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Newspaper/Journal Articles -

"Killer pit bull to live but under restrictions."  The Baltimore Sun, 12 July 1991.

"Inspectors upset by conviction; County employee charged while on job."  The Baltimore Sun, 29 July 1991.

"County ends case against inspector."  The Baltimore Sun, 22 August 1991.

"'Witness' charged with rape; Man arrested after testifying for friends."  The Baltimore Sun, 13 September 1991.

"Famous detainee back in custody."  The Baltimore Sun, 3 October 1991.

"Murder suspect asks for 'worst penalty.'"  The Baltimore Sun, 3 October 1991.

"$50,000 bond set for woman."  The Baltimore Sun, 3 October 1991.

"Teen seized in burglary."  The Baltimore Sun, 4 October 1991.

"Drunken drivers made to hear of the pain; Victim Impact Panel's 4 survivors evoke tears."  The Baltimore Sun, 10 October 1991.

"Police Beat."  The Baltimore Sun, 6 May 1992.

"Police Beat."  The Baltimore Sun, 15 May 1992.

"Chronic drunken driver free on appeal bond of $25; Retired Arundel officer was given a 2-year sentence."  The Baltimore Sun, 30 May 1992.

"ANNAPOLIS/SOUTH COUNTY -- Davidsonville *Edgewater* Shady Side * Deale."  The Baltimore Sun, 7 April 1993.

"Letters to the editor."  The Baltimore Sun, 18 April 1993.

"Victim's kin sought help from police."  The Baltimore Sun, 4 January 1994.

"Bail reduced for man accused of sex abuse."  The Baltimore Sun, 10 August 1994.

"Heavy equipment traps man between bucket, can."  The Baltimore Sun, 11 August 1994.

"Defendant in inn robbery loses plea for lower ball."  The Baltimore Sun, 28 December 1994.

"Bail is reduced for woman charged with killing husband."  The Baltimore Sun, 18 January 1995.

"Accused teen sent to sister's home."  The Baltimore Sun, 18 January 1995.

"Girl indicted in murder attempt."  The Baltimore Sun, 24 January 1995.

"Bail revoked for girl indicted in assault on infant."  The Baltimore Sun, 25 January 1995.

"Arundel teen accused of trying to kill her baby is sent to sister's home."  The Baltimore Sun, 26 January 1995.

"Calif. woman held on fraud charges."  The Baltimore Sun, 27 January 1995.

"Man charged in rape, abduction of girl, 3."  The Baltimore Sun, 31 January 1995.

"Howard County Business Notes."  The Baltimore Sun, 30 March 1995.

"No harm, no time may explain Bereano sentence."  The Baltimore Sun, 24 April 1995.

"Standoff in Glen Burnie leads to arrest of woman."  The Baltimore Sun, 6 July 1995.

"Rasin named to top District 7 judgeship post."  The Baltimore Sun, 18 October 1995.

"Ignition locks urged for drunken drivers; Device would be must for repeat offenders."  The Baltimore Sun, 5 June 1996.

"Martha Rasin moved quickly to the top of Maryland's legal world; Favored candidate for job is awed by appointment."  The Baltimore Sun, 18 September 1996.

"Rasin named to head state District Court; Anne Arundel judge known for patience, strong legal mind; She will succeed Sweeney; Announcement ends power play between governor, Murphy."  The Baltimore Sun, 18 September 1996.

"Chief judge selected."  The Baltimore Sun, 18 September 1996.

"New leader for the District Courts; Sweeney's successor:  Judge Rasin brings strong credentials to run courts."  The Baltimore Sun, 18 September 1996.

"Arundel Judge to Head Md.Distict Court."  The Washington Post, 18 September 1996.

"District Court Gavel Passes To Rasin in Changing of Guard."  The Daily Record, 18 September 1996.

"Finalists picked for District Court seat."  The Baltimore Sun, 20 September 1996.

"Governor scores political points; Bowling:  Parris N. Glendening and his son bowled against a couple of West Baltimore Democrats to help raise money for the Baltimore Neighborhood Recreation Facility; the Political Game."  The Baltimore Sun, 24 September 1996.

"Bell named to head Md. high court; Glendening appoints 1st black judge to lead Court of Appeals; Succeeds retired Murphy; Wilner, passed over, is selected to fill vacancy on the court."  The Baltimore Sun, 24 October 1996.

"New team for Maryland's courts; Chief Judge Bell:  New appointments may represent governor's strongest legacy."  The Baltimore Sun, 24 October 1996.

"Court lacks lawyers for defendants; Domestic-violence unit needs public defenders for destitute clients; 'There is a justice crisis,' Constitutional rights of accused violated, attorneys charge."  The Baltimore Sun, 29 November 1996.

"District Court now missing 2 of 4 judges; Latest vacancy comes from Gelfman election to Circuit Court bench; 'There will be a slowdown;' Glendening may wait for new nominee list before filling openings."  The Baltimore Sun, 2 December 1996.

"Riva man sues police officer, department over incident; $2.4 million suit alleges negligence, false arrest."  The Baltimore Sun, 17 December 1996.

