Abstracts of Wills
by Carson Gibb

abstracted from
MSA S538
Liber 23

Introduction and abbreviations list

Liber 23, folio 600
24 July 1743
JONES, LEONARD, Dorchester Co.
    To sons Leonard Jones & James Jones, all of Friends Assistance N of a ditch running thro my dw. plntn. div. equ.
    To son Daniel Jones, my dw. plntn., part of Friends Assistance, S of said ditch.
    To dau. Sarah Jones, 1 young bay horse & a chest.
    To dau. Elizabeth Jones, 1 young gray mare.
    To dau. Unice, my black mare  colt, a chest, & a loom.
    One s. sterl apiece to Isaac Jones, dau. Anne Jones, dau. Anne Nelson, dau. Mary Dashield, dau. Sarah Alwent, dau. Priscilla Cooper, dau. Jane McLuer, dau.Isabella Jones, & my dau. Rebecca Nobobbe.
    To my wife, Elizabeth Jones,  for her widhood, my dw. plntn. (except my old orchard, to my son James Jones), 1 grey mare, & 1 bed more than her thirds.
    The residue of my p. e. to my 4 daus Sarah, Elizabeth, Unice, & Sophia div. equ.
    Exectrx: my wife, Elizabeth Jones.
    Witn: Thos. Hicks, Benjamin Ricards, Cathewood.
    12 June 1744, sworn to by Capt. Thos Hicks & Benjamin Ricords; the widow elected not to stand to the will.

Liber 23, folio 603
9 April 1744
    To son Edward Williams, 100a of Bitter Bitt & stock.
    To son William Williams, stock & 300 lb. tobacco.
    To dau. Margarett Williams, at day of her marriage or leaving her mother, 1 cow & calf & first colt of my mare Bonny.
    To son Richard Williams, 50a of the upper end of Bitter Bitt.
    To son Ezekiel Williiams, 50a of the above said tract.
    To dau. Mary Anne Williams, 10 s. gold.
    To sons James Williams &  Allen Willliams, 1 heifer & calf apiece.
    To wife & extrx. Monaky Williams, the residue of my estate.
    Witn: John Brown, Robert Polke, William Bradley.
    18 June 1744, sworn to by all 3 witn.

Liber 23, folio 605
11 Aug. 1744
EDGAR, HENRY, Dorchester Co.
    To wife, Ruth Edgar, my extrx., my dw. plntn. & all my p. e., for life or widhood, then to be div. equ. among my chldn.
    To son William Edgar, my smallest gun & 1 calf.
    To son Henry Edgar, 1 gun & 1 calf.
    To the rest of my children, 1 calf apiece.
    Witn: Lewis Griffen, Jr., John Gostee, Richard Lane.
    3 Sept. 1744, sworn to by John Ganty & Richard Lane.

Liber 23, folio 606
18 9th mo.(called Nov.) 1741
    To wife, Margaret, use of my dw. plntn. & all the lands E of the Beaverdam Br. for her widhood, provided she suffer my son Daniel Richardson to live on any part, & the use of the residue of my p. e.
    To son Joseph Richardson, negro Isaac & all  my land on the W. side of s  Br. except 120a on the NE side.
    To son Daniel Richardson, 2 negroes, George & Long, negro boy Daniel, & any one of Mariah  children, the above excepted 120a, & after my wife  widhood or life, my dw. plntn., hhold furn., crops, & stock.
    To son Richard Richardson, 2 negro girls, Sarah & Sevenia; & Owings Adventure & Owings Addition, 450a in Baltimore Co. bought of Richard Owings & Charles Dorsey.
    To son Nathan Richardson, United Friendship, 350a in Baltimore County bought of Dr. Samuel Chew; & 1 negro Boy Jemney.
    To son Thomas Richardson, High Spaniola, 558a in Cecil Co., & a negro lad not less than 14 yrs old to be  bought.
    To my 2 grandsons, William & Richard, sons of my son Joseph Richardson, 1 young negro man Tom, upon account of a debt I owe the estate of their uncle William Richardson.
    To my dau. Sarah Hill, negro Lucy, whose issue already born to be div. betw. her 2 children, Henry & Margaret Hill.
    To my kinswoman Elizabeth Richardson, d. o. my brother Joseph Richardson, 1 cow & calf.
    To Joseph Galloway, L 4 for the people called Quakers of  West River Meeting.
    On the d. of my wife, Margaret, the residue of my p. e. to be div. equ. among my 7 children: Joseph, Daniel, Richard, Nathan, & Thomas Richardson, Sophia Galloway, & Sarah Hill.
    After my d., negro woman Betty is to serve 7 yrs & be free, all her issue are to be free at 35 yrs, & mulatto Mariah is to serve 15 yrs & be free.
    Extrs: wife, Magaret, & son  Daniel Richardson.
    Witn: Nch s Watson, John Ross, Thos Spriggs.
    11 Sept. 1744, sworn to by all 3 witn.

