John Shaw Flag

Early in November 1783, Governor Paca and his Council ordered that a "pair of colors" be made for Congress. The cloth was purchased in Baltimore and given to John Shaw, accomplished Annapolis cabinetmaker, undertaker, and principal caretaker of the State House, who made the flags. From the receipt for the cloth "bunting" which indicates the amount purchased, and another accounting record of the linen bought for the stars, noted flag authority Grace Rogers Cooper recreated Shaw's design depicted here. On the receipt for the cloth is the endorsement "Flagg made by Mr. Shaw, 1st hoisted for the President of Congress." President Thomas Mifflin arrived in Annapolis on the evening of December 3, 1783. In all likelihood Shaw's flag was first raised in Mifflin's honor the following day.

  • Gift of the Maryland Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Photograph, Maryland State Archives, MdHR G 1556-19

John Shaw

President's Armchair