"Housing court for Baltimore opposed; Top judges say system can accommodate cases."  The Baltimore Sun, 7 February 1997.

"A better way to run the courts."  The Baltimore Sun, 23 February 1997.

"Judges get a peek at high-tech justice; 3-D views, holograms may be used in trials."  The Baltimore Sun, 11 April 1997.

"Jail court operation in dispute; Circuit judges unable to dispose of misdemeanor cases; 'It's a very radical idea,' Wider authority would be
        needed to ease backlog."  The Baltimore Sun, 1 June 1997.

"District Court Building is taking shape; Courthouse, to be finished next summer, will relieve crowding of current facility."
        The Baltimore Sun, 15 September 1997.

"Lawyers' soliciting of clients criticized; Ways sought to delay public release of warrants."  The Baltimore Sun, 4 December 1997.

"Lawyers' soliciting of clients criticized; Authorities seek ways to delay public release of warrants."  The Baltimore Sun, 4 December 1997.

"PC access to unserved warrants to be cut; Judge wants to prevent tip-offs fro suspects."  The Baltimore Sun, 5 December 1997.

"Why people make those lawyer jokes; Comment."  The Baltimore Sun, 7 December 1997.

"Secret arrest warrants; Protecting liberty:  Judges pursuing heavy-handed solutions to attorney solicitations."  The Baltimore Sun, 9 December 1997.

"Moves afoot to limit release of warrants; Judges, politicians may bar public access."  The Baltimore Sun, 19 December 1997.

"Lawmakers to fight District Court closures; State law calls for Dundalk and Owings Mills facilities to be phased out by 1999."  The Baltimore Sun, 30 December 1997.

"Court chief won't assign judge to booking center; Rasin favors video use, more home detention."  The Baltimore Sun, 8 January 1998.

"Keeping unserved warrants secret for 90 days advised; Judicial panel doesn't urge ban; appeals court to make final decision."  The Baltimore Sun, 10 January 1998.

"It's time for a community court; New York idea:  General Assembly must approve judge to try city misdemeanors."  The Baltimore Sun, 11 January 1998.

"Speaking on behalf of hate-crimes victims; Howard panel faces those convicted of biased actions."  The Baltimore Sun, 19 March 1998.

"Judicial conflict spills into budgeting; Booking center dispute evolves into battle over fiscal cuts to courts."  The Baltimore Sun, 26 March 1998.

"Regional Digest."  The Baltimore Sun, 25 May 1998.

"Police concerned about law restricting release of warrants; Lack of phone access seen as possible risk."  The Baltimore Sun, 19 June 1998.

"Letters to the Editor."  The Baltimore Sun, 1 July 1998.

"15-year dream fades in Brooklyn; Environmental test dashes neighborhood hopes for courthouse."  The Baltimore Sun, 14 July 1998.

"City/County Digest."  The Baltimore Sun, 15 July 1998.

"Fifth judge will be added to ease load; District Court needs help with growing number of cases; Some call for minority; Legal experts say four people likely interested in position."  The Baltimore Sun, 2 August 1998.

"Huge backlog puts city traffic cases in the slow lane:  Some people wait 18 months or more before going to trial."  The Baltimore Sun, 26 November 1998.

"Handling of abuse cases criticized:  Woman says system failed to protect despite her pleas."  The Baltimore Sun, 14 December 1998.

"City's top judge to put down gavel after 17 years in robes:  Rinehardt, 69, helped start drug, domestic courts."  The Baltimore Sun, 17 December 1998.

"Getting away with murder."  The Baltimore Sun, 14 February 1999.

"Hold court in city jail, report says; Public safety study concludes move would save $21 million; Legislators hear findings; Conclusion pressures Bell to life opposition to staffing courtroom."  The Baltimore Sun, 24 February 1999.

"What's $130 million to resistant judges?  Courts:  Maryland taxpayers shoulder huge expenses because broken justice system shuns reform; Getting away with MURDER."  The Baltimore Sun, 28 February 1999.

"GETTING AWAYS [sic] WITH MURDER."  The Baltimore Sun, 28 February 1999.

"If judges don't make reforms, lawmakers will' Getting away with MURDER."  The Baltimore Sun, 1 March 1999.

"Warning issued on court reforms; Legislators propose budget cuts to force change in Baltimore."  The Baltimore Sun, 2 March 1999.

"Judge is OK'd for city lockup; With funding at risk, top judges yield on long-sought position; 'A breakthrough offer'; Lawmaker says move could 'cure' backlog of cases in Baltimore."  The Baltimore Sun, 3 March 1999.

"Central booking judge is a welcome first step; Grudging change; Combined with other fixes, promised reform could produce improvements; Getting away with MURDER."  The Baltimore Sun, 4 March 1999.

"City, state labor to reform a system of 'Jurassic justice'; Cooperative effort is aimed at defusing crisis in the courts."  The Baltimore Sun, 30 March 1999.

