Abstracts of Wills
by Carson Gibb

abstracted from
MSA S538
Liber 26

Introduction and abbreviations list

Liber 26, folio 1
[12 Feb. 1748/9
COVINGTON, THOMAS, [Stepney Parish, Somerset Co.
     [To son John Covington, my land, 150a, with my dw. plntn.
     [To son Isaac Covington, the other my land, 150a.]
     If s Isaac d. s. p., his land to my youngest son, Artherton Covington.
     To daus. Elizabeth Shockly & Mary Fucks, 1 sh. sterl. each.
     Extrs: son John Covington & wife, Mary Covington.
     Witn: Thomas Hearne, Allan Gray, William Maddux.
     20 March 1748, sworn to by all 3 witn.

Liber 26, folio 2
[13 Feb. 1748/9
[HARDY, JOHN, Stepney Parish, Somerset Co.
     To son Joseph Hardy [65a] with my dw. plntn. & a cow, a yearling, & a heifer.
     To son Benjamin Hardy, [the rest of ] my land equ. div. betw. them & a cow & a steer.
     To dau. Phillis Hardy, a cow & calf & a yearling.
     I leave [my 3 chldn. under] the care of Joseph Callaway, my extr., my sons to be free at 18.
     Witn: John Langford, Jr., Wm. Cearter, Robt. Twilley
     13 March 1748, sworn to by Langford & Carter.

Liber 26, folio 3
[22 Jan. 1747]
[OLIVER, GEORGE, Somerset Co.]
     To wife & extrx., Margarety Oliver, for life, all my lands.
     On her d., s lands to my cousin & sole heir, George Oliver, s. o. my brother, only my moveables to s wife.
     Witn: Thomas Parrimore, Thomas Rilph, Thomas Megee.
     20 March 1748, sworn to by Relph & Megee.

Liber 26, folio 3
19 Feb. 1748/9
NICHOLSON, JEAMS, [Somerset Co.]
     To wife & extrx., Mary Nicholson, for life, whole e. r. & p.
     On her d., to son Joshua Nicholson, the plntn. I live on with 110a.
     To son Charles Nicholson, the plntn. where my bro. Joseph lived, & if he d. s. p., John Nicholson shall be his heir.
     To youngest son, Joseph Nicholson, my store house with 5a taken from the lower end of my tract, & if he d. s. p., to sons John & Jeams Nicholson.
     To sons-in-law George & Francis Lank, a young heffer each.
     The residue to be equ. div. betw. Josable Heatch & Jeams, John, Mary, Rachel, & Phillis Nicholson.
     Witn: John Goslee, Joshua Humphris, Thomas Records.
     22 March 1748, sworn to by all 3 witn.

Liber 26, folio 4
21 Dec. 1744
HARDY, ROBERT, Somerset Co.
     To son James Hardy, a pease of land on Baron Crk. near John Hardys.
     To son Robert Hardy, a pease of land on Baron Crk. formerly belonging to Joseph Hardy, but if he d. s. p., to my son James Hardy.
     To wife & extrx., Sarah, a mare Spaing, & for life, the rest of my m. e., & on her d. to daus. Isbel & Sarah.
     To dau. Isbel Hardy, a cow, a yearling, & a bed.
     To dau. Sarah Hardy, a cow, a yearling, & a bed.
     To son George Hardy, a silver dram cup.
     To chldn. James, Robert, & Elizabeth, 1 sh. sterl apiece.
     Witn: Chris Piper, Day Scott, Thos. Winde[r], Tho. Jones.
     22 March 1748, sworn to by Day & Jones, & 29 April 1749, the widow elected her 1/3.

Liber 26, folio 5
17 Feb. 1748/9
HOFFINGTON, JOHN, Sr., Stepney Parish, Somerset Co.
     To dau.-in-law Patience Records, for life, negro man York, & on her d., to her son Wm. Powson.
     To son-in-law Leavin Powson, negro woman Pleasant.
     To grdson James Hofington, negro girl Martha.
     To Ann & Mary Cooper, negro boy Phillip.
     To dau.-in-law, Luraina Powson, negro girl Judah, d. o. Pleasant & a feather bed her grdmother brought to me.
     To son & extr., John Hofington, negro fellow Sam & negro Tom, my dw. plntn. with the land, if he pay my grdsons James & Littleton Hoffington, L 50 apiece when they come to age 21; but if he don the land is to be div. betw. James & Littleton.
     To my friend David Cordrey, 100a of Ill Nighbourhood.
     To dau. Elizabeth Ackworth, negro wenches Jenna & Nan.
     To dau. Susannah Nicholson, negro wench Old Jenne & negro girl Rose.
     To grddaus. Mary & Ann Hoffington, when they are 16, negro wench Sue.
     To grdson Luke Hoffington, negro boy Gake.
     The residue to be div. into 4 parts: 1st to son Jonathan Hoffington chldn., who are to be under care of son John; [2d to] Elizabeth Ackworth [3d & 4th not mentioned].
     To friend Robert Brown, Which You Please 200a
     Witn: Joseph Melson, Wm. Brown, Robt. Twilley.
     22 March 1748, sworn to by Brown & Twilley, the only surviving witn.

Liber 26, folio 7
26 Jan. 1748/9
BREADY, WILLIAM, [Somerset Co.]
     To wife, Mary Bready, 1/3 my e.
     The residue to be equ. div. among my chldn. Nise Bready, Phillis Bready, & Sophiah Bready.
     Witn: Tho. Byrd, Purnell Johnson.
     23 March 1748, sworn to by both witn.

Liber 26, folio 8
11 July 1748
BOZMAN, WILLIAM, Sr., Somerset Co.
     To son Ballard Bozman, negro woman Jenny, negro boy Joe, 2 mairs, a colt, 5 head of cattle, & the residue, but if he d. s. p. equ. div. to my grdchldn. To wife, Sarah Bozman, for widhood, the residue, then to son Ballard.
     My son-in-law, Joseph Gilliss is to see that my wife & chldn. are not ronged.
     Extrs: wife, Sarah Bozman, & son Balard Bozman.
     Witn: Sinah Revill, Wm. Roach.
     27 March 1749, sworn to by both witn., & the widow elected her 1/3.

Liber 26, folio 9
13 March 1748/9
     To friend Mathew Goslee, for caring for me in my sickness, my mare.
     To friend & extr., David Polk, as much of my e. as reasonable to care for my dau. Betty, & he is to sell Kilkenney, in Dorchester Co.
     To dau. Betty, the residue.
     Witn: Wm. Davis, Joseph Allen, Bridgett Davis
     [5 April 1749, sworn to by Wm. Davis & Joeph Allen.] [Somerset Co. Wills EB14: 16]

Liber 26, folio 10
23 March 1748/9
TURPIN, JOHN, [Somerset Co.]
     To son John Turpin, negro boy Jack & my dw plntn., but if he d. s. p., to my bro. Whitty Turpin, he to pay to my daus. Sarah & Elisabeth Turpin L 400.
     To dau. Sarah Turpin, negro girl Pris, a case of draws, a new pair of stays, a church gown, a gold ring, & a sorrel mare, & Sarah Watters, Sr., should bring her up.
     To dau. Elisabeth Turpin, 1/3 of negro Betty Cuggo, at Whittington Kings, a church gown, & a gold ring.
     The residue to be equ. div. among my 3 chldn. & kept by my bro. & extr., Whitty Turpin till they are old enough to receive it, & s Sarah, John, & Elizabeth are to be kept at school.
     Witn: Risdon Fountain, Sarah Watters, Hannah Barklet
     17 April 1749, sworn to by Fountain & Barklet & affirmed by Waters (Quaker).

Liber 26, folio 11
3 Aug. 1744
COLEBURN, SOLLOMON, Somerset Co., planter.
     To son Sollomon Coleburn, as much land as he can tend, a yoke of oxen, a plough & harrow, a bed, & a cow & calf, as also for his bros. William Coleburn, Isaac Coleburn, & Benjman, on consideration that they provide for s Sollomon Coleburn a sufficient maintenance - my friends Jno. Horsie & William Duitto, to be overseers.
     To son William Coleburn my upper plntn., which Peter Fraizier lived on on a cove of Joneses Crk.
     To son Benjamin Coleburn, the plntn. I live on, adj. the land I have given son William, negro girl Black Nanny, provided he give her first child to dau. Anne Colburn, & a bed. To son Isaac Coleburn, negro boy Bristoll, a bed, & the land adj. the land I have given to son Benjamin & my bro. Wm. Coleburns land.
     To wife, Rachell, negro girl Ruth (on condidtion she give Ruth first child to my dau. Jean Coleburn), a yoke of oxen, a plough & harrow, a bed, & other livestock
     To dau. Anne Colburn, my best bed, 2 cow & calves, & 6 head of sheep.
     To dau. Jean Colburn, a bed, 2 cow & calves, & 6 head of sheep.
     To dau. Grace Beauchamp,wife of Mercy Beauchamp, negro girl Meria & a heifer.
     To my 3 sons William, Isaac, & Benjamin Fair Bridge, taken up by my grdfather, Wm. Coleburn, late of this co. dec .
     Extrs: my wife & my son Isaac Colburn.
     Witn: Willm. Miles, Pattrick McKenny, John Waters
     1 May 1749, sworn to by all 3 witn., & the widow elected her 1/3.

Liber 26, folio 13
1 Nov. 1748
     To my bro. Thomas Greenfield, L 43 sterl & all the tob. he owes me.
     To my bro. George Greenfield, Good Luck adj. s Geo. Greenfield land, a horse Jolley, & a small gun.
     To my cousin Catharine Cartwright, negro girl Priss.
     To Rebecca, d. o. Eliza. Barber, L 20 sterl. at age 16.
     Witn: James Forbes, Nathl. Parran, Nathl. T. Greenfield.
     6 Dec. 1748, sworn to by all 3 witn.

Liber 26, folio 14
8 Sept. 1748
HAYES, JOHN, St. Mary's Co.
     To 3 bros. Samuel, Jesse, & William Hayes part of Gardners Grove & Gardners Addition equ. div.
     S William is to have the part where my mother, Ann Hayes, lives on her d.
     Witn: Thos. Hutchinson, Cornelius Macafry, Saml. Keech.
     8 March 1748/9, sworn to by all 3 witn. Liber 26, folio 14

26 Nov. 1748
     To my friends & extrs., William Jones & Peter Mugg, all my e. r. & p.
     Witn: Charles Smith, Peter Smith, Anthony Smith, Jr.
     14 March 1748/9, sworn to by Charles & Peter Smith.

Liber 26, folio 15
6 March 1748/9
     To wife & extrx., Cathrine, 1/3 my lands for life & 1/3 my p. e.
     To son James, a saddle & bridle of 50 sh. price & a horse.
     The residue to be equ. div. among my other chldn: Margeret, Monica, Solloman, Walter, & the child my wife may be with.
     My wife is to have the care of all my chldn. till they are of age - 21 for the boys & 16 for the girls.
     Witn: James Egerton, Robert Holton, John Jones, James Burne
     24 April 1749, sworn to by Egerton, Jones, & Burne.

Liber 26, folio 16
18 Feb. 1748
     I confirm to my several daus. the chattels I have given them.
     To eldest son, Justinian Jordan, Langleys Endeavour, the land next to the land I have already given him.
     To son William Jordan, the 50a given me by my father, the land I live on, after his mother d., negro boy Jack, & a bed.
     To son James Jordan, the plntn. where my father lived.
     To son Jeremiah Jordan, the other of s plntn, where my bro. John lives, negro boy Job, negro girl Henny, & a bed.
     To son Charles Jordan, Constantinople, 100a I bought of Charles Carroll, Esq., negroes Charles & Mary, & a bed.
     To wife & extrx., Mary Jordan, use of my dw. plntn. for life, & the residue of my p. e.
     Witn: Hen[r]ietta Guibert, Philip Barton Key, Thomas Brewer.
     3 May 1749, sworn to by all 3 witn., & the widow stood to the will.