Liber 23, folio 610
28 Nov. 1743
    To William Matherly, s. o. my wife, Mary Donaldson, when he is at age, L 25 & a young horse.
    To my son Thomas Donaldson, wearing apprl., carpenters & coopers tools, & 1 gun.
    My son John Donaldson is to continue with his mother-in-law, my present wife, Mary Donaldson, & at age 21 to receive a suit of apprl. & a mare colt.
    To my wife & extrx [not named], 1/3 of my estate & the rest after the bequests above, & if she d. to be div. equ. among  my children.
    Witn: Willm. Kirkland, Richard Taylor, Daniel Pierce.
    17 Dec. 1743,  sworn to by Kirkland & Pearce.

Liber 23, folio 612
4 Feb. 1743
WILSON, JAMES, City of Annapolis, Anne Arundel Co., laborer.
    To Thomas King of the s  city, shoemaker ,extr., the residue of my e.
    Witn: Thos. Williamson, Robert Shaw, James Hendry.
    19 May 1744, sworn to by all 3 witn.

Liber 23, folio 613
26 June 1744
    To my wife, 1/3 of my e. r. & p.
    To my eldest son, Nehemiah Burkhead, the tract Wells Hills.
    To my son Samuel Birkhead, part of my dw. plntn. adj. land of Seaborn Tucker beg. at an ash in the line of Silverstone & then the line between me & Samuel Chew.
    To my sons John & Matthew Birckhead, extrs., the rest of my s  land equ. div.
    To grddau. Sarah Waters, a mollatto girl Nass.
    To grddau. Sarah Birckhead, negro boy Orange.
    To my dau, Elizabeth Waters & my son Matthew Birckhead, the remaining 1/3 of my e.
    Witn: Jo. Camilton, Richd. Randall, Willm. Brereton.
    26 July 1744, sworn to by Dr. John Hamilton, Richard Randall, & William Brereton.

Liber 23, 615
4  Jan 1743
BURMAN, SAMUEL, of the City of Annapolis, butcher.
    To my wife & extrx. Anne Burman, all my e. r. & p.
    Witn: Geo. Chambers,  Hannnah Chambers, Mary Ellis.
    11 Oct. 1744, sworn to by Geo. & Hannah Chambers.

Liber 23, folio.614
2 June 1743
WOODWARD, THOMAS, Baltimore Co., cooper.
    To son John Woodward, now in England, Hogs Norton & Shoemakers Branch, on the NW Br. of Patapsco R. & my lot in Balto. Town.
    If the child my wife, Mary Woodward, goes with is a man child, his name is to be Thomas & he is to have Shoemakers Lott & the Lott in Balto Town; if the child is a girl or if he is a man & d. without heirs, these lotts to son John.
    My p. e. is to be div. equ. among my children John, Ann, & Mary Woodward & the unborn child.
    Witn: Mary Anne Harris, George Walker, Christopher Gardiner.
    25 Sept. 1744, sworn to by Christopher Gardiner & Mary Anne Harrison, Geo. Walker being d.

Liber 23, 619
21 Aug. 1744
REYNOLDS, JOHN, Talbot Co., planter.
    To son Robert Reynolds, 1 sorrel mare colt called Baze, always deemed Jennys colt.
    To my wife, Sarah Reynolds, my extrx., all that part of Reynolds Point betw. the land of James Hopkins & the land of  Samuel Hopkins, about which myself & John Leonard was at law, for life, & my p. e.
    To Jonathan Hopkins, all the SW end of Reynolds Point which I lately sold him.
    Witn: N. Bensen, Thos. Robson, Henry Robson.
    26 Oct. 1744, sworn to by all 3 witn., who depose that Reynolds intended to sign; the widow stood to the will.

Liber 23, folio 620
20 July 1744
SWEAT, VARTY, [Talbot Co.].
    My dau. is to be of age at 14 years; if my wife marries again, to her hhold furn & stock.
    The rest of my goods to be div. betw. son Charles Sweat & dau. Mary Sweat.
    Extrs: my wife & my father, John Surat[Sweat].
    Witn: William Walner, Mary Sweat, Ann Walner.
     26 Oct. 1744, sworn to by both Walners. John Sweat renounces the admin

Liber 23, 622
 27 Sept. 1744
LINGAM, MARTHA, Calvert Co., gentlewoman.
    To son Thomas Lingam, 2 negroes, Sam & George; sons Thomas & George Lingam to be my extrs.
    To son George Lingam, 2 negroes, Abraham & Dick.
    To son Samuel Lingam, 2 negroess, Harry & Ondly.
    To dau. Ann Lingam, 2 negroes, Bess & her dau. Mary.
    To dau. Elizabeth Chapman, 2 negroes, Jenny & Theene.
    To dau. Mary Lingam, 4 negroes, Sarah, Phillis, little  Sall, & little Harculus.
    To 4 daus , Martha, Anne, Elizabeth, [&] Mary, 3 silver spoons & 1 large silver spoon, Martha to have her choice.
    To son Thomas Lingam & son-in-law Elisha Hall, the work of negro named Cooper Harculus.
    Witn: Mary Smith, Willm. Holland, Wm. Chapman.
    29 Oct. 1744, sworn to by all 3 witn.

