State Agency Series Listing
at the Maryland State Archives

(Chancery Papers)

Date: 1817/01/06
2818: Jesse Jarrett and Henry Scarff. HA. Trust estate of William Norris - Williams Trust, Norriss Neglect, Norriss Venture. Recorded (Chancery Record) 104, p. 481.
Accession No.: 17,898-2818-1/2 MSA S512-3-2897 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1817/01/08
617: Richard B. Beall, Jacob Brandt, and John N. Murphy vs. John Howard, Elizabeth Sewell, James H. Sewell, and William H. Sewell. BA, HA. Injunction against sale of Youngs Addition, Youngs Escape.
Accession No.: 17,898-617-1/2 MSA S512-1-647 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1817/01/08
2440: Eli Hewitt, Alexander Russell, and William Gibson vs. John Chalmers, Charles B. Chalmers, Samuel Burch, and Henry Dashiell. BA. Defraud of creditors of John Chalmers.
Accession No.: 17,898-2440 MSA S512-3-2528 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1817/01/09
1218: John Carrere vs. Thomas Cole, Mary Cole, and Henry Cole. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 102, p. 419.
Accession No.: 17,898-1218-1/2 MSA S512-2-1286 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1817/01/09
4683: James Smith vs. Osborn Brashears, Rachel Brashears, Jeremiah Dorsey, Elizabeth Dorsey, Upton Dorsey, Reubin Dorsey, Owen Dorsey, Levin Dorsey, and Thomas Dorsey. BA. Title to Pollys Habitation, Charles Delight, Buckhorn. Recorded (Chancery Record) 97, p. 488 and 105, p. 196.
Accession No.: 17,898-4683 MSA S512-6-4852 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1817/01/14
3864: Thomas Owens and Leonard Gary vs. Rachel Carr, Ann Carr, John Carr, and Mary E. Carr. AA. Mortgage foreclosure on Berkheads Adventure. Recorded (Chancery Record) 104, p. 452.
Accession No.: 17,898-3864 MSA S512-4-3979 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1817/01/14
9992: Joseph Nicholson vs. Henry Gwinn and Edward Hall of Edward. MO. Contract to purchase Johns Cabbin Ridge.
Accession No.: 17,898-9992 MSA S512-13-9884 Location: 1/39/2/

Date: 1817/01/20
1500: Isabel Dodd vs. Penelope D. Gist, Ann Cockey, and Edward Fendall. BA. Estate of Thomas D. Cockey.
Accession No.: 17,898-1500 MSA S512-2-1564 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1817/01/20
3024: Samuel Lowry vs. Jeremiah Hill. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 103, p. 210.
Accession No.: 17,898-3024 MSA S512-4-3108 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1817/01/20
3134: Stephen Lee vs. Joseph N. Stockett. AA. Contract to pay a note.
Accession No.: 17,898-3134 MSA S512-4-3221 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1817/01/21
1190: Richard Chandonetti, Mary Lydia Chandorett, and John Davis vs. John McKay. BA. Estate of Lydia Helphinstone.
Accession No.: 17,898-1190 MSA S512-2-1259 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1817/01/22
1692: Edmund Evans vs. Edward Waters and Aquila Waters. AA. Title to Waters Lot.
Accession No.: 17,898-1692 MSA S512-2-1763 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1817/01/22
1781: William Frick vs. James Heighe. CV. Mortgage foreclosure on Frosters Purchase, Chalk Hills, Bakly, Little Land, Roberts Chance. Recorded (Chancery Record) 104, p. 377.
Accession No.: 17,898-1781 MSA S512-2-1858 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1817/01/22
1884: Edward Fitzgerald vs. Cumberland Dugan. BA. Contract to lease house and lot in BC.
Accession No.: 17,898-1884 MSA S512-3-1949 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1817/01/22
2262: Robert W. Hudson, Lucy Soper, Robert Ward, and Whoops Chamberlain vs. Nathan Shipley, Mary Shipley, Larkin Selby, Lewis Selby, Jesse W. Shipley, Absalom Shipley, Patience Shipley, Amon Shipley, and Unica Shipley. BA. Estate of Absalom Shipley - Everetts Progress, Everetts Progress Enlarged. Recorded (Chancery Record) 104, p. 121.
Accession No.: 17,898-2262-1/3 MSA S512-3-2352 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1817/01/22
2765: James Jackson, Bethiah Jackson, Jacob Bromwell, and Eleanor Bromwell vs. Alexander Moore, Eleanor Jackson, Eliza Jackson, and Ann Jackson. BA. Petition to sell land.
Accession No.: 17,898-2765 MSA S512-3-2843 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1817/01/22
5620: Philip Wallis vs. Thomas Perkins and William Perkins. KE. Mortgage foreclosure on Britain.
Accession No.: 17,898-5620 MSA S512-7-5732 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1817/01/23
6681: Daniel Barnetz, David Barnetz, Jacob Barnetz, George Barnetz, John Barnetz, Daniel Lansman, Barbara Lansman, and Susannah Eichelberger vs. Mary Barnetz, John C. Barnetz, Anna M. Barnetz, and Augusta Barnetz. BA. Petition to sell lots in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 104, p. 282. Accession No.: 17,898-6681-1/2 MSA S512-8-6731 Location: 1/37/3/

Date: 1817/01/29
1643: John Elder vs. Hillary B. Talbot. BA. Contract to purchase Daily Income. Recorded (Chancery Record) 97, p. 542 and 105, p. 702.
Accession No.: 17,898-1643 MSA S512-2-1712 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1817/02/01
1905: William Goldsborough vs. Lyles R. Robinson, Catherine Robinson, Richard Goldsborough, Robert Goldsborough, Sarah Goldsborough, Nicholas B. Goldsborough, Elizabeth Goldsborough, William Goldsborough, Charles Goldsborough, and Matilda Goldsborough. DO. Estate of Matilda Goldsborough - Partnership, Chance, Retaliation, Linkswood, Ennalls Woodyard Regulated, Canterbury, Canterbury Regulation, Canterbury Meadows, Canterbury Addition, Taylors Inlet, Bettys Inlargement, Phillips Discovery, lot in Cambridge. Recorded (Chancery Record) 104, p. 205.
Accession No.: 17,898-1905 MSA S512-3-1970 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1817/02/01
3993: Henry Peters vs. Samuel Peters and Richard Murray. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Old Fort. Recorded (Chancery Record) 103, p. 221.
Accession No.: 17,898-3993-1/2 MSA S512-5-4111 Location: 1/36/4/

Date: 1817/02/03
4211: John Ramsbergh of George vs. heirs of Adam Keplinger. FR. Petition to record a deed. Recorded (Chancery Record) 106, p. 254.
Accession No.: 17,898-4211 MSA S512-6-4333 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1817/02/05
3830: Richard Owings, Jr. vs. Isaac Paul, Mary Paul, and Vachel Brown. AA. Estate of Henry Howard.
Accession No.: 17,898-3830 MSA S512-4-3946 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1817/02/07
4707: James Shaw and Mary Cummings vs. Charles W. Hanson, Alexander C. Hanson, Randolph Campbell, Edward Campbell, Charles Campbell, Catherine Latimer, Randolph W. Latimer, James Latimer, William Latimer, Mary C. Latimer, Susan R. Latimer, Pricilla Latimer, Rebecca Latimer, James Cunningham, and Catherine Cunningham. AA. Estate of Charles Wallace.
Accession No.: 17,898-4707 MSA S512-6-4876 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1817/02/10
12228: William Whittington vs. Peter Emmerson and Richard Graham. CV. Mortgage foreclosure.
Accession No.: 17,898-12228 MSA S512-15-12040 Location: 1/39/4/

Date: 1817/02/12
3136: Samuel Lindsay vs. Nicholas Merriweather and Elizabeth Merriweather. BA. Contract to purchase Batchelors Refuge, Dorseys Prospect.
Accession No.: 17,898-3136 MSA S512-4-3223 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1817/02/13
1121: Mary Curran, Nicholas Brewer, and Dennis Claude vs. Mary Hall and Henry A. Hall. AA. Estate of Edward Hall.
Accession No.: 17,898-1121-1/2 MSA S512-2-1194 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1817/02/13
1682: Robert Edmonston vs. John E. Bussard, Elkanah Cobb, John Henderson, Tyson Beall, and John W. Marlow. MO. Estate of Basil Perry.
Accession No.: 17,898-1682 MSA S512-2-1753 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1817/02/13
2604: Charles Hurston, Maria Hurston, Robert Lyle, Juliet Lyle, Ely Bentley, Harriet Bentley, Lucy B. Sprigg, John Sprigg, and Luthinia Sprigg vs. Otho Sprigg. FR. Estate of Thomas Sprigg.
Accession No.: 17,898-2604 MSA S512-3-2680 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1817/02/14
2105: John Gibson vs. Samuel Ringgold, Edward Lloyd, James Cheston, David Winchester, William Graves, Andrew Dewces, John Miles, and Andrew Barge. KE. Estate of Simon Wilmer - Hinsingham.
Accession No.: 17,898-2105-1/4 MSA S512-3-2175 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1817/02/15
5899: Joseph Zane vs. Sarah C. O'Donnell, Columbus O'Donnell, Elliot O'Donnell, Eliza W. O'Donnell, John O'Donnell, Joseph Barrett, Mary Barrett, Dudley Poor, Deborah Poor, William Patterson, Robert Oliver, and John Oliver. BA. Petition to release mortgage on Bartons Wharf. Recorded (Chancery Record) 106, p. 102 and 110, p. 277.
Accession No.: 17,898-5899-1/2 MSA S512-7-5989 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1817/02/17
100: John Arnest and Anne M. Arnest vs. Richard B. Beall and William Penniman. BA. Contract to purchase lot in Howards Addition to Baltimore. Recorded (Chancery Record) 107, p. 13.
Accession No.: 17,898-100-1/2 MSA S512-1-111 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1817/02/17
218: Bank of Baltimore vs. Edward N. Clopper and Abraham D. Clopper. BA. Trust estate of Abraham D. Clopper - lots in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 104, p. 312.
Accession No.: 17,898-218 MSA S512-1-256 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1817/02/17
3848: Robert Oliver vs. Gassaway Watkins, William Shipley, Jr., and George A. Hughes. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 107, p. 313.
Accession No.: 17,898-3848 MSA S512-4-3963 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1817/02/21
2479: Edward Harris vs. Joseph C. Cockey and Charles Ridgely of Hampton. BA. Injunction against removal of timber from Blethena Cambria, Lower Thickett, Franklins Delight, Ruths Garden, Gibsons Forest, Warners Chance. Plats at 1/38/1/8; also show Cockeys Discovery, Gibsons Ridge, Valley of Jehosophat, Lord Baltimores Manor. Accession No.: 17,898-2479-1/3 MSA S512-3-2567 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1817/02/21
4532: John Smith vs. William Howard. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 103, p. 127.
Accession No.: 17,898-4532-1/3 MSA S512-6-4701 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1817/02/22
3099: George Lindenberger and Jacob Lindenberger vs. Frederick Lindenberger and Christopher Lindenberger. BA. Petition to partition Howards Timber Neck.
Accession No.: 17,898-3099 MSA S512-4-3185 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1817/02/24
4193: Henry P. Ruff vs. heirs of Peter Gerard. BA. Petition to record deed for lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 105, p. 888 and 106, p. 260.
Accession No.: 17,898-4193 MSA S512-6-4315 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1817/02/25
342: Thomas W. Bond vs. Margaret Brown, Joseph Brown, John Brown, Absalom Brown, Josiah Brown, Ellwood Brown, and Rachel Brown. HA. Mortgage foreclosure on Knaves Misfortune, Harris Trust, Gibsons Ridge, Prestons Chance, Abotts Lot. Recorded (Chancery Record) 114, p. 705.
Accession No.: 17,898-342-1/2 MSA S512-1-387 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1817/02/26
5206: Jesse Tyson vs. Freeborn Garretson Waters, Matilda Waters, John Wesley Lansdale, Miranda Lansdale, Mary Ann Stevenson, Wesley Stevenson, William Orrick Stevenson, Julian Stevenson, and George W. Stevenson. BA. Contract to purchase Edwards and Wills Valleys and Hills, Labyrinth. Recorded (Chancery Record) 105, p. 752 and 106, p. 279.
Accession No.: 17,898-3273 MSA S512-4-3368 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1817/03/03
49: Samuel Armiger, Benjamin Armiger, and Thomas Armiger vs. William Armiger, Richard Armiger, Sarah Ann Armiger, Susanna Armiger, John Francis Armiger, Rachel Armiger, James Carr, and Mary Ann Carr. AA. Estate of John Armiger - Addition to St. Jerome. Recorded (Chancery Record) 104, p. 383.
Accession No.: 17,898-49 MSA S512-1-45 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1817/03/03
9384: Henderson P. Low vs. William Hollins and Eliza Hollins. BA. Contract to lease Chatsworth.
Accession No.: 17,898-9384 MSA S512-11-9300 Location: 1/38/4/

Date: 1817/03/04
3743: Edward Norwood, John Norwood, Nancy Norwood, Joshua Norwood, John Poole, and Nancy Poole vs. Greenbury Treakle, Mary Treakle, Leonard Hobbs, Ruth Hobbs, Wilson Hobbs, Louisa Hobbs, Airy Hobbs, Elizabeth Hobbs, Samuel Norwood, Hazael Hobbs, Patience Hobbs, Honour Hobbs, Mary Hobbs, Lorenzo Hobbs, Sarah Norwood, John Norwood, Hetta Norwood, William Phelps, and Anne Phelps. AA. Petition to partition land. Recorded (Chancery Record) 103, p. 116.
Accession No.: 17,898-3743-1/2 MSA S512-4-3865 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1817/03/08
2629: Osborn S. Harwood vs. Samuel Sprigg, Violetta Sprigg, Cornelia Lansdale, and Walter Clagett. PG. Estate of Osborn Sprigg.
Accession No.: 17,898-2629 MSA S512-3-2704 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1817/03/10
2862: Jason Jones vs. Elizabeth Duvall, James Watkins, N.J. Watkins, George Watts, Philip K. Watts, Rebecca Watts, and Eliza Watts. AA. Contract to purchase Flushing. Recorded (Chancery Record) 106, p. 241 and 108, p. 189.
Accession No.: 17,898-2862 MSA S512-3-2943 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1817/03/11
4402: Isaac Riley vs. Mary Holmes. MO. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-4402 MSA S512-6-4549 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1817/03/12
915: Michael Cromwell, Charlotte Cromwell, and Elijah Williams vs. Jesse Williams, Elizabeth Williams, Nathaniel Hall, Delilah Hall, and Allise Williams. AA. Petition to sell Nathans Test, Williams Discovery. Recorded (Chancery Record) 103, p. 505.
Accession No.: 17,898-915 MSA S512-2-950 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1817/03/13
4200: John Ramsbergh, Rohn Rentch, Peter Rentch, Joseph Rentch, David Rentch, Jacob Grumback, Catherine Grumback, John Barstlock, Esther Barstlock, Susanna Rentch, Elizabeth Rentch, Jacob Cellers, Elizabeth Cellers, Jonas Hogmire, Susannah Hogmire, John Wolgemude, Elizabeth Wolgemude, Daniel Miller, Catherine Miller, Jacob Keplinger, Henry Snider, Catherine Snider, John Rohr, and Elizabeth Rohr vs. heirs of John Vandel Sturrum. FR. Petition to correct deed for Resurvey on Turkey Range. Plat. Recorded (Chancery Record) 106, p. 67 and 110, p. 145.
Accession No.: 17,898-4200 MSA S512-6-4322 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1817/03/14
4625: John Stover, Philip Stover, and George Stover vs. William Stover, Solomon Stover, James Stover, Elizabeth Stover, and Peter Mantz. FR. Estate of Philip Stover - Stovers Good Luck, Partnership, Carrollton. Recorded (Chancery Record) 95, p. 490.
Accession No.: 17,898-4625-1/4 MSA S512-6-4795 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1817/03/17
1453: Henry L. Davis, Jane Davis, Elizabeth Winter, and Catherine Winter vs. William Winter. FR. Appointment of a trustee for William Winter.
Accession No.: 17,898-1453 MSA S512-2-1519 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1817/03/18
8649: John W. Harris, Sarah Harris, and Attorney General vs. John Gassaway and Hanson Gassaway. AL. Title to Deer Park, Walnut Ridge. Recorded (Chancery Record) 119, p. 182.
Accession No.: 17,898-8649-1/2 MSA S512-11-8602 Location: 1/38/4/