Liber 26, folio 17
2 June 1747
     To 2 bros. John & Joseph Eccleston, equ. div., the lands my father gave me, but if they d. s. p., to my bro. James Eccleston.
     To all my bros. & sisters except John & Joseph, equ. div., all my p. e.
     Witn: John Lecompt, Charles Powell, Elia Mackeell, Tamor Howard.
     18 March 1748, sworn to by Powell & Mackell.

Liber 26, folio 18
7 Feb. 1718
MILLER, DORITHY, [Dorchester Co.]
     To brother John Woollman, my best bed & other hhold furn. & a suit of clothes to his wife.
     To my cosen James Higgens, my white horse Dolphen.
     To my cuzen Tho. Mace, s. o. John Mace, my bay horse Friendship.
     To my cuzen Bety North, d. o. Joseph North, a gown, a coat, & my clock.
     To Dorithy Richerson, d. o. Wm. Richerson, a petticoat & a gown.
     To my cuzen Vialetter Michell, my 3 best gowns & petticoats, a white apron & a speckled apron.
     To Betey Coritchart, my white striped gown, a black & white & red striped petticoat & a back blew & white gown.
     To 2 cusins Arren Kemble & John Call, son & dau. to Dorathy Kemble, L 10 each.
     To Dorathy Kenmally, a heiffer & a hive of bees.
     To Arthur Phipps a young sow & piggs, & to his sister [unnamed] a new shift & petticoat.
     To John Hatfield & Ailline Cannon, 1 sh. sterl. apiece.
     To John Ma[ce], extr.,the residue.
     Witn: Arthur Whiteley, John Howorth.
     14 March 174[8?], sworn to by Howorth.

Liber 26, folio 20
20 Jan. 1748
     To wife & extrx., Elisabeth Stanford, negro man Coukey, negro woman Jenordy, & negro boy Sam.
     To son William Stanford, Jr., jackets, shoes, a long gun, & breeches.
     To son Richard Stanford, Dicks Land, adj.Heriford in the NW fork of Blackwater R.
     Witn: Isaac Partridge, Thomas Stapllfort, William Coritchett, Sarah Stapllfort.
     10 April 1749, sworn to by Partridge, Thomas Stapllfort, & Pritchart. Liber 26, folio 19 MELVILL, DAVID, [Jr.], Dorchester Co. 14 Jan. 1748
     To son David Melvill, my dw. plntn. Thames Street with all the land taken in by the resuvey, but if he d. s. p., to my dau. Sarah Melvill.
     To dau. Mary Melvill, a cow & calf & Thames Streets Addition 112a, but if she d. s. p., to dau. Betty Melvill.
     To wife & extrx., Sarah Melvill, L 6.
     Witn: Dan Sulivane, John Rix, Humphrey Hubert
     11 April 1749, sworn to by Rix & Hubbart.

Liber 26, folio 21
24 Jan. 1748
WHEELER, HENRY, Dorchester Co.
     To wife & extrx., Mary, all my p. e.
     Witn: Obadiah Dawson, Sr., Obadiah Dawson, Jr. Hanry H Wheeler
     28 April 1749, sworn to by both witn.

Liber 26, folio 22
1 March 1748/9
BROADAWAY, WILLIAM, [Dorchester Co.]
     To Lucretia Wiles, my dw. plntn. & 125a, & if she d. underage, to my bro Jams Broadaway.
     To William Camel Broadaway, the 125a I possd. after my bro. Isaac d.
     To Anne Wiles, L 5 & a young mare.
     To bro. & extrx., James Broadaway, L 5.
     Witn: James Hussey, Cornelius Chapman, Richard Hews.
     2 May 1749, sworn to by Chapman & Hews.

Liber 26, folio 23
6 April 1749
     To son Littleton Williams, the 100a he lives on in Worcester Co.
     To Thos. Williams, my dw. plntn., adj Pritteys Swamp, a bed, a horse Brandy, & a cow & calf.
     To grdson David Williams, the rest of Safety adj. my dw. plntn.
     To dau. Sarah Pollott, a bed, a cow, & a mair Spritt.
     To dau. Barbary Williams, 2 cows & calves, a bed, a horse Sider, & a cuubberd.
     To son John Williams, L 7.
     To wife & extrx., Hannah Williams, the residue.
     Witn: John Brown, Priscilla Ross
     11 May 1749, sworn to by both witn.

Liber 26, folio 23
22 Dec. 1745
GREAR, USLEY[URSLA], [Worcester Co.]
     To son John Grear the residue, & he is to admin. my e.
     To son Thomas Midgley, dau. Rebeckah Smith, dau. Ellemer Banom, dau. Anne Richardson, dau. Mary Garnett, 1 sh. sterl. apiece.
     Witn: Bartholomew Bain[um], William Smith, Samll. Grary
     2 March 1748/9, sworn to by Smith & Banum.

Liber 26, folio 24
29 July 1748
CHRISTOPHER, JOHN, Jr., Stepney Parish, Worcester Co., Gent.
     To wife & extrx., Mary, for widhood, my dw. plntn. & all my goods & chattels.
     To son Jacob Christopher, enough to buy 50a adj. the land he lives on.
     To son John Christopher, 5 sh. & my dw. plntn on the d. or mar. of his mother.
     To son Mathias Christopher, the 100a he lives on.
     To my 3 eldest chldn Rosanah Driskell, Jacob Christopher, & Mathias Christopher 5 sh. apiece.
     The residue to be equ. div. among my wife & 3 chldn Betty Christopher, Adam Christopher, & Eve Christopher - & Adam is to be paid L 10 when he comes of age.
     Witn: Jonathan Cathall, James Cathall, Moses Driskell.
     8 March 1748/9, sworn to by all 3 witn, & the widow stood to the will.

Liber 26, folio 25
16 Aug. 1746
HAYMAN, WM., Stepney Parish, Worcester Co.
     To son & extr., William Hayman, 100a in the middle of the land I live on.
     To son Nicholas Hayman, 50a of s land at the end next Jno Caldwell mill.
     To son Hanry Hayman, 50a of s land, up the branch, provided that my 3 sons Wm., Nicholas, & Hanry each pay thir bro. Charles 40 sh.
     All my m. e. to be equ. div. among my 7 chldn: Charles, William, Nicholas, Hanry, Mary, Sarah, & Elenor Toadvine.
     Witn: John Shockley, Sr., Nich. Fountain, Stephan Roach, Benj. Shockley
     8 March 1748/9, sworn to by Roach & Benja. Schockley.

Liber 26, folio 26
1 May 1747
DONAHOE, DORMAN, Sr., Worcester Co., planter.
     To Ann Mary Fogg, d. o. Mosses Fogg, my p. e., but if she d. s. p., to Jane Fogg.
     To Jane Fogg, d. o. Mosses Fogg & Elizabeth, his wife, L 10.
     To Mary Townsend, d. o. Charles Townsend, 40 sh.
     Extr: Cornelius Dickison.
     Witn: Frans. Porter, Abraham Gibbs, Jno. Lane.
     8 March 1748/9, sworn to by Gibbs & Lane.

Liber 26, folio 27
8 March 1748/9
CART, MONSER, [a Frenchman] of the Island of St. Domingo but now of Worcester Co.
     To my attorney, Monsear Lanse Geseran of St. Domingo I., all my e. r. & p. on the I. of St. Domingo, the city of New York, & the Province of Maryland, all my effects in New York , in the hands of Capt. Peter Brown to be given to Monser Pentare in New York & by him sent to Monser Legarde in Cape Fransay & by him to Monser Lange Geseron.
     Extrs: in Worcester Co., Md., & Accomack Co., Va., Capt. Moses Chaille, Jr.; in New York, Monser Pentare; & on St. Domingo, Monser Lange Geseron.
     Witn: Mo[ses] Chaille [who understood French], Peter Chaille, Wm. Allen.
     10 March 1748/9, sworn to by all 3 witn.

Liber 26, folio 28
12 Jan. 1745/6
MELVIN, ROBERT, Sr., Worcester Co.
     To dau. Mary Moses, a ewe & lamb.
     To son William Melvin, a spinning wheel, a pewter dish, a chest, & a gun.
     To son Robert Melvin, a bed & other hhold furn. & on my wife d., the plntn. I live on, but if he d. s. p., to nephew Jonathan Melvin.
     To dau. Elizabeth Melvin, a bed, & other hhold furn., a spinning wheel, & a loom.
     To dau. Sarah Melvin, a bed & other hhold furn. & a loom.
     To nephew [sic] Rachel Melvin, a bed & other hhold furn. & a spinning wheel.
     To nephew Jonathan Melvin, a bed & other hhold furn.
     To wife, Elizabeth Melvin, for life, my plntn. & all my m. e., & on her d., to b e equ. div. among Elizabeth, Sarah, Rachel, & Jonathan Melvin.
     Extrs: wife, Elizabeth, & Robert, her son.
     Witn: Willm. Wharton, Mary Cawlbord, Moses Mills
     3 April 1749, sworn to by Wharton & Mills.

Liber 26, folio 30
24 Oct. 1748
     To wife, Elizabeth, for life, all e. r. & p., & on her d. to be div. thus:
     To dau.-in-law Ann Mugg, negro woman Jane, negro girl Easter, & the bed I usually lie on.
     To son-in-law Richard Spellman, a bed & my shoemakers tools.
     To son-in-law William Spellman, the residue on the d. o my wife.
     Extrs: wife, Elizabeth, & son-in-law William Spellman.
     Witn: Robrt. Sollers, Edward Blackburn, Gabriel High.
     22 March 1748, sworn to by all 3 witn.

Liber 26, folio 31
13 March 1748
PETERS, JOHN, Calvert Co.
     To son John Peters, my dw. plntn., part of Upper Bennett, & a tract part of Dunwin & Clares Hundred near Fishing Crk. & adj. land formerly belonging to Willm Lyles.
     To son Robert Peters, the 200a remaining of the land afsd. that I bought of Henry Chiew.
     To dau. Fanney Peters, 60a of Kents Freehold that I bought of James Bowen & his wife, Mary.
     To son William Peters, the rest of the land I bought of James & Mary Bowen, part of His Lordships Favour.
     Extrx: dau Fanney Peters, who is not to act without consent of my 2 ttees, Mr. Richard Chiew & Mr. Thomas Reynoulds.
     Witn: Job Hunt, Jacob Deale, Dannl. Fraizer.
     2 May 1749, affirmed by Hunt (Quaker) & sworn to by Deale & Fraizer.

Liber 26, folio 32
1 Jan. 1746/7
NORRIS, WILLIAM, All Saints Parish, Prince George Co., schoolmaster.
     To wife, Elizabeth Norris, for widhood, all my e. r. & p., but if she mar., 1/3 to her & 2/3 to my 2 chldn., William Sierra Norris & Elizabeth Sierra Norris at age 21 or mar.
     My body is to be bur. near the folly in the tract Sierra Love at the discretion of Elizabeth, my wife & extrx.
     Witn: Stephen Hampton, Wm. Littlefield, Abraham Neighbours.
     27 Jan. 1748, sworn to by Littlefield & Neighbours.

Liber 26, folio 34
28 March 1749
SCRAGGS, CHARLS, Frederick Co., planter.
     To wife & extrx., Elizabeth Scraggs, all the hhold goods & livestock, & for life, the plntn I live on, & on her d. to son Charles Scraggs.
     To son James, horse Fox.
     To Sammuel, horse Smoker.
     The livestock to be equ. div. between my wife & 3 sons.
     Witn: Stephen Hampton, Joseph Beall, Micajah Plummer.
     18 April 1749, sworn to by all 3 witn.