Liber 23, folio 624
12 Dec. 1743
DEVEROW, ELENOR, [Prince George  Co.]
    To grnddau. Ruth Clary, d. o. Daniel Clary, residue of hhold furn & stock.
    To grnddau. Mary Clary, d. o. Daniel Clary, a young black heifer.
    To dau. Eleanor Clary, hhold furn.
    To grndson William Clary, the new chest.
    To son-in-law Daniel Clary, my crops.
    Witn: Caleb Letton, Daniel Chandler, Grace Letton.
    19 Nov. 1744, sworn to by Caleb & Grace Letton.

Liber 23, foliio 625
12 Feb. 1743/4
CARTER, WILLIAM, Charles Co., planter.
    To wife, Sophia, extrx., the land I live on & all my movables for life.
    After her d., to son William, all my negroes, 1 bed, & the hand mill.
    To dau. Jane Brikhead, the W moiety of Bridge Town & when she leaves it, to whichever of her children, my son William sees fit, & on her mother  d., a bed.
    To dau. Elizabeth, wife of the late Thomas Thomas, 1 chest of drawers on her mother  d.
    10 March 1743, sworn to by Thomas North, William Brooke, & Luke Adams.
    25 June 1744, letters testamentary ordered for Sophania Carter if she apply for them.
    See Sophaina Carter deposition in Liber DD #4, folio 40.

Liber 23, folio 628
 29 Dec. 1743
CHUNN, JOHN, Charles Co.planter.
    To eldest son, Richard Chunn, 112a of Morrises Mount, lately purchased of William Coode & Joseph Allen
    To 3d son, Andrew Chunn, 1/3 of Brothwood.
    To 4th son Peregrine Chunn, the other 1/3 of Brothwood, where my dw. plntn. is.
    To sons Richard, John, Andrew, & Peregrine Chunn & daus Mary Ann, Elizabeth, Lydia, Judit, & Dorothy Chunn, one negro apiece with future increase, and the residue of my p. e. div. equ.
    Witn: Sam Amery, Sam Leve, Jr. William Leve.
    25 Oct. 1744, sworn to by Samuel Avery & William Leve.

Liber 23, folio 631
[no date of execution]
    To my wife, Juliana Burton, my extrx, the reminder of my e. r. & p. for her widhood; if she marry, my bro.-in-law John Johnson, is to take all into his hands, pay my grndson William Burton 1200 lb. tob. a year till he is 21, when he is to have all my lands, & if my dau. Rachel Carman & my grndsoon Wm. Barton d. without legal heir, my lands to my cousin John woodall, s. o. John Woodall.
    To dau. Rachel Carman, 1 s sterl.
    To Johana Jago, 1 bed, to be paid when she is 16, & 600 lb. tob.
    To Margaret  Pinder, d. do Margaret Pinder, 1000 lb. tob.
    To John Lewis, 1 small white horse.
    Witn: Jas Brown, John Higgns, John Hollinsworth.
    13 Sept. 1744, sworn to by all 3 witn., & the widow elected her thirds

Liber 23, folio 633
20 March 1740
COLEMAN, MORDICAI, Prince George  County.
To bro., Joseph Coleman, a mulatto boy, Will.
To Spicer Owen, all my other estate.
Witn: Charles Coats, James Jones.
[No probate]

Liber 23, folio 633
3 April 1744
SHANKS, JAMES, Calvert Co., schoolmaster.
    To my friend Dr. James Somervell of Calvert Co., my extr., the silver watch in my psssossion; if the residue of my estate is enough for a remittance to my mother, Christian Fordice, if alive, or my sisters Jannet Shanks & Margaret Shanks, make return to them; but if not div. it equ. among my 3 godchildren: James Johnson, Rebecca MacKall, & Elizabeth Stater.
    Witn: Robert Skinner, Jno Somervill, Barbara Boyde.
    14 Nov. 1744, sworn to by Skinner & Somervill.

Liber 23, folio 635
10 July 1744
    To son Edmund,  a negro girl Rose, a desk,  a hand mill, & the residue of my e.
    To dau. Jane, negro girl Bess & L 20 sterl.to be paid at age 16 or time of marriage & the residue of my e.
    If  both my children d. s. p., negro Rose to nephew James Hungerford, & negro Bess to Elizabeth Clare, d. o. my Sister Hannah Clare, & the residue of my e. to be div. equ. betw. my nephews James Clare & James Hungerford.
    Extrx: wife. If she d., my brothers Benjamin & Edmond Hungerford are to care for my children.
    Witn: John Clare, William Ford, Robert Greves, Jr.
    3 Dec. 1744, sworn to by Clare & Greves.