Date: 1817/03/20
251: Benjamin Brown, Ann Brown, Zachariah Johnson, and Sarah Johnson vs. John Burton, Mary Burton, Patsy Burton, Louisa Burton, William Burton, Edmond Burton, Vachel Henwood, Milly Henwood, and William Henwood. AA. Estate of John Burton - Eaglestons Range, Salmons Hills, Filkes Rest. Recorded (Chancery Record) 103, p. 75 and 104, p. 170.
Accession No.: 17,898-251-1/2 MSA S512-1-290 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1817/03/27
5359: Joseph Watkins vs. William O'Hara. AA. Injunction against removal of timber from Bessington.
Accession No.: 17,898-5359 MSA S512-7-5486 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1817/03/31
3793: Rebecca Nicholson vs. Edward Lloyd Nicholson, Joseph Hopper Nicholson, and James Macon Nicholson. AA. Petition to sell Howards Fair, Amicable Settlement, Stevens Forrest, Fourth Division of the Discovery. Recorded (Chancery Record) 104, p. 427.
Accession No.: 17,898-3793 MSA S512-4-3915 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1817/04/01
3151: Janet Lingan, William B. Randolph, Sarah Randolph, George Lingan, and Ann Lingan vs. Lydia Henderson, Richard Henderson, Sarah Henderson, and Janet L. Henderson. MO. Title to land.
Accession No.: 17,898-3151 MSA S512-4-3238 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1817/04/03
2526: Hillsborough School Trustees vs. George Dashiell. BA. Trust estate of James Corrie.
Accession No.: 17,898-2526 MSA S512-3-2603 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1817/04/04
5222: John R. Thomas and Ann C. Thomas vs. Henry Wesley, Ann Sabriel, and Samuel Ward. AA. Title to slaves. Recorded (Chancery Record) 113, p. 503.
Accession No.: 17,898-5222-1/5 MSA S512-7-5352 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1817/04/07
1823: Nicholas Forrester vs. Richard Hopkins. AA. Injunction against removal of timber from Hollands Choice.
Accession No.: 17,898-1823 MSA S512-2-1891 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1817/04/07
4908: Jacob Sides, John Cooke, Nancy Cooke, Isaac Davis, and Mary Davis vs. Eliza Sides and William Sides. AA. Petition to sell land. Recorded (Chancery Record) 104, p. 178.
Accession No.: 17,898-4908 MSA S512-6-5059 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1817/04/08
2270: John Hollidayoke, Eleanor Hollidayoke, Abraham Parkinson, Anne Parkinson, and Samuel Parrott vs. John Parrott, George Parrott, Richard Parrott, Mary Parrott, and Abraham Parrott. AA. Petition to sell Waysons Folly. Recorded (Chancery Record) 103, p. 203. Accession No.: 17,898-2270 MSA S512-3-2360 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1817/04/09
5373: Henry Wood vs. William P. Hardesty. AA. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-5373 MSA S512-7-5500 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1817/04/14
1349: Cumberland Dugan vs. Henry Westley and Mary Ann Gabrie. AA. Contract to lease land.
Accession No.: 17,898-1349 MSA S512-2-1405 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1817/04/14
5059: Kittura Turpin, Baynard Turpin, Francis White Turpin, and Margaret Ann Turpin vs. John Nicolls, Thomas Douglass, Edward Nicolls, William Nicolls, Tilghman Nicolls, Mary Nicolls, Washington Nicolls, Adeline Nicolls, Isaac Nicolls, Joseph Nicolls, Rebecca Handy, John Handy, and Daniel Caulk. CA. Contract to purchase Grove, Plain Dealing. Accession No.: 17,898-5059 MSA S512-6-5203 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1817/04/14
5553: John G. Worthington vs. Jesse Gudgeon. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Harrids Hope. Recorded (Chancery Record) 109, p. 448.
Accession No.: 17,898-5553-1/2 MSA S512-7-5669 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1817/04/16
2796: Richard H. Jones vs. John Talbott and George G. Presbury III. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 104, p. 299.
Accession No.: 17,898-2796 MSA S512-3-2872 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1817/04/17
569: Hosea Barnes vs. Nathan Hughes, Francis Hughes, Jesse Nowland, Susanna Nowland, Otho Taylor, James Taylor, Ashbury Taylor, Sylvester Taylor, and Catherine Taylor. HA. Estate of Ashbury Taylor.
Accession No.: 17,898-569 MSA S512-1-610 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1817/04/21
5206: Jesse Tyson vs. Freeborn Garretson Waters, Matilda Waters, John Wesley Lansdale, Miranda Lansdale, Mary Ann Stevenson, Wesley Stevenson, William Orrick Stevenson, Julian Stevenson, and George W. Stevenson. BA. Contract to purchase Edwards and Wills Valleys and Hills, Labyrinth. Recorded (Chancery Record) 105, p. 752 and 106, p. 279.
Accession No.: 17,898-5206-1/2 MSA S512-7-5336 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1817/04/22
5364: Hanson Waters vs. Hannah Covington, Abner Hoops, and George Little. KE. Estate of Henry Covington.
Accession No.: 17,898-5364 MSA S512-7-5491 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1817/04/22
5398: Isaac Whipper vs. Peter Miskelly. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC.
Accession No.: 17,898-5398 MSA S512-7-5522 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1817/04/23
2278: James Houston, James Loffman, Mary Loffman, Isaac C. Miller, and William Miller vs. Thomas Gale, Martha Gale, and George Gale. KE. Estate of Rasin Gale - Plumb Point, Worton Point. Recorded (Chancery Record) 104, p. 532.
Accession No.: 17,898-2278-1/4 MSA S512-3-2368 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1817/04/24
1064: Alexander Chappon vs. Mark L. Deseaves, Philip Mercier, Peter A. Guestier, and Dennis A. Smith. BA. Contract to transport merchandise.
Accession No.: 17,898-1064 MSA S512-2-1139 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1817/04/26
960: Obadiah Childs, Mordecai Childs, and Mary Scrivener vs. Elizabeth Childs, Ann Childs, Sarah Childs, and Sophia Childs. AA. Petition to sell Jericho. Recorded (Chancery Record) 104, p. 395.
Accession No.: 17,898-960 MSA S512-2-998 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1817/05/02
2076: Prudence Gough, James Carroll, Jr., Harry G.D. Carroll, John Ridgely, and Prudence D. Ridgely vs. Charles R. Carroll. BA. Petition to partition Huntington Resurveyed, Swan Harbor, Belle Farm, Hope, Masseys Addition, Legoes Chance, Halls Ridge, Websters Level, Websters Meadows, Gays Meadows, Masseys Privilege, Divers Chance, Websters Lock, lots in BC. Plats filed in Maryland Survey Papers (Division Plats) 4, No. 60, MdHR 40,283-206, S65-105, B5/10/1. Also show Fathers Last Will, Warrington. Recorded (Chancery Record) 112, p. 71. Accession No.: 17,898-2076 MSA S512-3-2146 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1817/05/08
6347: Solomon Betts, David Winchester, and Alexander H. Boyd vs. Zebulon Hollingsworth. BA. Petition to sell lot in BC. Plat at 1/38/1/22. Recorded (Chancery Record) 125, p. 215.
Accession No.: 17,898-6347-1/3 MSA S512-8-6410 Location: 1/37/3/

Date: 1817/05/12
671: Thomas C. Brown and Elias Brown vs. Elias Ellicott, John Ellicott, George Ellicott, and William Brown. BA. Petition to partition Mount Misery.
Accession No.: 17,898-671 MSA S512-1-698 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1817/05/20
7106: Samuel Chase vs. Adam Waltemeyer, Rachel Waltemeyer, Richard H. Moale, and Dr. Allen Thomas. BA. Petition to sell Cannons Lot. Recorded (Chancery Record) 103, p. 539.
Accession No.: 17,898-7106-1/3 MSA S512-9-7141 Location: 1/37/4/

Date: 1817/06/02
950: Hezekiah Clagett and Dennis F. Magruder vs. George Kaylor and Jacob Hoffman. BA. Defraud of creditors of Kaylor - Cumberland Row in BC.
Accession No.: 17,898-950 MSA S512-2-988 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1817/06/02
3180: Samuel Longley vs. John Longley, William Longley, James Longley, Benjamin Longley, Peter Longley, George Longley, Caleb Longley, Charles Watts, and Elizabeth Watts. BA. Contract to purchase North Carolina. Recorded (Chancery Record) 106, p. 57 and 110, p. 296.
Accession No.: 17,898-3180 MSA S512-4-3267 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1817/06/05
5803: Beale M. Worthington vs. Brice Thomas Beale Worthington, Jr. AA. Appointment of trustee for defendant.
Accession No.: 17,898-5803 MSA S512-7-5906 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1817/06/10
562: Theodore R.S. Boyce vs. Noah Gassaway and Samuel Gassaway. AA. Estate of Nicholas Gassaway - Bensons Park. Recorded (Chancery Record) 111, p. 548.
Accession No.: 17,898-562-1/2 MSA S512-1-604 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1817/06/11
4697: Joseph Sands and John Sands vs. Burton Whetcroft, William Marbury, and James Williams. PG. Estate of John Gordon.
Accession No.: 17,898-4697 MSA S512-6-4866 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1817/06/14
559: John Bonfield, Thomas Bonfield, Ann Bonfield, Joseph Pierce, Richardson Pierce, and Sarah Pierce vs. Joseph Stansbury, William Stansbury, Isaac Stansbury, and Ann Barbara Rogers. BA. Petition to sell lots in BC.
Accession No.: 17,898-559 MSA S512-1-601 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1817/06/17
602: Thomas Bond vs. Evan L. Crawford. FR. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-602 MSA S512-1-634 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1817/06/18
1346: Francis Delaporte vs. Emile Rey and Aurore Rey. BA. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-1346 MSA S512-2-1402 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1817/06/19
4238: James Ramsay and Owen Dorsey vs. John Robb. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 103, p. 355.
Accession No.: 17,898-4238 MSA S512-6-4360 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1817/06/23
6523: Francis Bird and Rebecca Bird vs. John Hooper, Mary Hooper, George Headley, and Harriet Headly. QA. Petition to partition Stinton Sudler. Recorded (Chancery Record) 103, p. 313.
Accession No.: 17,898-6523 MSA S512-8-6582 Location: 1/37/3/

Date: 1817/06/24
4220: James Robins vs. Edward Henry. WO. Estate of Littleton Robins - Assoteague Fields. Recorded (Chancery Record) 107, p. 293.
Accession No.: 17,898-4220 MSA S512-6-4342 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1817/06/26
5820: Thomas Warfield vs. William S. Green. AA. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-5820 MSA S512-7-5920 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1817/06/28
5097: Luke Tiernan vs. James Dyckes, Ellen Dyckes, George Schroeder, John Dyckes, Joseph Dyckes, and Ellen Dyckes. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Luns Lot. Recorded (Chancery Record) 103, p. 471.
Accession No.: 17,898-5097-1/2 MSA S512-6-5238 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1817/06/30
781: Rudolph Comte and Nancy Comte vs. John James Giraud and Samuel Green. BA. Title to lot in BC.
Accession No.: 17,898-781 MSA S512-1-810 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1817/07/02
5404: Negro Anna and William Williams vs. Jonathan Woodburn. SM. Estate of Leonard Boroughs - freedom of Anna.
Accession No.: 17,898-5404 MSA S512-7-5528 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1817/07/03
2424: Francis U. Holland and Robert W. Holland vs. Ann Hall and Benedict W. Hall. HA. Estate of Francis Holland - Minors Adventure.
Accession No.: 17,898-2424 MSA S512-3-2512 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1817/07/05
5735: William Weatherby vs. James Biays. BA. Contract to purchase lot in BC.
Accession No.: 17,898-5735 MSA S512-7-5842 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1817/07/08
1677: William Edwards vs. Theodorick Bland. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lots in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 109, p. 35.
Accession No.: 17,898-1677 MSA S512-2-1748 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1817/07/10
1449: Henry Duvall vs. Thomas Small. QA. Estate of Zachariah Duvall - Ship Point. Recorded (Chancery Record) 103, p. 388.
Accession No.: 17,898-1449 MSA S512-2-1516 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1817/07/10
7582: Eleanor Dall, John R. Dall, George Cooke, Eleanor A. Cooke, Allen Thomas, and Elizabeth E. Thomas vs. Robert Oliver, William Cooke, Hugh Evans, Edward Day, James Campbell, and John Heathcote. BA. Estate of James Dall - assets of John Heathcote & Co., Heathcote & Dall, and James Dall & Co.
Accession No.: 17,898-7582-1/5 MSA S512-10-7592 Location: 1/38/3/

Date: 1817/07/11
4293: Mary Ringgold, James Ringgold, Thomas Ringgold, James Gitting, Benjamin Ringgold, Samuel Ringgold, and Elizabeth Ringgold vs. Samuel Ringgold and Tench Ringgold. WA. Estate of Thomas Ringgold.
Accession No.: 17,898-4293-1/20 MSA S512-6-4415 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1817/07/17
4776: Mary Steele. DO. Petition to sell Hambrooks. Recorded (Chancery Record) 104, p. 497.
Accession No.: 17,898-4776-1/2 MSA S512-6-4944 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1817/07/21
791: Joseph Calwell and Mary Calwell vs. Joshua Swan. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Todds Range in BC.
Accession No.: 17,898-791 MSA S512-1-820 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1817/07/21
2245: Justice Hoppe vs. Lewis Hart, William Snuggrass, and Thomas Kemp. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lots in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 107, p. 481.
Accession No.: 17,898-2245-1/2 MSA S512-3-2323 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1817/07/21
3949: Thomas Park vs. Jane W. Hall. QA. Estate of Thomas Carrodine - Lexau.
Accession No.: 17,898-3949 MSA S512-5-4065 Location: 1/36/4/

Date: 1817/07/23
2313: Dennis D. Howard vs. Samuel Brown, Jr., Vachel Brown, Isaac Paul, Mary Paul, Richard Owings, Sr., and George Howard. AA. Estate of Henry Howard - Josephs Gift.
Accession No.: 17,898-2313-1/8 MSA S512-3-2404 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1817/07/24
3021: Samuel Lilly vs. Leonard J. M. Littlejohn and Rebecca Littlejohn. BA. Petition to sell Fathers Assistance, White Oak Level, Worth But Little, White Oak Ridge, Hickory Level, Little Bit. Recorded (Chancery Record) 104, p. 527.
Accession No.: 17,898-3021 MSA S512-4-3105 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1817/07/25
3392: John Mercer vs. Thomas Sellman, Henry Darnall, and Nicholas Darnall. AA. Estate of Bennett Darnall. Recorded (Chancery Record) 104, p. 759.
Accession No.: 17,898-3392 MSA S512-4-3499 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1817/07/25
5215: Charles Turner vs. Sarah Waddington, Lydia Elizabeth Waddington, Robert Walker Waddington, Sophia Waddington, John Charles Waddington, William Henry Waddington, Edward C. Waddington, Charles John Waddington, Charlotte Rebecca Chapman Waddington, James Wellington, John C. Cookson, and E. Lambert. AA. Petition to sell Bealls Plantation, Snowdens Reputation Supported. Plat. Recorded (Chancery Record) 103, p. 515.
Accession No.: 17,898-5215-1/3 MSA S512-7-5345 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1817/07/25
9825: William McDonald and Samuel McDonald vs. Nicholas Strike and John Rogers. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lots in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 131, p. 1.
Accession No.: 17,898-9825-1/2 MSA S512-13-9722 Location: 1/39/2/

Date: 1817/07/29
2070: Thomas W. Griffith vs. William J. Stafford and Mary Stafford. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC.
Accession No.: 17,898-2070-1/2 MSA S512-3-2138 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1817/07/29
3524: Mary Merriken, Richard Merriken, Margaret Merriken, Eliza Mackubin, Stephen Boone, and Eliza Boone vs. Zachariah Merriken. AA. Petition to sell Scotland. Recorded (Chancery Record) 104, p. 605.
Accession No.: 17,898-3524 MSA S512-4-3633 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1817/08/01
1568: Margaret Drury vs. Nicholas Watkins and Richard Welch. AA. Estate of Charles Drury - Burgess Choice, Covells Folly, Middle Plantation, Puddington.
Accession No.: 17,898-1568-1/3 MSA S512-2-1638 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1817/08/01
10681: Ann Rothwell vs. John Bouchell and Edward Foard. CE. Petition to sell Providence. Recorded (Chancery Record) 135, p. 91.
Accession No.: 17,898-10681-1/3 MSA S512-13-10529 Location: 1/39/2/

Date: 1817/08/01
12391: John Ward vs. Samuel R. Ward, John Ward, Henry Ward, Cephas Ward, Samuel Ward, Elizabeth Franklin, John Franklin, Mary Hopkins, Elizabeth Hopkins, Edward Hopkins, Eleanor Hopkins, Benjamin Hopkins, and Philip Hopkins. AA. Title to Broughton Ashley. Recorded (Chancery Record) 112, p. 234.
Accession No.: 17,898-12391 MSA S512-15-12194 Location: 1/39/4/