Liber 26, folio 35
3 Nov. 1748
BALL, THOMAS, Prince George's Co., taylor.
     To Larance Oneal, part of the Token of Cove 197a, but if he d. before 21, to William Oneal, Jr., but if both d. under age, to their father.
     To Susane Eugns, a mourning gold ring.
     To Ellener Oneall, a wedding gold ring.
     To Arden Ewens, who is to be [extr.], my movables, clothes, & ready money.
     Witn: John Allison, John Jones, Francis Alston.
     4 April 1749, sworn to by all 3 witn.

Liber 26, folio 36
16 April 1749
JONES, JOHN, Charles Co., planter.
     To mother, Ann Cregar, for life, negro man Robert, black mare Pretty, a bed, a black cow, & 2 ewes, & on her d., to my wife, Elizabeth Jones; also to s Ann, for life, Markit Overton, 185a near Pamonkey Crk., & on her d. to s wife Elizabeth.
     To wife & extrx., Elizabeth Jones, a molatto woman Mary.
     Witn: John Cramption, Verlinder Sims, P[eter] Butler.
     25 April 1749, sworn to by all 3 witn.

Liber 26, folio 37
29 May 1747
GRINDALL, CHRISTOPHER, late of London but now of [Baltimore Co.]
     To my wife, Ann Grindall, the income from my e. for her use & the maintenance of my dau., Mary, till she marries.
     To nephew Christopher Grindall & niece [Ann] Grindall, L 50 sterl. each & on the d. of both wife & dau. all my e. to them.
     Extrs. In London: Robert Stebbing & James Walford.
     Extrs. In Maryland: George Atkenson & James Slemaker.
     Witn: Joseph Cowman, Joseph Cowman, Jr., Eliz[abeth] Tidngs, Francis Bloome, John Erickson.
     18 May 1749, affirmed by Joseph Cowan, Jr., (Quaker) & sworn to by Elizabeth Tidings, & 5 June 1749, affirmed by Joseph Cowman (Quaker).

Liber 26, folio 39
22 Jan. 1748
KIRBY, DAVID, Talbot Co., planter.
     To son Parrott Kirby, the land I took up last & 20a adj. I bought of William Turner.
     To son John Kirby, the residue of my land.
     To wife, Elizabeth Kirby, my young mare with her saddle & best bridle, & for life, the use of my plntn.
     My bro. Michael Kirby & Mr. John Goldsborough to care for my 2 youngest sons in case my wife d.
     Extrs: wife, Elizabeth Kirby & son John Kirby.
     Witn: Michael Kirby, David Kerby, Lamberth Kirby.
     5 May 1749, sworn to by all 3 witn, & the widow stood to the will.

Liber 26, folio 40
24 Feb. 1748
WELSH, JOHN, Prince George's Co.
     To wife & extrx., Mary, for life, my land, negroes, & stock, & on her d., my negroes are to be free.
     To my molatto, Samuel Molton, on the d. of my wife, all moveables.
     Witn: James Crow, Solomon Turner.
     20 May 1749, sworn to by Crow.

Liber 26, folio 41
3 Aug. 1748
MANSON, WILLIAM, Millford Hundred, [Cecil Co.], farmer.
     To wife, Margaret, 1/3 my m. e. with her side saddle, & for life, 1/3 the plntn.
     To grdson James Carson, the rest of the plntn. & crops & bed clothes.
     To son William, a gun & a soard & kaine.
     To grdson Jno. Manson, a horse & a chest.
     To dau. Jane, a cow & bed clothes.
     Overseers: James Maky & George Lawson.
     Witn: William Young, Janet Manson.
     23 Aug. 1748, sworn to by both witn.

Liber 26, folio 41
13 Oct. 1748
     To dau. Jenett & son John, L 10 apiece.
     To son-in-law Archebel Armstrong, 10 sh., he having received considerably.
     To son William, L 15.
     To son Forgus, L 5.
     To dau. Mary, L 30.
     To wife & extrx., Janett, my p. e, & for life, my plntn., & on her d., to son Forgus, but if he d. s. p., to be sold & the money equ. div. among all my chldn.
     Witn: John Ricketts, William Wallace, Willm. Smith.
     24 Oct. 1748, sworn to by all 3 witn. before John Smith, eldest son.

Liber 26, folio 43
1 Aug. 1748
WARD, SUSANNAH, widow of John Ward dec , Cecil Co.
     To son Nathaniel Ward, Spamels Delight, 2 negro girls, Allathea & Amey, a horse Rock, & a bed.
     To son William Ward, negro boy Isaac, negro girl Doll, negro woman Sarah, & my gold ring.
     To son John Ward, negro woman Nann & the child she is big with, a pistol, & my bed.
     To daus. Alice Penington & Susannah Cox, each a large silver spoon & L 5 to buy head linen.
     To dau. Sarah Wamsley, a set of callico curtains & L 5 to buy head linen.
     To dau. Rachel Ricketts, negro girl Sarah & her children & L 5 to buy head linen.
     Extr: son William Ward.
     Witn: Richd. Canter, William Cox, Henrte Mary Elbery.
     29 Nov. 1748, sworn to by all 3 witn.

Liber 26, folio 44
1 Nov. 1748
GEORGE, JOSHUA, Middle Neck, Cecil Co.
     To son Sydney George, who is of but tender constitution, the land beginning at Middle Neck Point up the neck to The Dividend, but if he d. s. p., to son Joshua George.
     To son Joshua George, Strange & Salem, on S side Bohemia R., but if he d. s. p., Strange to dau. Alice & Salem to dau. Mary.
     To dau. Alice, my part of The Dividend & lands above, called Middleneck, Sarahs Joynter, or anything else, negroes Quash & Jeffrey & Quash chldn., negro girl Phillis, hhold furn., & livestock.
     To dau. Mary, negro girl Prisulla, Mount Ararat, a warrant for Morton, 200a in Kent Co., where William Ellis made a purchase from some of the Christians (s Mary & s son Joshua being but young), but s son Sidney is to retain the profits of the plntns. where Chandlers lives, where negro Tom lives, & where negro London lives.
     Extr: son Sydney, who is to take the advice of Col. Tho. Colville.
     Witn: Tho. Colvill, Hugh Matthews, Jr., William Currer, Ben. Bradford
     16 Dec. 1748, sworn to by Colville, Mattews, & Bradford.

Liber 26, folio 46
25 Jan. 1748/9
     To son Robert Money, 50a of Larramores Neck Inlarged 300a, in the N corner.
     To son John Money, 30a of s land, given in security of s Johnbearing my e. harmless from any demands by the heirs of Wm. McDowell on John Tree & me as securitys for s McDowells e. till the youngest heir is of age.
     To son Thoms Money, 40a of s 300a adj. Robert Walmsleys land.
     To sons Nicholas & Benjamin Money, the rest of s 300a equ. div., & s Benjamin to be cared for by son John Money & Rbt. Walmsley.
     To wife & extrx., Margarett all my p. e.
     Witn: Robert Walmsley, John Roberts, Jr., Thomas Wroth.
     13 Feb. 1748/9, sworn to by all 3 witn.

Liber 26, folio 48
8 Feb. 1748/9
     To dau. Elinor, a young bay pacing mare, a cloth side saddle, a cow & calf, & her bed. To dau. Ann, L 5.
     To son Benjimen, my gun & the land I live on.
     To dau. Easter, my bed & my chest.
     The rest of my p. e. to be equ. div. among daus. Easter, Jeanet, & Ratchel & my son Francis.
     To son Francis, the yearly rent of my plntn.till son Banjimen be of age.
     Extrs: Robert Evans & Joseph Wallace.
     Witn: James Morgan, John Dugles, Eleneor Elett. . 16 Feb. 1748/9, sworn to by Morgan & Douglas.

Liber 26, folio 49
11 Jan. 1748
HODGSON, SARAH, Cecil Co., widow.
     To my eldest son, Robert Hodgson, L 20.
     To sons Matthew & Joseph Hodgson, each L 10.
     To son Phineas Hodgson, L 5.
     To son John Hodgson, negro man Tom & a bed.
     To sons Jonothan Hodgson & Richard Hodgson, each L 20 & a bed.
     To grdson David Hodgson, L 10.
     To grddau. Sarah Wood, L 10.
     The residue to be equ. div. betw. my chldn. Robert Hodgson, Matthew Hodgson, Joseph Hodgson, John Hodgson, Jonathan Hodgson, & Richard Hodgson.
     Extrs: sons Jonatha & Richard Hodgson.
     Witn: Wm. Pearce, Peter Bouchelle, Daniel Neide.
     17 Feb. 1748, sworn to by Pearce & Neide

v Liber 26, folio 50
21 Feb. 1748/9
REEN, JANES, Cecil Co.
     To Sosena Plinthorn, the residue.
     Extr: Richard Plinthorn.
     Witn: John Wood, Isaac Jenkins, Nick Rumels
     23 Feb. 1748/9, sworn to by Wood & Jenkins.

Liber 26, folio 50
23 July 1748
     To Mr. Robert Harding, of Prince George's Co., all my e. r. & p., & if he d. before me, to Mr. Vincent Philips of St. Mary's Co.
     Extr: s Robert Harding or s Vincent Philips.
     Witn: Edmund Nikell, Joseph Lilly, James Tutte.
     27 Feb. 1748, sworn to by Lilly & Tute.

Liber 26, folio 51
21 Jan. 1744
PENINGTON, HENRY, Sr., Cecil Co., planter.
     To eldest son, Wiliam Penington, & sons Henry Penington, & Thomas Penington, 1 sh. silver or gold apiece.
     To son-in-law John Penington & Margtt., his wife, Happy Harbour, on Sassafras R., with all imprmts, & the residue of my e. r. & p.
     Extr: son-in-law John Penington.
     Witn: Wm. Pearce, Robt. Porter, John Chamberlain.
     28 March 1749, sworn to by Pearce & Porter.

Liber 26, folio 53
26 Aug. 1748
     To friend & extr., Ephrom Tomson, a bed in his room, other hhold furn., & livestock.
     To my dau. Persiler, 2 beds & other hhold furn., & livestock.
     To son John Briant, L 5.
     To Robert Tomson, L 10.
     Witn: Benja Cooke, Mary Cooke, Judith Bassett.
     3 April 1749, sworn to by Benja. & Mary Cooke.

Liber 26, folio 54
22 Feb. 1748/9
ELLIS, ARTHUR, [Cecil Co.]
     To sister Elizabeth Baird, 200a of Morton, in Kent Co. on the S side of head of Sassafras & 30a of Larkins Addition adj. Morton.
     To sister Catherine David, all my r. e. in Cecil Co.
     To nephew William Brown, the land in Kent Co. Patrick Aaron lives on.
     To sisters Elizabeth Baird & Catherine David, all my p. e. except legacies.
     To Brigett Kerra, L 12.
     Extrs: Alexander Baird & James David. Witn: D[anie]ll Bryane, Stephen Gudgeon, Patrick Keran.
     11 April 1749, sworn to by all 3 witn.

Liber 26, folio 55
6 Dec. 1748
ELLIS, WILLIAM, Cecil Co., yeoman.
     To wife, Catherine, the best bed & 1/3 my e. r. & p. for life.
     To son & extr. Arthur Ellis, all my e. r. & p. & after my wife d., her 1/3.
     Witn: Jno. McDermott, Robert Walmsley, W[illiam] Abbott.
     11 April 1749, sworn to by McDermott & Walmsley.

Liber 26, folio 56
6 April 1749
HALL, HUGH, [Cecil Co.]
     Extrs: wife [not named] & son Rodger.
     To daus. Mary, Elizabeth, Ann, & Rosanna, 1 sh. sterl. apiece.
     To dau. Sarah, my dun mare with a star on her forehead & a sniped nose.
     The residue of my p. e. to be equ. div. betw. my s wife & my 2 sons, Rodger & Hugh.
     Witn: James Smith, Martin Alexander.
     1 May 1749, sworn to by both witn.