Liber 23, folio 637
4 Sept 1744.
    All my e. r. & p. to my wife & extrx, & on her d., the p. e. to be div. equ. among my 3 children: John, Sarah, &
    Solomon; but if she marry, 2/3 of my p. e. to my 3 children, & if my son John return not, his share to Solomon.
    As for my r. e.,  to son John, but if he return not, to Solomon.
    To William Cranford, the pot & gun I gave him.
    Witn: James Dossey, Wm. Tayman, Thos. Morsell, John Davis Scarff, Mary Leach.
    11 Dec. 1744, sworn to by Scarff & Tayman & affirmed by Dossey ( Quaker).

Liber 23, folio 639
[no date of execution]
CRANAL, FRANCIS, St. James Parish, Anne Arundel Co.
    To children Francis Crandall, Ertha Gott, & William Crandall, 1 ewe & lamb apiece.
    To son Abel Crandall, 1 ewe & lamb & 1 suit.
    To dau Ann Gott, negro man Worrick.
    To son Joseph Crandall, my extr., residue of my e.
    Witn: Jacob Franklin, Abel Hill.
    30 Nov. 1744, sworn to by Abel Hill & affirmed by Jacob Franklin, (Quaker).

Liber 23, folio 640
19 March 1742/3.
HALL, EDWARD, Sr., Anne Arundel Co., planter.
    To son Edward Hall, coextr., the upper the part he lives on, of the land I live on about 300a.
    To daus Jane & Sarah Hall, while they are unmarried, the lower  of said land.
    To son John Hall, coextr., after the marriage or d. of my daus., said lower
    To dau. Jane, 1 negro girl Dina, 1 cow & calf, & 1 bed.
    To dau. Sarah, 1 cow & calf, 1 large bay mare Cudde & 1 bed.
    Witn: Richard Warfield, Sr., Sophia Dorsey, Jehosaphat Rawlings.
    23 Feb. 1743/4, sworn to by Warfield & Rawlings.

Liber 23, folio 642
1 Dec. 1746
HARRIS, BENJAMIN, Calvert Co., gent.
    To neighbor John Tucker, the only gun I have.
    To niece Sarah Harrison, d. o. Richard Harrison, negro girl Mariah.
    To wife, Sarah Harris, extrx., all my lands & other goods.
    Witn: Jo. Camilton, Richd. Roberts, Jno. Stallings, Jr., Nathaniel Dare.
    20 Dec. 1744, sworn to by  Dr. John Hamilton, John Stallings, Jr., & affirmed by Richard Roberts ( Quaker).

Liber 23, folio 643
29 Nov. 1744.
WRIGHT, JOHN, Baltimore County, planter.
    To cousin John Oram, my plntn., 225a, Maidens Choice, at 20 yrs. of age, & negro men Sampson & [Pom ?] &
    other p. p. at 21 years.
    My brother Cooper Oram to be my extr.
    Witn: George Bailey, Olivr. Cromwell, Jabez Bailey.
    3 Jan. 1744, affirmed by Cromwell (Quaker) & sworn to by Jabez Bailey.

Liber 23, folio 645
7 Sept. 1744
RYAN, DENNIS, Anne Arundel Co.
    To dau. Secelia Ryan, negro girl Rachel & negro boy Ceasor when she is 18 yrs. old or married.
    To sons-in-law William, Abraham, & Martin Fisher & dau.-in-law Martha Fisher, at age 21, 1 cow & calf & L 5 apiece.
    The residue of my e. is to be div. equ. betw. my wife & extrx. Elinor Ryan & my dau. Secilia Ryan.
    Witn: Abraham Simmons, W. Simmons, Margt. Simmns.
    3 Jan. 1744, sworn to by Abraham & William Simmons, & Elinor Ryan elects the devise of her husband.

Liber 23, folio 647
3 Feb. 1743
    To son George Johnson, negro Guy & the 200a of Rochester I live on, bought of Mr. John Godein.
    To son Thomas Johnson, 87a of Friends Choice in Somerset Co. bought of Mr. Willliam Whittington & alienated to me by Mr. Thomas Relph. The s  87a to join on the 125a of s  tract alienated by me to my son Purnall Johnson.
    To son Samuel Johnson, the 87a residue of s  tract.
    To grdson Samuel Dennis, 2 2-yr.-old heifers.
    The residue to my children Sarah, Purnell (extr.), George (extr.), Thomas, & Samuel, div. equ.
    Witn: Isaac Morris, Jno. Scarborough, James Martin.
    5 Oct. 1744, sworn to by Martin & Scarborough.