Date: 1817/08/06
7503: Edward Thomas. AL. Estate of William Deakins - Military Lots 225, 293, 432, 435, 862, 1084, 1257, 1868, 2530, 2551, 3023, 4051. Recorded (Chancery Record) 103, p. 301.
Accession No.: 17,898-7503-1/6 MSA S512-9-7524 Location: 1/37/4/

Date: 1817/08/11
98: George Anderson vs. Thomas Anderson. KE. Estate of George Anderson - lot in Chestertown. Recorded (Chancery Record) 103, p. 105.
Accession No.: 17,898-98-1/2 MSA S512-1-109 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1817/08/13
5420: Henry Wayman vs. William Wood. AA. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-5420 MSA S512-7-5542 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1817/08/13
12378: Wesley Wood and Mary A. Wood vs. James Hood, Benjamin Hood, Thomas Hood, William Hood, Mary Hood, Joshua Hood, Charles W. Hood, Benjamin Hood, Jr., John Hood of Benjamin, John Hood of Thomas, Rachel H. Hood, Anne Elizabeth Hood, Henry W. Hood, and Catherine D. Hood. AA. Petition to partition Break Neck Hill, Johns Chance, First Addition to Littleworth, Addition to Store House Hill, Store House Hill, Barnes Friendship, Invasion, Red Oak Spring, Discord, Conclusion, Littleworth, Hoods Friendship, Accord in AA. Also Hoods Fine Soil Forrest, Buck Forrest in BA and Concord in AA and BA. Plat at 1/38/1/34.
Accession No.: 17,898-12378-1/3 MSA S512-15-12182 Location: 1/39/4/

Date: 1817/08/18
1314: Lewis Duvall and John Horatio Clements vs. John Small. BA. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-1314 MSA S512-2-1370 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1817/08/18
4962: Richard E. Smith vs. Sarah Massey, Philip Massey, George Massey, and Anna Massey. KE. Estate of George R. Massey. Recorded (Chancery Record) 114, p. 57.
Accession No.: 17,898-4962-1/2 MSA S512-6-5109 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1817/08/23
798: Andrew Conroy and Rebecca Conroy vs. Leonard Aldridge, Ann Aldridge, Mary Aldridge, Eleanor Aldridge, and Alfred Aldridge. BA. Petition to sell Favor, Care.
Accession No.: 17,898-798 MSA S512-1-827 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1817/08/23
4121: Henry Peters vs. Mary Brensinger. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 107, p. 1.
Accession No.: 17,898-4121 MSA S512-5-4245 Location: 1/36/4/

Date: 1817/08/25
3197: George Lindenberger and Christopher Lindenberger vs. James Carroll, Jr., Henry Dorsey Gough Carroll, Prudence Gough Ridgley, John Ridgley, Charles R. Carroll, and James Carroll. BA. Contract to purchase lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 106, p. 80 and 110, p. 157.
Accession No.: 17,898-3197 MSA S512-4-3284 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1817/08/29
3575: Luther Martin vs. Ann Scott, Catherine Scott, Mary Scott, Eliza Scott, John Scott, Mary Ann Scott, Maria Jane Scott, and William Gwinn. KE. Estate of John Scott.
Accession No.: 17,898-3575 MSA S512-4-3691 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1817/08/29
5696: George Williams and John McFadon vs. John McFadon, June McFadon, Emily McFadon, and Samuel Hearst. BA. Estate of William McFaddon - lots in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 103, p. 151.
Accession No.: 17,898-5696-1/7 MSA S512-7-5808 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1817/09/01
244: Otho B. Beall and John E. Berry vs. Thomas Ryan. BA. Petition to sell lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 112, p. 94.
Accession No.: 17,898-244 MSA S512-1-283 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1817/09/01
2503: George Hammond vs. Charles Hammond. FR. Contract to purchase Condons Search. Recorded (Chancery Record) 119, p. 67.
Accession No.: 17,898-2503 MSA S512-3-2590 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1817/09/04
4853: Thomas Simmons and Levin Simmons vs. James Sterling and Nicholas Gatch. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Orange.
Accession No.: 17,898-4853 MSA S512-6-5012 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1817/09/04
5333: Robert Walsh vs. Samuel Moale. BA. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-5333-1/3 MSA S512-7-5461 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1817/09/08
18: William Alexander vs. Lawson Alexander, Henry Alexander, and Araminta Betts. CE. Injunction against execution of judgment on Chases Gift, Cattos Range. Plat.
Accession No.: 17,898-18-1/4 MSA S512-1-18 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1817/09/08
557: Prudence Bowen vs. James Bowen, Isaac Bowen, William Bowen, Ellen Bowen, and Julia Anne Bowen. BA. Petition to sell property. Recorded (Chancery Record) 107, p. 241.
Accession No.: 17,898-557 MSA S512-1-599 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1817/09/09
1718: Rezin Estep vs. Francis Whittington, Sarah Whittington, William Sullivan, Joseph Sullivan, Eleanor Sullivan, Henrietta Sullivan, and Janet Sullivan. AA. Estate of Thomas Sullivan - Hunts Chance. Recorded (Chancery Record) 107, p. 8.
Accession No.: 17,898-1718 MSA S512-2-1789 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1817/09/11
5528: Nathaniel Williams and James Williams vs. George Stiles, William T. Graham, and Matilda Graham. BA. Insolvent estate of William T. Graham - lot in BC.
Accession No.: 17,898-5528 MSA S512-7-5645 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1817/09/12
3375: Samuel Miller vs. Jemima Simpers and William Kilgore. CE. Estate of Henry Simpers.
Accession No.: 17,898-3375 MSA S512-4-3483 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1817/09/17
2975: George W. Kid and Jane Kid vs. John Linton. CE. Mortgage foreclosure on Alexanders Chance. Recorded (Chancery Record) 167, p. 807.
Accession No.: 17,898-2975-1/4 MSA S512-4-3058 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1817/09/20
5257: Union Bank of Maryland vs. Nathan G. Bryson. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lots in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 112, p. 183.
Accession No.: 17,898-5257 MSA S512-7-5385 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1817/09/22
2856: Perry Benson and Ennalls Martin. TA. Appointment of trustee for Edward Henry Johnson - White Marshes, Rich Farm, Londonderry.
Accession No.: 17,898-2856-1/9 MSA S512-3-2934 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1817/09/24
2555: George Hogarth vs. Gustavus Weems, Philemon L. Chew, and Joseph G. Harrison. AA. Contract to lease Airs.
Accession No.: 17,898-2555 MSA S512-3-2634 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1817/09/24
4215: Henry Reynolds vs. Joseph Polk. CE. Appointment of trustee for Polk.
Accession No.: 17,898-4215 MSA S512-6-4337 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1817/09/26
4083: Levi Phillips vs. Ninian Edwards, Elvira Edwards, James Lane, Thomas N. Bins, and Benedict Darnall. MO. Contract to purchase Farewell, Friends in Need, Meredith.
Accession No.: 17,898-4083-1/2 MSA S512-5-4201 Location: 1/36/4/

Date: 1817/09/26
5354: Sutton J. Weems vs. William S. Moresell. CV. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-5354 MSA S512-7-5482 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1817/09/27
1988: John Gambrill. AA. Appointment of trustee for Benjamin Sewall.
Accession No.: 17,898-1988-1/3 MSA S512-3-2056 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1817/09/27
3401: John Mersha, Henry Strickler, and Joseph Huston vs. James Black, Polly Black, Jacob Shelhorn, Henry Shelhorn, Baltzer Shelhorn, John Shelhorn, Gabriel Kemmel, and Nancy Kemmel. AL. Estate of John Shelhorn.
Accession No.: 17,898-3401 MSA S512-4-3508 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1817/09/29
2819: John M. Johnson vs. Isaac Johnson, George Johnson, Thomas Johnson, John Johnson, Samuel H. Johnson, and Joseph Johnson. CE. Estate of George Johnson. Recorded (Chancery Record) 107, p. 473.
Accession No.: 17,898-2819 MSA S512-3-2898 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1817/10/06
2324: Osborn Sprigg Harwood vs. Gustavus Weems, David Weems, and Elijah Weems. AA. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-2324-1/2 MSA S512-3-2417 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1817/10/10
2100: William Greetham vs. Thomas Calwell. BA. Dissolution of partnership.
Accession No.: 17,898-2100 MSA S512-3-2170 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1817/10/10
3555: Oliver Mitchell vs. Richard Boulden. CE. Injunction against removal of timber.
Accession No.: 17,898-3555 MSA S512-4-3670 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1817/10/21
1327: Edward Duvall vs. Zadock Duvall. AA. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-1327 MSA S512-2-1383 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1817/10/22
4554: William Steuart vs. John Yates, Thomas Armatt, William Brogden, Lewis Duvall, John M. Watkins, and Farmers Bank of Maryland. AA. Title to Brewerton.
Accession No.: 17,898-4554 MSA S512-6-4723 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1817/10/23
2024: Matthew Griffith vs. James Butler. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Coles Harbour in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 109, p. 271.
Accession No.: 17,898-2024 MSA S512-3-2091 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1817/10/27
5224: Edward Tilly, Horatio Tilly, Margaret Tilly, Elizabeth Tilly, and Nicholas Brewer vs. Lucretia Tilly and Sarah Tilly. AA. Petition to sell White Hall. Recorded (Chancery Record) 103, p. 325.
Accession No.: 17,898-5224-1/8 MSA S512-7-5354 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1817/10/28
3719: John Nicholson vs. John Duvall. AA. Contract to purchase Beards Habitation. Plat at 1/38/1/16; also shows Town Hill.
Accession No.: 17,898-3719-1/2 MSA S512-4-3842 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1817/10/31
1808: Clemency Ford vs. Merriken Bond, Samuel Dorsey, Clemency Dorsey, Bernard Preston, Betsy Preston, Benjamin Preston, Scott Preston, Evan Beal, and William Beal HA. Title to Robinsons Chance, Hog Neck.
Accession No.: 17,898-1808 MSA S512-2-1881 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1817/11/10
754: Gustavus Brown, Gustavus R. Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Thomas H. Blunt, and Margaret Blunt vs. Clement Dorsey. CH. Estate of Gustavus Brown - Rose Hill Estate, Montrose.
Accession No.: 17,898-754-1/7 MSA S512-1-775 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1817/11/10
5422: David Weems vs. Caroline Dowell, Richard Dowell, and James Edward Dowell. AA. Estate of Richard Dowell - Govers Addition. Recorded (Chancery Record) 107, p. 361.
Accession No.: 17,898-5422 MSA S512-7-5544 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1817/11/12
4226: Jesse Ray vs. Sarah Hyde, Sarah Clements, and Joseph Green. AA. Trust estate of Thomas Hyde.
Accession No.: 17,898-4226-1/4 MSA S512-6-4348 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1817/11/13
3283: Joseph McCeney vs. William Marriott. AA. Mortgage foreclosure on Meritons Fancy, Ridgelys Chance, Worthingtons Beginning, Addition to Ridgelys Addition. Recorded (Chancery Papers) 112, p. 177.
Accession No.: 17,898-3283 MSA S512-4-3379 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1817/11/15
9838: Joseph Morton vs. James Tongue. AA. Injunction against removal of timber from Town Land. Recorded (Chancery Record) 104, p. 129.
Accession No.: 17,898-9838-1/3 MSA S512-13-9734 Location: 1/39/2/

Date: 1817/11/24
2354: Ann Hollingsworth, Lydia E. Hollingsworth, John B. Morris, and Ann M. Morris vs. James Barroll, George Winchester, Samuel Moale, William Camp, Charles Wirgman, and Edward G. Woodyear. BA. Contract to purchase lot in BC.
Accession No.: 17,898-2354 MSA S512-3-2448 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1817/11/26
595: Stephen Beans vs. Jonathan Albertson. CE. Contract to purchase Brick Hill Plantation.
Accession No.: 17,898-595-1/2 MSA S512-1-628 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1817/11/28
3095: Joseph D. Learned and Richard Chandonette vs. John McKay and John B. Davis. BA, WA. Insolvent estate of Chandonette.
Accession No.: 17,898-3095-1/2 MSA S512-4-3181 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1817/12/02
3518: Thomas Magill and Mary Magill vs. Patrick Magill, William Daniel Magill, Nicholas Carroll Magill, James Magill, and Charles Magill. AA. Petition to sell Hanover and tobacco inspection house. Recorded (Chancery Record) 107, p. 305.
Accession No.: 17,898-3518-1/2 MSA S512-4-3627 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1817/12/05
1599: John Denning vs. Mary Yearly, William Yearly, Ann Yearly, John Yearly, Elizabeth Yearly, James Eagle, and Jacob Stevens. KE. Estate of James Yearly - Prevention of Inconvenience, Yearlys Beginning, Rock Point. Recorded (Chancery Record) 108, p. 116.
Accession No.: 17,898-1599 MSA S512-2-1666 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1817/12/10
1287: Unit Corse and Mary P. Corse vs. James Polk, Ann Maria Polk, and Rebecca R. Stuart. KE. Petition to partition Ridgely, Providence, Cambles Worth More, Shad Hole. Plat. Recorded (Chancery Record) 119, p. 1.
Accession No.: 17,898-1287 MSA S512-2-1345 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1817/12/10
2534: Henry Hurtt vs. William Hall, James Salisbury, Mary Salisbury, Samuel Hurtt, Elizabeth Hurtt, Editha Hurtt, Martha Hurtt, James Hurtt, Sarah Hurtt, and Amelia Hurtt. QA. Title to Pratts Resolve and Pratts Chance. Recorded (Chancery Record) 110, p. 482.
Accession No.: 17,898-2534 MSA S512-3-2611 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1817/12/10
4133: Thomas Pennington vs. Frederick Boyer and Rebecca Money. KE. Estate of Benjamin Money.
Accession No.: 17,898-4133 MSA S512-5-4257 Location: 1/36/4/

Date: 1817/12/10
5335: Thomas Walters, Sarah Walters, Benjamin Carr, Lucy Carr, Samuel Gartrell, Margaret Gartrell, Mary Beall, and Margaret Beall vs. Stephen Deaver. AA. Petition to sell Addition, Second Addition to Snowdens Manor. Recorded (Chancery Record) 109, p. 28.
Accession No.: 17,898-5335-1/2 MSA S512-7-5463 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1817/12/13
11571: James Tongue vs. Zachariah Sunderland and John Sunderland. AA. Title to Starlings Nest.
Accession No.: 17,898-11571 MSA S512-14-11398 Location: 1/39/3/

Date: 1817/12/17
3072: John Lukenbell vs. William Worman. BA. Petition to record deed for lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 106, p. 64 and 110, p. 131.
Accession No.: 17,898-3072 MSA S512-4-3159 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1817/12/22
1907: Solomon Groves vs. James Sanders, William C. Davis, and Nicholas Watkins of Thomas. AA. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-1907 MSA S512-3-1972 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1817/12/22
4752: Leonard Scott vs. Grace Peterson. AA. Mortgage foreclosure on Acton. Recorded (Chancery Record) 107, p. 390.
Accession No.: 17,898-4752 MSA S512-6-4921 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1818/01/01
1421: Ann Catherine Denny and William Denny vs. John Denny and Mary Denny. AA. Estate of Robert Denny - lots in Annapolis. Recorded (Chancery Record) 103, p. 347.
Accession No.: 17,898-1421 MSA S512-2-1490 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1818/01/02
1234: Zachariah Collins vs. Horatio Bright, Rebecca Bright, and James Collins. AA. Estate of James Collins - Timber Neck. Recorded (Chancery Record) 110, p. 428.
Accession No.: 17,898-1234 MSA S512-2-1302 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1818/01/08
4141: James Pitcher and Sarah Pitcher vs. Thomas Benson. AA. Injunction against removal of timber from Bucks Luck, Andover.
Accession No.: 17,898-4141 MSA S512-5-4265 Location: 1/36/4/

