State Agency Series Listing
at the Maryland State Archives

(Chancery Papers)

Date: 1813
706: Nicholas Brice vs. John McAllister. BA. Estate of Mary Brookes - Derbyshire.
Accession No.: 17,898-706 MSA S512-1-730 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813
4324: William Rowles and Sarah Rowles vs. Laurence Kelly, Mary Kelly, Sarah Kelly, Sophia Kelly, Elizabeth Kelly, and Andrew Kelly. BA. Petition to sell Teals Search.
Accession No.: 17,898-4324 MSA S512-6-4451 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/01/01
4548: Rachel Stiltz, William Stiltz, James Hurst, Ann Hurst, Caleb Low, and Elizabeth Low. BA. Petition to sell Stiltz Dear Park, Long Stride, Lowe Range. Recorded (Chancery Record) 84, p. 396.
Accession No.: 17,898-4548-1/4 MSA S512-6-4717 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/01/03
1627: Anne Everitt and Mary Everitt vs. Mary Everitt. KE. Estate of Benjamin Everitt - Pearces Meadow, Broad Oak, Coleheter. Recorded (Chancery Record) 84, p. 279.
Accession No.: 17,898-1627 MSA S512-2-1696 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1813/01/07
3267: Enoch Medley vs. Thomas Billingsley. CH. Mortgage foreclosure on slaves Hannah, Henry, George, and Susanna.
Accession No.: 17,898-3267 MSA S512-4-3362 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/01/09
1997: Lewis Gross and Jacob White vs. Elizabeth Kerr and Kitty Sunderland Kerr. BA. Estate of John Kerr. Recorded (Chancery Record) 98, p. 385 and 99, p. 382.
Accession No.: 17,898-1997-1/3 MSA S512-3-2064 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1813/01/13
2453: Barbara Hawk, Andrew Hawk, and George Hawk vs. Rachel Richardson, Samuel Richardson, Edward Richardson, Joseph Richardson, John Richardson, Catherine Richardson, William Richardson, Isaac Richardson, Mary Richardson, Anne Richardson, Mary Cornell, Smith Cornell, John Cornell, Jacob Cornell, Margaret Cornell, James Cornell, William Cornell, Edward Cornell, Benjamin Cornell, Nathan Cornell, and Samuel James Cornell. FR. Estates of Benjamin Cornell and John Richardson - Resurvey on Brothers Agreement.
Accession No.: 17,898-2453 MSA S512-3-2540 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1813/01/13
3274: Cornelius McNulty vs. Enoch Taylor and Margaret Taylor. FR. Estate of Joseph Taylor. Recorded (Chancery Record) 98, p. 83 and 101, p. 498.
Accession No.: 17,898-3274 MSA S512-4-3369 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/01/14
3030: Edward Lloyd vs. William Taylor. QA. Mortgage foreclosure on Providence. Recorded (Chancery Record) 89, p. 72.
Accession No.: 17,898-3030 MSA S512-4-3114 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/01/14
4348: Thomas L. Reese and Maria K. Reese vs. John Reese and Esther Reese. BA. Petition to sell White Hall, Baileys Addition. Recorded (Chancery Record) 89, p. 180.
Accession No.: 17,898-4348-1/2 MSA S512-6-4487 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/01/20
3921: Anne Ogle. AA, PG. Petition to sell Grange, St. Andrews in PG. Also lot in Annapolis. Plat of Grange, St. Andrews; also shows Orphans Gift. Recorded (Chancery Record) 84, p. 341.
Accession No.: 17,898-3921 MSA S512-5-4036 Location: 1/36/4/

Date: 1813/01/22
3547: William McMechen, Samuel Harvey, and Margaret Harvey vs. Matilda Ridgely, Samuel Chase, Ann Chase, Thomas Chase, George Dugan, Eliza Dugan, William B. Barney, and Mary Barney. BA. Estate of Samuel Chase - Chases Garden. Recorded (Chancery Record) 99, p. 615.
Accession No.: 17,898-3547-1/14 MSA S512-4-3662 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/01/25
3384: Samuel McKean vs. William Woodland, Mary Woodland, James Woodland, Hannah Woodland, and James Salisbury. KE. Defraud of creditors of McKean & Woodland - Hynsons Desire.
Accession No.: 17,898-3384-1/4 MSA S512-4-3491 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/01/27
3725: Joseph H. Nicholson and George T. Dunbar vs. William Keen. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 567.
Accession No.: 17,898-3725 MSA S512-4-3848 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/01/28
7186: Daniel Carroll vs. Richard Carroll and Robins Chamberlain. BA. Petition to sell Cannons Delight, Maidens Dairy, Cordwainers Hall, Bachelors Fear, Frederickstadt Enlarged, Cromwells Range.
Accession No.: 17,898-7186-1/16 MSA S512-9-7219 Location: 1/37/4/

Date: 1813/01/29
552: Roseana Brandt vs. Valentine Adams. FR. Contract to purchase house and lot in Frederick. Recorded (Chancery Record) 87, p. 331.
Accession No.: 17,898-552 MSA S512-1-594 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/01/29
734: Lewis Browning vs. Samuel Lilly. FR. Estate of John Carter. Recorded (Chancery Record) 105, p. 867.
Accession No.: 17,898-734-1/2 MSA S512-1-756 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/01/29
2209: Elisha Howard and Rebecca Dorcas Ayres vs. Elizabeth Howard, George Howard, Mary Howard, Joseph Howard, Dorcas Howard, and Ann Howard. FR. Petition to sell Jedburgh Forrest Resurveyed, Cumberland, New Breman. Recorded (Chancery Record) 89, p. 283.
Accession No.: 17,898-2209 MSA S512-3-2281 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1813/02/01
4806: James Sterett vs. Thomas Peters. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Orange.
Accession No.: 17,898-4806 MSA S512-6-4970 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/02/02
4422: Richard Ruff, John Ruff, and Joanna Ruff vs. Henry Ruff. HA. Estate of Richard Ruff - Turkey Hills, Addition. Recorded (Chancery Record) 84, p. 145.
Accession No.: 17,898-4422-1/4 MSA S512-6-4573 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/02/02
4439: John Ruff, Joanna M. Ruff, and Richard Ruff vs. Henry Ruff. HA. Petition to sell Chilberry Hall, Hathaways Trust, Turkey Hills, Strawberry Hills, Third Lots. Recorded (Chancery Record) 84, p. 251.
Accession No.: 17,898-4439-1/2 MSA S512-6-4590 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/02/06
5887: William Young, Mary Young, Letty Russell, and Robert Russell vs. Robert Crayton, Mary Crayton, Benjamin Elliot, and Alice Elliot. BA, HA. Contract to purchase McClungs Inheritance.
Accession No.: 17,898-5887 MSA S512-7-5973 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1813/02/08
807A: Richard Carroll vs. Samuel Pierpoint. BA. Injunction against removal of timber from Cordwainers Hall, Maidens Dairy, Cannons Delight, Batchelors Fear, Frederickstadt Enlarged, Cromwells Range.
Accession No.: 17,898-807A MSA S512-1-836 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/02/09
3648: Andrew Conrad Marsberg and Dorethea Marsberg vs. Metta Repold, Frederick Waesche, James Labes, Henry Schroeder, Albert Seekamp, Henry Van Lengerke, and John Van Lengerke. BA. Estate of George Henry Repold.
Accession No.: 17,898-3648 MSA S512-4-3764 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/02/10
3067: Susan Lingan vs. Samuel Peaco. AA. Contract to purchase Lot 45 in Annapolis.
Accession No.: 17,898-3067 MSA S512-4-3154 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/02/12
3880: Joseph Owens vs. Thomas Rutter. CE. Mortgage foreclosure on Clay Bank, Clay Bank Enlarged, Rutters Purchase. Recorded (Chancery Record) 98, p. 403 and 99, p. 356.
Accession No.: 17,898-3880 MSA S512-4-3994 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/02/13
2960: James Kelso and William Hitchcock vs. John Standiford. BA. Estate of Abraham Standiford.
Accession No.: 17,898-2960 MSA S512-4-3044 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/02/16
4173: Jonathan Pinkney, John Hurst, Gamaliel Taylor, William Alexander, and Edward Hall vs. Patty Cowman, Joseph Cowman, and John Cowman. AA. Estate of Joseph Cowman - Larkins Hills, Hazle Nut Ridge, Lloyds Triangle, Beaverdam Neck, Sparrows Rest. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 230.
Accession No.: 17,898-4173-1/2 MSA S512-6-4296 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/02/17
1219: Hannah Kitty Chase and John P. Paca vs. Samuel Chase, Thomas Chase, Matilda Ridgely, Anne Chase, George Dugan, Eliza Dugan, William B. Barney, Mary Barney, and Richard Key Heath. BA. Estate of Samuel Chase. Recorded (Chancery Record) 96, p. 61 and 104, p. 789.
Accession No.: 17,898-1219-1/2 MSA S512-2-1287 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1813/02/19
4964: William Smith vs. William McMechen, James Young, Robert Steuart, William Pechin, S.R. Smith, W.B. Parney, Ludwick Herring, George Stitch, William McConkey, Amos A. Williams, Andrew Clopper, W. Patterson, Samuel Briscoe, Henry Stouffer, Christian Slimmer, William Stewart, George Warner, Richard Frisby, Peter Hoffman, Jr., William Gwynn, James Hindman, Peter Bond, William Wilkins, J. Foneton, and J. Brevitt. BA. Condemnation of Hollingsworth Dock for extension of Pratt St. in BC. Accession No.: 17,898-4964 MSA S512-6-5111 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/02/20
3840: William Owings vs. Peter Wyant, Henry Working, and John Craggs. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC.
Accession No.: 17,898-3840 MSA S512-4-3955 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/02/23
3253: George Norris vs. Aquila Hall. HA. Injunction against eviction from Island.
Accession No.: 17,898-3253 MSA S512-4-3348 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/02/23
3889: Robert Oliver, James Cresap, and Mary Cresap vs. Thomas Lane Emory, Jr. and Washington Van Bibber. BA, CE. Petition to sell land. Recorded (Chancery Record) 89, p. 528.
Accession No.: 17,898-3889 MSA S512-4-4003 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/02/24
1790: Thomas M. Fowler vs. Ann Vincent, William Vincent, John Vincent, and William Vincent. CH. Contract to purchase Crab Landing, Smoots Chance, Cabin Land. Recorded (Chancery Record) 106, p. 90 and 110, p. 140.
Accession No.: 17,898-1790 MSA S512-2-1867 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1813/02/24
4113: Henry Payne, Mary Jackson, Ann Barber, Mills Alvey & Co., Valentine Runtzell, Francis Simms, Mary Lansdale, Stephen Cawood, Andrew Agnew, William Hebb, Marshall & Forbes, John B. Russell, and William Mills vs. John S. Grindall, Jonah Grindall, William Grindall, Edward Henry Grindall, George Grindall, Harriett Grindall, and Catherine Grindall. SM. Defraud of Creditors of Josiah B. Grindall - Grindalls Lott, Leonards Lott, Gleanings, Queen Tree. Recorded (Chancery Record) 98, p. 628 and 102, p. 339.
Accession No.: 17,898-4113-1/4 MSA S512-5-4237 Location: 1/36/4/