Liber 23, folio 648
22 May 1744
HOPKINS, SAMUEL, Worcester Co.
    To grdson Leven Hopkins, all my land over the road from my house to the sea-side as far as the post dividing me from Popes land.
    To son-in-law Ezekiel Wise, 60a to the W of my dw. house & S of the main branch that divides me & John Halls plntn.
    To Richard Ayres & Sarah, his wife, about 50a NW of the old schoolhouse by the main branch & near Wm. Johnson.
    To son Samuel Hopkins, extrx., residue oof land.
    Witn: Jno. Scarborough, Hampton Hopkins, Matthew Selby.
    28 Nov. 1744, sworn to by all 3 witn.

CLAYWELL, SELBY. His will omitted here & recorded in Liber DD #3, folio 248.

Liber 23, folio 650
12 June 1741
HENDERSON, THOMAS, Westminster Parish, Anne Arundel Co.
    To son Thomas Frisby Henderson, Bear Neck, the plntn. I live on.
    To son William Henderson, Jacobs Improved Purchase, on Curtis Crk.
    To son George Henderson, Hendersons Meadow, on Stony Run, a draught of Patapsco.
    To my wife & extrx., a young bay horse without brand
    Residue to my 6 children: Thomas Frisby, William, George, Sarah, Francess, & Cordelia.
    Witn: Edmond Lenton, Abraham Frizel, Joseph Pumphery.
    10 Jan.1744, sworn to Frizel & Pumphery.

Liber 23, folio 651
7 Sept.1744
ANDREWS, ALICE, Anne Arundel Co.
    To friend Franses Mapp of Anne Arundel Co.,  3 negro children, boy Tom, girl Hanna, girl Namy, & my gold  button I wear in my shirt sleves
    To bro. Richard Clepshaw, all my e. r. & p., but if he d. s. p., to Samuel Smith, Esq., & Frances Mapp, both Of A.A. Co., who are to be my extrs
    Witn: John Howard, John Stewart, John Cavendish.
    12 Jan. 1744, sworn to by all 3 witn.

Liber 23, folio 653
12 Jan. 1744
MURPHEY, JOHN, [Baltimore Co.]
    His will proved by Anne Lovelace   Recorded in Liber C. C.#2, folio 783.

Liber 23, folio 654
16 Oct. 1744
TOLLEY, JAMES, Baltimore Co.
    To the child my wife may go with, all my lands.
    To wife, negro man Toby, negro boy Sam, negro woman Sarah, & 1 stallion.
    To nephew Walter Tolley, Jr., negro boy Peter.
    To niece Elizabeth Tolley, negro woman Phillis.
    To niece Mary Tolley, negro woman Judith.
    To niece Sophia Tolley, negro man Prince.
    To bro. Walter Tolley,(my  extr.) negro man Morey.
    To sister Mary Tolley, negro Peter.
    Witn: Roderick Cheyne, Js. Starkey, Abigail Cook.
    2 Nov. 1744, sworn to by all 3 witn.

Liber 23, folio 656
14 Dec. 1743
HOOKER, THOMAS, Baltimore Co., planter.
    To Elener, my wife, for life, Eleners Lookout, & on her d., to son John Hooker.
    To sons Samuel Hooker & Richard Hooker, 1 s. sterling apiece.
    To son John Hooker, my young mare Cloey after each of my daus Ruth Hooker & Edeth Hooker has a colt of her.
    To son Benjamin Hooker, 100a of lease land.
    To each of Benjamin Carr children, 1 s sterl.
    Witn: Nicholas Haile, Moses Merryman, Elextious Lemon.
    7 Nov. 1744, sworn to by Merryman & Lemon.

Liber 23, folio 657
20 Oct. 1744
TOLLEY, MARY, widow of James Tolley, late of Baltimore Co.
    To sister Frances Hammond Dorsey, negro lad Toby & negro boy Sam.
    To Elizabeth Miller, sister of my d. husband, negro woman Sarah.
    My bro-in-law John Hammond Dorsey to be extr.
    Witn: Roderick Cheyne, Jonathan Starkey, Jacob Starkey.
    9 Nov. 1744, sworn to by Cheyne & Jacob Starkey.

Liber 23, folio 659
2 Nov. 1744
    To son Thomas Simpson, 1 bed, my riding mare, & my great chest.
    To son Joseph Green Simpson, negro man Peter & a bed.
    To dau. Anne Clark, negro man Jack.
    To grdson John Semmes, s. o. Clebarn Semmes, 5 s sterl.
    To dau. Mary Simpson, negro man Pompey, a bed, & a grey mare & 2 colts
    To dau. Clare Simpson, negro boy Nacey, a dark bay riding horse Nobb, & a white servant boy Ignatious Gaul.
    To wife & extrx. Julianah Simpson, 3 negroes, Frank, Charles, & Hannah, & the residue.
    Witn: Jos. M. Semmes, Wm Hugan.
    3 Dec. 1744, sworn to by both witnesses.