Liber 26, folio 57
2 Feb. 1749
     To son William Shearwood, L 10.
     The residue of my p. e. to be equ. div. betw. my sons George Simcoe & Johannes Arrants, the latter to be my extr.
     Witn: Edward Johnson, Manadow Phillips, Rachel Alricks.
     10 May 1749, sworn to by Johnson & Mandow.

Liber 26, folio 58
9 Jan 1748
SHAW, JOHN, [Baltimore Co.]
     Extr: son William Shaw.
     [To] Charlles Perry, 500-weight tob. for a cow & calf.
     1000-weight tob. allowed by the County to be paid by James Richars.
     Witn: Francis Smith, Nathan Shaw.
     12 May 1749, sworn to by both witn.

Liber 26, folio 58
13 Sept. 1747
     To Alexand Williamson, the residue of my p. e.
     Extr: Mr. Thomas Ringgold, my landlord.
     Witn: Jam. Ringgold, Anna Maria Ringgold.
     25 June 1748, sworn to by Anna Maria Ringgold.

Liber 26, folio 59
2 Dec. 1746
     To dau. Mary Neel, hhold furn. for her care of her 2 youngest bros., Abraham & Isaac till they are fit to bind to trades.
     To grddau. Ann, d. o. dau. Statia, a gold ring worth 30 s.
     To Mary Greene, the use of my kitchen, a bed, & one cow milk till the last of April. To sons Edmon & John, extrs., the rest of my e. for 3 yrs., after which it is to be div. betw. all my chldn. Witn: Arthur Miller, Ann Younger, Mary Rush. 18 Aug. 1748, sworn to by Younger.

Liber 26, folio 60
26 May 1748
     To wife [not named], all estate for life.
     To son Thomas, the my land next to Theophilus Randalls.
     To son John, the my land next to Ebenezer Parkers.
     Of the residue, 1/5 apiece to children Thomas, John, Esher, Cattron, & Margaret. . Witn: Theops. Randall, Frederick Randall, John Straughan.
     14 Nov. 1748, sworn to by all 3 witn.

Liber 26, folio 60
6 11th mo. [Jan.] 1746/7
PEARKINS, EBENZER, Kent Co., farmer.
     To Cecil Meeting, L 20 to build or repair a meeting house.
     To son-in-law Francis Kiney, L 20 to be paid 2 yrs. after my son Ebenezer comes of age.
     My 3 negro chldn. Peter, Jacob, & Hannah shall have a year schooling apiece, & the boys are to be free at 31 & Hannah at 25.
     To son Ebenezer Pearkins, the rest of my e., but if he d. s. p., 1/3 to Cecil Meeting to build or repair the meeting house & 2/3 to the greatest objects of charity, & my wife should possess the e. for life.
     Extrs: my friends Samuel Wallis. Thomas Bowers, William Rasin.
     Witn:Alexander Kelly, John Askin, Milner Herring. 16 Nov. 1748, affirmed by Kelly (Quaker) & sworn to by Elenor Herring.

Liber 26, folio 62
11 July 1737
JONES, GRIFFITH, Kent Co., planter
     To wife & extrx,, Mary, the use of my 5 negroes - James, James that came from Talbot Co., Barcey, Will, & Beck for her widhood, & if she marry, 1/3 of my negroes & the residue to my chldn.
     Witn: Williamm, McClean, John Gale, Ja. Calder.
     21 Nov. 1748, sworn to by McClean & affirmed by Gale (Quaker) before Ja. Calder, Depy. Com.

Liber 26, folio 63
4 Sept. 1748
RENOLS, GEORGE, Kent Co., planter. 4 Sept. 1748
     To dau. Rachel Williams, 1 sh. sterl.
     To wife, Ann Renols, & son John Renols, my extrs., the rest of my p. e. to divide betw. themselves & the rest of my chldn.
     Witn: William Greenwood, Wm. Heverin, Nicholas Renols.
     3 Dec. 1748, sworn to by Heverin.

Liber 26, folio 63
1 Aug. 1729
GREENWOOD, JOHN, Kent Co., planter.
     To son Joseph Greenwod, Part of Sufolk 100a, my dw. plntn.
     To wife & extrx, Jane Greenwood, all my m. e.
     Witn: Thoms Hepbourn, James Wilcocks, William Tumy.
     10 Dec. 1748, sworn to by Hepburn.

Liber 26, folio 64
13 April 1742
MELTON, SAMUELL, Kent Co., planter.
     To wife & extrx., Mary, all e. r. & p.
     Witn: Geo. Clarke, Jas. Reid, James Weer.
     16 Dec. 1748, sworn to by Clarke; the heir at law was to young to be present.

Liber 26, folio 65
13 Nov. 1748
ATEKISON, THOMAS, George Town, [Kent Co.]
     To wife, Elesibath, my e. r. & p., & on her d., to Thomas Rosser, s. o. Hannah Rosser, the 2 houses where I live, & if he d. s. p., my wife may sell my house & lot which was attached as the goods of James Woodlan to pay my debts.
     Witn: D[aniel] Bryan, John Watson, Elizabeth Duritie
     17 Dec. 1748, sworn to by Bryan & Watson.

Liber 26, folio 66
25 Dec. 1748
DENNING, JOHN, Sr., Kent Co., planter.
     To son Stephen Denning, negro man Tom & Standaway 139a, my dw. plntn., but if he d. s. p., to his bro. James Denning.
     To son James Denning, negro woman Nan & Scotch Folly 80a in his Lordships Mannor.
     To dau. Elizabeth Denning, negro woman Cate, a bed, other hhold furn., & livestock.
     To dau. Rebecca Norris, 2 heifers & 6 hogs.
     To daus. Mary Clark & Sarah Hacket, 1 sh. sterl each.
     The residue of my m. e. to sons Stephen & James Denning, my extrs., equ. div.
     Witn: Benjaml. Kear, Richard Norris, Richard Bentham.
     23 Jan. 1748, sworn to by all 3 witn. inpresence of Stephen Denning, son & heir.

Liber 26, folio 67
12 Dec. 1748
DENNING, MICHAEL, Kent Co., planter.
     To wife Mary Denning, all my lands & my m. e.
     To bros. Stephen & James Denning, the remaining my m. e.
     Extrs: wife, Mary Denning, & bro. Stephen Denning.
     Witn: Jame Simmons, James Greenwoood, Richard Bentham.
     23 Jan. 1748, sworn to by Simmons & Bentham in presence of the widow & Stephen Benning, heir at law.

Liber 26, folio 68
31 Oct. 1738
WALKER, WILLIAM, Kent Co., joyner.
     To dau. Elizabeth Walker, all my land & dw. house, & if she d. s. p., to dau. Mary Walker.
     To dau. Mary Walker, L 5, a bed, & a negro girl about 12 yrs. old, & if s negro d. before div. of the estate, L 20.
     To wife & extrx., Eleanor Walker, for widhood, the use of my plntn. & goods.
     Witn: John Welch, John Bennet, Richard Bentham
     26 Jan. 1748, affirmed by Welch (Quaker) & sworn to by Bentham in presence of Colin Ferguson & ---------- Pennington, who mar. the daus. & heirs at law.

Liber 26, folio 70
7 Nov. 1748
     To wife, Rachel Redgrave, my dw. plntn., Chance 100a, & 32a adj, for life, & on her d. to son William Redgrave.
     To wife & extrx., Rachel Redgrave, the residue to enable her to raise my small chldn.
     Witn: Daniel Hull, Michel Corse, Isaac Redgrave. 27 Jan. 1748, affirmed by Hull & Course (Quakers) & sworn to by Redgrave.

Liber 26, folio 71
12 Dec. 1748
HODGSON, DAVID, Kent Co., tanner.
     To wife, Ann, all my e. until son David Hodgson comes of age, but if she mar. 1/3 to her & 2/3 to s son.
     Extrs: wife, Ann Hodgson, & bro. Richard Hodgson.
     Witn: James Pearce, Elizabeth Atkinson, Rachel Fain.
     11 Feb. 1748, sworn to by Pearce & Fain.

Liber 26, folio 71
25 Oct. 1748
USHER, JOHN, Kent Co., planter.
     To friend Mary Keating, Mount Hope, which I purchased of John Earl.
     To sister Jane Turner, L 7.
     To my cousin Sarah Perkins, d. o. my sister Sarah Lewis, Neglect, where s sister lives, s Sarah Perkins to pay sister Jane Turner L 5.
     To friend & extrx., Mary Keating, the residue of my p. e.
     Witn: Willm. Stewart, Wm. Butcher, Hugh Hazel.
     14 Feb. 1748, sworn to by Stewart & Hazel, the sisters & heir at law refusing to be present.

Liber 26, folio 73
7th day 11 mo. [Jan.] 1748/9
BUTCHER, WILLIAM, Kent Co., mill wright.
     To son William Butcher, 200a at the lower end with the orchard.
     To 2 daus., Hannah & Mary Butcher, the other 200a equ. div.
     My p. e. to be equ. div. betw. my s chldn.
     Witn: Jams. Porter, Joseph Butcher, John Keally.
     15 Feb. 1748, sworn to by all 3 witn.

Liber 26, folio 73
28 Nov. 1742
     To wife [not named],for widhood, 1/3 my p. e. & 1/3 my r. e., including my saw, grist, & fulling mills.
     To son Ebinezar Pearkins, 1 s. sterl.
     To son Thomas Pearkins, my dw. plntn.as above, but if he d. s. p., to son Daniel, but ifhe d. s. p., to son Ebenezer, but if he d. s. p., to my chldn equ. div.
     Extr: son Thomas Pearlins.
     Witn: John Stevenson, Jannet Stevenson, John Watson.
     20 Feb. 1748, sworn to by all 3 witn. in presence of Ebenezer Pearkins, heir at law.

Liber 26, folio 74
5 Nov. 1748
     To son George Wilson, negro boy Jacob & the plntn. where my father, James Wilson, lived, 175a of Cerina, & 60a of s land conveyed to me by Isaac Freeman, but if he d. s. p., to my daus.
     To wife, Mary Wilson, for life, my dw. plntn. & land adj., Broad Oak & The Coffen, & on her d., to son George Wilson, provided he pay each of my 6 daus Mary, Sarah, Francis, Rachael, Araminta, & Millison Wilson [all under age ?] L 50, but the land given by my father to my bro. James Wilson is excluded.
     My griss mill with the condemned land & 70a I bought of Pass Jose to be sold.
     To wife, Mary Wilson, negro woman Sylvie, negro girl Joice, horse Prince, & a bed that belonged to her mother.
     To niece Mary Hasel, wife of John Hasel, & my nephews James Wilson & John Wilson, s. o. my bro. John Wilson dec , L 10 each.
     To dau. Mary Wilson, negro woman Judith & a mare colt belonginng to the old gray mare.
     To dau. Sarah Bodeen, negro girl Peg & boy Sambo.
     To dau. Francis Wilson, negro girl Member.
     To dau. Rachael Wilson, negro boy Stepney.
     To dau. Aaminta Wilson, negro boy Hectors.
     To dau. Millison Wilson, negro boy Mike.
     The residue to be equ. div. among my 7 childn., son Grorge & the 6 daus. above named.
     Extrs: son George Wilson & wife, Mary Wilson.
     Witn: Lews. [Louis] Williams, Daniel Hull, Thos. Sennette.
     4 March 1748, affirmed by Hull & Sennette (Quakers) in presence of Geo. Wilson, son & heir at law.

