Hall of Records Commission Meeting
April 28, 2010

Boardroom of the Library
Morgan State University

12:00 noon


Map from medal cast for Cecil Calvert, second Lord Baltimore, ca. 1632,
the official trademark of the Maryland State Archives Trust Fund
Latin motto translates: As the sun thou shalt enlighten America,
and earliest known image of Anne Arundel, with her husband, Cecil
Calvert, 2nd Lord Baltimore ca. 1640, both used as trademarks for the 
Friends of the Maryland State Archives

Call to Order by the Chairman

Attendees and Introduction of Special Guests

Special Announcements/Opening Remarks

Friday, Jan 8 2010 ó Source: The Baltimore Sun

This November, Marylanders will have a once-in-a-generation chance to shake up the political process. Yet few know about it, and even fewer are talking about it. Marylandís Constitution stipulates that, every 20 years, the General Assembly must place on the general election ballot a binding referendum asking voters whether they want to convene a constitutional convention. If it passes, it could be the most politically momentous event in Maryland during 2010.

See: Guide to the Records of the Constitutional Convention of 1968 and the records of the Convention

Reports and Minutes of Previous Meetings

April 28, 2009 
Special Meetings and Celebratory Events

Proposed Action: motion of approval of minutes (as amended, if amended), and recognition of the special meetings of the Commission as defined by standing resolution

Records Retention and Disposal

Proposed Action: motion of approval of Records Retention and Disposal Schedules as presented.

Old Business  

Archivist's Report
 (see the Maryland State Archivist's blog for reflections on the mission of the Maryland State Archives, and the Staff Activities since last Hall of Records Commission meeting for details of staff activities and the calendar of Education and Outreach activities below)

Proposed Action by the Commission:  Resolution of full support for archival initiatives as they relate to policy and publications, including the proposed expansion of the existing Archives building

Recent Gifts, Deposits and Acquisitions

Proposed Action by the Commission:  Resolution of Appreciation for all recent gifts.  

Maryland State Archives On Line

Education and Outreach

Forthcoming special meetings of the Commission and events of interest

Administrative and Fiscal Matters

Proposed action by the Commission:  adoption and approval of reports incorporating any comments on budget related matters

New Business

Next meeting

The next Hall of Records Commission meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 1, 2010.


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State Archivist
Maryland State Archives
350 Rowe Boulevard
(410) 260-6401.
Email: edp@mdarchives.state.md.us

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