Maryland Tap's Logo
June, 2001
Stylized horizontal rule incorporating the State of Maryland's Flag

Image Descriptions



A blue and purple mottled background. There is a blue left borderline that runs vertically near the left edge. The left border space has a repeating design of blue and white flowers with green leaves.



A smiling woman with shoulder length, blond hair wearing glasses and a white, patterned sweater holds and points to a rectangular device with tiny squares containing pictures. A white, concrete block wall is behind her. There is an off-white banner across the wall with Asian lettering.



Inside of an outdoor tent, three young men stand, two of them tuning guitars and one holding a microphone. A drum set sits behind them and a large, black speaker sits in the far corner.



A woman with blond hair wearing glasses and a dark jacket is poised at a microphone. She holds papers in her hands. A man in a dark suit, white shirt and gold tie stands behind the woman. He has brown hair and his eyes are closed. He is holding a white cane in front of him.



A crowd of people mill about in front of a brick building. A blue banner stands above the crowd that reads "Registration". Balloons float behind the banner.



Inside an outdoor tent, people mill about. There is a table along the left side with green skirting. A man in a wheelchair faces away from the camera. A young boy rides a scooter. There are small lights lit up along the edge of the tent.



An upward view of a brick building with green trimmed windows. There is very tall, white banner with numbers on it. The banner extends beyond the 3 story building.



A young man in a white tee shirt smiles down at the crowd. His one hand grasps a peg sticking out from the side of the building.



A man in a white tee shirt and gray pants appears to be scaling the side of a brick building. There are two windows flanking him trimmed in green. A white banner partially covers the right window and reads "9,200".



A man in a white tee shirt climbs a brick wall. A white banner reads "14,000 ft" and below that reads "12,700".



A close up of a white banner on top of a building. The very top reads "29,035 ft". Then it reads "NFB National Federation of the Blind". The sky appears dusk-like behind it.



A distant upward shot of a man in a white tee shirt standing on top of a building. Alongside him a vertical banner. The sky is dusk-like behind him.



A line drawing of what looks like an open book on a pedestal stand. There is a red background.

Stylized horizontal rule incorporating the State of Maryland's Flag