Liber 26, folio 77
21 Jan. 1748/9
     To cusen Sarah Hynson, clothes & a spinning wheel
     To cuzan Elizabeth Massey, wife of Nicholas Massey, my black clothes & my hat.
     To sister Elizabeth French, wife of Zorobabel French, my saddle & bridle.
     To sister Rachel Chipley, wife of John Chipley, my black bonnet.
     To my 2 cozens William & John Hynson, equ. div., the money from a bill of loading.
     To cozen Charles Hynson, my riding horse.
     To cozen James Hynson, the money due me from his father estate & from Andrew Hynson, John Hynson, & James Brady.
     To nephew Samuel French, my chest & trunk.
     To nephew William French, my bed.
     Extr: bro.-in-law Zorobabel French.
     Witn: Daniel Hull, Andrew Hynson.
     4 March 1748, affirmed by Daniel Hull (Quaker) & sworn to by Andrew Hynson.

Liber 26, folio 78
23 Jan. 1748/9
     To grddau. Amelia Reyner, on day of mar., L 120.
     To son & extr., Ebenezer Reyner, the residue.
     Witn: Isaac Freeman, Anthony Cameron, Daniel Hull.
     4 March 1748, sworn to by Isaac Freeman & affirmed by Daniel Hull (Quaker) before Ebenezer Reyner, heir at law.

Liber 26, folio 79
17 Dec. 1748
     To eldest son, Andrew Hynson, part of Castle Carry, devised to me by Capt, Daniel Pearce, on Island Crk. & running to the place where Mr. Richard Sewels line crosses the branch, part of Scotch Folly adj. castle Carry & beg. at the 1st bounded tree of Simsons addition, negro man Will, his wife, Jane, negro boy Ned, & negro girl Diner.
     To 2d son, John Hynson, lot in George Town which I purchased of Cornelius Comegys, negro man Cesar, negro boy Stepney, negro girl Phillis, my clothes, silver buckles, silver-belted sword, & L 50.
     To 3d son, Charles Hynson, 200a of land formerly Friendship but now Hynsons Desire, negro woman Pleasant, & negro boys Jacob & Ben.
     To 4th son, William Hynson, Simpsons Addition 100a I purchased of Thomas Simpson, 50a of Scotch Folly I purchased of Thomas Simpson, Manors End, 56a I purchased of Samuel Norris, Hynsons Addition 20a, Hynsons Adventure 36a, 26a of Scotch Folly I purchased of Bartuss Piner, negro man Sambo, negro lad Nero, & negro girl Poll.
     To 5th son, James Hynson, Smiths Park 250a, negro boy Dick, 3 negro women, Ramey, Moll, & Tamer, but if Charles, William, or James d. s. p. before age 21. . . .
     To dau. Hannah Freeman, negro girl Amey, a horse & a mare, a bed, & other hhold furniture.
     To grddau. Hannah Freeman, the negro child Tamer goes with & L 10.
     To dau. Sarah Hynson, 2 negro boys, Jeffry & Daulphin negro girl Nan, & hhold furn.
     To sister Elizabeth Quiney, 10 sheep.
     To cozen Sarah Holegier, 6 yews. The residue to be equ. div. betw my 6 chldn: Andrew, John, Charles, William, James, & Sarah.
     Extrs: friends & relations, William Hynson & Nicholas Smith, & son Andrew Hynson. Witn: Danel Hull, James Brady, Isaac Boyer.
     4 March 1748, affirmed by Hull (Quaker) & sworn to by Brady & Boyer.

Liber 26, folio 81
28 Nov. 1748
     To Sutton Burgin, L 19 in hands of John Tildin, 800 lb. tob. in hands of Rebeca Perkins, 900 in hands of John Brown, 600 in hands of Jno. Burk, a cow & calf, & all in the world of mine except the horse & clothing, which I leave to Henry Thomas, he to give his dau. Mary a young mair.
     Witn: Stephen Deming, James Denning, Richard Morris.
     7 March 1748, sworn to by all 3 witn.

Liber 26, folio 82
3 March 1748
TAYLOR, WILLIAM, Chester Town, [Kent Co.], cordwainer.
     My lot in Chester Town to my son William.
     My lot in Ogle Town to my son Thomas.
     To my dau. Cooley, what I have heretofore gave to her & her husband.
     The residue of my p. e. to be equ. div. among my chldn., to be paid to those of age as soon as possible & to those underage as they come of age, my 2 eldest sons to be put out to learn the trade of shoemaker & my youngest son to be bound out when he is 14.
     Extr: my friend Abraham Melton.
     Witn: T. Hosier, Hugh M ard, James Smith.
     11 March 1748, sworn to by Smith & Mahard.

Liber 26, folio 83
McDOUGALL, JOHN, Kent Co., yeoman.
     To wife [not named], for life, McDougalls Chance & my m. e.
     Witn: Danll. Massy, Henry Clark, John Donaldson
     22 March 1748, sworn to by all 3 witn.

Liber 26, folio 84
19 Feb. 1748
MAN, JOSEPH, Kent Co., bricklayer.
     To eldest son, Joseph, my dw. plntn. 204a.
     To my 2d son, GeorgeVansant, my plntn. where William Marsh dw., about 60a of The Forest, & L 100 when he is 21.
     To eldest dau., Mary, L 70 at age 16 or mar.
     To 2d dau., Sarah, L 70 at age 16 or mar.
     My 2 lots one at Chster Town, the other #5 at George Town are to be sold.
     The residue to be equ. div. betw. my s 4 chldn.: Joseph, George Vansant, Mary, & Sarah.
     Extrs: wife, Anne, & her bro. Cornelius Vansant.
     Witn: Lewis. Williams, Peter Ade, Nichs. Smith.
     22 March 1748, sworn to by Smith & affirmed by Williams (Quaker).

Liber 26, folio 85
27 Sept. 1747
MOPHET, GEORGE, Kent Co., tailor.
     To [son] George Mophet, The Flowers of ye Faris 100a.
     To dau. Hybert Palmer, 90a of Comewitten, & on her d., to grdson Benjamin.
     To dau. Elizabeth Cornelius, 90a of s Comewitten, & on her d., to grdson Aaron.
     To son Richard Mophet, the rest of my lands.
     To wife, the residue of my m. e., & on her d., to be div. equ. among my 4 daus: Mary Broxson, Margaret Boyer, Ann Boyer, & Rachel Williamson.
     Extrs: wife, Elizabeth Mophet, & Richard Boyer.
     Witn: Peter Massy, Thos. Gould, Wm. Spencer.
     24 March 1748, sworn to by Gould & Massy in presence of George Mophet, heir at law.

Liber 26, folio 86
30 Aug. 1747
PASCO, JOHN, Kent Co., planter.
     To bro. Stephen Pasco, in Cornwall, Great Britain, Pasco Poor Lot 150a, Becks Addition 100a, & 50a of Kinwallis, all in Kent Co., & all the rest of my g. & c.
     Extrs: Ralph Page & John Beck.
     Witn: Wm. Slipper, Thomas Slipper, Jr., Jno. Puzey.
     25 March 1748, sworn to by Wm. & Thos. Slipper.

Liber 26, folio 87
[6] April 1749
     On 10 April 1749, Elisabeth Divine & Frances Bodean swore that on the 9th instant, about the time he d., they were at the house of Wm. Pugsley & that about 3 days before his d. they heard him say that on his d. his bro. John Pugsley should have all his wearing appl. & the residue should be the right of Wilmot Ellis.

Liber 26, folio 88
30 March 1749
     To friend & extr., Samuel Chaplain, 284 lb. tob. in hands of Richard Dear, 30 lb. tob. in hands of John Webster, cloth in hands of Richard Meadows & Hew Morose, 4 bushells wheat in hands of Charles Scote, L 2.7.9 in hands of Richd. Dear., & my crop.
     Witn: John Thomas, Richard Meadows.
     14 April 1749, sworn to by both witn.

Liber 26, folio 89
10 Dec. 1748
DAVIS, PHILLIP, Kent Co., planter.
     My wife, Elizabeth, is to be extrx. & guardian to my 3 sons Phillip, John, & David - & my daus. & is to have the use of my dw. plntn. until son Phillip is 21, or if he d., the next heir in fact, but if s wife be incapable of bringing them up, my friends & bros. Samuel Davis & Humphry Wells, Jr., are to be guardians of s chldn.
     To 2 sons Philip & John, Davis Triangle at head of Sassafras R.
     Witn: Chas. Peale, James Claypoole, John Rouse.
     15 April, 1749, sworn to by Peale & Rouse & affirmed by Claypoole (Quaker).

Liber 26, folio 90
21 March 1748/9
     To dau. Sarah Kenard, negro woman Beck, negro man Will, instead of negro child Simon L 10 due from me to her, the best bed, other hhold furn., & my clothes.
     Extrs: sons Phill Kennard & Willm. Ringold.
     Witn: Eliza. Craugh, Mary Batemen, Samll. Groome.
     15 April 1749, sworn to by Craugh & Bateman.

Liber 26, folio 91
3 April 1749
     To Mr. William Young, my gun, powder horn, & shot bag.
     To Sarah Waltham, choice of 3 pr. thread stockings.
     To Rebecca Watson, 1 pr. thread stockings.
     To Mrs. Sarah Waltham negroes, my old yarn stockings.
     To John Arnold, my extr, my hat, my clothes, saddle & bridle, & the benefit of a bond, he to pay to his wife 2 sisters 1000 lb. tob. each.
     To Mrs. Waltham negroes, 1 bottle rum.
     To Blackledge Woodland, my drum line & hooks.
     To Gustavus Hanson, 10 sh.
     Mr. William Wilmer debtor to Edwd. Skidmore L 1.5 for water voiages.
     To Jacob Knill, L 5.
     To John Arnold, a distill in possn. of Capt. John Garrott.
     Jacob Jones debtor to Edwd. Skidmore 400 lb. tob.
     Witn: Alexr. Glenn, Hans Hanson. 24 April 1749, sworn to by both witn.

Liber 26, folio 92
     To wife & extrx., Mary Howel, all my lands until my chldn. are 21.
     My p. e. is to be equ. div among my chldn: Thomas, Mary, John, William, & Nathanel Howel.
     Witn: John Williams, Paul Whichcote, Jno. Williamson.
     24 April 1749, sworn to by Whichcote & Williamson, John Williams being dead.

Liber 26, folio 93
27 Nov. 1748
     To wife, Elizth., her side saddle & my young horse Spark.
     To 2 sons James & Thomas, my wearing appl. & some cloth.
     To dau. Mary, a cow & calf.
     Son John is to be under care of his mother till he is 18, but if she d., he is to be cared for by Capt. Saml. Tovey.
     The residue of my p. e. to be equ. div. among my 5 chldn: James, Thomas.John, Mary, & Sarah, now wife to James Roberts.
     Extrs: wife, Eliza., & son James.
     Witn: Ra[lph] Page, Benj. Ricard, Danil Canady.
     24 April 1749, sworn to by Riccard & Cannady.

Liber 26, folio 94
28 Jan. 1748
CORNELIUS, DANIELL, Kent Co., carpenter.
     To eldest son, Aaron Cornelius, my rone mare.
     To eldest dau., Sarah Riley, Daniels Fann 100a in Queen Anns Co.
     To wife, Elizabeth Cornelius, all my p. e.
     Witn: Hu[gh] Wallis, Saml. Mansfield.
     24 April 1749, sworn to by both witn.

Liber 26, folio 95
27 Jan. 1748/9
BERRY, THOMAS, Kent Co., tailor.
     To wife & extrx., Esther, all my p. e., I having no lands.
     Witn: Richard Moffet, Benjamin Palmer, John Morris.
     24 April 1749, sworn to by Moffet & Palmer.

Liber 26, folio 95
17 Jan. 1748
     To the heir of my body, Kilingsworth, the land I live on, which I bought of George Usher, & my p. e.
     To Petter Polson, my father-in-law & extr., s land & p. e., provided no heir of my body survive.
     Witn: Wlllm. Stewart, Alex[ande]r Kelley, Petter Polson
     1 May 1749, sworn to by Stewart & affirmed by Keally (Quaker).