Date: 1818/01/15
3508: William McMechen, Robert Oliver, John Oliver, Dennis A. Smith, William Gwynn of John, John P. Pleasants, Philip Moore, Alexander McDonald, and Nicholas G. Ridgely vs. Samuel Moale and James P. Boyd. BA. Trust estate of McMechen - lots in Fells Point, Ridgelys Addition to Baltimore, Halls Hill, Peters Garden, Pot Spring, Jeopardy, Bonds Neck, Bear Wallowings. Recorded (Chancery Record) 103, p. 363.
Accession No.: 17,898-3508 MSA S512-4-3617 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1818/01/16
3041: William Lilly and George Zimmerman vs. Roger B. Taney, Joshua Carter, John Carter, Solomon Carter, David Carter, and William Carter. FR. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-3041-1/2 MSA S512-4-3125 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1818/01/17
4395A: Ann Ramsay vs. Elizabeth Stevens. BA. Petition to sell lot in BC.
Accession No.: 17,898-4395A MSA S512-6-4542 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1818/01/21
2003: Leonard Gary vs. John Randall, Eliza Randall, Mary Ann Hodges, Lucinda Hodges, Ellen Hodges, and Charles Hodges. AA. Title to Birkheads Adventure. Recorded (Chancery Record) 106, p. 53 and 110, p. 292.
Accession No.: 17,898-2003 MSA S512-3-2070 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1818/01/22
4398: James Ringgold and Zebulon Hankey vs. William Carmichael and Edward Wilmer. KE. Estate of Simon Wilmer.
Accession No.: 17,898-4398-1/2 MSA S512-6-4545 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1818/01/28
2058: Edward Gott vs. Ann Gott, Samuel Gott, and Thomas J. Gott. BA. Estate of Richard Gott - Gotts Hope.
Accession No.: 17,898-2058 MSA S512-3-2126 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1818/02/04
2092: Joseph Germain and Ann C. Germain vs. Amelia Rey, James Courages, Henry Messonier, and John B. Allegre. BA. Estate of John Joseph Rey.
Accession No.: 17,898-2092-1/3 MSA S512-3-2162 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1818/02/04
4184: Thomas Quay vs. John McEldery, Hugh McEldery, Basil D. Mulliken, Eliza Mulliken, George Douglas, Mary Douglas, James McEldery, Edward McEldery, Henry McEldery, Ann McEldery, and Jane McEldery. BA. Title to lot in BC. Plat.
Accession No.: 17,898-4184 MSA S512-6-4307 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1818/02/23
250: David Brown vs. Ann Stevenson, Wesley Stevenson, James Porter, and John Engle. BA. Estate of Richard Stevenson - Dorseys Industry, Marys Victory, Laurences Pleasant Valley. Recorded (Chancery Record) 113, p. 1.
Accession No.: 17,898-250 MSA S512-1-289 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1818/02/23
5849: Stephen Wilson, Sarah Wilson, Peter Moran, and Rebecca Moran vs. Lingan W. Selby and Mary Selby. PG. Title to Chews Folly. Recorded (Chancery record) 106, p. 145 and 110, p. 303.
Accession No.: 17,898-5849 MSA S512-7-5939 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1818/02/25
3939: David M. Perine vs. Thomas P. Ridgely and John Gadsby. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on United Friendship, Ludlows Lot, Ridgelys Addition to United Friendship, Neighbors Resolution. Recorded (Chancery Record) 109, p. 276.
Accession No.: 17,898-3939-1/2 MSA S512-5-4054 Location: 1/36/4/

Date: 1818/02/28
3496: Nicholas Merryman, Jr., Micajah Merryman, Elijah Merryman, and Nicholas Merryman vs. Micajah Merryman and Harvey Merryman. BA. Petition to sell lots in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 107, p. 335.
Accession No.: 17,898-3496-1/2 MSA S512-4-3603 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1818/03/04
5585: Sarah Woodfield vs. Osborn Williams. AA. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-5585-1/2 MSA S512-7-5697 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1818/03/06
4975: Cornelius Shine vs. Simon Barthe. BA. Contract to marry Rose Barthe.
Accession No.: 17,898-4975 MSA S512-6-5122 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1818/03/10
7429: Caleb Dorsey of Thomas vs. Thomas N. Binns and George Payne. AA. Contract to purchase Windsors Forrest. Recorded (Chancery Record) 121, p. 820.
Accession No.: 17,898-7429 MSA S512-9-7452 Location: 1/37/4/

Date: 1818/03/12
1818: Jacob Koontz, Eve Miller, and Catherine Starlaper vs. Jacob Foolwydee, William Cooper, Mary Cooper, Samuel Ryker, Barbara Ryker, Thomas Enfield, Ann Enfield, Henry Foolwydee, Abraham Foolwydee, Hugh Galey, Polly Galey, Henry Foolwydee of Peter, John Lease, and Elizabeth Lease. FR. Estate of Jacob Foolwydee - Resurvey on Mentitanay, Goose Cap, lots in Middletown, Apple Brandy. Recorded (Chancery Record) 88, pp. 587, 608.
Accession No.: 17,898-1818-1/3 MSA S512-2-1887 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1818/03/16
3232: Christopher Litle vs. John Rowland, John Badders, Israel Reynolds, and Jonathan Albertson. CE. Petition to sell Scrutiny. Recorded (Chancery Record) 116, p. 385.
Accession No.: 17,898-3232-1/2 MSA S512-4-3321 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1818/03/16
4001: Benjamin Pearce and Sarah Pearce vs. Samuel Briscoe, Zebulon Rudolph, Tobias Rudolph, Martha Rudolph, James Sewall, and Ann Sewall. CE. Petition to redeem mortgage on lot in Elkton.
Accession No.: 17,898-4001-1/2 MSA S512-5-4119 Location: 1/36/4/

Date: 1818/03/18
5101: R.J. Thomson and William Jones vs. Philip E. Thomas, John A. Mareton, Rebecca Ricaud, Richard Ricaud, James Ricaud, Lawrence Ricaud, Sarah Ricaud, Maria Ricaud, and Emily Ricaud. BA. Estate of Thomas Ricaud.
Accession No.: 17,898-5101 MSA S512-6-5242 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1818/03/30
3997: Sarah Pothain. HA. Petition to sell Macedon. Recorded (Chancery Record) 107, p. 355.
Accession No.: 17,898-3997 MSA S512-5-4115 Location: 1/36/4/

Date: 1818/03/31
3523: William H. Marriott vs. Mary Marriott and Ann Marriott. AA. Petition to sell Brooksbys Point, Lancasters Plains. Recorded (Chancery Record) 107, p. 83.
Accession No.: 17,898-3523 MSA S512-4-3632 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1818/03/31
11617: James Tongue vs. Bennett Sollers. AA. Contract to purchase a slave.
Accession No.: 17,898-11617 MSA S512-14-11440 Location: 1/39/3/

Date: 1818/04/01
974: William Corse, Philip Brooks, and John Wallis vs. John Graham, Samuel Boyers, Mary Graham, and George Spry. KE. Estate of John Graham. Recorded (Chancery Record) 119, p. 376.
Accession No.: 17,898-974 MSA S512-2-1013 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1818/04/01
1316: Richard Davis vs. Hellen Davis, Elizabeth Davis, William Davis, John Mercer, and Peregrine Biddle. CE. Estate of John Davis. Recorded (Chancery Record) 109, p. 467.
Accession No.: 17,898-1316-1/8 MSA S512-2-1372 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1818/04/09
1274: John Cromwell vs. Nathaniel Hall, Edward Hall, John Hall, Henry Maccubbin, James Maccubbin, John Churchman, and Jane Churchman. AA. Title to Milford, Halls Purchase, Cromwell Inheritance, Mill Seat, Halls Amendment, Tylers Lot, Suttons Choice. Recorded (Chancery Record) 106, p. 132 and 110, p. 468.
Accession No.: 17,898-1274 MSA S512-2-1335 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1818/04/14
3842: Joseph Owens vs. Sarah Thomas, Jr., Philip J. Thomas, John F. Mercer, Richard J. Jones, and Benjamin Owens. AA. Title to land.
Accession No.: 17,898-3842 MSA S512-4-3957 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1818/04/20
3872: William Odell, Isaiah Odell, Benjamin Jones, and Providence Jones vs. William Odell, Isabella Odell, Keturah Odell, Eliza Odell, Peregrine Odell, Richard Odell, Lucy Ann Odell, Keturah Maria Odell, Walter Odell, and George Odell. BA. Petition to sell land. Recorded (Chancery Record) 107, p. 88.
Accession No.: 17,898-3872-1/2 MSA S512-4-3986 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1818/04/24
1148: Joseph Chapline vs. George Ground. WA. Title to Piles Delight, Addition to Piles Delight, Resurvey on Addition to Piles Delight. Plats at 1/38/1/2.
Accession No.: 17,898-1148-1/2 MSA S512-2-1217 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1818/04/24
2346: 2346: Nathan Hammond, Pricilla Hammond, Christopher Owings, Charlotte Owings, Nicholas Sneething, and Susan Sneething vs. Thomas Worthington, Nicholas Worthington, James Worthington, Thomas Worthington, Jr., Walter Hammond, and Matilda Hammond. FR. Estate of John Worthington - Whiskey Ridge. Recorded (Chancery Record) 115, p. 405.
Accession No.: 17,898-2346 MSA S512-3-2440 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1818/04/29
4412: Samuel Ringgold vs. John Blackiston, Mary Blackiston, William Blackiston, and Thomas Dodson. KE. Estate of Richard Blackiston -- Green Oak.
Accession No.: 17,898-4412 MSA S512-6-4561 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1818/04/29
5454: Peregrine Ward vs. Francis B. Chandler and Philip F. Rasin. KE. Contract to keep books for shipping venture.
Accession No.: 17,898-5454-1/4 MSA S512-7-5575 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1818/05/02
5813: Nancy Wilson, Benjamin W. Allen, Sally Allen, and Peggy Hilliary vs. Launcelot Wilson and Harriott Wilson. Injunction against removal of timber.
Accession No.: 17,898-5813 MSA S512-7-5914 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1818/05/04
2554: Christopher Hughes vs. John Berry and Jasper M. Jackson. BA. Injunction against obstruction of Chestnut and Hill Sts. in BC. Plat.
Accession No.: 17,898-2554 MSA S512-3-2633 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1818/05/05
2377: Francis Hancock vs. Stephen Boone, Robert Boone, Mary Ann Thomas, and Anne Williams. AA. Petition to sell Long Meadows. Recorded (Chancery Record) 115, p. 177.
Accession No.: 17,898-2377 MSA S512-3-2470 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1818/05/11
2: James Anderson, Jr. vs. Richard Tucker. PG. Mortage foreclosure on slave Sarah and children.
Accession No.: 17,898-2-1/3 MSA S512-1-2 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1818/05/12
10936: Lauraine Stockett vs. Nicholas Watkins of Thomas. AA. Estate of John Stockett - Bridge Hills, Doden. Recorded (Chancery Record) 121, p. 182.
Accession No.: 17,898-10936-1/3 MSA S512-14-10779 Location: 1/39/3/

Date: 1818/05/14
4453: Nicholas Orrick Ridgely vs. John Lester, Elizabeth Lester, and George Fringer. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Frederickstadt Enlarged.
Accession No.: 17,898-4453 MSA S512-6-4604 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1818/05/21
3996: Joel Post vs. John Okely and William Winstandley. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Chatsworth. Recorded (Chancery Record) 109, p. 40.
Accession No.: 17,898-3996-1/2 MSA S512-5-4114 Location: 1/36/4/

Date: 1818/05/25
4254: Josias Rutter and Mary Rutter vs. Philip Rutter, Thomas G. Rutter, John Rutter, Josias Rutter, Francis Rutter, and Elizabeth Rutter. BA. Estate of Thomas Rutter - Parishs Range. Recorded (Chancery Record) 110, p. 456.
Accession No.: 17,898-4254 MSA S512-6-4376 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1818/06/04
1853: Thomas Fletcher, Sidney Gardiner, and Ebenezer Blackiston, Jr. vs. Martha Numbers, Sarah Ann Numbers, Margaret Numbers, Thomas Numbers, James Numbers, Charles R. Hackett, and Margaret Hackett. KE. Estate of Thomas Numbers.
Accession No.: 17,898-1853 MSA S512-3-1919 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1818/06/05
341: Peter Betts vs. Richard A. Shipley. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Ridgelys Addition, lots in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 109, p. 13.
Accession No.: 17,898-341 MSA S512-1-386 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1818/06/07
10092: John W. Ogden and Nancy Ogden vs. Amos Ogden, William Bosley, Daniel Bosley, and Sarah Burket. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Taylors Discovery, Taylors Purchase, Clemonard, Green River.
Accession No.: 17,898-10092-1/4 MSA S512-13-9980 Location: 1/39/2/

Date: 1818/06/08
1902: Thomas Griffith and Sarah Griffith vs. Thomas D. Griffith and Harriett Griffith. MO. Petition to sell Resurvey on Wild Cat Spring, Little and Bad, Cecils Discovery, Miery Branch, Ivey Hills, Neds Trouble. Recorded (Chancery Record) 107, p. 300.
Accession No.: 17,898-1902 MSA S512-3-1967 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1818/06/09
1100: Richard Caton vs. William McCullough and Aaron Quinby. CE. Contract to purchase High Park. Plat.
Accession No.: 17,898-1100 MSA S512-2-1173 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1818/06/09
1625: John Elliott and Sarah Elliot vs. Charles Warfield, Henry Warfield, Vachel Warfield, William Warfield, and Allen D. Warfield. AA. Petition to sell land.
Accession No.: 17,898-1625 MSA S512-2-1694 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1818/06/11
1789: David Fowble and Joseph Brummel vs. Michael Fowble. BA. Appointment of trustee for Michael Fowble - Estons Brand Resurveyed, Turnbaughs Addition, Turnbaughs Hope, Michaelburgh, Parade, Petersburgh Resurveyed, Richards Hunting Ground. Recorded (Chancery Record) 112, p. 280.
Accession No.: 17,898-1789-1/4 MSA S512-2-1866 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1818/06/13
3655: John McKean vs. James Carroll, James Carroll, Jr., Henry D.G. Carroll, John Ridgely, Prudence Ridgely, and Charles Carroll. BA. Contract to purchase lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 106, p. 325 and 108, p. 182.
Accession No.: 17,898-3655 MSA S512-4-3771 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1818/06/15
5747: Nicholas Watkins of Thomas vs. Charles Watson. AA. Mortgage foreclosure on Snowdens Reputation Supported. Recorded (Chancery Record) 112, p. 480.
Accession No.: 17,898-5747 MSA S512-7-5853 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1818/06/17
8738: Edward Hughes vs. James Whiffing. MO. Injunction against execution of judgment on Pleasant Plains of Damascus, Ephraims Portion. Recorded (Chancery Record) 124, p. 138.
Accession No.: 17,898-8738 MSA S512-11-8685 Location: 1/38/4/

Date: 1818/06/20
2914: Sarah Kerr and William Stansbury vs. John Ash, Mary Kindall, and George Kerr. BA. Alimony.
Accession No.: 17,898-2914 MSA S512-4-2998 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1818/06/25
732: James Boyd vs. Littleton D. Teackle. SO. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-732 MSA S512-1-754 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1818/06/25
5062: Benjamin Thomas and Eliza Thomas vs. Burley G. Boone, Charles Waters, Francis Hancock, John H.D. Boone, Sarah Boone, Margaret Boone, and Anne Boone. AA. Petition to sell Browns Adventure. Recorded (Chancery Record) 107, p. 439.
Accession No.: 17,898-5062 MSA S512-6-5206 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1818/06/30
2458-2: Charles Carroll of Carrollton vs. Sarah Hammond, Larkin Hammond, James Hammond, Caroline Hammond, William Hammond, Mary Ridgely, and Rebecca Hammond. AA. Petition to partition and sell Cromwells Inheritance. Recorded (Chancery Record) 99, p. 101.
Accession No.: 17,898-2458-2 MSA S512-3-2546 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1818/07/01
7482: Christopher Deshon, John Wilmont, Lemuel Warfield, William Cooke, John McFaden, George Warfield, Alexander Brown, and Solomon Betts vs. Esther Buchanan, Eliza Buchanan, Amelia Buchanan, and Sidney Buchanan. BA. Petition to sell lots in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 109, p. 295.
Accession No.: 17,898-7482-1/7 MSA S512-9-7503 Location: 1/37/4/

