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December 1999
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Letter from the Editor

By Gregg J. Donaldson

It is hard to believe that it is December already and that the 20th century is coming to a close. Soon it will be part of history. So this being the last Holiday Season of this century, I'd like to reflect on some of our accomplishments. First of all, there have been a lot of advancements especially in the fields of medicine and technology; from putting Man into Space to deciphering our Genetic Codes; to the Computer revolution of cumbersome thousand pound computers to personal PC's and laptops to the World Wide Web and E-mail.

But I am most proud of what people with disabilities have been able to accomplish, especially in my lifetime. In general, we have gone from a small group of individuals, not being seen or heard to over 50 million strong and having an impact on and in today's society in all walks of life. Thanks in a large part to reforms such as the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the IDEA Education Act, and of course the ADA.

When I go to conferences and events I look into the faces of young people and I see all their hopes and dreams for their bright futures, just for a moment I wish I could be their age. I wonder what they what they will accomplish in the next Millennium.

I'm also grateful to the past and those that went before me to make my life easier. That is what I think this issue of Tapping Technology is about, whether its celebrating the traditions of gift giving of the Holiday Season or the Wisdom of Seniors and the lessons they can teach the succeeding generations, or the celebration of new talent and accomplishments of Playwrights. (In this issue).

I wish everyone a joyous Holiday Season and Prosperous New Year. I will see you in the 21st century!

Gregg Donaldson

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