Date: 1813/02/24
4116: Jacob Teaner, Elizabeth Teaner, Rezen Porter, Peter Porter, Johnsea Dorsey, Francis B. Sappington, and Joshua Porter vs. Ludwick Wampler, Peter Bale, John Nicodemus, James Porter, John Wampler, and Wesley Shipley Porter. BA. Petition to sell Porters Pleasant Level, Johns Industry, Marys Victory, Porters Treble Purchase, Lawrences Pleasant Valley, Stage. Plat at 1/38/1/17. Recorded (Chancery Record) 36, p. 1.
Accession No.: 17,898-4116-1/7 MSA S512-5-4240 Location: 1/36/4/

Date: 1813/02/24
6377: Edward Burch vs. William Queen and Gustavus Waters. CH. Mortgage foreclosure on Mankins and Latimers Gift, Tolsons Addition, Tolsons Discovery, Good Hope. Recorded (Chancery Record) 133, p. 146.
Accession No.: 17,898-6377-1/2 MSA S512-8-6440 Location: 1/37/3/

Date: 1813/03/02
816: Jacob Champer vs. Christian Champer, John Champer, and Basil Champer. FR. Contract to purchase Least Said is Soonest Mended, Colloden Walls.
Accession No.: 17,898-816 MSA S512-1-846 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/03/08
1743: Ebenezer Finley and Thomas Finley vs. George W. Blackiston and Andrew Dewees. BA. Estate of Charles G. Boestler.
Accession No.: 17,898-1743 MSA S512-2-1821 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1813/03/08
3341: George C. Muller vs. John Boulden. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC.
Accession No.: 17,898-3341 MSA S512-4-3448 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/03/09
866: John Cochran vs. Moses Cochran and James Cochran. CE. Contract to purchase Labodus Tract of Bohemia Manor.
Accession No.: 17,898-866 MSA S512-2-900 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1813/03/09
1179: Anna A. Conneley vs. Rebecca Ellis, James Harrow, and Joseph Jeffers. BA. Injunction against execution of judgment on lot in BC.
Accession No.: 17,898-1179 MSA S512-2-1249 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1813/03/11
3348: James Mackubin, Sr. vs. Zachariah Phelps. AA. Mortgage foreclosure on Cheneys Rest.
Accession No.: 17,898-3348 MSA S512-4-3455 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/03/15
240: John Brunner, Jacob Kauffman, Catherine Kauffman, John Kauffman, George Kauffman, Conrad Kauffman, Henry Kauffman, Philip Kauffman, Michael Kauffman, Jacob Filker, Catherine Frelder, Jacob Lisher, Mary Lisher, George Wissinger, Peggy Wissinger, Thomas Branum, and Elizabeth Branum vs. Frederick Kauffman. FR. Estate of John Kauffman. Recorded (Chancery Record) 88, p. 486.
Accession No.: 17,898-240 MSA S512-1-279 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/03/15
3486: Anthony Miller vs. John Gilbert. FR. Mortgage foreclosure on Spring Plain. Recorded (Chancery Record) 89, p. 271.
Accession No.: 17,898-3486 MSA S512-4-3593 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/03/17
931: Elizabeth Carr vs. Nicholas Carr. WA. Alimony.
Accession No.: 17,898-931 MSA S512-2-967 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1813/03/19
3391: John Murray vs. Thomas T. Simmons. AA. Mortgage foreclosure on Trent. Recorded (Chancery Record) 88, p. 651.
Accession No.: 17,898-3391 MSA S512-4-3498 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/03/19
4882: Dixon Slade vs. William Almony and James Almony. HA. Petition to release mortgage on Slades Chance.
Accession No.: 17,898-4882 MSA S512-6-5034 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/03/22
2928: Philip Key vs. Sarah S. Briscoe, Samuel J. Briscoe, Sarah A. Briscoe, Janett Eleanor Briscoe, Walter Hanson Briscoe, and William D. Briscoe. SM. Estate of William Dent Briscoe - Bachelors Hope, Morris Hope. Recorded (Chancery Record) 88, p. 1.
Accession No.: 17,898-2928 MSA S512-4-3012 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/03/23
982: Walter Clagett vs. Stephen Lee. AA. Mortgage foreclosure on slaves Will, Frank, Jacob, Belt, and Eliza.
Accession No.: 17,898-982 MSA S512-2-1025 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1813/03/25
740: William Bosley vs. George Weighner, Maria Weighner, Mary Ann Bond, and Shaderick G. Bond. BA. Petition to sell lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 89, p. 249.
Accession No.: 17,898-740 MSA S512-1-761 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/03/30
2435: Aquilla Hall vs. James Courtenay. HA. Injunction against removal of fences on Hollands Lot.
Accession No.: 17,898-2435 MSA S512-3-2523 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1813/04/03
4356: Zachariah Riston vs. Elijah Rockhold. AA. Appointment of trustee for Rockhold - Proctors Park. Recorded (Chancery Record) 89, p. 564.
Accession No.: 17,898-4356 MSA S512-6-4495 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/04/06
5058: James Tucker vs. John Tucker, William O'Hara, Susanna O'Hara, Anne Tucker, and Benjamin Tucker. AA. Petition to sell Parrishes Park Resurveyed. Recorded (Chancery Record) 89, p. 756.
Accession No.: 17,898-5058-1/2 MSA S512-6-5202 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/04/07
758: Elisha D. Berry vs. John Thomas III, Edward Owen, and Washington Owen. MO. Injunction against execution of judgment on Snowdens Manor Enlarged, Addition to Charles and Benjamin, Centreville Commons.
Accession No.: 17,898-758 MSA S512-1-782 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/04/08
752: Henry E. Bayley vs. James Dashiell. SO. Contract to purchase Delight.
Accession No.: 17,898-752 MSA S512-1-773 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/04/08
4794: Josias Sunderland and Cosmo Sunderland vs. William Watson and Susannah Watson. CV. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-4794 MSA S512-6-4958 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/04/12
608: Mary Brammele, Asel Leach, and Benjamin Leach vs. Levin Winder and Harriett Winder. CH. Petition to sell land.
Accession No.: 17,898-608 MSA S512-1-640 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/04/13
2006: Jesse Gudgeon, Thomas Pocock, Charlotte Pocock, Providence Gudgeon, and Blanch Gudgeon vs. Eliza Gudgeon and Caroline Gudgeon. BA. Petition to sell Dublin, Adventure, Carrolls Adventure. Recorded (Chancery Record) 89, p. 310.
Accession No.: 17,898-2006 MSA S512-3-2073 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1813/04/26
120: Joseph Anthony vs. Rebecca Evitts, Woodward Evitts, and Jonathan Evitts. CA. Contract to purchase Anthonys Mill Pond. Plat. Recorded (Chancery Reocrd) 91, p. 223.
Accession No.: 17,898-120 MSA S512-1-131 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/04/27
4335: Christian Routsong vs. Peter Sowers. FR. Contract to purchase land. Recorded (Chancery Record) 93, p. 248.
Accession No.: 17,898-4335-1/7 MSA S512-6-4474 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/05/03
3488: John McKim, Jr. vs. William Ball. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lots in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 146.
Accession No.: 17,898-3488 MSA S512-4-3595 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/05/03
4099: Penelope Deye Price and Colegate Owings vs. Frederick Price and William McMechen. BA. Validity of deed of trust.
Accession No.: 17,898-4099-1/2 MSA S512-5-4223 Location: 1/36/4/

Date: 1813/05/07
4652: Benjamin Stoddert, John B. Carr, John R. Magruder, and Alexander C. Magruder vs. Andrew B. Lowndes, Benjamin Lowndes, Christopher Lowndes, Eliza B. Lowndes, Susan L. Lowndes, Eleanor C.R. Lowndes, Richard T. Lowndes, and George Calvert. PG. Estate of John Beall - Brothers First Lot, Bealls Discovery Enlarged, Bealls Neglect. Plat. Recorded (Chancery Record) 88, p. 415.
Accession No.: 17,898-4652-1/7 MSA S512-6-4821 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/05/10
729: John Beaver vs. Michael Schlarpp. BA. Injunction against removal of timber from Arnolds Arbor Enlarged.
Accession No.: 17,898-729 MSA S512-1-751 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/05/11
607: William Beanes vs. John S. Brookes. PG. Mortgage foreclosure on slaves Nance and John.
Accession No.: 17,898-607 MSA S512-1-639 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/05/19
3666: Samuel McKean vs. William Bruff. BA. Validity of a debt.
Accession No.: 17,898-3666 MSA S512-4-3781 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/05/21
5804: Gustavus W.L. Wright, Eliza Ann Wright, Ann Clayland, Susanna Watson, and Louisa Sudler vs. Daniel Watson. QA. Estate of Susanna Watson - Maiden Hall.
Accession No.: 17,898-5804 MSA S512-7-5907 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1813/05/22
4704: Henry Smith vs. James Carlisle and Walter Carlisle. AL. Title to Lees Venture, Cramphins Resurvey.
Accession No.: 17,898-4704 MSA S512-6-4873 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/05/24
1082: Tudor Chocke vs. George Chocke, Elizabeth James, Daniel Thompson, Mary Thompson, H.Y. James, Thomas James, Robert Heeps, John Heeps, Abraham Heeps, Lysias Heeps, John Blaney, Vincent Blaney, Mary Blaney, Sarah Blaney, Elizabeth Blaney, Margaret Blaney, Martha Blaney, Titus Hollingshead, Priscilla Hollingshead, H.Y. Hare, Nancy Hare, Thomas McGough, and Sarah McGough. HA. Title to Ogg King of Bashan, Outlet of Piersons Outlet, Whetherells Addition, Salisbury. Plat at 1/38/1/2; also shows Tudor Chocke, Improvement, Better Luck.
Accession No.: 17,898-1082-1/2 MSA S512-2-1156 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1813/05/28
4740: John Stewart vs. Samuel Smoot. DO. Petition to sell Rehobeth. Recorded (Chancery Record) 99, p. 531.
Accession No.: 17,898-4740 MSA S512-6-4909 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/05/29
2013: George Gebhart vs. Christian Fogle and Joseph Cromwell. FR. Estate of George Gebhart.
Accession No.: 17,898-2013 MSA S512-3-2080 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1813/05/30
2258: Charles Carroll of Carrollton vs. Mary Hammond, Larkin Hammond, James Hammond, William Hammond, Thomas Hammond, Sally Hammond, Caroline Hammond, Eliza Hammond, Rebecca Hammond, Eliza Ann Hammond, Daniel B. Ridgely, and Mary Ann Ridgley. AA. Mortgage foreclosure on Cromwells Inheritance, Timber Neck Corrected, Remnant Corrected, Polecat Glade, Dorseys Hills. Recorded (Chancery Record) 99, p. 101.
Accession No.: 17,898-2258-1/3 MSA S512-3-2337 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1813/05/31
3372: Henry Myers vs. Mary Lacombe. BA. Contract to purchase lot in BC.
Accession No.: 17,898-3372 MSA S512-4-3480 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/06/05
8800: Thomas H. Hall vs. Joseph Evans. AA. Injunction to stay court proceedings.
Accession No.: 17,898-8800 MSA S512-11-8745 Location: 1/38/4/