Date: 1818/07/02
5575: John Watson vs. Jason Moore, John Forward, Buckler Bond, Daniel Lamborn, and William Thompson. HA. Contract to purchase land.
Accession No.: 17,898-5575 MSA S512-7-5690 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1818/07/04
145: Nicholas Brice, Alexander C. Hanson, John J. Donaldson, and Caroline Donaldson vs. John E. Dorsey, Henry Payson, James Cox, Alexander McDonald, William McMeechen, William Gwyson, Robert Gilmore, Jr., Abraham Worthington, and Dennis A. Smith. BA. Contract to purchase Arcadia, Fifth Discovery, Murphys Adventure, Griffiths Adventure. Recorded (Chancery Record) 109, p. 464.
Accession No.: 17,898-145 MSA S512-1-166 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1818/07/08
4372: Edward Ridgely, John William Ridgely, Laming Ridgely, Charles W. Ridgely, Mary Ann Ridgely, and Eleanor D. Ridgely vs. Augustus J. Schwartze. BA. Title to Wells Manor. Recorded (Chancery Record) 107, p. 430.
Accession No.: 17,898-4372-1/2 MSA S512-6-4511 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1818/07/09
1267: Joseph Carter vs. Rachel Sindall, Christopher Todd, and Susanna Todd. BA. Contract to purchase lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 106, pp. 404 and 108. p. 315.
Accession No.: 17,898-1267 MSA S512-2-1329 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1818/07/10
3007: Nathan Levering vs. John Keller. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Davids Fancy. Recorded (Chancery Record) 112, p. 223.
Accession No.: 17,898-3007 MSA S512-4-3089 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1818/07/13
1846: William A. Fitzhugh, Abraham Clark, and Richard T. Lowndes vs. Daniel Bussard and George Calvert. PG. Injunction against operation of gunpowder factory at Bladensburg.
Accession No.: 17,898-1846 MSA S512-3-1913 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1818/07/17
2375: George Hill and Solomon McCombs vs. Adam Stewart and William Vance. BA. Contract to operate a sawmill.
Accession No.: 17,898-2375-1/3 MSA S512-3-2468 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1818/07/20
3502: William McMechen vs. William Dorsey, John E. Dorsey, Walter Dorsey, Robert Gilmer, Robert Gilmer, Jr., William Gilmer, Henry Payson, Dennis A. Smith, James Cox, Alexander McDonald, Abraham Worthington, William Gwynn, Caleb D. Goodwin, Thomas B. Dorsey, Milcah Dorsey, Lyde Goodwin, William Wilkins, Jr., Aschah Wilkins, Edward Goodwin, Rebecca Goodwin, and Eliza Goodwin. AA. Injunction against selling Piney Forrest, Rezin Supply, Mill Seat, Murphys Adventure, Arcadia Resurveyed, Fifth Discovery, Partnership, Desert of Arabia, Chance, Yates Inheritance. Recorded (Chancery Record) 112, p. 113.
Accession No.: 17,898-3502-1/5 MSA S512-4-3609 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1818/07/21
5816: Martha Wootton vs. Samuel Beall. MO. Contract to purchase Cucholds Delight. Recorded (Chancery Record) 115, p. 53.
Accession No.: 17,898-5816 MSA S512-7-5916 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1818/07/22
19: Mays Abraham and Hevege Abraham vs. Philip Rogers. BA. Estate of Joseph Calman. Recorded (Chancery Record) 110, p. 360.
Accession No.: 17,898-19 MSA S512-1-19 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1818/07/29
4131: William Primrose, Sarah Primrose, James J. Hall, and Elizabeth Hall vs. Sophia Primrose, Ann Quimbey, and Ann Quimbey, Jr. KE, QA. Estate of John Quimbey - Poplar Hill in QA. Also lots in Chestertown in KE. Plats. Recorded (Chancery Record) 111, p. 577. Accession No.: 17,898-4131 MSA S512-5-4255 Location: 1/36/4/

Date: 1818/08/04
2708: Elizabeth Haubert vs. Benjamin Jones. FR. Petition to sell lot in Taneytown. Recorded (Chancery Record) 122, P. 611.
Accession No.: 17,898-2708 MSA S512-3-2776 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1818/08/04
10167: George Clarke, Bennet Clarke, James Clarke, James Preston, Sarah Preston, Ruth Billingslea, John Clarke, Nathaniel Clarke, John Tardy, and Ann Tardy vs. William Clark. HA. Estate of William Clarke - Rockey Mount.
Accession No.: 17,898-10167-1/2 MSA S512-13-10046 Location: 1/39/2/

Date: 1818/08/17
5047: Littleton D. Teackle vs. Peter Guillet. SO. Injunction against removal of timber.
Accession No.: 17,898-5047 MSA S512-6-5191 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1818/08/19
5833: John Wootton vs. James C. Lackland. MO. Estate of Elizabeth Magruder. Recorded (Chancery Record) 108, p. 548.
Accession No.: 17,898-5833-1/4 MSA S512-7-5928 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1818/08/25
110: Isabella Jinner vs. Henry Allfather, Mary Allfather, Samuel Allberger, and Rebecca Allberger. BA. Estate of Mary Garrison. Recorded (Chancery Record) 115, p. 512.
Accession No.: 17,898-110 MSA S512-1-121 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1818/08/25
4253: Martin Rizer Matthias and Henry Winow vs. John Habletzell, Jacob Habletzell, George Habletzell, Henry Habletzell, William Habletzell, and Samuel Habletzell. AL. Title to lot in Cumberland. Recorded (Chancery Record) 115, p. 25.
Accession No.: 17,898-4253 MSA S512-6-4375 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1818/08/25
4313: John Randall and Eliza Randall vs. Thomas Hodges, Rezin Estep, John Claytor, and Eliza Claytor. AA, PG. Estate of Charles D. Hodges - store at Pig Point in AA. Recorded (Chancery Record) 109, p. 343.
Accession No.: 17,898-4313-1/18 MSA S512-6-4440 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1818/09/01
5072: Benjamin Thomas, Charles Pumphrey, and Joseph Pumphrey vs. John Gray of Greenberry, Charlotte Gray, and Nicholas Boone. AA. Estate of John Boone - Second Addition to Rattle Snake Neck. Plat of Browns Adventure, Neighbours Neglect. Recorded (Chancery Record) 130, p. 349. Accession No.: 17,898-5072-1/3 MSA S512-6-5216 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1818/09/02
2633: John Hood, James Hood, James Barnes, Isaiah Barnes, Dennis Barnes, Leah Barnes, Henry H. Wolf, Rachel Wolf, George Wolf, and Letitia Wolf vs. William Hobbs, Henry R. Warfield, Gustavus Warfield, Samuel Thomas, Ann Thomas, Charles Alexander Warfield, Richard Snowden, Louisa Snowden, Ann Louisa Snowden, Thomas Snowden, Charles A. Snowden, Caroline Snowden, Emily R. Snowden, Richard Snowden, and Peregrine Warfield. AA. Contract to purchase Neals Chance.
Accession No.: 17,898-2633 MSA S512-3-2708 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1818/09/04
1405: John B. Davidge and Allen Thomas vs. Nicholas Pierpoint and Misael Pierpoint. AA. Contract to purchase Bensons Park.
Accession No.: 17,898-1405 MSA S512-2-1474 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1818/09/04
2920: Edward Kerr vs. James Barnett, Luther Martin, Easter Martin, Joanna Barnett, Mark Barnett, Solomon Barnett, Samuel Barnett, Lucinda Barnett, Elizabeth Barnett, Benjamin Scott, Jane Scott, William Barnett, Robert Hamilton, and Elizbeth Hamilton. HA. Contract to purchase lots in Union Cross Roads. Recorded (Chancery Record) 106, p. 477 and 111, p. 334.
Accession No.: 17,898-2920 MSA S512-4-3004 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1818/09/05
3152: Lloyd M. Lowe, Henry H. Lowe, and Barbara Lowe vs. Robert D. Dawson, Henrietta Dawson, Ann M. Lowe, Pheby Lowe, Barbara Lowe, David Lowe, Eliza H.S. Lowe, and Christiana Lowe. PG. Petition to sell Forest, Sopers Rest Enlarged, Lanhams Delight. Recorded (Chancery Record) 109, p. 253.
Accession No.: 17,898-3152 MSA S512-4-3239 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1818/09/06
1832: John Ratheau vs. John Franciscus and Philip B. Sadler. BA. Estate of Carsten Newham.
Accession No.: 17,898-1832 MSA S512-2-1900 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1818/09/07
5789: Henry Wagman vs. Peregrine Warfield. AA. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-5789-1/4 MSA S512-7-5892 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1818/09/12
497: Thomas Burgee vs. John Turner and Richard Turner. PG. Contract to purchase Ralpho. Recorded (Chancery Record) 128, p. 114.
Accession No.: 17,898-497 MSA S512-1-549 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1818/09/14
8777: Anna G.M. Vanderlohr vs. John Franciscus and Philip B. Sadtler. BA. Estate of Carlten Newhouse.
Accession No.: 17,898-8777-1/11 MSA S512-11-8722 Location: 1/38/4/

Date: 1818/09/16
3495: James Mackubin vs. John Craig, John Barron, Jr., Julianna Mackubin, Elizabeth Mackubin, Ellen Mackubin, Caroline Mackubin, and Martha Mackubin. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lots in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 113, p. 427.
Accession No.: 17,898-3495-1/2 MSA S512-4-3602 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1818/09/16
4123: William Patterson, Robert Oliver, John Oliver, and Sarah C. O'Donnell vs. James Bond and Margaret Bond. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 113, p. 17.
Accession No.: 17,898-4123-1/2 MSA S512-5-4247 Location: 1/36/4/

Date: 1818/09/16
4838: James Sterrett vs. Richard Keys, James Keys, Bayley Keys, and Thomas Woodyear. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Drumquhastle. Recorded (Chancery Record) 118, p. 288.
Accession No.: 17,898-4838-1/3 MSA S512-6-4999 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1818/09/18
50: John Armstrong and Ann Armstrong vs. Heny Fahanestock. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Green Spring Forrest. Recorded (Chancery Record) 109, p. 1.
Accession No.: 17,898-50-1/2 MSA S512-1-46 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1818/09/18
374: Benjamin Brookes vs. John Darnall. PG. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-374-1/4 MSA S512-1-428 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1818/09/23
985: John Callenberger and Philip Callenberger vs. John Allen, Elizabeth Allen, Barbara Allen, Thomas Bennett, Elias Choate, Herod Choate, Deborah Choate, David Choate, Jesse Choate, Harriett Choate, Sabret Garey, Rebecca Garey, John Gill, Flora Gill, Nicholas Kelly, Eleanor Kelly, Nicholas Norwood, Eleanor Norwood, William Walker, and Sarah Walker. BA. Estate of Frederick Callenberger - Tevis Chance.
Accession No.: 17,898-985 MSA S512-2-1028 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1818/09/23
1640: Thomas Eden and Christopher Court vs. Richard Jones and William Court. AA. Estate of Joseph Court - lot in Pig Point, Little Ceppas, Friendship.
Accession No.: 17,898-1640 MSA S512-2-1709 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1818/09/23
2294: Henry Howard of John vs. George Gaither. MO. Contract to partition Diamond. Recorded (Chancery Record) 117, p. 311.
Accession No.: 17,898-2294-1/3 MSA S512-3-2384 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1818/09/23
4058: Mary Pilkington, Thomas Pilkington, Jr., Thomas Purse, and Mary Purse. BA. Insolvent estate of Thomas Pilkington.
Accession No.: 17,898-4058 MSA S512-5-4176 Location: 1/36/4/

Date: 1818/09/25
3114: Thomas Laurence vs. Levi Philips. BA, MO. Injunction against removal of timber from Farewell, Third Resurvey on the Second Part of the Second Resurvey on Friends in Need in MO.
Accession No.: 17,898-3114 MSA S512-4-3199 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1818/10/21
4959: William Sprole vs. Lloyd Parks, Eli Hatten, Ebbirilla Hatten, Lynch Griffin, Delilah Griffin, and William Parks. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Mates Affinity. Recorded (Chancery Record) 112, p. 192.
Accession No.: 17,898-4959-1/5 MSA S512-6-5106 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1818/10/21
5424: Thomas H. Wright vs. Elizabeth Hall Norwood. BA. Appointment of trustee for Norwood.
Accession No.: 17,898-5424 MSA S512-7-5546 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1818/10/24
5265: Union Bank of Maryland vs. James Gunn. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 113, p. 316.
Accession No.: 17,898-5265 MSA S512-7-5393 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1818/10/28
1891: William Gambrill vs. Margaret Gambrill, Ruth Gambrill, and Henry Gambrill. AA. Petition to sell Gambrills Purchase. Recorded (Chancery Record) 109, p. 337.
Accession No.: 17,898-1891 MSA S512-3-1956 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1818/11/03
1494: George Dorsey, Rachel Dorsey, Henry Welling, and Sarah Welling vs. Warner Warfield, Catherine Warfield, George Warfield, and William R. Warfield. AA. Petition to partition Silence, Defiance, Second Thought. Recorded (Chancery Record) 111, p. 139. Accession No.: 17,898-1494 MSA S512-2-1558 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1818/11/03
12194: Walter H. Hilleary vs. John Wells. PG. Trust estate of Hilleary.
Accession No.: 17,898-12194-1/5 MSA S512-15-12008 Location: 1/39/4/

Date: 1818/11/05
223: James Shephard. AA. Estate of James Owings - Owens Fancy, Owens Purchase, Owens Manor, Hopkins Venture. Recorded (Chancery Record) 109, p. 17.
Accession No.: 17,898-223 MSA S512-1-261 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1818/11/06
968: Cornelius Comegys vs. Eliza Falconer, William Falconer, George Falconer, Comegys Falconer, and Charles Falconer. BA. Estate of Peregrine Falconer - land in Alabama.
Accession No.: 17,898-968 MSA S512-2-1006 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1818/11/06
3073: John Lane vs. Bennet Bussey. HA. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-3073 MSA S512-4-3160 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1818/11/10
2709: Gerard Hopkins vs. Samuel Hopkins. AA. Validity of sale of Good Will. Recorded (Chancery Record) 115, p. 35.
Accession No.: 17,898-2709 MSA S512-3-2777 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1818/11/10
3904: Samuel Owings vs. Richard Owings, Samuel Luckett, Nowland M. Luckett, Basil Hobbs, Polly Hobbs, Norman Dorsey, Matilda Dorsey, Elias Dorsey, Levin L. Dorsey, Benjamin L. Dorsey, and Urith O. Dorsey. AA. Contract to purchase Salophia, Dorseys Interest, Belts Hills, Hoods Mill Seat. Plat filed in Maryland Survey Papers (Division Plats) 3, No. 2, MdHR 40,283-108, S65-19, B5/10/1; also show Turkey Thickett. Recorded (Chancery Record) 115, p. 207.
Accession No.: 17,898-3904 MSA S512-4-4019 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1818/11/13
3892: John O'Reilly vs. Patrick H. O'Reilly, Catherine O'Reilly, Sophia O'Reilly, Samuel Gott, and Amelia Gott. AA. Estates of Johnson Michael O'Reilly and Polydore E. O'Reilly - John and Marys Chance.
Accession No.: 17,898-3892 MSA S512-4-4006 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1818/11/14
5079: Philip Thomas vs. Josiah Bailey, Eaton R. Partridge, Samuel Briscoe, James Partridge, and John W. Thomas. BA. Defraud of creditors of Thomas & Partridge.
Accession No.: 17,898-5079 MSA S512-6-5221 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1818/11/17
4990: Thomas Shorter vs. John Perkins and William Perkins. PG. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-4990-1/2 MSA S512-6-5136 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1818/11/18
570A: James A. Buchanan vs. Thomas Peters, Edward Johnson, Mary Ann Philpot, Brian Philpot, John Philpot, Elizabeth Philpot, Clarissa Philpot, and Edward Philpot. BA. Title to lots in BC, Philipots Addition. Recorded (Chancery Record) 106, p. 380 and 108, p. 200.
Accession No.: 17,898-570A MSA S512-1-612 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1818/11/20
676: Elijah Bosley, Hannah Bosley, Sarah Wilmott, Robert Shanklin, Elizabeth Shanklin, Thomas Thompson, and Elizabeth Thompson vs. John Fitch, Pleasant Fitch, Robert Fitch, Rebecca Fitch, William Clark, Dorcas Clark, George Council, Sarah Council, Mr. Channell, Ann Channell, James Woolf, and Massey Woolf. BA. Contract to purchase Grays Inspection. Recorded (Chancery Record) 106, p. 492 and 108, p. 109.
Accession No.: 17,898-676 MSA S512-1-703 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1818/11/21
3225: Stephen Lee vs. John T. Barber, Lancelot Warfield, and Thomas Bicknell. AA. Contract to lease Hopkins Place.
Accession No.: 17,898-3225 MSA S512-4-3314 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1818/11/23
570: James A. Buchanan vs. Thomas Peters, Edward Johnson, Theodore Sedgwick, Susan Sedgwick, Robert Watts, Jr., and Matilda Watts. BA. Title to lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 106, p. 362 and 111, p. 45.
Accession No.: 17,898-570-1/2 MSA S512-1-611 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1818/11/23
1527: John Duer vs. James McNeill, Letitia McNeill, Sarah Duer, Charles Duer, Joseph Duer, Amasa Duer, Thomas Duer, John Briggs, Mary Briggs, Joshua Grimes, Elizabeth Grimes, Isaac Miller, Alice Miller, Robert Stockdale, and Deborah Stockdale. AA. Contract to purchase Rebeccas Lot. Recorded (Chancery Record) 106, p. 580 and 111 p. 70.
Accession No.: 17,898-1527-1/2 MSA S512-2-1601 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1818/11/25
5326: Anne Wilmot vs. Sarah Woodfield, William Woodfield, David Ridgely, and Juliana Maria Ridgely. AA. Estate of Thomas Woodfield - Snowdens Reputation Supported. Recorded (Chancery Record) 130, p. 349.
Accession No.: 17,898-5326-1/4 MSA S512-7-5454 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1818/11/28
7686: Henry Ecard, Jonah Buffington, Magdalina Buffington, Solomon Rennor, Barbara Rennor, Thompson McCrea, Mary McCrea, John Copling, Elizabeth Copling, Jacob Copling, and Catherine Copling. FR. Trust estate under will of John Ecard. Recorded (Chancery Record) 109, p. 54 and 36, p. 389.
Accession No.: 17,898-7686-1/5 MSA S512-10-7689 Location: 1/38/3/