Liber 26, folio 96
28 Dec. 1748
     Whitefield, 50a at the head of Langfords Bay, is to be sold & the proceeds equ. div. among my daus. Elizabeth, Sarah, Susannah, & Ann Williams.
     To wife, Elizabeth Williams, a white mare Bonny & a black walnut chest.
     To son-in-law Roger Hales, a pr. leather breeches.
     To dau. Mary Hales, 1 sh. sterl.
     The residue of my p. e. to be equ. div. among my chldn. John, Elizabeth, Sarah, Susannah, & Ann Williams
     Extrs: wife, Elizabeth Williams, & son-in-law Roger Hales.
     Witn: George Ford, Willam Collins, Thos. Bowers.
     4 May 1749, affirmed by Bowers & Collins (Quakers).

Liber 26, folio 97
3 Nov. 1747
     To 2 sons Charles & James Milward, equ. div. when they are 21, my 2 tracts at the head of the branch of Morgins Crk., but if they d. s. p., to my 2 daus. Margert & Isabella Milward, but if all 4 d.s. p., equ. div., to Elizabeth, Phebey, Sarah, & Phillis Milward.
     Witn: John Williams, Phillis Greenwood, Elizabeth Hickman.
     4 May 1749, sworn to by Hickman, John Williams being dec.

Liber 26, folio 98
18 April 1748
MEDFORD, SARAH, Kent Co., widow of Bullmourar Medford dec .
     To son Unit Medford, any land I have in Kent Co.
     To dau. Rachel Medford, a mare Fancy & a trunk.
     To dau. Anne Medford, a horse colt & a poppler chest
     Geo. Medford & William Moore to have care of my chldn.
     Witn: Griffith Jones, Jr., Richard Kinnard, minor, Rachel Hayne.
     4 May 1749, sworn to by all 3 witn.

Liber 26, folio 99
21 March 1749
WOOD, JOSHUA, Baltimore Co., planter.
     To bro. John Wood, Greenfields Double Purchase 148a, 28a of Goldsmiths Rest, Woods Close 100a, 29a of Knavery Prevented, 63a of Gravelly Hill, & 50a of Gravelly Bottom; but if he d. s. p., Greenfields Double Purchase & part of Goldsmiths Rest to my sister Hannah Wood & Woods Close, Gravelly Hill, Gravelly Bottom, & part of Knavery Prevented to my sister Sarah Wood.
     My p. e. to be equ. div. betw. s bro. & sisters Mary Hawkins & Martha Baker.
     The agreement betw. me & James Greenfield is to be completed.
     Extr: Mr. John Mathews.
     Witn: Abraham Tayler, James Greenfield, Mary Cord, Thomas Cord.
     17 May 1749, sworn to by Tayler, Greenfield, & Thomas Cord.

Liber 26, folio 100
31 Oct. 1748
CROLEY, JOHN, Prince George's Co.
     To dau. Elizabeth Snowden, besides what I have already given her, 3 young negro slaves: Kate, Ben, & Bet.
     To wife & extr., Miriam Croley, the rest of my e.
     Witn: Thos. Snowden, Mary Snowden, Miriam Waller
     7 June 1749, affirmed by Thos. Snowden (Quaker).

Liber 26, folio 101
PERRYMAN, ROGER, Baltimore Co.
     To wife, Martha Peryman, a gray mare colt., a prayer book, & a warming pan.
     To Samuell Peryman, my gun & carpenters tools.
     To John Peryman, my Bible.
     The residue to be equ. div. among my 8 chldn.: Patience, Elizabeth, John, Samuell, Isack, Jacob, Mary, & Susan.
     Extrs: wife, Martha Peryman, & John Perryman of Baltimore Co.
     Witn: John Ramsey, John Whitaker, Richard Blood.
     25 May 1749, sworn to by Blood & Ramsey.

Liber 26, folio 102
13 Jan. 1746
MERRYMAN, JOHN, Sr., Baltimore Co.
     To son John Merryman, the land he lives on, bought of Thomas Bread.
     To son Moses Merryman, Merryman Delight.
     To son Joseph Merryman, Merrymans Lott, which I live on, & Addition to Merrymans Lott.
     To dau. Johanna Marryman, a cow & calf, a bed, & a yew & lamb.
     To dau. Mary Edwards, my mare Bess.
     To 5 daus., a yew & lamb apiece.
     Extrs: wife, Martha Merryman, & son Joseph Merryman.
     Witn: William Carter, Thomas Spicer, Edwd. Talbott.
     6 June 1749, afirmed by Talbott (Quaker) & sworn to by Carter.

Liber 26, folio 103
17 April 1749
DAVIS, THOMAS, [Anne Arundel Co.](son of Thos.)
     Extrs: wife, Elisabeth Davis, Robert Davis, Benjamin Gaither.
     To son Ephraim Davis, Hyham, 100a in Frederick Co. & 2 tracts adj., Golds Branch 257a & Peirpoints Second Addition 42a
     To son Amos Davis, 76a of Peirpoints Range, in Fredk. Co., Lacewells Hopewell, the 200a where I live, & 2 tracts adj., Nelsons Rainbow 100a & Davis Hill 50a.
     To 2 eldest daus., Mary Davis & Sarah Davis, equ. div., 550a of Snowdens Second Addition to his Mannor.
     To dau. Betsy Davis, 166a of Benjamins Lott, in Fredk. Co., & a nearby tract, Sapling Ride 72a.
     The rent of s lands to be paid out of the Estate till each of the children comes of age.
     Witn: Joshua Warfield, Benja. Warfield, Abso. Warfield. .
     3 July 1749, sworn to by Joshua & Benjamin Warfield.

Liber 26, folio 105
4 April 1749
LAWSON, JOHN, Prince George's Co.
     To wife [not named], for life, my dw. house & plntn., negroes Jack, Jane, Robert, James, Beck, Fancy, Will, Ann, Old Will, Pete, Charles, & Frank, & the residue of my p. e.
     To my father, my clothes, the land at the head of Spycers Crk. now in tenure of Francis Posten & John Williams, & for life, negroes Ben, Baker, & Abigall, negro girls Rose & Lucy, & a bed, he to pay my grdmother 900 lb. tob. yearly.
     To nephew Thomas Baden, the land at the head of Spycers Crk. I bought of Mr. John Wright, negro boys Ned & Nacy & negro man Adam.
     To sister Lettice Naylor, negro boys Isaac & Tom.
     To nephew Robert Baden, Lawsons Lott, 100a in the Forest, & negro girl Cate.
     On the d. of my mother & father, to nephew Thomas Baden, the land bequeathed him, & the negroes bequeathed them equ. div. among the chldn. of my sisters Martha Baden & Lettice Naylor.
     Extrs: friends Mr. Francis Waring & Mr. Thomas Letchworth & nephew Thomas Baden.
     Witn: Levin Wailes, Benj. Trueman, Paul Rawllings, Mackall Skinner.
     26 May 1749, sworn to by all 4 witn.

Liber 26, folio 106
9 Jan. 1748/9
FINNEY, RACHEL, Talbot Co., widow.
     To dau. Cathrine Jackson, negro boy Tom.
     To grddau. Rachel Jackson, negro girl Nanne.
     To son Vincent Finney, negro women Judy & Chloe, negro lad Jemmy, & negro child Simon; black mare Phenix, plow horse Jack, black horse Rock, bay mare Cottey, other livestock, & hhold furn.
     To dau. Margaret Edmundson, negro woman Philis.
     To grddau. Rachel Edmundson, negro girl Bab.
     To son Willm. Finney, negro man Tom, negro women Jenny & Agnes, negro child Tom; crop & pork to be div. betw. him & Vincent; & hhold furn.
     The residue to be equ. div. among my 4 chldn.
     The parties having legacies herein have no further claim to their father e.
     Extr: son Willm. Finney.
     Witn: Thos. Bacon, Henry Callister, E[ith] Mason, -n Lane.
     7 June 1749, sworn to by Bacon, Callister, & Mason.

Liber 26, folio 108
11 June 1749
GIDDINS, MAURICE, Talbot Co., Gent.
     To wife & extrx., Mary Anne Giddins, for life, all my lands, household goods, negro man Squash, negro woman Rose, & negro boys Harry, Dick, & James.
     To 3 sons Benjamin, Maurice, & Thomas on my wife d., all my land equ. div., but if all d. s. p., equ. div. to my 3 daus.
     To dau. Catherine Giddins,negro Squash after my wife d. & a cow.
     To dau. Anne Giddins, negro woman Rose & a cow after my wife d.
     To son Maurice Giddins, negro boy Henry, the gate mill, a cow, & a horse or mare after my wife d.
     To son Thomas Giddins, negro boy Richard, a hand mill, & a horse or mare after my wife d.
     To dau. Mary Giddins, negro boy James & a cow after my wife d.
     If any negroes d., the remaining part to be div. among my 5[sic] chldn.
     Witn: Francis Edwards, W[illiam] Martin, John Prichard.
     17 June 1749, sworn to by all 3 witn.

Liber 26, folio 109
11 April 1749
SILVESTER, THOMAS, Tuckahoe, Queen Anns Co., planter.
     To wife, Diannah, 2 plow mears & the dw. house goods, & for widhood, my plntn. & land, she to surrender 1/3 the land if she mar.
     To bro. Benja. Silvester, for life, s plntn. & land on my wife mar. or d., & on his d., to my bro. James Silvester son Thomas, s land called Part of Silvesters Addition & Baynards Discovery.
     To Thos. Cooper, a heffer & my saddle.
     To bro. James Silvester, my clothes, case with 9 bottles, & gun.
     Extrs: wife, Diannah, & bro. James.
     Witn: Hawkins Downes, James Cannon, Thos. Evans.
     11 May 1749, sworn to by all 3 witn. in presence of James Silvester, heir at law, & the widow stood to the will.

Liber 26, folio 111
--- June 1747
     To dau. Theodosia Stone, Markett Overten, on Permunkey Crk., & 1/3 my hhold stuff.
     To grddau. Mary Barnes, the part of Markett Overten where Robert Gorden lives.
     To son Richd. Stone, the part of Markett Overten, where Thomas Moncoe lives.
     To grddau. Theodosia Barnes, the land devised to grddau. Mary Barnes in case she d. before she comes to age, & s Gorden is live on the land till either of my grddaus. comes of age.
     To 2 sons Thomas & Richd. & 2 daus. Mary & Theodosia, each a ring worth 10 sh.
     Extrs: sons Richard & Thomas Stone.
     Witn: Barton Stone, Mattw. Stone, Sr., Thomas Stone, Jr.
     25 March 1749, sworn to by Barton Stone & Matthw Stone, Sr. before Thomas Stone, heir at law.

Liber 26, folio 112
22 Nov. 1748
CLEMENTS, GEORGE, Charles Co., planter.
     To uncle Jacob Clements, negro man Abraham & my horse.
     To John Thompson, an erron pott.
     S uncle Jacob Clements is to be my extr. & to distribute the residue betw. my 4 sisters: Anne, Barbery, Lidea, & Verlinder.
     Witn: William Coomes, Francis Clement.
     1 April 1749, sworn to by both witn. in presence of Francis & Barbara Clements, bro. & sister to testator.

Liber 26, folio 113
11 April 1749
RAMSEY, ANN, Charles Co., widow.
     To dau. Rebecka Estep, the easternmost part of my land in Calverton Manor where my son-in-law Rich Estep dw. next the plntn. where I dw.
     To dau. & extrx., Susanna Ramsey, the westernmost part of s land divided from the willow swamp where I dw., 2 cows & calves, a heifer, 2 steers, 4 ewes & lambs, & a horse & mare.
     To grddau. Ann Leach, a bed & a heifer at age of 16 or mar.
     To grdson John Leach, a gun & a mare colt.
     To my 3 daus. Winifred Leach, Rebecka Estep, & Catherine Thomas a good leather chair apiece & the rest of my livestock.
     To dau. Elisa. Dainty, negro man Peter & my callamanco gown & quilted petticoat.
     Witn: Richard Adams, Henry Walley, John Manly.
     3[sic] April 1749, sworn to by all 3 witn. in presence of the heir at law.
     23 April 1749, Susannah Ramsey assigned the admin. to Richard Estep.
     Witn: Neffell Leach, Wm. Willson, John Estep.