Date: 1813/06/07
2562: Richard L. Head and David Buckey vs. Henry Leatherman. FR. Contract to purchase Turnstile, Hill in the Middle, Resurvey on Part of Turnstile. Recorded (Chancery Record) 115, p. 191.
Accession No.: 17,898-2562 MSA S512-3-2641 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1813/06/07
2934: William Krebs vs. George Weis, Thomas Meredith, and Richard B. Spalding. BA. Petition to sell lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 89, p. 190.
Accession No.: 17,898-2934 MSA S512-4-3018 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/06/07
5252: Enoch Umsted vs. David McGregor, George Creager, and Samuel Moale. FR. Title to Good Luck, Widows Chance, Spring Garden, Addition, Mackeys Luck, Dulaneys Lot. Recorded (Chancery Record) 105, p. 657 and 106, p. 499.
Accession No.: 17,898-5252-1/2 MSA S512-7-5380 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1813/06/07
5540: William Wilson vs. William Patterson, Ann Patterson, and William Patterson. BA. Title to Hales Discovery. Plat. Recorded (Chancery Record) 87, p. 168.
Accession No.: 17,898-5540-1/2 MSA S512-7-5656 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1813/06/08
2944: Josias W. King, Letitia King, Henry Whetcroft, Sarah Whetcroft, Thomas Munroe, Frances Munroe, Alexander Kerr, Anne Kerr, William Whetcroft, and Catherine Whetcroft vs. William French and Robert Strange. BA. Contract to purchase Grayhound Forrest.
Accession No.: 17,898-2944 MSA S512-4-3028 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/06/10
436: Michael Bottorf vs. Peter Diskerhoff. WA. Petition to record deed for White Oak Valley. Recorded (Chancery Record) 100, p. 691 and 96, p. 254 and 97, pp. 2, 299.
Accession No.: 17,898-436 MSA S512-1-489 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/06/11
5160: Martin Tschudy vs. Thomas H. Carroll and John Carroll. BA. Estate of Nicholas Carroll - lot in BC.
Accession No.: 17,898-5160 MSA S512-7-5294 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1813/06/13
5133: Jasper E. Tilly and Elizabeth Tilly vs. Joshua C. Higgins. AA. Estate of Richard Higgins - White Hall, What You Will. Plat.
Accession No.: 17,898-5133 MSA S512-6-5272 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/06/15
2635: William Hall vs. Benjamin W. Caldwell. BA. Insolvent estate of Caldwell.
Accession No.: 17,898-2635 MSA S512-3-2710 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1813/06/16
3012: Peter Long, George Long, John Arnold, Mary Arnold, David Young, Elizabeth Young, Peter Buss, Catherine Buss, Conrad Zeile, Jacob Zeile, Rachel Long, Jacob Long, Elizabeth Long, Peggy Long, Daniel Long, Barbara Long, and Mary Long. FR. Petition to sell Ohio. Recorded (Chancery Record) 89, p. 202.
Accession No.: 17,898-3012 MSA S512-4-3094 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/06/24
2630: George Howard vs. John Burgess, Caleb Burgess, Samuel Burgess, Warfield Simpson, and Sophia Simpson. AA. Contract to purchase Stoney Thickett, Addition to Stoney Thickett, Calebs Choice. Recorded (Chancery Record) 91, p. 218.
Accession No.: 17,898-2630 MSA S512-3-2705 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1813/06/25
388: Robert Bigham, Robert Halliday, Andrew Cross, Henry Fornieur, and Richard B. Magruder vs. John Creswell and William Slater. BA. Defraud of creditors of Creswell and Slater - Darleys Hall, Lucky Mistake, lots in BC.
Accession No.: 17,898-388-1/2 MSA S512-1-443 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/06/28
3481: James McDaniel, Dorcas McDaniel, Edward McDaniel, Sarah McDaniel, and Benjamin Roberts vs. Benjamin McDaniel. TA. Petition to sell Skipton, Fennys Hermitage, Bite the Biter. Recorded (Chancery Record) 89, p. 635.
Accession No.: 17,898-3481-1/5 MSA S512-4-3588 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/06/29
864: Benjamin Clary and Henry Clary vs. Peter Wolf, Ann Clary, and Morlas Clary. FR. Contract to purchase Moah. Recorded (Chancery Record) 95, p. 188.
Accession No.: 17,898-864 MSA S512-2-898 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1813/06/30
3204: Robert Leech vs. John McCoy, Elizabeth McCoy, Benoni Williams, William Williams, Elizabeth Williams, and Anthony Williams. CE. Contract to purchase Consent Resurveyed. Recorded (Chancery Record) 87, p. 376.
Accession No.: 17,898-3204 MSA S512-4-3291 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/06/30
4258: Hugh Rogers vs. George Devinney, Thomas Carroll, Dorchas Carroll, and Catherine Hammond. CE. Title to Mount Joy.
Accession No.: 17,898-4258 MSA S512-6-4380 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/07/01
4897: Henry Thomas Swearingen vs. Benoni S. Blackford. WA. Petition to partition Antietam Bottom, Pell Mell, Resurvey on Antietam Bottom, Ferry Landing, Ferry Landing Enlarged. Plat at 1/38/1/19.
Accession No.: 17,898-4897-1/2 MSA S512-6-5048 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/07/01
5869: Francis Yates vs. Milcah Williams, William Williams, Susannah Williams, Margaret Williams, Richard Williams, John Williams, Thomas Williams, Obediah Lloyd, and Anne Lloyd. AA. Petition to sell Brewerton, Velmead. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 690.
Accession No.: 17,898-5869-1/2 MSA S512-7-5956 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1813/07/05
125: Ebenezer Thomas and Mordica Stewart. AA. Estate of Nathaniel Allwell - Peasleys Lot Resurveyed. Recorded (Chancery Record) 89, p. 359.
Accession No.: 17,898-125 MSA S512-1-136 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/07/05
1169: Richard Caton vs. Thomas Morgan, Joel Morgan, Jesse Morgan, and Jesse Tyson. BA. Contract to deliver wheat to Brookland Mill.
Accession No.: 17,898-1169 MSA S512-2-1236 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1813/07/07
571: Francis Boyd, Mary Boyd, Sarah Boyd, Rebecca Boyd, Jane Boyd, Heigh Boyd, William Boyd, and John Boyd vs. Johnson Greer. CE. Injunction against removal of timber.
Accession No.: 17,898-571 MSA S512-1-613 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/07/08
84: James C. Armstrong and Henry Armstrong vs. William Armstrong. BA. Petition to partition lots in BC. Plat. Recorded (Chancery Record) 91, p. 303.
Accession No.: 17,898-84 MSA S512-1-78 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/07/09
563: Peter Bowie vs. John Scrivner and Mary Scrivner. MO. Contract to purchase Resurvey on Branly. Recorded (Chancery Record) 87, p. 326.
Accession No.: 17,898-563 MSA S512-1-605 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/07/09
652: Peter Bowie vs. Levi Scrivner. MO. Contract to purchase Resurvey on Brandy. Recorded (Chancery Record) 87, p. 326.
Accession No.: 17,898-652 MSA S512-1-680 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/07/09
750: William Brewer vs. William Collins and Elizabeth Collins. MO. Contract to purchase Resurvey on Brandy. Recorded (Chancery Record) 87, p. 299.
Accession No.: 17,898-750 MSA S512-1-771 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/07/12
4541: Jacob Stitley, Mary Stitley, George Bole, Catherine Bole, William Haslett, Betsy Haslett, George Butt, Lucy Butt, John Crice, Charity Crice, Frederick Stephanas, Eve Stephanas, Jacob Shoemaker, George Shoemaker, Peter Shoemaker, Andrew Shoemaker, Henry Zumbrum, and Jacob Fox vs. Henry Spangler and Barbara Spangler. FR. Petition to record deed for Resurvey on Good Neighborhood. Recorded (Chancery Record) 93, p. 65.
Accession No.: 17,898-4541 MSA S512-6-4710 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/07/13
1302: Robert Currey vs. Susanna Currey, John Currey, Anna Currey, Henry Currey, William Kendal, and Mary Kendal. KE. Estate of Robert Currey. Recorded (Chancery Record) 97, p. 260 and 100, p. 446.
Accession No.: 17,898-1302 MSA S512-2-1356 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1813/07/13
1606: Walter Dorsey vs. Robert Dorsey, Alexander Dorsey, William H. Dorsey, Sarah M. Dorsey, John E. Dorsey, Clement Hill Dorsey, Hammond Dorsey, Daniel Murray, Mary Murray, Alexander C. Hanson, Pricilla Hanson, John Donaldson, and Caroline Donaldson. BA. Petition to record deed for Parrishes Fear. Recorded (Chancery Record) 85, p. 180.
Accession No.: 17,898-1606 MSA S512-2-1673 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1813/07/13
3110: William Liggit vs. Thomas Ayres. HA. Injunction against removal of timber from Norfolk.
Accession No.: 17,898-3110 MSA S512-4-3195 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/07/13
3624: John Maxwell vs. William Carmichael, Edward P. Wilmer, Frances Wilmer, Walter Wilmer, John Wilmer, and William Wilmer. KE. Estate of Simon Wilmer.
Accession No.: 17,898-3624 MSA S512-4-3741 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/07/16
635: Benjamin Buck, Sarah Buck, Salathiel Divers, Tobias Stansbury, Elizabeth Stansbury, and Priscilla Divers vs. Mary G. Divers, Casandra Divers, Mary Hollingsworth, and Jarrett Hollingsworth. BA, HA. Petition to sell Onions Inheritance Resurveyed in BA and HA. Also Sims Choice, Swanson, Divers Island, Federal Meadow in BA and Partners Discovery in HA. Plat. Recorded (Chancery Record) 91, p. 127.
Accession No.: 17,898-635 MSA S512-1-664 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/07/16
3405: George McCauslin vs. Lurana Kelley, Frances Kelley, Margaret Kelley, William Flowers, Blanch Flowers, Charles Hyson, Unity Hyson, and Richard Kinley. HA. Estate of Charles Beaver - Arabia Petra.
Accession No.: 17,898-3405 MSA S512-4-3512 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/07/17
3103: Robert Lemmon vs. Jehu Parsons and Thomas Connerly. SO. Injunction against removal of houses and improvements from Sailors Delight
Accession No.: 17,898-3103 MSA S512-4-3188 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/07/20
604: Benjamin Bayard vs. Thomas Price and Rachel Price. CE. Contract to purchase Morris Neck. Recorded (Chancery Record) 91, p. 176.
Accession No.: 17,898-604 MSA S512-1-636 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/07/20
2104: John R. Giles and Elizabeth Giles vs. Margaret Black, Susan Black, and Gustavus Black. KE. Estate of George Black.
Accession No.: 17,898-2104-1/2 MSA S512-3-2174 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1813/07/28
553: Samuel Byrnes and Daniel Byrnes vs. Joseph Scott, Jr. BA. Petition to record deed for Addition, Mount Royal, Spicers Stony Hill.
Accession No.: 17,898-553 MSA S512-1-595 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/08/02
5648: John Wood, Robert Wood, and John Scrivenor vs. Rezin Estep, Thomas Hodges, and Eliza Hodges. AA. Contract to purchase Carter Bennett. Recorded (Chancery Record) 111, p. 251.
Accession No.: 17,898-5648-1/3 MSA S512-7-5760 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1813/08/09
4341: Robert Rusk vs. John Smith. BA. Petition to record deed for Orange.
Accession No.: 17,898-4341 MSA S512-6-4480 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/08/15
4386: Daniel Rohrer, Daniel Bragonier, and Barbara Bragonier. WA. Estate of Christian Rohrer - Establishment. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 551.
Accession No.: 17,898-4386 MSA S512-6-4533 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/08/16
2106: Joseph Garrott vs. John Bitteman and John M. Beatty. FR. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-2106 MSA S512-3-2176 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1813/08/28
4842: William B. Stokes and Sarah Hall vs. Richard Mansfield, Thomas Brown, and Joseph Husband. HA. Injunction against operation of a ferry in Havre de Grace.
Accession No.: 17,898-4842-1/2 MSA S512-6-5003 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/08/29
4228: Daniel Rhorer, Daniel Bragonier, and Barbara Bragonier vs. Christian Rhorer, Samuel Rhorer, Jacob Troxell, and Maria Troxell. WA. Petition to sell land.
Accession No.: 17,898-4228 MSA S512-6-4350 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/08/29
5256: Union Bank of Maryland vs. John Bankson. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC.
Accession No.: 17,898-5256 MSA S512-7-5384 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1813/08/29
10710: William Raborg vs. James Carroll, Sophia Carroll, James Carroll, Jr., Harry Dorsey Gough Carroll, John Ridgely, Prudence Ridgely, Charles R. Carroll and John Carroll. BA. Contract to purchase lot in BC.
Accession No.: 17,898-10710 MSA S512-13-10557 Location: 1/39/2/