Date: 1818/12/05
11093: Edward Wilson and George Foard vs. George Beaston, Ann Savin, Margaret Savin, Samuel Savin, Mary Lowry, Robert Smith, and William Smith. CE. Petition to sell land. Recorded (Chancery Record) 120, p. 500.
Accession No.: 17,898-11093-1/4 MSA S512-14-10936 Location: 1/39/3/

Date: 1818/12/08
2321: Benedict E. Hall, Jacob Brown, Polly Brown, Joshua Deaver, and Thomas P. Frisby vs. Richard Graves, William Graves, Mary Wilmer, and Elizabeth Wilmer. QA. Estate of Simon Wilmer.
Accession No.: 17,898-2321-1/2 MSA S512-3-2414 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1818/12/11
8264: Joshua Gore and Charles Gore vs. David Gore, John Gore, Michael Gore, Mary Gore, Jacob Remme, Susan Remme, Elijah Gorsuch, Sebbil Gorsuch, Philip Gore, Henry Gore, John Gore, Joshua Gore, Charles Markay, Elizabeth Markay, George Gore, Julianna Gore, James Gore, Elijah Gore, Johnzey Gore, Samuel Gore, Philip Gore, William Gore, Henry Gore, Isaac Gore, Mary Gore, Charlotte Gore, Jesse Gore, Jacob Yohn, Sally Yohn, Nicholas Harden, Rachel Harden, Jacob Gore, Samuel Gore, Hannah Gore, Rosetta Gore, Nicholas Gore, Benjamin F. Gore, Thomas Gore, Christiana Gore, Andrew Gore, Zadack Burriss, Elizabeth Burriss, Phantly Been, Anne Been, and Sibble Haines. BA. Petition to sell Nicholsons Manor, Addition to Elledges Farm. Recorded (Chancery Record) 116, p. 1.
Accession No.: 17,898-8264-1/2 MSA S512-10-8244 Location: 1/38/3/

Date: 1818/12/15
9621: Aquila Mitchell vs. Abraham Jarrett. HA. Estate of James Mitchell - Rupulta, Taylors Neglect.
Accession No.: 17,898-9621 MSA S512-12-9531 Location: 1/38/5/

Date: 1818/12/17
1532: William P. Dalrymple, Charles D. Maccubbin, Henry Payson, Henry P. Sumner, Hugh Birckhead, George Read, William Read, Thomas Mareau, and Nathaniel F. Williams vs. William S. Carroll and John M. Bennett. BA. Insolvent estate of Carroll.
Accession No.: 17,898-1532 MSA S512-2-1606 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1818/12/29
2103: George Graver and Catherine Graver vs. Jacob Youse. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Good Will, William Resurveyed, Addition to William. Recorded (Chancery Record) 125, p. 1.
Accession No.: 17,898-2103 MSA S512-3-2173 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1818/12/30
7279: Samuel Chase vs. James Bryden, Christian L. Manhardt, John Purviance, and David Hoffman. BA. Injunction against execution of judgment on Fountain Inn in BC.
Accession No.: 17,898-7279-1/8 MSA S512-9-7305 Location: 1/37/4/

Date: 1818/12/31
1887: Ann Foard vs. Richard Boulden. CE. Injunction against removal of timber from Hyspaniola, Bullens Range.
Accession No.: 17,898-1887 MSA S512-3-1952 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1819
1122: Walter Clagett vs. William Lamar and Jacob Lamar. PG. Mortgage foreclosure on Rileys Discovery.
Accession No.: 17,898-1122 MSA S512-2-1195 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819
2391: William Hobbs of Samuel vs. Charles B. Dorsey, Humphrey Dorsey, William Gaither, Elizabeth Gaither, Richard Dorsey, Ruth Dorsey, John Dorsey, Nicholas Welsh, Eli P. Bently, Harriott Bently, and Margaret Ann Dorsey. AA, FR. Title to Pork Plenty If No Thieves, Terra Excultabilis in FR.
Accession No.: 17,898-2391 MSA S512-3-2483 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1819
3529: Joseph Sterrett, Molley Sterrett, and Jeremiah T. Chase vs. Thomas Moale, Robert Moale, Samuel Moale, Randle Moale, John C. Moale, William A. Moale, Richard H. Moale, John Bernabew, Ellen Bernabew, William McMechan, Elizabeth Curson, Judith C. Carroll, and Richard Carroll. BA. Estate of Richard Moale. Recorded (Chancery Record) 180, p. 158.
Accession No.: 17,898-3529-1/13 MSA S512-4-3638 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1819/01/06
238: Frederick Bixler, Sarah Bixler, George Webling, Michael Webling, Jacob Webling, Adam Reigal, and Catherine Reigal vs. Charles Webling, George Vantz, Rachel Vantz, and Valentine Vantz. BA. Estate of Charles Webling - California. Recorded (Chancery Record) 112, p. 267.
Accession No.: 17,898-238 MSA S512-1-277 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1819/01/07
877A: Susan Cochran. BA. Petition to sell lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 109, p. 409.
Accession No.: 17,898-877A MSA S512-2-913 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/01/07
3826: Christian Nunemacker, Susannah Nunemacker, Sarah Houck, William Kurtz, Elizabeth Kurtz, Elizabeth Coltriter, and Jersalam Church vs. John Fisher, Peter Gittear, and Conrad Sherman. BA. Estate of Michael Fisher - Clareys New Holland. Recorded (Chancery Record) 113, p. 393.
Accession No.: 17,898-3826-1/2 MSA S512-4-3942 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1819/01/11
327: Jeremiah Brown and Thomas Rogers vs. John Frey and Matthew Irwin. CE. Mortgage foreclosure on Octorara Forge, Dixons Exchange, Hillis Delight, Hillis Additions. Recorded (Chancery Record) 119, p. 321.
Accession No.: 17,898-327-1/2 MSA S512-1-372 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1819/01/15
1103: Daniel Conn vs. William Hart. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC.
Accession No.: 17,898-1103 MSA S512-2-1176 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/01/22
716: Nicholas Brown vs. Jacob Gittinger and Margaret Fringer. BA. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-716 MSA S512-1-738 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1819/01/22
1243: John Cromwell, Urath Cromwell, Thomas Moale, Eleanor Moale, Robert Moale, Frances Moale, Richard Cromwell, Mary Cromwell, George Winchester, Ann Wincester, Samuel Winchester, Ann Winchester, Peter Hoffman, and Deborah Hoffman vs. William Owings. BA. Estate of Samuel Owings - Owings Mills.
Accession No.: 17,898-1243-1/2 MSA S512-2-1310 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/01/25
2083: Greenbury Goldsborough vs. Harriott Martin, Edward Martin, Daniel Martin, James L. Chamberlain, and Richard L. Chamberlain. TA. Injunction against removal of timber from Heir der Lloyd.
Accession No.: 17,898-2083 MSA S512-3-2153 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1819/01/28
2420: Richard D. Hill vs. John H.D. Lane. AA. Injunction against removal of timber from Birkheads Chance.
Accession No.: 17,898-2420 MSA S512-3-2508 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1819/01/28
4072: James Pryor and Elizabeth Williamson vs. Joshua Massey. QA. Title to Bath, Baths Meadow, Jennings Beginning Rectified, Skipton Hall, Harris Ramble.
Accession No.: 17,898-4072-1/3 MSA S512-5-4190 Location: 1/36/4/

Date: 1819/01/28
5331: Eliza Thomas Williams and Allen Thomas vs. Otho Williams. WA. Title to Conogechegue Manor.
Accession No.: 17,898-5331-1/6 MSA S512-7-5459 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1819/01/29
3175: John H.D. Lane vs. Richard D. Hill. AA. Injunction against removal of timber from Grammers Chance.
Accession No.: 17,898-3175 MSA S512-4-3262 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1819/01/30
3862: Samuel Owings and Beall Owings vs. Charles Owings and Mary Ann Owings. MO. Petition to sell Pleasant Hills. Recorded (Chancery Record) 112, p. 90.
Accession No.: 17,898-3862 MSA S512-4-3977 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1819/02/01
4917: Joseph Spriggs and Jacob Lantz vs. William T. Shotwell and Matthew McLaughlin. AL. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-4917-1/2 MSA S512-6-5068 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1819/02/02
1123: Richard Chenowith vs. Robert Benson. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Arthurs Lot, Arthurs Addition, Gellead, William Resurveyed, Pork Hall. Recorded (Chancery Record) 112, p. 468.
Accession No.: 17,898-1123 MSA S512-2-1196 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/02/06
2097: John James Giraud vs. Christopher Hughes. BA. Injunction against execution of judgment on lot in BC.
Accession No.: 17,898-2097 MSA S512-3-2167 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1819/02/10
9358: John Lee vs. John Price. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 116, p. 74.
Accession No.: 17,898-9358 MSA S512-11-9275 Location: 1/38/4/

Date: 1819/02/13
1311: Samuel Deale and Susannah Deale vs. Lucy Harwood, John Miles, Mary Miles, Richard Miles, Henrietta Miles, and Maria Miles. AA. Contract to purchase Rawlings Tavern.
Accession No.: 17,898-1311 MSA S512-2-1367 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/02/15
1465: William D. Digges vs. James McCormick, Jr. PG. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-1465 MSA S512-2-1530 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/02/16
8130: George Gillispie and James Evans vs. Elizabeth Creswell, Joseph Couden, Alexander McKim, Hannah Slater, Ann S. Slater, Lydia B. Slater, John Ray, Rebecca Ray, and Edward J. Mohan. CE. Estate of John Creswell - Lucky Mistake.
Accession No.: 17,898-8130-1/9 MSA S512-10-8115 Location: 1/38/3/

Date: 1819/02/19
1872: Leonard Foreman vs. Thomas R. Cross, William H. Hanson, Elizabeth Hanson, Jehu Smith, Thomas Sifton, and Pamela Sifton. AA. Estate of George Connaway - Bakers Folly, Hallitts Lot Enlarged.
Accession No.: 17,898-1872 MSA S512-3-1938 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1819/02/19
5248: Ambrose Updegraff vs. Bernard Gilpin. MO. Contract to settle accounts.
Accession No.: 17,898-5248-1/5 MSA S512-7-5376 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1819/02/22
841: Richard Caton vs. Augustine Gambrill and George G. Gambrill. AA. Contract to purchase Rising Sun Tavern.
Accession No.: 17,898-841 MSA S512-2-875 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/02/22
988: Charles Carroll of Carrollton and Richard Caton vs. Joseph C. Cockey. BA. Contract to purchase Cockeys Trust, Cockeys Recovery, Holdmore.
Accession No.: 17,898-988 MSA S512-2-1031 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/02/22
1642: Basil Elder, Joseph Taylor, and Richard Caton vs. Abijah Fenn. CE. Mortgage foreclosure on Rockford Grove.
Accession No.: 17,898-1642 MSA S512-2-1711 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/02/27
1898: Robert Gilmor, Sr., Robert Gilmor, Jr., and William Gilmor vs. Lucy Prengle, Adelaide Prengle, Maria Prengle, Caroline Prengle, and Augusta Prengle. HA. Estate of Mark Prengle - Brothers Lot, Burchfields Venture, Convenience, Harmers Town. Recorded (Chancery Record) 112, p. 257.
Accession No.: 17,898-1898 MSA S512-3-1963 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1819/02/27
1922: Robert Gilmor, Sr., Robert Gilmor, Jr., Robert Oliver, John Oliver, and William Gilmor vs. Lucy Pringle, Adelaide Pringle, Mary Pringle, Caroline Pringle, and Augusta Pringle. HA. Mortgage foreclosure on Swan Harbour, Pacas Bit. Recorded (Chancery Record) 112, p. 1.
Accession No.: 17,898-1922 MSA S512-3-1987 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1819/02/27
8898B: Susanna Ireland, Alithea Ireland, Ann E. Ireland, Mary Ireland, and Martha A. Ireland vs. James Milward. KE. Injunction against removal of timber.
Accession No.: 17,898-8898B MSA S512-11-8840 Location: 1/38/4/

Date: 1819/03/01
3096: Jacob Lantz vs. John F. Lancaster and Ovid McCrackin. AL. Injunction against execution of judgment on Hermits Abode. Plat; also shows Hermits Retreat, Resurvey on Hermits Retreat, Hays Request.
Accession No.: 17,898-3096-1/2 MSA S512-4-3182 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1819/03/01
7283: James M. Cresap vs. Luther Martin, Bank of Maryland, and Maria Keene. AA. Mortgage foreclosure on Dorseys Adventure, Good for Little, Chews Vineyard, Adam the First, Dorseys Inheritance, Resurvey on Good for Little. Recorded (Chancery Record) 113 p. 462. Accession No.: 17,898-7283-1/5 MSA S512-9-7309 Location: 1/37/4/

Date: 1819/03/02
9836: George W. Moore and James Mosher vs. Henry Moore. BA. Petition to sell lot in BC. Plats at 1/38/1/31.
Accession No.: 17,898-9836-1/15 MSA S512-13-9732 Location: 1/39/2/

Date: 1819/03/08
3040: John Lee vs. James Cloney and Martin F. Maher. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 112, p. 21.
Accession No.: 17,898-3040 MSA S512-4-3124 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1819/03/09
4062: Martha Poag vs. John Poag, Jesse McCrery, Mary McCrery, Thomas McCrery, William McCrery, Elizabeth McCrery, John McCrery, George McCrery, and Margaret Jane McCrery. CE. Mortgage foreclosure on Consent, Chambers Venture. Recorded (Chancery Record) 138, p. 670.
Accession No.: 17,898-4062-1/2 MSA S512-5-4180 Location: 1/36/4/

Date: 1819/03/09
7180: William Jacobs vs. Christopher Cox and John Cox. QA. Petition to sell Partnership. Plat. Recorded (Chancery Record) 116, p. 770.
Accession No.: 17,898-7180-1/4 MSA S512-9-7213 Location: 1/37/4/

Date: 1819/03/11
965: Walter Crook vs. John Hicks. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 116, p. 406.
Accession No.: 17,898-965 MSA S512-2-1003 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/03/11
3560: Elizabeth Maxwell vs. George Mann. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Bear Neck. Recorded (Chancery Record) 118, p. 162.
Accession No.: 17,898-3560 MSA S512-4-3676 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1819/03/11
4065: George Pollard vs. Thomas Server, Amelia Server, Juliana Server, Henry Server, Claudius Server, Alexander Server, and Ann Server. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 134, p. 144.
Accession No.: 17,898-4065-1/2 MSA S512-5-4183 Location: 1/36/4/

Date: 1819/03/12
2527: Francis Hollingsworth, Charles Worthington, and Ennion Williams vs. William Yellott, John J. Yellott, George W. Yellott, Alexander Yellott, and Sophia Yellott. AA. Petition to sell Caleb and Edwards Friendship, Stoney Run Hills, Samson, Walkers Inheritance. Recorded (Chancery Record) 113, p. 74 and 142, p. 674.
Accession No.: 17,898-2527-1/5 MSA S512-3-2605 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1819/03/19
5035: Henry Taylor vs. James Kelby, James Winchester, Susannah Winchester, William Wilson, Rachel Wilson, John Kelly, Henry Kelly, Elizabeth Kelly, Martha Kelly, and Emeline Kelly. KE. Estate of James Kelly - Howells Adventure, Grange.
Accession No.: 17,898-5035 MSA S512-6-5179 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1819/03/19
5323: Josiah White vs. William G. Luckett, David L. Luckett, James Simpson, Juliet Simpson, Greenbury Simpson, and Catherine Simpson. MO. Contract to purchase Killmans Chance. Recorded (Chancery Record) 115, p. 183.
Accession No.: 17,898-5323 MSA S512-7-5451 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1819/03/22
1296: James Carey and Martha Carey vs. Ann Rich, Sarah Rich, John Rich, and Benjamin Rich. BA. Trust estate of John Ellicott - lots in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 106, p. 431 and 111, p. 531.
Accession No.: 17,898-1296 MSA S512-2-1352 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/03/22
3125: Michael Victor Leroy vs. John Baptiste Eugene Bitard Deport, Maria E. Boufils Deport, Antoini Taurin Chirac, Matthew Chaput, Ann Maria Chirac Chaput, Mathew Thevenon, Maria Chirac Thevenon, and John Baptiste A. Allegre. BA. Contract to purchase Howards Late Addition. Recorded (Chancery Record) 111, p. 313.
Accession No.: 17,898-3125-1/2 MSA S512-4-3212 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1819/03/22
9354: Thomas Love vs. John Ridgely of Edward. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Ridgelys Five Mile End, Affinity, Mulberry Hill, Truemans Acquaintance. Recorded (Chancery Record) 112, p. 65.
Accession No.: 17,898-9354-1/2 MSA S512-11-9271 Location: 1/38/4/