Liber 26, folio 114
23 Feb. 1748/9
VILLET, PETER, Charles Co.
     To sister Rachel Galwith, wife of John Galwith, Jr., negro wench Priscilla & her incrase, except the child she is big with, which I give to sister Mary Villet.
     To sister Rebecca Villet, negro boy James.
     To William Moran, s. o. John Moran & Rebecca, his wife, negro girl Sarah.
     To Gabriel Moran, s. o. John & Rebecca Moran, a mans saddle & bridle.
     To John Moran, s. o. John & Rebeca, a horse.
     To Meverel Hulse Moran, s. o. John & Rebecca, a gun & a mans caster hat.
     To John Moran, L 3.19.6.
     Witn: George Venables, John Moran, James Mahew
     3 April 1749, sworn to by Moran & Mahew.

Liber 26, folio 115
24 April 1749
ODEN, ELIZABETH, Charles Co., widow.
     To sons David Oden & Pembrook Oden, my e. r. & p., & David to pay Pembrook 3000 lb. tob., the price of the negro.
     T sons Lewis Oden & Thomas Oden, a steer & 2 pewter plates apiece.
     To dau. Elizabeth Smith, a great bason.
     Witn: Thomas Farrand, Harmon Churchyard.
     3 April 1749, sworn to by both witn. in presence of David Oden, heir at law.

Liber 26, folio 116
SPEAK, RICHARD, [Charles Co.]
     To son Thomas Speake, 100a of McKeys Park & Allonsons Folley I bought of my bro. John, the plntn. where William Golden dw., the part of The Gift on the W side Reder Run, a gun named Bell, a bed up the river, my cattle up the river, & negro Joseph.
     To son John Speak, 3 tracts Little Cremone, Hard Shift, & Allinsons Secret negro boy Nace, & a bed.
     To dau. Mary Speak, negro girl Phillis, gelding Strawberry, other livestock, hhold furn., & 50 sh. Virginia currency.
     To dau. Theodotia Speake, negro boy James, 2 cows & calves, & one breeding mare Fancy
     To dau. Elizabeth Speak, negro girl Peg, 2 cows & calves, & a bed.
     To dau. Winefred Speake, negro girl Bess, 2 cows & calves, & a bed.
     To son Hezekia Speak, negro man Amblus, 150a of Speakes Incloshus, & 150a of Morecrafts Friendship beg. at Henry Frosts bound tree.
     To son Richard Speak, 150a of Speaks Incloser & Morecrafts Friendship adj. Hezekia & negro man Jack.
     To son George Speak, negro boy Henry.
     The land I have not bequeathed to be equ. div. among my 4 sons - George, William, Joseph Hanson, & Frances Speak - on their mother d.
     To wife & extrx, Theadotia Speake, 3 negroes Dick, Sarah, & Lucey - & Sam, the increase of the negro wenches, to be div. among my 4 chldn: Jane William Speak Joseph Hanson Speak & Frances Speak.
     Witn: [the Revd.] Theop[hilus] Swift, Wm. Winter, Isaac Kent.
     30 May 1749, sworn to by Swift & Kent; Thomas Speak, heir at law, had no objection.

Liber 26, folio 118
30 March 1749
CANTWELL, EDWARD, St. Georges Parish, Baltimore Co.
     To 2 sons, John & Edward, Taylors Hall 200a, equ. div., the containing my home to s Edward, my younger son.
     My p. e. to my chldn. Mary, Sarah, Hannah, Joannah, & Ruth & my sons Edward & John after they come of age.
     To wife & extrx. [not named], 1/3 my e.
     Witn: Luke Grffith, William Cook, John Sullivan.
     17 June 1749, sworn to by Griffith & Sullivan.

Liber 26, folio 119
2 Sept. 1748
BARNS, FORD, Baltimore Co.
     To wife & extrx., Margeritt Barns, for life, 1/3 my p. e. & my dw. plntn., & the other 2/3 my p. e.to be div. among my 6 chldn: James, Elizabeth, Grigory, Ann, Margarit, & Martha Barns, I having given my chldn. Ford Barns & Hannah Mitchell all I can.
     To son Ford Barns, the 70a of Repulta he lives on, & after my wife d., my dw. plntn.
     To son James Barns, Barns Delight & Neglect & bay mare Fancy.
     To son Grigory Barns, Dewleys Beginning, on N side Deer Crk.
     To wife Mergaritt Barns, for life, negro woman Dutches, & on her d. to dau. Martha Barns.
     To dau. Hannah Mitchel, a ewe & lamb.
     Witn: Richd. Johns, Philip Gover, George Hargrove.
     25 June 1749, sworn to by Hargrove & affirmed by Johns & Gover (Quakers).

Liber 26, folio 120
28 Feb. 1748
     To wife & extrx., Hannah Houchins, the residue of my p. e.,& for life, the plntn. where I live, & on her d., to Charles Conaway.
     To s Conaway, a heifer, 2 ewes, & my best gun.
     Witn: Wm. Rogers, John Wooden, Solomon Wooden.
     8 July 1749, sworn to by all 3 witn.

Liber 26, folio 121
14 Jan. 1748
ALISON, PATRICK, Princess Anne Town, Somerset Co.
     To my only child, Grace Alison, my houses & lots in Princess Anne Town, my negroes Lot, Pallas, his wife, & their chldn., & a plntn. on Connywago Crk, Donegal Township, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania.
     To my bro. Robert Alison of Donegal & Capt. John Meas & William Alison of Philadelphia, the care of my dau. Grace.
     My bro. Robert Alison to be my extr., but if he d., s John Meas & William Alison to succeed him.
     If s Grace d. s. p., the plntn. in Donegal to the chldn. of my bros. James, William, & John & of my sisters Jean Smith in Ireland & Margret White in Kent Co. & the houses & lots in Princess Anne & my s negroes to my bro. Robert Alison.
     To the Revd. Mr. John Hamilton, minister at Manokin, Capt. David Willson, & Capt. Henry Waggaman, L 10 for the Manokin Congregation.
     Witn: John Hamilton, Benjamin Franceway, Jean Caldwell.
     7 March 1748, sworn to by Franceway & Caldwell.

Liber 26, folio 122
16 March 1748
MOOR, JACOB, Somerset Co.
     To wife, Sarah Moor, all my estate.
     Witn: William Miles, Rebekah Roach, Henry Miles.
     4 April 1749, sworn to by Roach & Henry Miles, & the widow stood to the will.

Liber 26, folio 123
10 April 1749
WHITE, JOHN, Somerset Co.
     To wife, Mary White, for life, my dw. plntn. with all land adj. & all my p. e.
     To dau. Rachell White, on the d. of s wife, my land on the N side Dirt Bridge Branch, 40a of the W part of Poor Swamp, a bed, a cow & calf, a ewe & lamb, & my young orchard.
     To dau. Alce White, on the d. of s wife, my land on the S side s branch except what I have given to Rachel, a bed, a cow & calf & a ewe & lamb.
     To dau. Sarah Gunby, on the d. of s wife, negro man Malicah.
     To dau. Betty Outten, on the d. of s wife, negro girl Binah, L 40, & a cow & calf.
     To dau. Mary White, on the d. of s wife, negro woman Hannah, L 32 Virginia money or a negro worth L 32, & a cow & calf.
     The residue of my p. e. to s 5 daus.
     Extrs: sons-in-law James Gunby & Abraham Outten.
     Witn: S[amson ] Wheatley, William Merrell, James Hearn.
     27 May 1749, sworn to by all 3 witn., the widow stood to the will, & the extrs. assigned the extrship to the widow.

Liber 26, folio 125
23 March 1748/9
TULL, RICHARD, Somerset Co., planter.
     To my mother & extrx., Esther Tull, a bay mare, a chest, a bed, 3 head of cattle, & L 2.1.9 due me from Capt. John Steptoo.
     To my bro. Stephen Tull, my riding horse & saddle & an iron pot.
     Witn: Samll. Tull, Benjn. Grumball.
     3 June 1749, sworn to by both witn.

Liber 26, folio 126
10 Aug. 1745
WALLER, MAJOR, Somerset Co.
     To cousin & extr., William Safier, my best steer & my clothes.
     To bro. Nelson Waller, L 4.
     The residue to William Safier & Thomas Mitchell, s. o. Isaac Mitchell, equ. div.
     Witn: Samll. Jones, Thomas Wallace, George Wallace, Lewis Jones.
     [No probate.]

Liber 26, folio 126
1 Jan. 1748
HUGHES, THOMAS, Anne Arundel Co.
     To mother, Mary Hughes, for life,all my negroes & Duck Cove, the plntn. I live on, & on her d. to Thomas & Rebecca Hammond, son & dau. of Lawrence & Margaret Hammond.
     To the heirs at law of Melchisdeck Murray dec , Todds Forrest, in Baltimore Co.
     To bro. John Howard, a tract escheated for want of the heirs of --------- Mickleby, as agreed between myself & Richard Shipley, the surveyor, & these negroes Tom, London, & Dysack on the d. of my mother.
     To bro. John Hughes, negro Bob & my clothes.
     To bro Nathan Hughes, negroes Toby & Caesar & my schooner Ranger.
     Extrs: mother, Mary Hughes & bro. John Howard.
     Witn: Alexr. Cromwell, Sarah Cromwell, Jas. Walker.
     Sworn to 30 Jan. 1748 by Alexr. & Sarah Cromwell & 15 March 1748 by James Walker.

Liber 26, folio 128
16 Jan. 1748
HUGHES, MARY, Anne Arundel Co., widow.
     To son John Hughes, L 50.
     To dau. Margaret Hammond, for life, negro girl Lucy, & on her d., to son Nathan Hughes.
     To grdchild Caroline Hammond, a bed & negro girl Sarah on the day of her mar.
     To grdchild Belinda Hammond, a bed & negro girl on the day of her mar.
     To grdhild Mary Hammond, a bed & negro girl Sall on the day of her mar.
     To grdson Thomas Hughes, L 10 for his eduation.
     To grdson Benjamin Howard, negro boy [not named].
     To 2 daus. Mary Howard & Margaret Hammond, my wearing appl.
     The residue to my son Nathan Hughes.
     Extrs: son-in-law John Howard & son Nathan Hughes.
     Witn: Alexr. Cromwell, Sarah Cromwell, Jas. Walker.
     Sworn to 30 Jan. 1748 by Alexr. & Sarah Cromwell & 15 March 1748 by James Walker.

Liber 26, folio 129
25 Dec. 1748
RINGROSE, MOSES, Anne Arundel Co., carpender.
     To Isabelle Eauen, L 5.
     My son Moses Ringrose to the care of friend John Merriken, Sr., till he is 20.
     Extr: George Page.
     Witn: John Merriken, Samll. Wallis, Isabela Eauens. 2 Feb. 1748, sworn to by all 3 witn.

Liber 26, folio 130
26 March 1743
CONAWAY, JEAMS, Anne Arundel Co., planter.
     To 2 sons Charles & George, The Narrows & Roberssons Addition on the N side near the mouth of Stoneny Crk. equ. div.
     To sons Charles & George, L 5 apiece.
     The residue of my p. e. to my 2 younger sons, John & Joseph, equ. div.
     Extrx: wife, Sarath.
     Witn: Richard Jacob, John Hall, Jane Hall.
     1 March 1748, sworn to by Jacob, John Hall being d.