Date: 1813/09/04
4817: Samuel Scott vs. William R. King and Eleanor King. FR. Injunction against execution of judgment on Trammelsburgh, Woodland, Hobsons Choice.
Accession No.: 17,898-4817 MSA S512-6-4980 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/09/08
411: William Blair vs. David Stewart and William Jackson. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 650.
Accession No.: 17,898-411 MSA S512-1-464 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/09/08
4107: Humphrey Pierce, John Crawford, and William Mezick vs. Mathew Cannon and Thomas Cannon. SO. Estate of Thomas Cannon - Russells Liberty, Cannons Addition, Rickertons Choice, Medfield, Warwick. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 387.
Accession No.: 17,898-4107-1/3 MSA S512-5-4231 Location: 1/36/4/

Date: 1813/09/08
5414: John Williams, Jr. vs. George D. Atkinson. SO. Dissolution of George D. Atkinson & Co.
Accession No.: 17,898-5414 MSA S512-7-5536 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1813/09/09
5672: Edward G. Woodyear v. George Hull. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC.
Accession No.: 17,898-5672 MSA S512-7-5784 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1813/09/11
891: Bank of Columbia vs. Jane Lingan, George Lingan, Sarah Lingan, and Ann Lingan. MO. Mortgage foreclosure on Middle Brown, Zoar. Recorded (Chancery Record) 88, p. 26.
Accession No.: 17,898-891-1/4 MSA S512-2-927 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1813/09/16
640: Vincent Bosley vs. Mathew Wiley. HA. Title to Rockey Point Enlarged, Salisbury Plains, Querna Fruitful Barrow.
Accession No.: 17,898-640-1/2 MSA S512-1-669 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/09/16
763: Vincent Bosley and Jesse Jarrett vs. John McCleave. HA. Title to Industry.
Accession No.: 17,898-763 MSA S512-1-787 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/09/21
1565: Robert Dunwoody vs. Sarah Chew O'Donnell, Joseph Berrett, Mary Berrett, Columbus O'Donnell, Deborah O'Donnell, John O'Donnell, Elliott O'Donnell, and Eliza W. O'Donnell. BA. Contract to purchase Philipsburgh. Recorded (Chancery Record) 87, p. 390.
Accession No.: 17,898-1565 MSA S512-2-1635 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1813/09/21
1760: David Fulton and George Starck vs. Thomas L. Savin, Sally Savin, and Marcus Dennison. BA. Estate of John Dennison - lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 98, p. 461 and 99 p. 44.
Accession No.: 17,898-1760-1/3 MSA S512-2-1838 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1813/09/23
4956: Henry Schroeder vs. Joseph Meyers and Francis Worley. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 88, p. 684.
Accession No.: 17,898-4956-1/2 MSA S512-6-5103 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/09/24
4750: Samuel Smythe vs. Henry Wertz, Jr., John Kipp, and Willilam Keen. BA. Petition to sell lots in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 95, p. 37.
Accession No.: 17,898-4750-1/2 MSA S512-6-4919 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/09/28
2461: Elizabeth Hughes, Eli Elliott, and Richard Roberts vs. Joseph Johnson, Elizabeth Wilson, Joshua Wood, Joseph Wood, Robert Miller, Cassandra Miller, Caleb Swain, Mary Swain, Samuel Hughes, John Elliott, Rachel Elliott, Edward Brook, Margaret Brook, Caleb Johnson, John Ducker, Casandra Ducker, Thomas Wood, and Ruth Wood. FR. Title to Rich Hills. Recorded (Chancery Record) 91, p. 147.
Accession No.: 17,898-2461 MSA S512-3-2549 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1813/09/30
1002: George Crowell, Margaret Crowell, John Cook, Sarah Cook, Enoch Taylor, Ann Taylor, Hugh McClung, Mary McClung, and Elizabeth Root vs. Lydia Root, Daniel Root, and Harriet Root. FR. Petition to sell Ivey Church, Richards Lott. Recorded (Chancery Record) 88, p. 318.
Accession No.: 17,898-1002-1/2 MSA S512-2-1044 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1813/09/30
4626: Henry Schroder, Sr., Henry Schroder, Jr., Jacob Schley, Jonathan Manro, and Thomas Baltzell vs. Jason Phillips. FR. Trust estate of Joab Waters - Resurvey on Paw Paw Bottom, Paw Paw Bottom, Addition, Stowders Desire. Recorded (Chancery Record) 88, p. 479.
Accession No.: 17,898-4626 MSA S512-6-4796 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/10/01
3501: Robert McCrossan vs. Elizabeth Turnpike Co. WA. Contract to build turnpike from Baltimore to Frederick to Elizabeth.
Accession No.: 17,898-3501 MSA S512-4-3608 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/10/09
4347: Jacob Root vs. Magdalena Fausnaught, Jacob Fausnaught, Anne Fausnaught, Adam Fausnaught, Barbara Fausnaught, John Fausnaught, Susanna Fausnaught, Elizabeth Root, Daniel Conrad, Esther Conrad, David Herr, and Maria Herr. WA. Estate of Jacob Root. Recorded (Chancery Record) 88, p. 70.
Accession No.: 17,898-4347-1/2 MSA S512-6-4486 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/10/14
5347: John Wampler, Nicholas Watkins, Jr., and Robert Dorsey vs. Thomas Worthington, Rachel Shipley, John Shipley, Marcilla Shipley, Elizabeth Shipley, Clarissa Shipley, and Washington Shipley. BA. Estate of Duncan Shipley - Washington, Johnny Cake Stone, Cherry Tree Point, Stofels Meadows, Call Has Done It Resurveyed. Recorded (Chancery Record) 101, p. 411 and 98, p. 251.
Accession No.: 17,898-5347-1/8 MSA S512-7-5475 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1813/10/18
4029: Hezekiah Price vs. Alexander Thompson, George Collins, and Robert Cummins. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Luns Lot.
Accession No.: 17,898-4029 MSA S512-5-4147 Location: 1/36/4/