Liber 23, folio 660
25 June 1737
CLUBB, JOHN, Charles Co., planter.
    To wife, Anne Clubb (extrx.), 1/3 of my p. e.
    To son Philip Clubb, 12 pence & the S 100a of Hopewell 200a.
    To my son Matthew Clubb (extr.), the other 100a of Hopewell & Conveniency , 5a adj., & the other 2/3 of my p. e.
    To dau. Elizabeth Wedding, 12 pence & Maidens Pleasure 95a.
    Witn: Ralph Marlo, Mary Willitt, Charles Willit.
    18 Dec. 1744, sworn to by Ralph Marlo & Mary Willitt.

Liber 23, folio 662
22 Sept. 1744
SMOOT, BARTON, Charles Co.
    To wife, Anne Smoot, for life, plntn. I live on adj. land of my son Barton & land of Thos. Cothell, Skipten 200a at Port Tobacco, & Fishpond 100a by Charles Bakers & 1/3 of my p. e.
    To son Barton Smoot, Briants Clifts 200a, Mount Clipsham 68a, & for life Marsh Land 100a, then to my grndson Henry  Smoot, then to George Smoot.
    To son Isaac Smoot, Smoots Delight 88a, Smoots Swamp 50a, Smoots Swamp Addition 55a, & Lomaxes
    To son William Smoot, Bartons Hope 100a, 25a of Daniels Mount, Mondays Disappointment 100a, & if my son Thomas
    Smoot refuses to make him a good right to it, Smoot Fishpond 100a.
    The residue to be equ. div. betw. my 4 sons, Thomas, Barton, Isaac, & William & my dau. Elizabeth Guyther.
    Extrs: wife, Anne Smoot, & son Thomas Smoot.
    Witn: Philip Dorney, Tobias Coohagen, Margaret Coohagen.
    10 Jan. 1744, sworn to by all 3 witn.

Liber 23, folio 665
1 Jan. 1744/5
QUINLY, MARGARET, St. James Parish, Anne Arundel Co.
    To son Samuel Scott, Deavers Range, the land I live on.
    To son Sabrett Scott, my newest bed, & if s  Samuel d.s. p., s  Deavers Range.
    To dau Sarah Scott, my other bed & a red cow & calf.
    The residue of my p. e. to be equ. div. betw. son Thomas Scott & dau. Margaret Trott.
    To 2 sons of s  son Saml.a red heifer.
    Witn: John Powell, John Trott, George Macguire.
    4 Feb. 1744, sworn to by all 3 witn.

Liber 23, folio 666
3 Nov. 1744
NEWMAN, CATHARINE, Talbot Co., widow of John Newman of said county late dec .
    Alice Lee of Talbot Co. deposes that on 21 Nov. last past, during her last sickness, said Catharine declared that Mr. Nicholas Goldsborough of Talbot Co. should administer her estate & care for eldest daughter, Elizabeth, & for her youngest Daughter, Mary, if John Cox  wife would not take her, & left her daughter Sarah to said John Cox  wife.
    Sworn to 3 Dec. 1744.

Liber 23, folio 667
2 Nov. 1741
    To son William Collison, extr., all my estate.
    Witn: John Lowe, William Webb Haddaway, Thos. Smiith.
    22 Dec. 1744, sworn to by all 3 witn.

Liber 23, folio 668
1 Dec. 1744
    To bro. Matthew Williams, 1 young bay mare & my pistols & holsters.
    To Jaine Pitts, 1 horse colt.
    To William Sheld, my best suit.
    The residue to my wife, Rachel, she & William Sheld to be extrs.
    Witn: John Sweat, James Sanders.
    11 Jan. 1744, sworn to by both witn., & the widow stood to the will.

Liber 23, folio 669
26 March 1743/4
DEEN, JAMES, Somerset Co.
    To my wife & extrx., Mary, my whole estate, & to the child she goes with, Deans Venter.
    To bro. Charles  Dean, Gladstones Industry.
    Witn: John Badley, Thomas Hhuffinton, Samuel Badley.
    Sworn to by all 3 witn.

Liber 23, folio 671
2 Feb. 1736
BLUER, JAMES, Somerset Co.
    To James, son of Richard Bluer, white mare Tibbe.
    To James, son of Saml Bluer, 1 colt.
    To James, son of Sarah Bluer, enough feathers for 2 beds.
    Of the residue, 1/3 to wife & extrx. Margaret Bluer, & 2/3 to her children by me.
    Witn: Levin Gale, Wm. Murray, William Drumond.
    27 Oct. 1744, sworn to by William Murray, &The widow stood to the will.

Liber 23, folio 673
11 May 1744
    My p. e. is to be div. equ. betw. my wife & extrx., Esther Dashiel, & my daus Jane & Esther Dashiel.
    Witn: Geo. Dashiel, John Handy, Michael Dashiel.    Robt. Dashal
     Jan. 1744, sworn to by both Dashiels.