Date: 1819/03/23
856: Henry Childs vs. James Pattison, Jacob Pattison, and Benjamin Gaither. AA. Injunction against execution of judgment on Braughton Ashley, Stationers Hall.
Accession No.: 17,898-856 MSA S512-2-890 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/03/31
3444: John Moale vs. Richard H. Moale and William A. Moale. BA. Petition to sell Moales Purchase. Recorded (Chancery Record) 112, p. 14.
Accession No.: 17,898-3444 MSA S512-4-3552 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1819/04/03
6625: Nicholas Brewer vs. John Darnall. PG. Contract to perform legal services.
Accession No.: 17,898-6625-1/3 MSA S512-8-6680 Location: 1/37/3/

Date: 1819/04/05
5759: John Weaver and Rebecca L. Weaver vs. Levin Steward. BA. Injunction against removal of timber from Paradise Regained, Planters Paradise.
Accession No.: 17,898-5759 MSA S512-7-5864 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1819/04/07
295: Stewart Brown vs. Thomas Ryan and Ann Murray Ryan. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 116, p. 693.
Accession No.: 17,898-295 MSA S512-1-343 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1819/04/07
763A: Stewart Brown vs. Benjamin German, Jr., Daniel Perrigoes, Philip Sumwalt, and William W. Bond. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 112, p. 81.
Accession No.: 17,898-763A MSA S512-1-788 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1819/04/14
2328: Osborn S. Harwood vs. Levi White. AA. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-2328 MSA S512-3-2421 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1819/04/19
1824: Richard Frisby and Thomas L. Emory, Jr. vs. George Fitch. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Jefferson, Maxwells Habitation, Angles, Clears Gift, Sampsons Favor, Kindness, Rual Plains, Square, Mackubins Addition, Williams Addition, Who Would Have Thought It, Corsell Hills, Fitches Delight.
Accession No.: 17,898-1824 MSA S512-2-1892 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/04/20
11202: Nicholas Snowden vs. Thomas Snowden, Jr., John Contee, Ann Louisa Contee, Albert Fairfax, Caroline Fairfax, Timothy P. Andrews, Emily Andrews, and Richard N. Snowden. PG. Contract to purchase Brothers Partnership, Snowdens New Birmingham Manor. Recorded (Chancery Record) 139, p. 119.
Accession No.: 17,898-3360 MSA S512-4-3468 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1819/04/20
12014: Warner W. Warfield and Catherine D. Warfield vs. William R. Warfield and George Warfield. AA. Estate of Beale Warfield - Resurvey on Disappointment, Warfields Addition, Saplins Ridge, Middle Spring.
Accession No.: 17,898-12014 MSA S512-15-11836 Location: 1/39/4/

Date: 1819/05/12
1850: George Fringer vs. John Lester, Elizabeth Lester, and Edward Gray. BA. Injunction against removal of timber from lot in Baltimore Iron Works, Frederickstadt Enlarged.
Accession No.: 17,898-1850 MSA S512-3-1916 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1819/05/14
1971: Ephraim Gaither vs. Caleb Mockbee. AA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in Lisbon. Recorded (Chancery Record) 116, p. 374.
Accession No.: 17,898-1971 MSA S512-3-2033 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1819/05/14
5319: John Wooden vs. William Anderson, John Anderson, Robert Anderson, and Alexander Anderson. BA. Title to Hannahs Lot. Recorded (Chancery Record) 111, p. 541.
Accession No.: 17,898-5319 MSA S512-7-5447 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1819/05/14
12244: William Wilson and Nicholas Britton vs. Levi Hollingsworth. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Cub Hills Resurveyed, Johns Beginning. Recorded (Chancery Record) 113, p. 309.
Accession No.: 17,898-12244 MSA S512-15-12054 Location: 1/39/4/

Date: 1819/05/21
1807: Farmers Bank of Maryland vs. H. Aguiton. AA. Injunction against demand for specie.
Accession No.: 17,898-1807 MSA S512-2-1880 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/05/24
67: Richard Austin, Benjamin Benny, and Elizabeth Benny vs. Richard Martindale, William Corkrell, Mary Corkrell, Elizabeth Martindale, John Martindale, and Thomas Martindale. TA. Estate of Price Martindale.
Accession No.: 17,898-67 MSA S512-1-63 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1819/05/25
8713: Jacob Hershberger vs. Richard Mackall, Dr. William Weems, Peggy Weems, Nathaniel Weems, Rebecca Weems, John Horrell, Benjamin M. Horrell, Thomas Horrell, Leonard Mackall, Maximilian Horrell, Rebecca Covington, James S. Morsell, John Oliver, Jane H. Slacum, Henry Firey, and Martin Myers. WA. Title to land. Recorded (Chancery Record) 124, p. 113.
Accession No.: 17,898-8713 MSA S512-11-8661 Location: 1/38/4/

Date: 1819/06/08
3412: Mary P. Morton vs. William Wheatly and Ann Wheatly. CH. Contract to purchase land.
Accession No.: 17,898-3412 MSA S512-4-3520 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1819/06/08
4663: Sarah Sherwood vs. John Wells. AA. Petition to sell Todds Range. Plat. Recorded (Chancery Record) 113, p. 361.
Accession No.: 17,898-4663 MSA S512-6-4832 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1819/06/11
6079: James M. Anderson, Jr., John Wheland, Edward Scott, Joseph Harper, and Ann Hyrons vs. Samuel Briscoe, John Maxwell, Margaret Briscoe, Maria Briscoe, Thomas Bevans, and Ann Bevans. KE. Petition to sell Terry Farm, Harpers Farm, Ford Farm, Briscoe Farm, Green Forest, Suffolk. Plats of Briscoe Farm, Green Forest, Suffolk. Recorded (Chancery Record) 116, p. 637.
Accession No.: 17,898-6079-1/17 MSA S512-7-6163 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1819/06/14
5639: Edward Wilson and George Foard vs. Rebecca Price, Mary Price, and Thomas W. Veazey. CE. Mortgage foreclosure. Recorded (Chancery Record) 116, p. 225.
Accession No.: 17,898-5639-1/8 MSA S512-7-5751 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1819/06/15
8747: George Hogarth vs. George Mackubbin. AA. Petition to release mortgage on Ayres, Carter Bennett, Hunts Mount, Oblong. Recorded (Chancery Record) 119, p. 244.
Accession No.: 17,898-8747 MSA S512-11-8694 Location: 1/38/4/

Date: 1819/06/19
2289: John Heard vs. Dietrick Ghiesler. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 112, p. 276.
Accession No.: 17,898-2289 MSA S512-3-2379 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1819/06/19
4754: Paca Smith vs. Lucy Pringle, Adelaide Pringle, Maria Pringle, Caroline Pringle, and Augusta Pringle. HA. Estate of Mark Pringle - lots in Havre de Grace. Recorded (Chancery Record) 116, p. 91.
Accession No.: 17,898-4754 MSA S512-6-4923 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1819/06/23
5521: John Wade vs. James Chapline and John Buchanan. WA. Petition to correct description of Addition to Loss and Gain. Plat. Recorded (Chancery Record) 111, p. 732.
Accession No.: 17,898-5521 MSA S512-7-5640 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1819/06/28
9111: Susannah Keener and John Brevitt vs. Asahel Hussey and Nathan Hussey. BA. Contract to purchase lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 122, p. 126.
Accession No.: 17,898-9111 MSA S512-11-9042 Location: 1/38/4/

Date: 1819/06/29
9599: Benjamin McCeney and Thomas Elliott vs. Cane W. Edelen. AA. Injunction against execution of judgment on slave Harry.
Accession No.: 17,898-9599-1/2 MSA S512-12-9509 Location: 1/38/5/

Date: 1819/06/30
3914: Thomas O'Conner vs. George Keizer. BA. Estate of Jeremiah O'Connor.
Accession No.: 17,898-3914 MSA S512-5-4029 Location: 1/36/4/

Date: 1819/07/01
1845: Elizabeth S. Fitzhugh vs. John R. Plater. CV. Title to Round Pond Plains, Eltonhead Manor, Preston, Salt Works Landing.
Accession No.: 17,898-1845-1/2 MSA S512-3-1912 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1819/07/02
5882: John Yeiser and John Merryman vs. Nelson Wade, Susan Wade, Alexander Robinson, John McHenry, and Alexander H. Boyd. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Pearces Folly, Land in Kind, Ridgelys Conclusion, Poor Jamaica Mans Plague.
Accession No.: 17,898-5882 MSA S512-7-5968 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1819/07/05
2291: Levi Hollingsworth vs. Lewis Hart, Willliam Snuggrass, Jacob Walsh, and Hugh D. Evans. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lots in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 114, p. 1.
Accession No.: 17,898-2291 MSA S512-3-2381 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1819/07/07
1078: John Cromwell vs. Thomas Armstrong, Joseph Fletcher, and Margaret Fletcher. BA. Estate of Zachariah McCubbin.
Accession No.: 17,898-1078 MSA S512-2-1152 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/07/07
6517: Thomas Bicknell vs. Jacob Waters. AA. Injunction against execution of Judgment on Bealls Hunting Quarter, Something. Plat at 1/38/1/22.
Accession No.: 17,898-6517-1/2 MSA S512-8-6576 Location: 1/37/3/

Date: 1819/07/09
5015: Adam Steever vs. William Metzger and Martin Eichelberger. BA. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-5015-1/3 MSA S512-6-5160 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1819/07/12
2842: Thomas Johnson vs. Falls Turnpike Road Co. BA. Contract to construct roadbed and bridges.
Accession No.: 17,898-2842 MSA S512-3-2922 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1819/07/12
3563: Samuel Moale vs. William McMechen, James Cox, Dennis A. Smith, Philip Moore, Bank of Baltimore, and Mechanics Bank of Baltimore. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Hammonds Park, Trouting Steams, lots in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 113, p. 129.
Accession No.: 17,898-3563-1/5 MSA S512-4-3679 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1819/07/12
11089: Edmund H. Stocksdale vs. William Griffie, Edward Griffie, John Baughman, Nancy Baughman, Henry Whalen, Naomi Whalen, John Baseman, and Rebecca Baseman. BA. Estate of Richard Griffie - Griffies Mill, Jones Contrivance, Stevensons Deer Park. Recorded (Chancery Record) 118, p. 584.
Accession No.: 17,898-11089-1/2 MSA S512-14-10932 Location: 1/39/3/

Date: 1819/07/14
1329: Henry C. Drury vs. William Drury, William Cowley, Joseph Cowley, Nehemiah Birkhead, and Mary Birkhead. AA. Contract to purchase Birkheads Chance, Gullocks Folly.
Accession No.: 17,898-1329 MSA S512-2-1385 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/07/15
1786: Ann B. Foard vs. Ann Maria Foard, Samuel B. Foard, Richard James Foard, and Edward Levi Foard. CE. Petition to sell Tilly Broom, Good Neighborhood. Recorded (Chancery Record) 118, p. 3.
Accession No.: 17,898-1786 MSA S512-2-1863 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/07/15
9592: Samuel Moale vs. William McMechen and Walter Dorsey. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lots in BC.
Accession No.: 17,898-9592 MSA S512-12-9502 Location: 1/38/5/

Date: 1819/07/16
2795: Richard J. Jones. vs. Gustavus Thompson, Joseph Thompson, Mary Thompson, Charles A.C. Thompson, and William Thompson. QA. Mortgage foreclosure on Beginning.
Accession No.: 17,898-2795 MSA S512-3-2871 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1819/07/17
5034: Matthew Tilghman vs. William Primrose, Sarah Primrose, James J. Hall, Elizabeth Hall, Sophia Primrose, Elijah Quimby, Ann Quimby, and Henrietta Quimby. KE. Estate of James Quimby - lots in Chestertown.
Accession No.: 17,898-5034 MSA S512-6-5178 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1819/07/23
10294: Greenbury Purnell vs. John Kean and John Gottier. CE. Dissolution of a partnership.
Accession No.: 17,898-10294-1/18 MSA S512-13-10163 Location: 1/39/2/

Date: 1819/07/24
1350: Gilbert Davis, Eliza Davis, Joseph Davis, Walter Davis, George Gebhart, Catherine Gebhart, Sarah Radcliffe, and James Dean vs. George Davis, Denton Davis, Grace Cannon, Catherine Cannon, Noll Cannon, James Radcliffe, Mary Radcliffe, Joseph Radcliffe, Elizabeth Radcliffe, William Radcliffe, Joshua Radcliffe, Thomas Radcliffe, Upton Radcliffe, Barney Dean, Catherine Dean, Alexander Harvey, Sarah Harvey, Thomas Dean, and Joshua Dean. FR. Estate of Joseph Radcliffe - Rights of Man.
Accession No.: 17,898-1350 MSA S512-2-1406 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/07/29
1153: William Cook vs. Richard Bennett Mitchell. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Longworth.
Accession No.: 17,898-1153 MSA S512-2-1221 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/07/30
5037: Edward Tilly, Sarah Tilly, Elizabeth Tilly, Horatio Tilly, Lucretia Tilly, and Margaret Tilly vs. Dennis Claude. AA. Trust estate of plaintiffs.
Accession No.: 17,898-5037 MSA S512-6-5181 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1819/07/30
7282: Rebecca Cord. AA. Estate of John Cord - Hammonds Discovery. Recorded (Chancery Record) 112, p. 429.
Accession No.: 17,898-7282-1/2 MSA S512-9-7308 Location: 1/37/4/

Date: 1819/07/31
1109: James Colston vs. Levin Steuart. DO. Title to St. Anthony, Chance, Roxall, Pracardo.
Accession No.: 17,898-1109 MSA S512-2-1182 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/08/05
906: Richard Caton and George Tyson vs. John McFadon. BA. Trust estate of Greetham & Devereux - brig Mohawk.
Accession No.: 17,898-906 MSA S512-2-941 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/08/07
1825: Nimrod Frizel, Ann Frizel, David Fisher, and Eleanor Fisher vs. Nicholas Shafer, Elizabeth Shafer, John Fisher, Jacob Fisher, Rachel Fisher, Sarah Fisher, Henry Fisher, James Fisher, Julian Fisher, William Fisher, and Mary Fisher. BA. Petition to sell Jordans Discovery, Rochester, Ellis Folly, Resurvey on Cock Pitt.
Accession No.: 17,898-1825 MSA S512-2-1893 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/08/09
2940: Benjamin Knock vs. Jesse Gilbert, Mary Knock, and Christopher Cox. KE. Title to Chesterfield Resurveyed.
Accession No.: 17,898-2940-1/2 MSA S512-4-3024 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1819/08/09
4074: William Palmer vs. John Wiley. KE. Mortgage foreclosure. Recorded (Chancery Record) 116, p. 25.
Accession No.: 17,898-4074 MSA S512-5-4192 Location: 1/36/4/

Date: 1819/08/16
6379: Rudolph Bennett vs. John Kean. CE. Dissolution of R. Bennett & Co.
Accession No.: 17,898-6379-1/4 MSA S512-8-6442 Location: 1/37/3/

Date: 1819/08/18
5014: William H. Smith vs. James Smith, John R. Caldwell, Joshua Tevis, Maria N. Simkins, John S. Jenifer, George T. Baker, Joseph Smith, James Scott, and John P. Usher. AL, BA. Estate of Eli Smith Leaking.
Accession No.: 17,898-5014-1/6 MSA S512-6-5159 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1819/08/20
1328: Margaret Darnell vs. James Tongue. AA. Estate of Francis Darnell.
Accession No.: 17,898-1328 MSA S512-2-1384 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/08/20
7286: James Campbell, Luke Tiernan, and William Gwynn vs. William Woodland and James Salisbury. KE. Contract to purchase Suttons Forest, James Adventure, Level Fields, St. Johns Fields, Addition to Matthias, Susquehanna, Matthias, Hynsons Desire. Recorded (Chancery Record) 102, p. 369.
Accession No.: 17,898-7286-1/9 MSA S512-9-7312 Location: 1/37/4/