Date: 1813/10/20
4877: Robert Staples, Jane Staples, and John T. Holland vs. Temperance Bowen, Ruth Ensor, Orpah Ensor, Naomi Benfield, and Elizabeth Benfield. BA. Estate of John Ensor - Darby Hall, Manors Priviledge, Chevy Chase, Mount Pleasant, lots in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 68, p. 592.
Accession No.: 17,898-3269-1/2 MSA S512-4-3364 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/10/22
442: George Burgess. CA. Appointment of trustee for Mary Burgess.
Accession No.: 17,898-442 MSA S512-1-495 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/10/22
5272: William Vincent, John Ferguson, and Samuel Chapman vs. Ann Sheid and Francis Sheid. CH. Estate of Francis H. Sheid - Land of Lee, Deys Valley, Grays Fancy, Orphans Loss, Fancys Mistake. Recorded (Chancery Record) 120, p. 630.
Accession No.: 17,898-5272-1/5 MSA S512-7-5402 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1813/10/30
5104: George Taylor vs. Joseph W. Reynolds, Richard Grahame, and Robert H. Smith. CV. Contract to purchase land.
Accession No.: 17,898-5104 MSA S512-6-5245 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/11/01
4355: Joseph Richardson vs. Rebecca Eccleston, Mary Eccleston, Nathaniel G. Eccleston, William Gist, Eliza Gist, Anne Beyers, Joseph Beyers, and Maria Beyers. DO. Estate of John Eccleston. Recorded (Chancery Record) 95, p. 709.
Accession No.: 17,898-4355 MSA S512-6-4494 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/11/02
759: Richard B. Beall vs. Paul Jacquin. BA. Injunction against sale of merchandise.
Accession No.: 17,898-759 MSA S512-1-783 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/11/02
1216: John Chevallier vs. Anne Rogers, Sarah Carroll, Elizabeth Maxwell, Nancy Rogers, and Anne Carroll. BA. Petition to correct deed for lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 87, p. 304.
Accession No.: 17,898-1216 MSA S512-2-1284 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1813/11/03
3381: Thomas Merryman vs. Jacob Bond. BA. Contract to partition Hills and Dales, Gunpowder Mills, Pleasant Garden, Taylors Purchase.
Accession No.: 17,898-3381 MSA S512-4-3489 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/11/05
3271: John McPherson and John Brian vs. Casper Snavely. WA. Injunction against removal of timber from Antietam Iron Works.
Accession No.: 17,898-3271 MSA S512-4-3366 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/11/08
5548: Hezechiah Waters and John Dalrymple vs. William French and Mary Foxall. BA. Estate of Thomas Foxall - lots in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 95, p. 472.
Accession No.: 17,898-5548-1/2 MSA S512-7-5664 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1813/11/11
1623: Edward Eversfield vs. Elizabeth Eversfield. PG. Appointment of trustee for Elizabeth Eversfield. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 363.
Accession No.: 17,898-1623-1/2 MSA S512-2-1692 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1813/11/12
1205: Charles Carroll of Carrollton, Richard Caton, and George Tyson, vs. John McFaden, John Deverieux, George Styles, and Robert Patterson. BA. Trust estate of Grutham & Deverieux.
Accession No.: 17,898-1205-1/4 MSA S512-2-1274 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1813/11/12
2237: Frederick Haubert vs. John Hughes and Edward Woodyear. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Huntington Resurveyed. Recorded (Chancery Record) 88, p. 552.
Accession No.: 17,898-2237 MSA S512-3-2310 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1813/11/15
26: William Anderson vs. James Bailey, Charlotte Bailey, Charles Bailey, Rachel Hoxworth, Letitia Smith, and Thomas Smith. KE. Estate of Charles Bailey - Deer Park, Canada. Recorded (Chancery Record) 107, p. 324.
Accession No.: 17,898-26-1/2 MSA S512-1-26 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/11/16
698: Sarah Bordley and Elizabeth Bordley vs. Joseph Pennington. CE. Injunction against removal of timber from Painters Rest.
Accession No.: 17,898-698 MSA S512-1-722 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/11/16
5730: Anderson Warfield vs. Thomas Warfield and Matthias Hammond. AA. Mortgage foreclosure on Lugg Ox. Recorded (Chancery Record) 107, p. 149.
Accession No.: 17,898-5730-1/6 MSA S512-7-5838 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1813/11/18
1741: Charles Feinour vs. Charles Stanley. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC.
Accession No.: 17,898-1741 MSA S512-2-1819 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1813/11/18
6437: Joseph S. Berret, Mary E. Berret, and Columbus O'Donnell vs. Robert O'Donnell, John O'Donnell, Sarah O'Donnell, William Patterson, Deborah O'Donnell, John O'Donnell, Elliot O'Donnell, and Eliza W. O'Donnell. BA. Petition to partition lots in BC. Plats at 1/39/5/51. Recorded (Chancery Record) 93, p. 136 and 95, p. 280.
Accession No.: 17,898-6437-1/5 MSA S512-8-6497 Location: 1/37/3/

Date: 1813/11/20
294: John M. Barrett and Mary D. Barrett vs. Rebecca Leahy and Margaret Leahy. BA. Petition to sell lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 58.
Accession No.: 17,898-294 MSA S512-1-342 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/11/20
1371: Ann Delozier, Thomas Higinbotham, and Susan Higinbotham vs. Daniel D. Davidson. BA. Petition to sell Chatsworth. Recorded (Chancery Record) 88, p. 338.
Accession No.: 17,898-1371 MSA S512-2-1441 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1813/11/20
5246: Erasmus Uhler and John Nace vs. William Nace and Henry Trapnall. BA. Trust estate under will of George Nace - Bridgeland, Phillipsburg, Scheming Defeated, Shillings Lot, Shillings Folly, Addition to Shillings Lot. Recorded (Chancery Record) 88, p. 500.
Accession No.: 17,898-5246-1/2 MSA S512-7-5374 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1813/11/22
148: Jacob Bond vs. Thomas Merryman. BA. Estate of Elijah Merryman - Hills and Dales, Gunpowder Mills, Pleasant Gardens, Taylors Purchase.
Accession No.: 17,898-148-1/4 MSA S512-1-169 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/11/22
2961: Jacob Koontz, Anthony Starlipper, Catherine Starlipper, and Eve Miller vs. Jacob Keefer. FR. Estate of Charity Keefer.
Accession No.: 17,898-2961 MSA S512-4-3045 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/11/22
4970: James Scott vs. William Scott. CE. Defraud of creditors of William Scott. Recorded (Chancery Record) 104, p. 165.
Accession No.: 17,898-4970 MSA S512-6-5117 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/11/22
5519: Richard D. Mullikin and William Wilson vs. Benjamin H. Mullikin and George Brown. BA. Insolvent estate of Thomas Baker.
Accession No.: 17,898-5519 MSA S512-7-5638 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1813/12
4209: James Ryan vs. William Goodwin, William Campbell, John Russell, Thomas Russell, and Rebecca Russell. BA. Estate of Thomas Russell - lots in BC.
Accession No.: 17,898-4209 MSA S512-6-4331 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/12/02
4657: Seth Stodder, Ephraim Marsh, Caleb Marsh, and John Marsh vs. James Sewell, Nancy Sewell, Joseph Sewell, Lydia Sewell, Joseph Dunning, Lydia Dunning, William Dunning, Zackariah Fish, Luckey Fish, William Fish, Lucy Fish, Thomas Stodder, Joseph Stodder, Thomas Wells, Sarah Wells, Christopher Kilby, George Bowditch, Sarah Bowditch, William C. Stodder, Joseph Stodder, Simon Stodder, Herschel Stodder, and Luckey Stodder. BA. Estate of David Stodder - lots in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 92, p. 70.
Accession No.: 17,898-4657-1/5 MSA S512-6-4826 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/12/02
4816: Samuel Smith and Nicholas Stansbury vs. John Wright and Charles Pennington. BA. Estate of Josias Pennington.
Accession No.: 17,898-4816 MSA S512-6-4979 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/12/07
1006: Ezekiel Chambers vs. Sarah Perkins, Anna Perkins, Eliza Perkins, Daniel Perkins, and Caroline Perkins. KE. Estate of Daniel Perkins - Stradford Manor, Tilghmans Farm. Recorded (Chancery Record) 98, p. 562 and 102, p. 257.
Accession No.: 17,898-1006-1/2 MSA S512-2-1048 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1813/12/07
2468: Charles W. Hanson vs. John Murray. AA. Estate of John Muir.
Accession No.: 17,898-2468-1/3 MSA S512-3-2556 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1813/12/07
3659: Abraham Medcalf, Thomas Culberson, and John Kelso vs. Andrew Mehaffey. BA. Petition to record a deed. Recorded (Chancery Record) 93, p. 457.
Accession No.: 17,898-3659 MSA S512-4-3775 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/12/10
3550: Elizabeth McElderry, John McElderry, Thomas McElderry, Hugh McElderry, James McElderry, Edward McElderry, Henry McElderry, Mary McElderry, Jane McElderry, Ann McElderry, and Elizabeth McElderry vs. Peter Perine, John Johnson, and William Myers. BA. Contract to lease lot in BC.
Accession No.: 17,898-3550 MSA S512-4-3665 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/12/11
4890: John Sprigg vs. Nathan T. Veatch. MO. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-4890 MSA S512-6-5042 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/12/14
860: Walter Clagett vs. William J. Stockett. AA. Mortgage foreclosure on Obligation. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 495.
Accession No.: 17,898-860 MSA S512-2-894 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1813/12/14
7583: Leonard M. Deakins and Benjamin Duvall vs. Jasper M. Jackson. PG. Estate of John Jackson.
Accession No.: 17,898-7583-1/5 MSA S512-10-7593 Location: 1/38/3/