Liber 26, folio 131
11 Feb. 1748/9
WAMSLEY, JOHN, Anne Arundel Co.
     To son John Wamsley, the land he lives on.
     To grdson Richard Goodwin,2 negro chldn., Jacob & Ned, & the land I live on, Gray Increase & Blands Quarter, on the d. of my wife, Abegirl.
     To my wife [not named], for life, the use of my p. e., & on her d. to be equ. div. among 4 chldn; John Wamsley, Jane Smith, Elinor Brand & Mary Wamsley Jane Smith part to be her own & not to be at the disposal of her husband, Nathan Smith.
     Extrx: wife Abegirl.
     Witn: Tho. Gough, Jno. Stevens, Thomas Johnson. Sworn to 4 March 1748 by Gough , 9 March 1748 by Stevens, & 17 March 1748 by Johnson.

Liber 26, folio 132
20 Dec. 1746
RIDGLEY, JANE, Anne Arundel Co.
     To son William Ridgley, 40 sh.
     To son Westal Ridgley. L 5. To dau. Sarah Ridgley, negro woman Beck & her dau. Phebe, a bed, other hhold furn.,& my riding horse & saddle with blew covering, & 2 cows & calves.
     To son John Ridgley, negro man Jack, provided he pay my daus. Martha Maccubbin & Alice Woodward L 10 each, & the part of Abbington I live on.
     To daus. Martha Maccubbin & Alice Woodward, a bed each.
     The residue of my p. e.to be equ. div. among my dau. Sarah, my son John, my dau. Martha, & my dau. Alice.
     Extr: son John Ridgley.
     Witn: James Cadle, John Wilmott, John Wilmott, Jr.
     11 March 1748, sworn to by all 3 witn

Liber 26, folio 133
21 Nov. 1748
JONES, RICHARD, Anne Arundel Co., planter.
     To my extrx. [not named] the use of my p. e. for life & the remainder of a lease on 100a of Whites Plains, where I dw., but if she d. before the lease expires, to my son Samull Jones.
     The other part of my e. to be equ. div. among my chldn [not named].
     Witn: Jacob McSene, Thos. Ijams, John Ijams.
     13 March 1748, sworn to by all 3 witn.

Liber 26, folio 134
WHITEHEAD, JAMES, Anne Arundel Co., planter.
     To bro. Thomas Whitehead, 4 young heifers.
     To wife, Mary Whitehead, 1 sh.
     To Samuel, her son, 5 sh.
     To Gideon Gary, a boy who lives with me, my gun, silver watch, saddle & bridle, & riding horse Jockey.
     The residue to be equ. div. betw. s Gideon Gary & his sister, Mary Gary.
     Extr: friend Stephen Gatrell.
     Witn:Henry Bateman, Jr., Eliz. Wintersell, William Fish.
     28 March 1749, sworn to by Bateman & affirmed by Wintersell (Quaker).

Liber 26, folio 135
25 Nov. 1748
JOYCE, THOMAS, Anne Arundel Co.
     My dw. plntn. & mulatto slave Lucy to go according to a deed on jointure made on the mar. of my wife Elinor.
     For default of male heirs, on the d. of my s wife, my s dw. plntn & Nicklars Hunting Quarter to my 2 youngest sons.
     To my chldn. John, China, & Elizabeth, crown sterl. apiece.
     My horse Blaze & the side saddle & bridle of my wife & extrx., Elinor, are to remain hers.
     Of the residue, 1/3 to my wife & 2/3 to my chldn. not herein before mentioned equ.
     Witn: Patrick Linch, John Cretin, Geo. Bramwell.
     15 May 1749, sworn to by Linch & Cretin.

Liber 26, folio 136
14 March 1748/9
STEWARD, DAVID, Anne Arundel Co., planter.
     To son David Steward, L 40 sterl.
     The land I dw. on is to be sold after the d. of my wife, Mary Steward, & the proceeds div. betw. son David & daus. Susanna, Mary, & Elizabeth.
     On my d., Joseph Leeke & my bros. Vincent & John are to be clear of any debts due me.
     Extrx: wife, Mary Steward.
     Witn: David Evans, Susanna Basford, Mary Aldridge.
     20 May 1749, sworn to by Evans & Basford.

Liber 26, folio 137
13 Oct. 1748
HAMPTON, RICHARD, Anne Arundel Co.
     To Richard Moss son Hampton Moss, negro girl Hager.
     To Richard Moss son Jeams Moss, negro boy Phill.
     To John Robeson & Hampton Robeson, s. o. my dau.-in-law Hestter Robeson, all my land equ. div.
     Extr: John Robeson
     Witn: P[hilip] Jones, William Kirby, James Sargent, Dawson Wright.
     23 May 1749, sworn to by all 4 witn.

Liber 26, folio 138
20 Jan. 173/4
DAVIS, THOMAS, Sr., Anne Arundel Co.
     To my wife, Mary Davis, for widhood, all my p. e.
     To grdson Caleb Davis, s. o. Richard, after the widhood of his mother, Ruth Davis, the 200a of Duvall Delight she lives on.
     To son Thomas, Laswells Hopewell 200a.
     To son John, Davistone 240a & What Left 100a adj.
     To son Samuel, 2 tracts in Prince Georges Co.: The Forest 68a & The Forest 50a adj.
     To son Robert, 315a of Ranters Ridge & negro boy Harry.
     To son Francis, the Pearl, 150a of The Diamond, Davis Addition, 200a of Grimestone, negro boy Hector, & 3 pr. hand irons.
     Extrs: wfe, Mary, & sons John & Francis.
     On my wife d., my p. e. is to be equ. div. among my 10 chldn., 5 sons & 5 daus.
     Wtn: Michael Hackett, John Sappington, Richard Sappington.
     24 May 1749, sworn to by John & Richard Sappington.

Liber 26, folio 140
12 Aug. 1748
GILLISS, EZEKIEL, Saint Anns Parish, Anne Arundel, Co.
     To wife & extrx., Mary Gilliss, 4 negroes Haneball, Valentine, Adney, & Dinah - & for life, the plntn. where I live, & on her d., to son John Gilliss
     To son Henry Gilliss, Richneck, on Curtises Crk.
     To son Joseph Gilliss, Gillisses Adventure, in Somerset Co., & L 60 starl. to purchse land.
     To each of my daus. L 10 starl: Betty Gilliss, Sarah Gilliss, Milcah Gilliss, Priscilla Gilliss, & Margaret Gilliss.
     Of the residue of my p. e.1/3 to my wife & 2/3 to my 8 chldn aforenamed.
     If son Henry or son John d. before he is of full age . . . .Sons to receive their parts at age 20, daus. at age 16 or mar.
     Win: Robert Davidg, Thomas Chambers, Martan Frill.
     26 May 1749, sworn to by Thos. Chambers & Martin Farrill.

Liber 26, folio 141
25 Oct. 1748
SELLMAN, ANN, Anne Arundel Co.
     To son William Sellman, 1 sh. sterl.
     To son Scarborough Sparrow, negro man Philander, negro boy Young Philander, & a horse colt.
     To son Thomas Sellman, negro man Peter.
     To grdson Jonathan Sparrow, s. o. Kensey, negro woman Rachell, & the 2 first of her increase to my other 2 grdsons, Kensey & Thomas, s. o. the s Kensey Sparrow.
     To grddau. Ann Battee, negro girl Judy, & 1 of her increase to the 2d child of my dau. Ann Batte.
     To son Jonathan Sellman, my part of the cart & hhold furn.
     To Elizabeth, wife of my s son Jonathan, my chest of drawers with the cloth belonging to it & the bell-metal skillet.
     My sheep are to be equ. div. betw. son Scarborough Sellman, the 2 chldn. of my son Charles Selman (Margaret & Ann), & the 3 chldn. of my son John Sellman (Ann, William, & Francis).
     To grdson West Burgess, a cow & calf, & a weavers slay & harness.
     To grddau. Ann Curtis, a piece of silk damask & the trunk behind the hall door.
     To son John Sparrow, 3 ells each of 3 kinds of cloth.
     To grddau. Katharine Sparrow, d. o. s son John, a large hammered pewter dish.
     To son John Sellman & Charles, the crop of cotton.
     To dau. Matilda Burgess, a calico gown, a pair of shammy shoes, a pair of small stillards, & my broadc loth cloak.
     To dau. Ann Battee, my quilted petticoat & a pair of red morocco leather shoes.
     To my dau. Katharine Curtis, my silk gown & other clothes.
     To Elizabeth, wife of my son John Sellman, my black & white crape gown.
     To Elizabeth, wife of my son Charles Sellman, my pladd gown.
     To Mary, wife of my son John Sparrow, a fine Holland shift & other clothes.
     To Dinah, wife of my son Kensey Sparrow, my Bombays gown, my other clothes, & my side saddle.
     To my chldn. Kensey Sparrow, Scarborough Sparrow, John Sellman, Charles Sellman, Thomas Sellman, & Ann Battee, the residue.
     Extr: son Scarborough Sparrow.
     Witn: John Jacobs, Jos. Cowman, Jr., Richard Tidings.
     29 May 1749, sworn to by Jacobs & Tidings.

Liber 26, folio 143
19 March 1748/9
JOBSON, THOMAS, Anne Arundel Co.
     My extrx. shall sell 1acre, which I purchased of Capt. Thomas Larkin, near Annapolis without the City Gate to pay my debts.
     To my bro.-in-law William Allien, L 5 to buy a suit of clothes.
     To James Allien, s. o. Benja. Allien dec , 10 sterl., but if he d., to his bro. Benjamin.
     To s Benja. Allien, at age 21, L 5 for tools for his trade.
     To nephew Thomas Clark, my watch.
     To Mr. Vachel Denton, my gun which Bendt. Leonard Calvert, late gvnr. of Maryland made me a present of.
     To nieces Elizabeth Clark & Mary Clark, a bed each.
     To wife & extrx. Susannah Jobson, for widhood, my e. r. & p., & on her d. to be equ. div. among my cousins Thos. Clarke, Jr., John Clarke, Charles Clarke, Driscilla Clarke, & Ann Owins, d. o. Lewis & Ann Owins, both dec .
     Witn: Clement Hill, Thos. Clark, Jr., James Owen.
     28 June 1749, sworn to by Hill & Owen.

Liber 26, folio 145
10 March 1748
OLEY, SIBBASTON, Anne Arundel Co., planter.
     To eldest son Sibbaston Oley, my dw. plntn.after his mother d. & my gun.
     To son Vachel Oley, plntn. Luckly Hole after his mother d. & a yaller stock gun.
     To son Mordeca Oley, L 15 to buy land & a cow & calf.
     To daus. Elezebeth Grimes, Constant Oley, Susannah Oley, Beththier Oley, Hannah Oley, & Anis Oley, a cow & calf & 2 ewes apiece.
     To eldest dau., Diana Conaway, 1 sh.
     To wife & extrx., Elezebeth Oley, the residue of my e.
     Witn: Thomas Joyce, Elliner Joyce, Peter Johnson.
     22 June 1749, sworn to by Elinor Joyce & Peter Johnson, Thomas Joyce being dec .

Liber 26, folio 146
26 May 1749
GRAY, BRIDGITT, Anne Arundel Co.
     To son & extr., Samuel Gray, negro woman Cate & negro child Easter.
     Witn: Godfrey Watters, John Jones.
     10 July 1749, sworn to by both witn.

Liber 26, folio 147
20 Feb. 1742
COTTER, WILLIAM, Anne Arundel Co.
     To cousin William Gassaway, s. o. my bro. John Gassaway, 2 negro men, age 42 & 33, livestock, my clothes, the sterl. money due me in England, my crop of tobacco now to be stripped, & the residue.
     To cousin Henry Gassaway, s. o. my bro. John Gassaway, negro boy James.
     To cousin Thomas Gassaway, s. o. my bro.John Gassaway, 8 ewes.
     To my bro. & extr., John Gassaway, gray horse Jack.
     Witn: Nichs. Watkins, Jr., Edwd. Steward, Henry Gassaway.
     11 July 1749, sworn to by Steward & Gassaway.

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