Date: 1819/08/20
11277: Septimus D. Sewell vs. James Baxter, Emily A. Baxter, James Parlett, Hannah Parlett, John Moore, and William Buckingham. BA. Estate of Joshua Swann - Coles Harbor, Youngs Escape.
Accession No.: 17,898-11277-1/3 MSA S512-14-11109 Location: 1/39/3/

Date: 1819/08/23
1342: Henry Davey vs. James Jones. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 116, p. 101.
Accession No.: 17,898-1342 MSA S512-2-1398 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/08/23
1372: Henry Davey vs. William Reeves, Thorndeck Chase, and John Snyder. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 116, pp. 50, 101.
Accession No.: 17,898-1372-1/2 MSA S512-2-1442 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/08/23
1614: Jonathan Ellicott, Elias Ellicott, George Ellicott, and John Ellicott vs. John Gadsby and Irwin McLaughlin. AA, BA. Contract to lease a tavern in AA.
Accession No.: 17,898-1614 MSA S512-2-1683 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/08/23
6025: Dr. Robert W. Armstrong vs. Joseph Jamison. BA. Contract to establish a drug store.
Accession No.: 17,898-6025-1/4 MSA S512-7-6111 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1819/08/30
3873: Robert Oliver vs. John J. Bennaben, Ellen Bennaben, and Daniel Raymond. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Moales Quarter, Cedar Isle, Jobs Beginning. Recorded (Chancery Record) 113, p. 413.
Accession No.: 17,898-3873 MSA S512-4-3987 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1819/09/06
930: Charles Carroll of Carrollton vs. Charles C. Jones. MO. Mortgage foreclosure. Recorded (Chancery Record) 114, p. 49.
Accession No.: 17,898-930 MSA S512-2-966 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/09/13
2011: Marcus Graff and Maria Graff vs. John Spriggs, Lithinia Spriggs, Robert Lyles, Julia Lyles, Otho Spriggs, Elie P. Bentley, Harriett Bentley, and Lucy Belt Spriggs. AA, FR. Estate of Thomas Spriggs - Mountzion, Hickory Level, I Am Loose Still, Fat Oxen, Bealls Good Will in FR. Also Additional Defence in AA.
Accession No.: 17,898-2011 MSA S512-3-2078 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1819/09/15
2784: Edward Jenkins vs. Matthew French. BA. Dissolution of Matthew French & Co.
Accession No.: 17,898-2784-1/2 MSA S512-3-2861 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1819/09/16
10621: Charles H. Rumsey, Mary Rumsey, and Amelia J. Rumsey vs. John Rumsey, Mary Rumsey, Archibald Gittings, Martha Gittings, and Naomi Matthews. HA. Estate of Benjamin Rumsey.
Accession No.: 17,898-10621 MSA S512-13-10471 Location: 1/39/2/

Date: 1819/09/17
3064: John Linsted vs. Elijah Redmond, Thomas Redmond, Rebecca Redmond, Thomas Davis, Robert Heath, Ann Heath, Kinsey Tydings, Mary Tydings, and Ralph Johnson. AA. Petition to sell Randalls Range.
Accession No.: 17,898-3064 MSA S512-4-3151 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1819/09/18
9298: Cornelius Lansdale vs. Solomon Sparrow, Thomas Sparrow, John Sparrow, Isabella Nicholson, Joseph Harwood, and Matilda Harwood. PG. Contract to purchase lot in Queen Annes Town. Recorded (Chancery Record) 109, p. 393.
Accession No.: 17,898-9298-1/3 MSA S512-11-9218 Location: 1/38/4/

Date: 1819/09/20
656: George W. Biscoe, Edward Calvert, Elizabeth Calvert, Charles Stewart, and Ann F. Stewart vs. Benjamin Oden and Charles Lowndes. PG. Contract to purchase Tiviver. Recorded (Chancery Record) 115, p. 77.
Accession No.: 17,898-656 MSA S512-1-684 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1819/09/20
1352: William Dwyer vs. James McKennel and Elizabeth Harriman. BA. Estate of William H. Fudge.
Accession No.: 17,898-1352 MSA S512-2-1408 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/09/23
1276: James Castle, Benjamin Rice, Nathan Dotten, Appolona Dotten, Joseph Jones, Susanna Jones, Rachel Elsrode, and Elizabeth Elsrode vs. John Burnes, Ann Michaels, Dorcas Elsrode, Malinda Elsrode, and Hannah Elsrode. BA. Title to Elsrodes Forrest, Bring Me Home Again. Recorded (Chancery Record) 115, p. 83.
Accession No.: 17,898-1276 MSA S512-2-1336 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/09/30
2728: Baltzer Hitzelberger vs. William Thompson, Standish Barry, Agnes Barry, John Franciscus, Mary Franciscus, James Thompson, John Thompson, Elizabeth Thompson, Andrew Thompson, Ann Thompson, Jane Thompson, David McCormick, and Jane McCormick. BA. Contract to purchase land. Recorded (Chancery Record) 115, p. 102.
Accession No.: 17,898-2728 MSA S512-3-2796 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1819/10/04
8509: John Hakesly vs. Martha Supton, William Supton, Cyrus Supton, Elisha Supton, and Susannah Supton. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC.
Accession No.: 17,898-8509 MSA S512-11-8478 Location: 1/38/4/

Date: 1819/10/05
2979: Eleanor Kennedy vs. Alexander Mitchell. FR, MO, WA. Petition to partition Landstoll, Cornucopia, Mountain Prospect, Resurvey on Contentment, Kiskers Lowden, Happy Chance, Nottingham, Fellowsjip, lots in Boonsborough, Link Together, Antietam Finished, Addition to Chance in WA. Also Bear Swamp Forrest, Michaels Neglect in FR and Woodstock in MO. Plats at 1/38/1. Recorded (Chancery Record) 115, p. 434.
Accession No.: 17,898-2979-1/2 MSA S512-4-3062 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1819/10/06
630: Robert W. Bowie, Kitty Bowie, and Mary Lansdale vs. Dennis Boyd, Elizabeth Boyd, and Clement Brooke. PG. Estate of Isaac Lansdale.
Accession No.: 17,898-630 MSA S512-1-658 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1819/10/06
1289: Charles Carroll of Carrollton vs. Mary Oldham, Edward Oldham, Ann Oldham, Edward Oldham, George W. Oldham, Charles Oldham, and Harriett Oldham. CE. Mortgage foreclosure on Bohemia Manor. Recorded (Chancery Record) 122, p. 13.
Accession No.: 17,898-1289-1/2 MSA S512-2-1347 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/10/06
2091: Lewis Gross and Jacob White vs. William Thompson, Standish Barry, Agnes Barry, John Franciscus, Mary Franciscus, Jane Thompson, James Thompson, John Thompson, Elizabeth Thompson, Andrew Thompson, Ann Thompson, David McCormick, and Jane McCormick. BA. Contract to purchase lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 115, p. 60.
Accession No.: 17,898-2091 MSA S512-3-2161 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1819/10/06
5683: Abraham White vs. William Thompson, Jane Thompson, James Thompson, John Thompson, Elizabeth Thompson, Andrew Thompson, Ann Thompson, Standish Barry, Agnes Barry, John Franciscus, Mary Fanciscus, David McCormick, and Jane McCormick. BA. Title to lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 115, p. 10.
Accession No.: 17,898-5683-1/2 MSA S512-7-5795 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1819/10/07
374A: Nicholas Brewer, Jr. vs. Thomas Ringgold. QA.
Accession No.: 17,898-374A MSA S512-1-429 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1819/10/08
2140: Charles Gwynn vs. Maryland Insurance Co. BA. Petition to transfer shares of stock.
Accession No.: 17,898-2140 MSA S512-3-2210 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1819/10/11
1313: Sarah Dorsey and Charles Hammond vs. John Dorsey. AA. Alimony.
Accession No.: 17,898-1313 MSA S512-2-1369 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/10/14
11404: Sabrat Trott and Nancy Trott vs. Henry C. Drury. AA. Estate of William Conner - Holloway.
Accession No.: 17,898-11404 MSA S512-14-11229 Location: 1/39/3/

Date: 1819/10/18
3090: James Lavielle vs. John Willin, Thomas Willin, Asinath Gardner, and William Hooper. CV. Injunction against execution of judgment on Rich Bottom, Willins Swamp, Allens Neck, Gideon and Cheverlys Right, Fentons Cove.
Accession No.: 17,898-3090 MSA S512-4-3176 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1819/10/19
1607A: Thomas Snowden. AA, MO. Estate of Henry Ridgely - Henry and Elizabeth Enlarged, Hobbs Purchase, Neals Chance, Chesnut Hills, Snake in the Grass, Windsor Forrest, Brookfield, Pleasant Plains of Damascus, Addition to Rays Adventure, Pembrooke, Mount Radnor, Resurvey of Mount Radnor, Friendship Enlarged, Prospect Hills in MO. Also Welcome Here Again in AA. Recorded (Chancery Record) 32, p. 307.
Accession No.: 17,898-3245 MSA S512-4-3334 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1819/10/19
12029: Cephas Ward vs. John Ward and Henry Ward. AA. Estate of Benjamin Ward - Wards Prospect. Recorded (Chancery Record) 117, p. 1.
Accession No.: 17,898-12029 MSA S512-15-11850 Location: 1/39/4/

Date: 1819/10/22
7277: Charity Clark, Sarah Clark, Pamela Clark, David Thomas, Isaac Reed, Juliana Reed, and James McCormick vs. Joseph L. Clark, Charlotte Clark, Thomas Clark, Martha Clark, Ralph Clark, and John Forwood of William. HA. Petition to sell land. Recorded (Chancery Record) 116, p. 291.
Accession No.: 17,898-7277-1/6 MSA S512-9-7304 Location: 1/37/4/

Date: 1819/10/25
3998: James Partridge vs. Samuel G. Griffith. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 116, p. 605.
Accession No.: 17,898-3998-1/2 MSA S512-5-4116 Location: 1/36/4/

Date: 1819/11/08
11975: Warren Welch vs. John Welch. AA. Petition to partition Johns Last Shift, Johns Hurry, Bite the Skinner. Recorded (Chancery Record) 117, p. 452.
Accession No.: 17,898-11975 MSA S512-15-11799 Location: 1/39/4/

Date: 1819/11/12
5986: Thomas Ayres vs. James Higgins, Sarah Higgins, and Benedict Meads. HA. Contract to purchase Barrets United Fields.
Accession No.: 17,898-5986 MSA S512-7-6072 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1819/11/13
3014: James Loffman, Mary Loffman, Isaac Cannell, and William Miller vs. Martha Gale, George Gale, and Thomas Gale. KE. Petition to sell Gambles Farm. Plat. Recorded (Chancery Record) 113, p. 322.
Accession No.: 17,898-3014 MSA S512-4-3096 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1819/11/15
966: Daniel Carroll of Duddington, Henry W. Rogers, Samuel J. Donaldson, and Thomas L. Emory, Jr. vs. Job Smith. BA. Contract to purchase Parishs Range. Recorded (Chancery Record) 116, p. 689.
Accession No.: 17,898-966 MSA S512-2-1004 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/11/15
1330: Samuel Drury, Matilda Drury, and Sarah Tillard vs. John H. Tillard. AA. Estate of William Tillard - Quick Sale, Ham, Greens Purchase, Hills Purchase, Birckheads Parcels, Bardhaven, Bedsworths Addition, Bedsworth.
Accession No.: 17,898-1330 MSA S512-2-1386 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/11/15
7003: Jeremiah T. Chase vs. Luther Martin. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lots in Whetstone Point. Recorded (Chancery Record) 118, p. 224.
Accession No.: 17,898-7003 MSA S512-8-7043 Location: 1/37/3/

Date: 1819/11/17
8599: James P. Heath vs. Eliza Hyde Bowie. AA. Estate of Thomas H. Bowie.
Accession No.: 17,898-8599 MSA S512-11-8553 Location: 1/38/4/

Date: 1819/11/23
1239: Grandison Catlett and Polly Catlett vs. William Darne and Charles Gassaway. MO. Estate of Charles Gassaway - Hartley Hall, Mount Pleasant, Resurvey on Mitchells Range, Promise Fulfilled, Addition to Promise Fulfilled, Morton, Seneca.
Accession No.: 17,898-1239-1/3 MSA S512-2-1306 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/11/24
347: John H. Brown and Rezin Hammond vs. Anna Gambrill. AA. Mortgage foreclosure on Moores New Market. Recorded (Chancery Record) 118, p. 134.
Accession No.: 17,898-347-1/6 MSA S512-1-398 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1819/11/24
2043: Richard Gittings, Polly Gittings, James Gittings, Jr., Harriet Gittings, William P. Matthews, Eliza Matthews, and Sophia Sterrett vs. Charles Ridgely, James Sterrett, and City Bank of Baltimore. AA. Estate of Deborah Sterrett - Felicity.
Accession No.: 17,898-2043-1/5 MSA S512-3-2111 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1819/11/24
2480: Rezin Hammond vs. Peter Miller. AA. Mortgage foreclosure on Hammonds Purchase Enlarged. Plat at 1/38/1/9. Recorded (Chancery Record) 121, p. 368.
Accession No.: 17,898-2480-1/3 MSA S512-3-2568 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1819/11/25
3646: Thomas McCoy vs. Baltimore Water Co., James C. Neilson, James Pindes, Moses Hand, Thomas Towson, Charles Parnel, Robert Mills, Charles Constable, Samuel Sterrett, John Reddy, Peter Mason, Hugh Bonner, John H. Rogers, James C. Dew, James Grimes, Barnard Williams, and William Stewart. BA. Contract to build houses in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 123, p. 373.
Accession No.: 17,898-3646-1/3 MSA S512-4-3762 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1819/11/26
9591: William C. Miller and Deborah Miller vs. Thomas Miller, John M. Miller, Samuel Miller, Thomas Williams, Agnes Williams, Tristram W. Freeman, Nancy H. Freeman, William Killen, Jane Killen, Margaret Clendenning, Thomas Clendenning, Mary Clendenning, John Clendenning, and Samuel Clendenning. CE. Petition to partition Consent, Steelmans Delight, Mill Privilege. Plats. Recorded (Chancery Record) 121, p. 629.
Accession No.: 17,898-9591-1/3 MSA S512-12-9501 Location: 1/38/5/

Date: 1819/12/04
12006: Philip Wallis vs. Thomas Worrell, Jesse Corse, Simon Wilmer, Daniel Lamb, John A. Woodland, and Unit Angier. KE. Mortgage foreclosure on Hynsons Division. Recorded (Chancery Record) 129, p. 404.
Accession No.: 17,898-12006 MSA S512-15-11828 Location: 1/39/4/

Date: 1819/12/08
9587: John Murray Jr. vs. Samuel Greigh. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on James Forrest Resurveyed, Springfield Enlarged. Recorded (Chancery Record) 118, p. 358.
Accession No.: 17,898-9587 MSA S512-12-9497 Location: 1/38/5/

Date: 1819/12/14
1508: Clement Dorsey and Samuel Chapman vs. Charles Sumerset Smith. CH. Contract to sell Calverton Manor. Recorded (Chancery Record) 126, p. 83.
Accession No.: 17,898-1508-1/5 MSA S512-2-1582 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/12/15
1987B: Levin Gale vs. John N.Y. Ryan. CE. Injunction against removal of timber from Sinclairs Purchase, Vexation.
Accession No.: 17,898-1987B MSA S512-3-2051 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1819/12/16
1787: Richard Frazier and Jonathan Pinkney vs. Richard J. Frazier, Francis Frazier, and Rebecca Frazier. AA. Title to lot in Annapolis. Recorded (Chancery Record) 115, p. 28.
Accession No.: 17,898-1787 MSA S512-2-1864 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1819/12/21
6481: Dorcas G. Bourne vs. William E. Hungerford. CV. Estate of Thomas Bourne - Elton Head Manor, Abbington.
Accession No.: 17,898-6481 MSA S512-8-6542 Location: 1/37/3/

Date: 1819/12/22
5075: Allen Thomas and James Barroll vs. James Sterrett. BA. Petition to record a deed.
Accession No.: 17,898-5075 MSA S512-6-5217 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1819/12/30
1098: John Croxall and Isabella Croxall vs. Robert Smith, Michael Grub, and James McCormick, Jr. BA. Contract to purchase lot in BC.
Accession No.: 17,898-1098-1/2 MSA S512-2-1171 Location: 1/36/1/

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