Date: 1813/12/20
35: Rachel Ayers vs. Sarah Gouldsmith, Thomas Kell, Mary Kell, Joshua R. Foard, Kitty Foard, Thomas Gouldsmith, Elizabeth Gouldsmith, and Sarah Gouldsmith. QA. Estate of William C. Gouldsmith. Recorded (Chancery Record) 94, p. 107.
Accession No.: 17,898-35 MSA S512-1-35 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/12/20
3218A: John Lester vs. John King. BA. Contract to cut timber on Randolph.
Accession No.: 17,898-3218A MSA S512-4-3306 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/12/22
4655: Sheridine Russell, Daniel Russell, Anna Russell, Mary Anne Russell, and William Russell vs. William E. Sewall and Frances Sewall. CE. Estate of Thomas Russell - Coxes Purchase, Lantherdale, Bakers Defiance.
Accession No.: 17,898-4655 MSA S512-6-4824 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1813/12/27
2456: John Hollidayoke vs. Peter Shorter. AA. Mortgage foreclosure on Acton.
Accession No.: 17,898-2456 MSA S512-3-2543 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1813/12/29
626: James Biays vs. George C. Reed. BA. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-626 MSA S512-1-655 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/12/29
1913: James Gittings, Sr. vs. Stephen Gittings. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Thompsons Choice. Recorded (Chancery Record) 95, p. 87.
Accession No.: 17,898-1913 MSA S512-3-1978 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1813/12/29
2203: William H. Hanson and Elizabeth Hanson vs. John Smith. AA. Petition to sell Hallitts Lot Enlarged. Recorded (Chancery Record) 88, p. 436.
Accession No.: 17,898-2203-1/2 MSA S512-3-2275 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1813/12/30
403: Daniel Baldwin, John Baldwin, Stephen Baldwin, Samuel Wilson, Martha Wilson, James Padon, Kisiah Padon, Joseph Gordon, and Mary Gordon vs. Obediah Smith and Philip Miller. FR. Estate of Elijah Baldwin - Addition to Brookes Discovery on the Rich Lands. Recorded (Chancery Record) 102, p. 561.
Accession No.: 17,898-403-1/2 MSA S512-1-456 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/12/30
651: Adam Boss, Jr. and John Boss vs. Adam Boss, Sr., Sarah Boss, Sophia Boss, George Boss, Margaret Boss, and Henry Boss. BA. Petition to sell lot in BC.
Accession No.: 17,898-651 MSA S512-1-679 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1813/12/30
3084: Justen Louisier vs. John P. Paca and Juliana Paca. CE. Contract to Lease Palmers Island.
Accession No.: 17,898-3084-1/3 MSA S512-4-3170 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1813/12/30
3819: Roger Nelson vs. Ann Shipley, Talbot Shipley, Catharine Sim, Joseph Sim, Christiana Sim, Mary Sim, Thomas Sim, and Harriet Sim. FR. Estate of Anthony Sim.
Accession No.: 17,898-3819 MSA S512-4-3936 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1814.
3629: George W. Moore vs. Henry Moore. BA. Estate of David Moore - Luns Lot. Recorded (Chancery Record) 91, p. 9.
Accession No.: 17,898-3629 MSA S512-4-3746 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1814/01/04
5045: Margaret Anne Turner and Thomas Taylor vs. Richard H. Harwood. AA. Title to Beards Point. Recorded (Chancery Record) 98, p. 219 and 101, p. 256.
Accession No.: 17,898-5045-1/2 MSA S512-6-5189 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1814/01/05
63: Ann Abbott. TA. Petition to sell land. Recorded (Chancery Record) 88, p. 612.
Accession No.: 17,898-63 MSA S512-1-59 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1814/01/05
2153: Levi Hollingsworth vs. John Ridgely and Caleb D. Goodwin. BA. Contract to purchase Ridgelys Five Miles End.
Accession No.: 17,898-2153 MSA S512-3-2223 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1814/01/08
4369: William Robertson vs. John G. Proud, James Barroll, and Thomas Donnellan. BA. Defraud of creditors of Barroll.
Accession No.: 17,898-4369 MSA S512-6-4508 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1814/01/10
4579: Mary Scott vs. Janet Briscoe, George Briscoe, Mary Ann Briscoe, and Cornelius Comegy. KE. Petition to sell Partnership, Pleasant Mount. Recorded (Chancery Record) 95, p. 259.
Accession No.: 17,898-4579-1/3 MSA S512-6-4748 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1814/01/11
1661: Rezin Estep vs. John H. Brown and Agnes Brown. PG. Mortgage foreclosure on slaves Harry and Will.
Accession No.: 17,898-1661 MSA S512-2-1730 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1814/01/13
2228: John Heathcote, Frederick Waesche, Richard Carroll, and Judith C. Carroll vs. Gordon Forbes, William Forbes, Louise Lee Forbes, and Robert M. Forbes. BA. Estate of William Forbes - Parrishes Range, Youngs Lot. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 427.
Accession No.: 17,898-2228-1/3 MSA S512-3-2301 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1814/01/13
3364: William MacCreary and Archibald Stewart vs. John Codd, George Bearman, and Jacob Benefree. BA. Contract to purchase land. Recorded (Chancery Record) 95, p. 521.
Accession No.: 17,898-3364-1/3 MSA S512-4-3472 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1814/01/14
5645: Samuel Ward vs. Robert Arnold. AA. Contract to pay a debt.
Accession No.: 17,898-5645 MSA S512-7-5757 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1814/01/15
747: Jacob Bond vs. Thomas Merryman. BA. Injunction against removal of timber.
Accession No.: 17,898-747 MSA S512-1-768 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1814/01/17
77: Andew Anderson vs. Isaac Brelsford and Levi Terry. AA. Mortgage foreclosure on Second Discovery, Howards Resolution.
Accession No.: 17,898-77 MSA S512-1-72 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1814/01/17
1631: Owen Elder vs. Joshua Penn, Sarah Penn, John Penn, Mary Penn, Elizabeth Elder, Elijah Ryan, John Ryan, James Ryan, Sarah Ryan, and Susanna Ryan. AA. Petition to record deed for to Addition Huntington to Quarter, Laxford. Recorded (Chancery Record) 91, p. 122.
Accession No.: 17,898-1631 MSA S512-2-1700 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1814/01/17
4213: James Price Ringgold vs. Elizabeth Price. QA. Appointment of trustee for Price.
Accession No.: 17,898-4213 MSA S512-6-4335 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1814/01/18
1077: John Cockey vs. Richard A. Shipley. HA. Mortgage foreclosure on Homer, Homer Resurveyed, Richardsons Reserve.
Accession No.: 17,898-1077 MSA S512-2-1151 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1814/01/18
3284: Margaret McGowan vs. Samuel McNight. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 92, p. 106.
Accession No.: 17,898-3284 MSA S512-4-3380 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1814/01/18
3651: William McQuinn vs. John Simpson. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lots in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 92, p. 593.
Accession No.: 17,898-3651 MSA S512-4-3767 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1814/01/18
3989: John H. Pratt vs. Pearson Nichols and William French. BA. Contract to purchase combs.
Accession No.: 17,898-3989 MSA S512-5-4107 Location: 1/36/4/

Date: 1814/01/18
12364: Peregrine Warfield, Gustavus Warfield, Samuel Thomas, Anna Thomas, Richard Snowden, Eliza Snowden, and Charles A. Warfield vs. Henry R. Warfield and Louisa Warfield. AA, BA. Estate of Dr. Charles Alexander Warfield - Ridgelys Great Park, Dependance, Justifiable, Paternal Gift, Snowdens Range, Second Addition to Snowdens Manor, Warfield and Snowden, Dorseys Grove, Vanity Mount, Duvalls Range in AA. Also Addition to I Can Do It Well in AA and BA. Plats at 1/38/1/34. Recorded (Chancery Record) 108, p. 581.
Accession No.: 17,898-12364-1/8 MSA S512-15-12168 Location: 1/39/4/

Date: 1814/01/19
851: John Crow, Anne B. Crow, Richard B. Crow, James Edmonston, and Mary Edmonston vs. Rebecca Crow and Thornton W. Crow. AA. Petition to sell Neals Delight, Crows Mill. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 178.
Accession No.: 17,898-851 MSA S512-2-885 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1814/01/20
908: George W. Crane vs. William Fowler. CV. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-908 MSA S512-2-943 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1814/01/21
2322: Eliza Hodges, Thomas Hodges, and Rezin Estep vs. Thomas Parrott. AA. Mortgage foreclosure on Bersheba. Recorded (Chancery Record) 98, p. 409 and 99 p. 363.
Accession No.: 17,898-2322 MSA S512-3-2415 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1814/01/21
4756: Thomas Sheckells and Anne Sheckells vs. John Stockett. AA. Estate of Vincent Lusby - Bridge Hills, Dodon.
Accession No.: 17,898-4756-1/3 MSA S512-6-4925 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1814/01/22
2772: William Jolly vs. John Riche. HA. Injunction against removal of timber from Brothers Discovery.
Accession No.: 17,898-2772 MSA S512-3-2850 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1814/01/22
5618: John Wright vs. William Williams, Eliza Williams, Anthony Williams, and Benoni Williams. CE. Contract to purchase Egghill Run. Recorded (Chancery Record) 91, p. 357.
Accession No.: 17,898-5618 MSA S512-7-5730 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1814/01/29
1978: Thomas Gantt, and John Gantt vs. Barbara Gantt and Edward Gantt. AA, CV, PG. Petition to partition Ordinary, Batchelors Quarters in CV. Also Wells in AA and Bowling Green in PG.
Accession No.: 17,898-1978 MSA S512-3-2040 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1814/01/29
4195: Arthur Rich vs. William Badley. DO. Petition to record deed for Bradleys Intention. Recorded (Chancery Record) 91, p. 168.
Accession No.: 17,898-4195 MSA S512-6-4317 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1814/01/31
2201: James Hebb, Sarah S. Hebb, and Charles Nuttrell vs. Anne Elizabeth Waughop. SM. Estate of Henry Waughop. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 69.
Accession No.: 17,898-2201 MSA S512-3-2273 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1814/01/31
4607: George K. Stevenson, Catherine Stevenson, Charles Bowen, Mary Bowen, and Ellen Hopkins vs. Nicholas Hopkins and Sarah Hopkins. BA. Petition to sell Friends Discovery. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 118.
Accession No.: 17,898-4607-1/2 MSA S512-6-4777 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1814/02/02
5652: Robert Welch, Daniel Welch, John Malden, and Martha Malden vs. Solomon Sparrow. AA. Contract to purchase Town Hill. Recorded (Chancery Record) 97, p. 267 and 100, p. 433.
Accession No.: 17,898-5652-1/2 MSA S512-7-5764 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1814/02/04
1554: Theodore Dent vs. Samuel Chapman. CH. Estate of Francis Sheid.
Accession No.: 17,898-1554 MSA S512-2-1624 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1814/02/08
2259: Richard Harwood and Lucinda Harwood vs. Richard H. Battee, Benjamin Harwood, Henrietta M. Harwood, Joseph N. Stockett, Ann Caroline Stockett, Dennis H. Battee, and John O. Battee. AA. Petition to partition Burrage, Burrage End, Burrage Blossom, Lordships Bounty. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 159. Accession No.: 17,898-2259-1/2 MSA S512-3-2338 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1814/02/11
5564: Lambert Wickes, Maria Wickes, Gerald Coursey, and Sarah Coursey vs. John Tillston and William Tillston. QA. Contract to purchase Oakenthrop, Sarahs Fancy. Recorded (Chancery Record) 97, p. 502 and 105, p. 208.
Accession No.: 17,898-5564 MSA S512-7-5679 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1814/02/11
5565: John Forbes, Thomas Forbes, Marshall Forbes, and Thomas Contee Worthington vs. Michael Lovejoy, Arthur Campbell, George Biscoe, and George W. Biscoe. PG. Defraud of creditors of Michael Lovejoy - Sasscers Green. Recorded (Chancery Record) 125, p. 299.
Accession No.: 17,898-5565-1/3 MSA S512-7-5680 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1814/02/12
1597: Edward Day and Thomas Kell vs. George W. Thomas and Sarah Todd. BA. Petition to survey Leafs Chance, William the Conquerer, Onions Prospect Hills, Gassaways Ridge.
Accession No.: 17,898-1597-1/2 MSA S512-2-1664 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1814/02/12
4773: Jesse Slingluff vs. Mary Jordan, Lavina Jordan, Mary Jordan, Naomi Jordan, Eliza Jordan, Matilda Jordan, Frederick Jordan, and Benjamin Jordan. BA. Estate of Frederick Jordan - lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 95, p. 295
Accession No.: 17,898-4773-1/5 MSA S512-6-4941 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1814/02/13
1836: Christian Foreman, Susannah Foreman, George Andrews, Martha Andrews, William Brewer, and Jannett Brewer vs. Pricilla Boyd, Hugh Calhoun, Margaret Calhoun, and Margaret Boyd. BA. Petition to sell lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 457.
Accession No.: 17,898-1836 MSA S512-3-1904 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1814/02/14
3394: Daniel Murray, Mary Murray, Alexander C. Hanson, Priscilla Hanson, John Johnson Donaldson, Caroline Donaldson, and Hill Dorsey vs. Hammond Dorsey, AA, BA. Petition to partition Moores Morning Choice Enlarged, Dorseys Chance, Taylors Forest, Dorseys Adventure, lot in Baltimore Company lands, Bonds Pleasant Hills, lot in BC, Long Acre in BA. Also Calebs Pasture, Barrens Farm, Calebs Vineyard, lot in Elk Ridge Landing, Invasion, Conclusion, Whats Left, Ridgelys Meadows, Caleb and Edwards Friendship in AA. Plats filed in Maryland Survey Papers (Division Papers) 2, No. 25, MdHR 40,283-78, S65-32, B5/10/1. Recorded (Chancery Record) 91, p. 411 and 95, p. 572.
Accession No.: 17,898-3394-1/2 MSA S512-4-3501 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1814/02/14
7187: Hannah Kilty Chase vs. Samuel Chase, Thomas Chase, Ann Chase, Skipworth H. Coale, Eliza Coale, Matilda Ridgely, Basil Williamson, William Barney, and Mary Barney. BA. Estate of Samuel Chase - Fountain Inn in BC. Plats at 1/38/1/23. Recorded (Chancery Record) 96, p. 161.
Accession No.: 17,898-7187-1/7 MSA S512-9-7220 Location: 1/37/4/

