Hall of Records Commission
Minutes of Meeting 
at the Maryland State Archives
Electronic Classroom
11:30 am, April 19, 2007


Call to Order by the Chairman

The spring meeting of the Hall of Records Commission began at 11:45 am, April 19, 2007, at the Maryland State Archives, with Chief Judge Robert M. Bell presiding.
Attendees and Introduction of Special Guests
  • Chief Judge Bell welcomed the following individuals to their first Hall of Records Commission Meeting:
  • The Honorable Virginia P. Clagett, representing Speaker of the House Mike Busch
  • Mr. Rob Rogers, representing Mr. Henry Stansbury, President of the Maryland Historical Society
  • Ms. Bea Tignor, Ed.D., Deputy Secretary, representing Secretary Alvin Collins, Department of General Services
  • Ms. Nicole Xander, representing Dr. William Brody, President of Johns Hopkins University
  • Dr. Papenfuse presented to the members of the Hall of Records Commission the book, "Washington Images: Rare Maps and Prints from the Albert H. Small Collection."  He explained that Albert Small is one of the most important private collectors of maps and images relating to the District of Columbia, and is also very well known as a builder and developer in Washington, DC.  The Archives is selling Mr. Small's book, which had been on sale at the Washington DC Historical Society before the Society closed its doors.  Dr. Papenfuse also mentioned that Mr. Small has a rare 1834 watercolor of the State House which Mr. Small has loaned to the state in the past for exhibit in the State House.  It is hoped that someday it will be given to the State's art collection.
  • Special Announcements/Opening Remarks

  • In trying to hold meetings on days of significance to Maryland history, Dr. Papenfuse reminded the Commission and meeting attendees that April 19 is the day on which the first blood of the Civil War was shed on the streets of Baltimore.  The events of April 19 are critical to understanding the nature and the aftermath of the Civil War; however, attention must also be paid to George William Brown, who was very prominent on the firing line and was thrown into prison without benefit of habeas corpus, deprived of all of his civil rights for a period of time, and who ultimately came back to serve the city on the Supreme Bench as a Judge.  He cited Judge Brown's book, Baltimore & the Nineteenth of April, 1861 ~ A Study of the War, as one of the most interesting and best books written about the event.  Even though this book was reprinted by the Johns Hopkins University Press, it is now out of print and no longer available for purchase except at used book stores.  Dr. Papenfuse informed the Commission that Google is successfully putting online books that are out of print and out of copyright, to include significant works on Maryland history.  But for those items still in copyright, Dr. Papenfuse is hoping to encourage the Johns Hopkins University Press to work with the Archives to make some of the more important items that they have reprinted available electronically through the Maryland State Archives web site for personal and educational use.
  • Reports and Minutes of Previous Meetings

    Records Retention and Disposal

    Old Business

    Archivist's Report and Staff Activities
     (see the Maryland State Archives' Bulldog and the Staff Activities since last Hall of Records Commission meeting for additional details)

    Recent Gifts, Deposits and Acquisitions
    Dr. Ridgeway offered a Resolution of Appreciation for the recent gifts, seconded by Dr. Phillips and unanimously approved, the Chairman concurring.
    Maryland State Archives On Line Education and Outreach Forthcoming special meetings of the Commission and events of interest Administrative and Fiscal Matters New Business

    Next meeting

    The next Hall of Records Commission meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 5, 2007.


    There being no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 12:42 p.m.
    Approved by the Hall of Records Commission, November 5, 2007.

                                                The Honorable Robert M. Bell, Chairman

                                                Edward C. Papenfuse, Jr., Secretary

    Dr. Edward C. Papenfuse
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