac (Works related to water)

909 Maryland in National Politics

910 Colonial Period, c.1600-1775

920 Revolutionary War Period, c.1776-1800

925 Maryland Constitution - SEE ALSO 1302

930 War of 1812 Period, c.1800-1819

940 1820-1849 (Mexican War)

950 Civil War Period, c.1850-1870

960 Spanish American War Period, c.1871-1900

970 World War I Period, c.1900-1925

980 World War II Period, c.1926-1945


995 Recent (1946-)

1050 Topical Works on Maryland

A2 Agriculture (Tobacco)

A3 Archaeology/Anthropology

A5 Architecture

A6 Autographs

A7 Art

A8 Automobiles

A9 Aviation

B2 Banking and Banks

B7 Boundaries

C2 Cartography � Town Planning, Surveying Atlases, Mapping, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing

C3 Clubs

C4 Commerce, Business

C5 Corporations and Industries

C6 Canals and Roads

C8 Crime (Includes Witchcraft)

C9 Conservation

C10 Costumes

E2 Economics, Economic Conditions

E3 Education (General)

E31 - E39 Education (Alphabetical by Institution) SEE ALSO 1095, 1096, 1105

    E31 Institutions beginning with the letters B - C
    E32 -------------------------------------- G
    E33 -------------------------------------- J
    E34 -------------------------------------- M
    E35 -------------------------------------- N
    E37 -------------------------------------- S
    E38 -------------------------------------- U
    E39 -------------------------------------- W

E5 Ethnic Groups (SEE ALSO Black History1400)

E6 Elections

E7 Environment, Ecosystems, Ecology

F1 Fashion

F2 Family Heritage

F3 Food and Drink, Recipe Books

F4 Flags

F5 Folklore

F6 Forests and Parks (Recreation)

F7 Fraternal Organizations

F8 Fish and Seafood � Oysters - Fisheries

F9 Furniture

G3 Geology and Geological Survey

G4 Geography

H2 Haunted Houses and Ghosts

H3 Horses

H4 Historical Houses, Manors, Land, Museums and Monuments

H5 Historic Districts

H6 Historic Markers and Monuments

I2 Indians

I3 Iron � Industry and Mining (also includes Coal Mining and Industry

L2 Law

L3 Land Transfer

L6 Libraries

L7 Literature - Authors, Poets

L8 Lighthouses

M1 Freemasonry

M2 Military

M3 Medicine

M4 Money

M7 Mammals

N2 Natural History

N3 Navigation

N7 Newspapers and Journalism

N9 Nursing Homes

P3 Photography

P4 Postal Services

P6 Pottery and Glass

P7 Politics

P8 Population and Statistics (SEE ALSO Census 420)

P9 Printing & Paper, Lithography

P10 Prisons

R2 Railroads, Rails, Railway Companies

R5 Rivers (also includes Bridges)

S2 Slavery (See also 1400 and 1450)

S4 Ships (Schooners, Steamboats, etc.), Shipwrecks, Shipyards. ALSO: Boats and Workboats, Sailing, Yacht Clubs

S5 Silver and Pewter

T2 Trails

T3 Transportation, Highways, Roads

W1 Weather

W2 Wine

W3 Women (For volumes of letters and individual biographies of Maryland women, SEE 1055.)

W4 Wildlife

W6 Water and Sewerage, Water Quality

1054 Biographical Directories of Maryland / Annals / Distinguished Maryland People / Encyclopedias

1055 Biographies (Listed Alphabetically A-Z)

1060-1083 Counties Of Maryland

1060 General

1061 Allegany (City Directories Also)

1062 Anne Arundel

1063 Baltimore

1064 Calvert

1065 Caroline

1066 Carroll

1067 Cecil

1068 Charles

1069 Dorchester

1070 Frederick

1071 Garrett

1072 Harford

1073 Howard

1074 Kent

1075 Montgomery

1076 Prince George�s

1077 Queen Anne�s

1078 St. Mary�s

1079 Somerset

1080 Talbot

1081 Washington

1082 Wicomico

1083 Worcester

1089-1199 Annapolis and Baltimore City

1089-1099 Annapolis

1089 Archaeology

1090 General, City Directories

1091 History

1092 Government

1093 Architecture � Historic Buildings

1094 Newspapers and Publications

1095 Educational Institutions � St. John�s College - Currently under 1050 E37

1096 U.S. Naval Academy - SEE ALSO 1050 E38

1097 Businesses

1098 Clubs/ Organizations

1099 Historic Annapolis

1100-1109 Baltimore

1100 General

1101 History

1102 Government

1103 Architecture � Historic Buildings

1104 Newspapers and Publications

1105 Educational Institutions

    Baltimore City College, et al.