Date: 1814/02/15
3611: Daniel Murray vs. James Harris. BA. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-3611 MSA S512-4-3728 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1814/02/15
3623: Samuel McKean vs. Joseph Herbert, Walter Jenkins, Henry Jenkins, Fielder Dorset, Rebecca Davis, and John J. Donaldson. BA. Defraud of creditors of Joseph Herbert.
Accession No.: 17,898-3623 MSA S512-4-3740 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1814/02/16
2257: John Wicks, Harriet Wicks, Joseph Daley, and Pricilla Daley vs. Henry Darnall, Susanna Darnall, and Dorothy Darnall. AA. Petition to partition Portland Manor. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 267.
Accession No.: 17,898-2257 MSA S512-3-2335 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1814/02/18
1713: Cadwallader Edwards and Philip Rogers vs. George W. Higgins and Absalom Ridgely. AA. Mortgage foreclosure on Linthicums Walks. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 27.
Accession No.: 17,898-1713-1/2 MSA S512-2-1785 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1814/02/18
5687: John Whitelock, Charles Whitelock, Samuel Whitelock, Archibald Teal, Susan Teal, Daniel Victor, Anne Victor, and John McKinnell vs. William Cowden, Elizabeth Cowden, and Sampson Touchstone. BA. Petition to partition lots in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 95, p. 154.
Accession No.: 17,898-5687-1/3 MSA S512-7-5799 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1814/02/21
5328: Michael Withers, James Turner, and Davis B. Park vs. Thomas Little. BA. Estate of James Caldor.
Accession No.: 17,898-5328-1/2 MSA S512-7-5456 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1814/02/23
591: William Beanes vs. Louraina Brashears and Mary Brashears. AA. Estate of George Brashears.
Accession No.: 17,898-591 MSA S512-1-626 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1814/02/23
8080: Alexander Greer and Sally Greer vs. Edmond Key, John J. Briscoe, John Jordan, and Eliza Neale. CH. Petition to sell land.
Accession No.: 17,898-8080 MSA S512-10-8066 Location: 1/38/3/

Date: 1814/02/24
3113: Daniel Lambern vs. Buckler Bond. HA. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-3113 MSA S512-4-3198 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1814/02/24
3390: James McCausland vs. John Smith. BA. Petition to record lease for Orange. Recorded (Chancery Record) 91, p. 434.
Accession No.: 17,898-3390 MSA S512-4-3497 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1814/02/24
5744: Samuel West vs. Richard Wootton, Roger N. West, Maria West, Richard West, and Norman West. MO. Petition to sell land. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 127.
Accession No.: 17,898-5744 MSA S512-7-5850 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1814/02/25
1869: Egbert Freeland and Philemon Chew vs. Charles Gwinn and William Smith. BA. Petition to discover accounts of Charles Gwinn & Co.
Accession No.: 17,898-1869 MSA S512-3-1935 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1814/02/25
2266: Benjamin Hart, John Hart, Peter Myerheifer, Catherine Myerheifer, Peter Smith, Elizabeth Ann Maria Smith, and Anne Hart vs. Anna Hart, Jacob Hart, Christopher Hart, Valentine Hart, Michael Hart, John Hart, and Mary Hart. FR. Estate of Valentine Hart - house and lot in Frederick. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 502.
Accession No.: 17,898-2266 MSA S512-3-2356 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1814/02/26
653: Peter Bond vs. Henry Hoffman, Enritt Hoffman, Elizabeth Hoffman, and Mary Hoffman. BA. Title to Williams Forrest, I Will and I Will Not, Poor Scriveners Folly, Good Will, William Resurveyed, Trowell.
Accession No.: 17,898-653 MSA S512-1-681 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1814/02/26
4821: James Stoops and Elizabeth Stoops vs. James Tucker, Samuel Caldwell, and William Walker. QA. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-4821-1/2 MSA S512-6-4984 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1814/02/26
8991: Abraham Jarrett vs. Cammillus Griffith. BA. Injunction against execution of Judgment on land in KY.
Accession No.: 17,898-8991-1/2 MSA S512-11-8931 Location: 1/38/4/

Date: 1814/03/01
760: James Boulden vs. John Lum, Jeremiah Casden, Thomas Richardson, Mileah Richardson, and Joseph Richardson. CE. Estate of John G. Richardson.
Accession No.: 17,898-760 MSA S512-1-784 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1814/03/01
3312: Daniel Murray, Mary Murray, Alexander C. Hanson, Pricilla Hanson, John J. Donaldson, Caroline Donaldson, and Hill Dorsey. AA, BA. Petition to sell Rebeccas Lot, Littleworth, Resurvey on Grecian Seige, Chews Vineyard, Curtis Creek Iron Works, First Discovery, Second Discovery, Mine Bank in AA. Also Valley of Owen in BA.
Accession No.: 17,898-3312 MSA S512-4-3416 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1814/03/02
2632: Jesse Hutchins, Dixon Stansbury, and Dixon S. Miles vs. Dickinson Gorsuch, Mary Gorsuch, Thomas Bond, Ann Bond, and Thomas Talbot. BA. Title to lots in My Ladys Manor. Recorded (Chancery Record) 117, p. 366.
Accession No.: 17,898-2632-1/2 MSA S512-3-2707 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1814/03/04
3218: John Linginfelder and Elizabeth Cannon vs. Michael Late. FR. Petition to sell lot in Frederick.
Accession No.: 17,898-3218 MSA S512-4-3305 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1814/03/04
4755: John Shroyer, John J. Seas, and Mary Seas vs. Polly Shroyer, Daniel Shroyer, Elizabeth Shroyer, Sarah Shroyer, Harriett Shroyer, Polly Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Margaret Smith, Sarah Smith, and Lydia Smith. FR. Petition to sell Resurvey on Middle Choice. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 512.
Accession No.: 17,898-4755 MSA S512-6-4924 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1814/03/09
1489: Henry Damuth vs. John Witherow, Sarah Jane Witherow, and Margaret Witherow. FR. Contract to purchase Brookes Reserve, Rocks and Stones. Recorded (Chancery Record) 96, p. 92.
Accession No.: 17,898-1489 MSA S512-2-1553 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1814/03/09
5209: Luke Tiernan vs. Hezekiah Waters, Sarah Waters, Littleton Waters, Peter Waters, John E. Waters, and John E. Dorsey. BA. Contract to purchase lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 91, p. 205.
Accession No.: 17,898-5209 MSA S512-7-5339 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1814/03/12
1264: Benjamin D. Clarke, Sarah Clarke, and Robert Yieldhall vs. Caleb Dorsey, Richard Dorsey, Edward Dorsey, Mary Dorsey, and Ann Dorsey. AA. Estate of Joshua Yieldhall - Norwoods Fancy. Plat. Recorded (Chancery Record) 96, p. 517.
Accession No.: 17,898-1264-1/2 MSA S512-2-1328 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1814/03/12
5175: Joseph Tydings, Ann Tydings, John Watkins, and Margaret Watkins vs. John Tydings, Richard Tydings, Edward Tydings, Thomas Tydings, Ferdinand Tydings, Samuel Tydings, Horatio Tydings, Sophia Tydings, Catherine Tydings, Abel Tucker, Mary Tucker, Elizabeth Purdy, James Bright, and Mary Ann Bright. AA. Petition to sell Hazelnut Ridge, Poplar Ridge. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 702.
Accession No.: 17,898-5175-1/3 MSA S512-7-5308 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1814/03/14
235: Christian Brensinger vs. George Eichelberger. BA. Contract to purchase lot in Baltimore Company lands. Recorded (Chancery Record) 99, p. 407.
Accession No.: 17,898-235 MSA S512-1-273 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1814/03/15
2543: Thomas Hilleary and Sarah Hilleary vs. Anna Maria Skinner and Henry S. Skinner. FR. Petition to sell Barren Hill, Sprained Ancle. Plat.
Accession No.: 17,898-2543 MSA S512-3-2620 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1814/03/21
5434: Sarah Whelan, Ellen Maccubin, Zachariah Maccubin, Ann Maccubin, George Washington Maccubin, Margaret Lee Brooke Maccubin, and John G. Maccubin vs. Daniel Carroll and Richard Ridgely. BA. Petition to sell Islington, Bucks Range, North Stead. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 134.
Accession No.: 17,898-5434-1/3 MSA S512-7-5556 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1814/03/23
1014: Mary Cartwright vs. Abraham Cartwright. BA. Alimony.
Accession No.: 17,898-1014 MSA S512-2-1059 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1814/03/23
3491: John Moke vs. Henry Wertz, Thomas Vose, and William Worthington. BA. Contract to purchase lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 95, p. 169.
Accession No.: 17,898-3491-1/2 MSA S512-4-3598 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1814/03/24
1518: Thomas A. Davis vs. Polly Stone, Frederick Stone, Mary Stone, William Stone, Michael Stone, Elizabeth Stone, and Eleanor Stone. CH. Contract to purchase Hawthorne. Recorded (Chancery Record) 93, p. 337.
Accession No.: 17,898-1518 MSA S512-2-1592 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1814/03/28
2241: Job Hunt, John Hunt, Elizabeth Hunt, Jesse Hunt, Sarah Deaver, Lewis E. Evans, and Miriam Evans. BA. Estate of Job Hunt - Beals Discovery, Smith Plains, Jemekermans Plague, Groves, Smith Addition, Parks Death. Plat. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 612.
Accession No.: 17,898-2241 MSA S512-3-2319 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1814/03/28
4316: George Reed, Tilghman Reed, and Robert Bell vs. Margaret Bell. TA. Estate of Thomas Bell - Hasco Green. Recorded (Chancery Record) 99, p. 1.
Accession No.: 17,898-4316-1/4 MSA S512-6-4443 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1814/03/30
4343: James Riddle, Arianna Riddle, Samuel Riddle, Marian Riddle, and Elizabeth Steuart vs. William Steuart, David Steuart, and Catherine M. Steuart. PG. Petition to sell lots in Bladensburg. Recorded (Chancery Record) 95, p. 787.
Accession No.: 17,898-4343 MSA S512-6-4482 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1814/03/30
4580: William Stewart. AL, PG. Estate of Dr. David Ross - Luck, Addition to Spring Bottom, Workmans Desire, Johnsons Fancy in AL. Also lots in DC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 48, p. 388.
Accession No.: 17,898-4580-1/3 MSA S512-6-4749 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1814/03/31
8057: Henry Greve vs. Cassandra Gassaway, Rachel Randall, Frederick Grimes, Margaret Grimes, William Culverwell, George McKay, Martha McKay, John Lindenberger, Elizabeth Lindenberger, George Lindenberger, Henry Peck, Rachel Peck, and James Porter. AA. Injunction against removal of timber from Little Worth. Recorded (Chancery Record) 139, p. 139.
Accession No.: 17,898-3469 MSA S512-4-3576 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1814/03/31
4783: Joseph N. Stockett and Mary Stockett vs. Samuel Maccubbin. AA. Injunction against execution of judgment. Recorded (Chancery Record) 100, p. 173.
Accession No.: 17,898-4783 MSA S512-6-4950 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1814/04/01
3562: Norris Meredith vs. William Norris, Thomas Norris, John Norris, Reuben Norris, Upton Norris, Jacob Clabaugh, Eliza Clabaugh, Hammond Raitt, Eleanor Raitt, Daniel Delaplane, Catharine Delaplane, John Smelser, and Rachel Smelser. FR. Petition to record deed for Resurvey on Stephens Purchase.
Accession No.: 17,898-3562 MSA S512-4-3678 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1814/04/02
377: Richard Brooke vs. Jacob Carmack, Peter Carmack, Evan Carmack, Samuel Carmack, Martha Carmack, Christian Carmack, and Surratt D. Norfield. FR. Title to Venture. Recorded (Chancery Record) 106, p. 389.
Accession No.: 17,898-377 MSA S512-1-432 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1814/04/08
3737: William Nicholson, George Godwin, Ann Godwin, Henrietta J. Hackett, Gunning B. Hackett, William Thomas, Edward Turner, Frances Turner, James Holt, John Holt, Arthur Holt, Mary Holt, Charles W. Holt, Arthur Holt, Robert Holt, and Ann C. Holt vs. James Bruff. QA. Mortgage foreclosure on Neglect.
Accession No.: 17,898-3737 MSA S512-4-3859 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1814/04/14
2559: William Hughlett vs. Jabez Caldwell and William E. Cannor. TA. Injunction against trespass on Little Creek.
Accession No.: 17,898-2559 MSA S512-3-2638 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1814/04/14
4689: Caleb Sears vs. John Childs. AA. Mortgage foreclosure on Portland Manor. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 590.
Accession No.: 17,898-4689 MSA S512-6-4858 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1814/04/24
8215: Richard Grahame and Samuel Miles vs. Martha Miles, Ann Miles, James King, Susan King, William Miles, Isaac Miles, Thomas Miles, and Martha Miles. CV. Estate of Thomas Miles.
Accession No.: 17,898-8215 MSA S512-10-8199 Location: 1/38/3/