Liber 23, folio 674
29 Dec. 1744
WALKER, THOMAS, Somerset Co.
    To Jacob Saily & his children by my dau. Elizabeth Sailey, my dw. plntn. on the N side Dashiels Crk provided he pay Col. Geo. Gale & Matthew Gale L 125 sterling; my land in Sussex Co., Delaware.
    To dau. Mary Ritchardson, 300a of Cooskaway, negro man Jonathan, negro man Jubah, negro girl Cloe, stock,
   & hhold furn.
    To dau. Sarah Fletcher, 250a of Coskaway, negro Charles, negro Frank, the use of  negro woman Sibb, then to Sarah  dau Mary.
    To dau. Jane Lucas, 250a of Coskaway, negro woman Parthena, hhold furn, & stock.
    To dau. Rebecca Walker, 150a of Coskaway.
    To grnddau. Betty Day Scott, 100a of Coskaway, molatto girl Thamer
    To dau. Eleanor Walker, lot in White Haven Town, negro woman Dinah, Negro boy Cato, & hhold furn.
    To Richard Wallas of Dames Quarter, the land he paid me 8000 lb. tob. for.
    To dau. Ann Walker, negro woman Kate, negro boy Joe, hhold furn. & stock.
    The money given to Geo. & Matthew Gale to be for my grdson Samuel Chase if he live to 21 years.
    Extrx: dau. Mary Richardson & dau, Sarah Fletcher.
    Witn: Geo. Dashiel, Patrick Stewart, Thos. Miller, Gilbert Stewart
    13 Jan. 1744, sworn to by all 3 witn.  

Liber 23, folio 678
20 Dec. 1744
JONES, JAMES, Somerset Co., schoolmaster.
    To wife & extrx., Sarah, 1/3 of  moveable estate & my riding horse.
    To son Isaac Jones, the plntn. I lived on & 50a.
    To son James Jones, 50a adj. Isaac Jones .
    To Joshua Jones, 50a at the upper end of said land.
    The residue to be div. equ. among my children.
    Witn: John Rickards, Joseph Callaway, William Walker.    
    25 Jan. 1744, sworn to by Rickards & Callaway, & Sarah Jones, the widow, stood to the will.

Liber 23, folio 679
6 April 1739
LLOYD, ALICE, Queen Annes Co.
    To sister Anne Tilghman, Grosses, near mouth of Wye River, Talbot County, given by my mother between me & other my sister on the d. of my sister Margaret Ward.
    To Cousin Philemon Blake, Lloyds Meadows Resurveyed & Lloyds Meadows Addition 570a.
    To cousin Mary Carroll, d. o. Mr. Charles Carroll by my cousin Dorothy dec , the other part of Lloyds Meadows Resurv. & Lloyds Meadows Adtn. Near the head of Wye River; then to her younger bro. John Carroll; then to her eldest bro., my cousin Charles Carroll; then to my cousin John Blake.
    To Philemon Blake, s. o. my cousin Philemon Blake, 1 negro boy.
    To cousin John Blake, all my negroes & mulattoes, he to pay to my cousins Henrietta Maria Robins & Anne Lloyd (now wife of cousin Robert Lloyd) each L 20 sterl., & to my cousins Anne Earle & Henrietta Maria Earle, d. o. Mr. James Earl, L 10 sterl. Each.
    Residue to my extrs., John & Philemon Blake, sons of my sister Henrietta Maria Blake dec .
    Witn: Nich Fletcher, David Melville, Thomas Kendall, R[ichard] Bennett.
    4 Dec. 1744, sworn to by Melville, Kendall, & Bennett.

Liber 23, folio 682
29 Nov. 1744
WINCHESTER, JACOB, Kent Island, Queen Annes Co.
    To son Isaac Winchester, negro man Pompey, negro boy Tom, hhold furn., & 1 mare bought of Mr. John Browne.
    To son Jacob Winchester, negro woman Darkey, negro boy Symon, hhold furn, & cash.
    To dau. Sarah, negro woman Lydia, negro boy Jimmey, & hhold furn.
    To child my wife goes with, negro lad Sharper, negro boy Young Pompey, & hhold furn.
    To wife & extrx., Mary Winchester, 1/3 of estate.
    Residue to said children equ. div.
    Witn: Joseph Sudler, Andrew Price, J[ames] Harvey.
    31 Jan. 1744, sworn to by all 3 witn.

Liber 23, folio 684
9 March 1743/4
    To Frances Bostick, my extr., overseer for Richard Young,  proceeds of 7 hhds tob. sent per the Baltimore to Mr. Sam. Hide & 20 s. which lies with Mr. Smith, sheriff of Annne Arundel Co.
    To Jacob Lusby. wearing apprl.
    To Benjamin Tasker, Esq., crops in his hands provided he carries me to Annapolis & pays the Doctr.
    Witn: B[arton] Rogett, Frances Bostick.
    10 March 1745, sworn to by both witn.