1106 Societies, Clubs

1107 Banks and Banking, and other Businesses and Corporations; Commerce; Industry; and Labor

1108 Art, Drama, Music, etc.

1109 City Directories

1110 Baltimore Railroads / Streetcars / Buses

1111 Courthouses, Laws

1200-1250 United States Laws

1200 General

1300-1399 State Government and Laws

1300 General

1301 Government

1302 Constitutions, Constitutional Convention Records

1303 Maryland State Bar Association

1310-1320 Laws

1310 Code Laws, Statutes, etc.

1311 Compilations and Indexes

1312 County Laws

1313 Probate Laws � Estates, Testamentary, etc.

1314 MD 1st Laws

1330 Judiciary � Court of Appeals, District Court History, etc.

1390 Maryland Manual

1400-1499 Black History

1400 General (See also 1050 S2, Slavery)

1450 Blacks In Maryland (See also 1050 S2, Slavery)

1500-1599 Religious History

1500 General Books on Religion, Directories, etc.

1505 Census of Religious Bodies

1507 Puritans and Puritanism

1510 Protestant Episcopal (including Church of England)

1520 Methodist

1530 Catholic

1540 Religious Society of Friends (Quaker)

1545 Reformed

1550 Baptist

1560 Presbyterian

1570 Lutheran

1575 Afro-American Churches (Black Churches)

1580 Jews and Judaism

1582 Seventh-Day Adventists

1585 Other Denominations and Miscellaneous

1590 Religious and Devotional Texts

1600-1699 Historiography and Writing History

1600 Historiography




1700-1899 United States History

1700 General History (Historical Guides, Bibliographies, U.S. Census, etc.)

1710 Colonial Period, c.1600-1775

1720 History of the South

1730 Revolutionary War Period, c.1776-1800

1734 1780-1799 (not war related)

1735 Constitution

1740 War of 1812, c.1800-1825

1750 Civil War Period, c.1826-1870

1760 Spanish American War Period, c.1871-1900

1770 World War I Period, c.1900-1925

1780 World War II Period, c.1926-1945

1785 World War II � Foreign Relations, Diplomatic Papers

1790 Recent

1792 Social Life and Customs

1793 Social History, Urbanization

1795 Speeches

1800 Topical Works in U.S. History

A1 Agriculture (Tobacco)

A2 Art and Architecture

A3 Astronomy

A4 Antiques � Silverware, Wood, Glass, Aluminum, etc.

A5 Accounting

A6 Archaeology/Anthropology

A7 Artisans

B1 Historic Buildings, Homes, Mansions

B2 Bicentennial Publications

B3 Banks and Banking, Trade, Companies (Commerce)

B4 Birds

B5 Bridges

C1 Clubs

C2 Construction, Concrete, Cement

C3 Costumes

C4 Custom Houses

C5 Cartography � Land Surveys, Mapping, Maps, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Land Planning, Land Division

C6 Coastal Management

D1 Democracy

E1 Economic History, Economics, Consumption, Wealth

E2 Education

E3 Elections

E4 Ethnic Groups

E5 Engineering (Miscellaneous)

E6 Environment

F1 Farming

F2 Flags

F3 Folklore

F4 Frontiers

F5 Federal Works Projects

F6 Furniture, Furnishings, Interiors, Painting, Wood Finishing

F7 Food

F8 Federal Records

F9 Foreign Policy, Diplomatic Relations

G1 Gardens

G2 Geography

G5 Government

H1 Historical Places, Towns

H2 Holidays

H3 Horses

H4 Health, Exercise

I1 Industry

I2 Indians

I3 Intellectual History, Cultural History

J1 Judiciary

L1 Law (U.S. only)

L2 Literature, Poetry

L3 Libraries; books about books

L4 Land Use

L5 Labor

L6 Lighthouses

M1 Manuscripts

M2 Freemasonry

M3 Money

M4 Monuments

M5 Military

M6 Medicine

M7 Mammals, Natural History

M8 Music

M9 Museums

N1 Navy, Naval Museums, Ships

N2 Newspapers and Journalism

N3 National Songs

N4 Navigation

N6 Nuclear

P1 Plantations

P2 Preservation

P3 Printing, Lithography

P4 Political Parties

P5 Postal Services, Stamps

P6 Population

R1 Railroads, Street Railroads

R5 Rivers

S1 Seals

S2 Science and Technology

S3 Shipbuilding, Ships

S4 Sailing Ships, Canoe, Canoeing Trips

S5 Social Science, Racial Discrimination

S6 Slavery

S7 Statistics

S8 Societies, Organizations

T1 Taxation, Tax Guides

T2 Textiles

T3 Transportation, Highways, Roads

W1 Waterways

W2 Women

W4 Wildlife

W6 Water and Sewerage

1854 First Ladies, Biographies

1900-1999 Historical and Topical Works for the States

1900 Historical and Topical Works for the States

A1 Alabama

A2 Alaska

A3 Arizona

A4 Arkansas

C1 California

C2 Colorado

C3 Connecticut

D1 Delaware

D2 District of Columbia

F1 Florida

G1 Georgia

H1 Hawaii

I1 Illinois

I2 Indiana

I3 Iowa

I4 Idaho

K1 Kentucky

L1 Louisiana

M1 Maine

M2 Massachusetts

M3 Michigan

M4 Minnesota

M5 Mississippi

M6 Missouri

N1 Nebraska

N2 Nevada

N3 New Hampshire

N4 New Jersey

N5 New Mexico

N6 New York (State)

N7 New York City

N8 North Carolina

N9 North Dakota

O1 Ohio

O2 Oklahoma

O3 Oregon

P1 Pennsylvania

R1 Rhode Island

S1 South Carolina

S2 South Dakota

T1 Tennessee

T2 Texas

U1 Utah

V1 Vermont

V2 Virginia

W1 Washington

W2 West Virginia

W3 Wisconsin

W4 Wyoming

2000-2600 History of the World and Other Countries

2000 World History

2100 North America (except U.S.A.)

2200 South America, Cuba & other islands

2300 Europe (England, etc.)

2310 Social life and customs

2315 Genealogy

2320 Book Catalogs

2350 Italy

2400 Asia, China, Japan

2430 Russia

2500 Africa, Australia, Greece, etc.


A1 Agriculture

A2 Art

C2 Cartography

L1 Laws

L2 Literature, Poetry

N1 Natural History

R2 Religion

3000 Novels � Author�s Last Name (A-Z)

3050 Biographies - Subject's Last Name (A-Z)

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