"Bad-checks cases slated for review; County issued warrants though debt were repaid; 'This is totally wrong'; Charges dropped when defendants contact prosecutors."  The Baltimore Sun, 14 July 1999.

"District Court's 1st chief dies; Judge Robert Sweeney oversaw new system, opposed corruption."  The Baltimore Sun, 18 July 1999.

"Legal, political luminaries back Bereano; Character witnesses help protect lobbyist's imperiled law license."  The Baltimore Sun, 22 September 1999.

"Testimony by judges on Bereano's behalf OK; Lobbyist continues effort at hearing to avoid disbarment."  The Baltimore Sun, 23 September 1999.

"Revoking Bereano license opposed; Judge recommends court not disbar convicted lobbyist." The Baltimore Sun, 24 September 1999.

"Law officials preparing for the rush; New rule broadening restraining orders in effect next week; 'It's impossible to predict'; Increase in filings, petitions and time in court expected."  The Baltimore Sun, 24 September 1999.

"Lobbyist's long-lasting good will; Courtroom:  The 39 witnesses called to tespdfy for Bruce Bereano in his attempt to save his law license proved the extensive reach of the popular Annapolis figure."  The Baltimore Sun, 28 September 1999.

"Judges rule justice slow, throw out conviction; Md.'s top court says judge shortage no excuse in drunken driving case."  The Baltimore Sun, 16 October 1999.

"State's top court disbars Bereano; Annapolis lobbyist sought lesser sanction after fraud conviction."  The Baltimore Sun, 14 January 2000.

"O'Malley insists funds for courts be delayed:  Frustrated at pace of reform, mayor asks Assembly to hold off."  The Baltimore Sun, 12 February 2000.

"Homicide reduction pledged by summer:  O'Malley gaining allies in campaign to reform city courts."  The Baltimore Sun, 18 February 2000.

"Court reform divides officials:  O'Malley exchanges heated words with Chief Judge Rasin."  The Baltimore Sun, 24 February 2000.

"Mayor urged to temper attacks:  O'Malley, judges meet about court reforms, but rift remains wide."  The Baltimore Sun, 25 February 2000.

"Judges must join city justice reform Central booking: A district judge should be at Central Booking every day to speed cases."  The Baltimore Sun, 25 February 2000.

"A new office, a new life Nearly three months into the job, Martin O'Malley finds that, for the most part, it's good to be the mayor."  The Baltimore Sun, 27 February 2000.

"Getting away with murder: Responses.  Officials respond to the Feb. 14 Sun editorial."  The Baltimore Sun, 28 February 1999.

"O'Malley makes plan for court reform simple:  Stick figures part of explanation sent to state's top judge; `Looking for clarity'."  The Baltimore Sun, 29 February 2000.

"Time to try full-time judge:  Central Booking: Verbal sparring is best resolved by seeing how well quick resolution of cases works."  The Baltimore Sun, 1 March 2000.

"Judge defends judiciary after O'Malley criticism."  The Baltimore Sun, 1 March 2000.

"Judiciary defended by Rasin:  Chief district judge finds comments by O'Malley `offensive'; `We care about the city'; Panel hears response to mayor's call for major court reforms."  The Baltimore Sun, 1 March 2000.

"Real breakthrough or just false hopes?  Central Booking: Tentative agreement on full-time court at lockup comes none too soon."  The Baltimore Sun, 2 March 2000.

"Jail officials back mayor's court plan; Overhaul of system could cost state millions, they say; 'Funds commitment exist'; Speedy handling of lesser offenses sought by O'Malley."  The Baltimore Sun, 2 March 2000.

"Courts plan may get OK this week:  City justice panel to vote on reforms at meeting Wednesday; Major differences remain; Justices concerned about suggestion for 2-minute adjudication."  The Baltimore Sun, 5 March 2000.

"Panel to vote on Baltimore court reform plan this week:  Major differences remain among group's members."  The Baltimore Sun, 5 March 2000.

"Letters to the editor."  The Baltimore Sun, 5 March 2000.

"Judges' court deal is test of credibility:  Central Booking: Chief judges return to playing games after General Assembly unfreezes funds." The Baltimore Sun, 6 March 2000.

"July eyed for court reforms; Panel unveils plan to turn city jail into clearinghouse; `Making great progress'; Group to seek state funds for implementation."  The Baltimore Sun, 9 March 2000.

"Letters to the editor."  The Baltimore Sun, 9 March 2000.

"Letters to the editor."  The Baltimore Sun, 11 March 2000.

"Mayor makes mark, as vowed; But long-term impact of O'Malley's style is subject of debate."  The Baltimore Sun, 12 March 2000.

"Top judge holds court.  Bell: Known for his brilliant legal mind and his eloquence, the state's top jurist found himself at the center of a controversy over the city court system."  The Baltimore Sun, 19 March 2000.

"Chief judge to quit post." The Baltimore Sun, 23 August 2001.

"Rasin set to return to bench."  The Capital, 23 August 2001.

"Veteran judge, former chief to leave District Court." The Baltimore Sun, 8 August 2005.

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