Liber 23, folio 685
5 Nov. 1744
BEDDARD, RICHARD, Worcester Co., Gent.
    To Ann, my wife & extrx., for life, the plntn. I live on.
    To Benjamin Davis, the plntn. he lives on, 500 lb. tob., 40 s. sterl., & after my wife  d., all my land.
    To dau. Sarah Baddard, after my wife  d., hhold furn.
    To dau. Jerusha Baddard, hhold furn.
    Witn: John Evans, Gammage Evins, Zachariah Bold.
    19 Jan. 1744, sworn to by John & Gamage Evans.

Liber 23, folio 687
29 Nov. 1730
GREEN, BOWLES, Kent Co., Planter.
    To son John Green, who is to be in the care of my kinsman William Wrench till he is 18, all my land & houses, hhold furn., the young stallion, &  my p. e.
    To wife, Mary Green, my grey gelding & the other  of my p. e.
    Extrs: William Wrench of Queen Annes Co. & my wife, Mary Green.
    Witn: Peter Green, Robert Green, Jonathan Whitworth.
    10 Nov. 1744, sworn to by Whitworth, Peter & Robert Green being d.

Liber 23, folio 689
28 Sept. 1744
    To son William Thomas, my dw. plntn., 700a of  Kedjerton or Thomas  Purchase.
     If he d. s. p., to dau. Mary Thomas.
    If she d. s. p., to my cousin William Thomas, s. o. my bro. Henry Thomas late dec .
    To wife, Sarah, use of my plntn. for widhood & 1/3 of my p. e. for life.
    Extrs: wife, Sarah, & cousin Richard Gresham.
    Witn: Nicho  Pearce, Sr., Wm. Trew, Jr., N[icholas] Neal.
    12 Jan 1744, sworn to by Pearce & Neal.

Liber 23, folio 691
9 Jan 1744
ONEAL, LAWRANCE, Kent Co., weaver.
    To dau. Margaret O Neal, all estate r. & p. except my riding horse, Toby.
    To housekeeper, Rosamond Reynolds, said horse.
    Extr. & guardian of my said dau.: Henry Spencer.
    Witn: Thos. Cowper, Mathias Day.
    27 Jan. 1744, sworn to by both witn.

Liber 23, folio 693
20 Dec. 1744
BALL, JANE, Kent Co., widow.
    All my estate, div. equ., to dau. Margaret Kelly & son James Kelly.
    To my bro. William Moode of Philadelphia, care of said son till he is of age.
    Extrs: dau. Margarett & Abraham Milton.
    Witn: Nichos. Pearce, Sr., James Claypoole, Edward Brown.
    2 Feb 1744, sworn to by Pearce & affirmed by Claypoole.

Liber 23, folio 694
26 Feb. 1739
    To dau. Mary Willson, L 50.
    To grdson Edward Willson, L 150, when he is 18.
    To grdson Reynolds Allen, when he is 18, but if he d. s. p., to dau Mary Willson & her son Edward Willson.
    To son & extr. Thomas Reynolds, residue.
    Witn: William Kidd, James Weems, Gabriel Parker.
    14 Dec. 1744, sworn to by Kidd. [Addtl. probate in DD3: 125]

Liber 23, folio 695
23 Jan. 1744/5
CURRENT, ANN, Calvert Co.
    To dau. Elizabeth Current, being 9 yrs. of age on 15 July next, cloth.
    To dau. Sarah Current, cloth & hhold furn., including the chest at Mr. John Binans.
    My other effects to brother Garad Dixon & Thomas Shephard.
    Witn: J. Ridgby, John Smith.
    2 Feb. 1744, swornn to by John Smith

Liber 23, folio 697
22 Jan. 1744
HASSETT, DINA, Calvert Co.
    To bro-in-law, Thomas Goldsbery, till she comes of age, my dau. Grace Philips & her house & land & my youngest son.
    To John Cullpepper, till they are 19, my 2 sons Michael & John Hasset.
    Witn. Thomas Gasscary, Dina Pearse, Thomas Brittin.
    12 Feb. 1744, sworn to by Dina Pearse.

Liber 23, folio 698
20 Jan 1743
PIERCE, RICHARD, Calvert Co., planter.
    To grndchild Grace Phillips, 1 iron pot.
    To son William Pierce, hhold furn., tools, stock, & crops until my 2 sons Richard & John Pearce come to age & then to be equ. div. between them
    Extr: son-in-law Thomas Goldsbary.
    Witn: Thomas Elsbury, Richard Trowton, Saml. Bennett
    12 Feb. 1744, sworn to by Richard Trewton.

Liber 23, folio 699
7 May ----
    To dau.-in-law Mary Edmans, negro boy Gabriel.
    To dau-in-law Cateran Edmans, after the d. of her mother, negro girl Moll.
    To William Hutson, 1 cow & calf.
    To wife & extrx., Ann Dickinson, remainder of my p. e.
    Witn: Sarah Brooke, John Brooke.
    16 Feb. 1744, sworn to by John Brooke.

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