Date: 1814/04/25
647: Thomas Biddle and Barbara Biddle vs. Magdaline Markell. FR. Estate of Nicholas Markell - Carrolls Range, Bottom, Resurvey on Company. Recorded (Chancery Record) 96, p. 321 and 106, p. 520.
Accession No.: 17,898-647-1/2 MSA S512-1-676 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1814/04/26
1553: William Drury vs. Mary Weems and Joseph Cooley. AA. Trust estate of John Weems - Lords Bounty. Recorded (Chancery Record) 97, p. 10 and 100, p. 89.
Accession No.: 17,898-1553 MSA S512-2-1623 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1814/04/27
699: George Baer, Henry Brish, Richard Cromwell, Jacob Mixell, George Ramsbergh, Leonard Storm, Maryann Levy, Levin Thomas, Philip Killion, Abraham Levy, John McCullogh, Jacob Leah, John Bayly, Henry Kemp, Jacob Hoff, and John Ramsbergh vs. Frederick Diehl. FR. Insolvent estate of Diehl - brewery in Frederick.
Accession No.: 17,898-699 MSA S512-1-723 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1814/04/27
757: Dennis Barnes vs. Susan Howard, Levin Lawrence, and Mary Lawrence. BA. Title to Charles Delight, Bakers Desire.
Accession No.: 17,898-757 MSA S512-1-781 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1814/04/27
5757: William Whittington and Jacob Harrison vs. Robert Harrison, Samuel Harrison, Charles Harrison, Ann Burkhead, William Burkhead, Mary Burkhead, Sarah Burkhead, Samuel Burkhead, Robert Burkhead, Elizabeth Burkhead, and Ann Burkhead, Jr. CV. Estate of William Harrison. Recorded (Chancery Record) 101, p. 373. Accession No.: 17,898-5757-1/3 MSA S512-7-5862 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1814/04/28
4661: Daniel Martin. DO. Estate of William Sanders - Lockmans Regulation, Lockmans Discovery, Morgans Venture. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 78.
Accession No.: 17,898-4661-1/3 MSA S512-6-4830 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1814/04/29
4325: Samuel Ringgold vs. George J. Harry. WA. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-4325 MSA S512-6-4452 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1814/04/30
5445: Henry Winter vs. Kezia Lyeth, John Lyeth, and Samuel Lyeth. BA. Validity of deed of trust on lots in BC.
Accession No.: 17,898-5445-1/2 MSA S512-7-5566 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1814/04/7
William Darnall vs. Philip Darnall. AA. Petition to partition Portland Landing. Plat. Recorded (Chancery Record) 100, p. 153.
Accession No.: MSA S512--12225 Location: 1/39/4/

Date: 1814/05/04
721: Robert W. Bowie vs. John S. Brookes. PG. Mortgage foreclosure.
Accession No.: 17,898-721 MSA S512-1-743 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1814/05/12
2820: Samuel G. Jones vs. John C. Weems. BA. Contract to purchase Benjamins Mill Lot Resurveyed. Plats. Recorded (Chancery Record) 110, p. 69.
Accession No.: 17,898-2820-1/6 MSA S512-3-2900 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1814/05/13
5375: William Willson of John vs. Samuel Beall. MO. Estate of Lewis Beall.
Accession No.: 17,898-5375 MSA S512-7-5502 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1814/05/14
4963: James Simpson, Allen Simpson, Elie Davis, Richard Davis, Dorcas Davis, Harriott Davis, Basil Trundle, Esther Trundle, George Barrick, and Nancy Barrick vs. Solomon Davis. MO. Estate of Solomon Simpson - Simpsons Dwelling Place, Johnnys and Mollys Conclusion, Resurvey on Disappointment, Friendship, Chapple Forrest. Recorded (Chancery Record) 104, p. 51. Accession No.: 17,898-4963-1/3 MSA S512-6-5110 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1814/05/14
5689: Peter Wolfe, Margaret Wolfe, Peter Miller, Elizabeth Miller, John Westfall, and Louise Westfall vs. Jacob Coblentz, Philip Coblentz, Barbara Coblentz, Catherine Hesson, Baltzer Hesson, Anna M. Hesson, and Jacob Hesson. FR. Petition to sell Ohio, Black Oak Levell, Addition to Shuors Bottom. Recorded (Chancery Record) 94, p. 312 and 98, p. 10.
Accession No.: 17,898-5689-1/2 MSA S512-7-5801 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1814/05/16
11948: Margaret Woolery and Jacob Woolery vs. David Woolery, Catherine Woolery, Noah Woolery, Nancy Woolery, Elijah Woolery, Ellen Woolery, Solomon Woolery, Rachel Woolery, Henry Myers, and Rachel Myers. BA. Petition to sell land. Recorded (Chancery Record) 95, p. 401.
Accession No.: 17,898-11948-1/3 MSA S512-15-11772 Location: 1/39/4/

Date: 1814/05/17
2526A: Nicholas Swormstead, Nancy Swormstead, Philip Hammond, Andrew Hammond, and Juliana Hammond vs. Rezin Hammond, William Hammond, Harriett Hammond, Louisa Hammond, John Hammond, and Wesley Hammond. AA. Petition to partition Fitzsymmons Gift, Knightons Fancy, Bodys Adventure, Mount Ville, Hammonds Security. Plat filed in Maryland Survey Papers (Division Plats) 1, No. 22, MdHR 40,283-19, S65-34, B5/10/1. Recorded (Chancery Record) 155A, p. 201.
Accession No.: 17,898-2526A-1/3 MSA S512-3-2604 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1814/05/18
4071: Mark Pringle vs. Mary Hammond, Larkin Hammond, James Hammond, Sarah Hammond, Caroline Hammond, Mary Ridgely, Rebecca Hammond, Eliza Hammond, William Hammond, and Thomas Hammond. AA. Estate of William Hammond - Cromwells Inheritance.
Accession No.: 17,898-4071 MSA S512-5-4189 Location: 1/36/4/

Date: 1814/05/21
486: Michael Bruner, Margaret Bruner, George Bruner, Susanna Bruner, and Moses Staley vs. Jacob Staley and Frederick Kemp. FR. Estate of Joseph Staley - Foxes Spy. Recorded (Chancery Record) 102, p. 689.
Accession No.: 17,898-486-1/2 MSA S512-1-538 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1814/05/21
9019: Nicholas Slubey vs. Nicholas S. Jones, Mary Brown, Elias Glenn, Abraham Worthington, and James Sterrett. BA. Dissolution of N.S. & D. Jones. Recorded (Chancery Record) 112, p. 489.
Accession No.: 17,898-9019-1/6 MSA S512-11-8954 Location: 1/38/4/

Date: 1814/05/24
577: Ely Balderston, John Jenkinson, William Morgan, William Stump, Jr., Margaret Stump, Edward Miller, William Miller, Ann Miller, and Henry Miller vs. Isaac Henry and Hannah Henry. HA. Contract to purchase Goffeys Neighbour. Recorded (Chancery Record) 106, p. 438.
Accession No.: 17,898-577-1/2 MSA S512-1-617 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1814/05/24
868: Andrew Cross, John Cross, and Stewart Brown vs. Benjamin Disney and William Shipley, Jr. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 602.
Accession No.: 17,898-868 MSA S512-2-902 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1814/05/24
1487: Elizabeth Dorsey, Ely C. Dorsey, Amos Dorsey, Edward C. Dorsey, Mary Dorsey, and Otho Dorsey vs. John Carmack and Charles Dorsey. FR. Contract to purchase Carmacks Farewell, Walnut Ridge, Resurvey on Dukes Woods, Luck, Resurvey on Walnut Ridge, Mount Felicity, Resurvey on Spring Garden, Badgers Hole, Addition to Whiskey Ridge. Recorded (Chancery Record) 93, p. 469.
Accession No.: 17,898-1487 MSA S512-2-1551 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1814/05/25
4660: Richard Snowden, Thomas Snowden, Nicholas Snowden, Philip Snowden, Samuel Snowden, Richard P. Snowden, Gerard H. Snowden, Joseph R. Hopkins, Anna Maria Hopkins, John C. Herbert, and Mary Herbert vs. Margaret H. Snowden, Rezin H. Snowden, and Rachel Snowden. AA. Petition to sell Snowdens Third Addition to his Manor. Recorded (Chancery Record) 101, p. 84.
Accession No.: 17,898-4660-1/2 MSA S512-6-4829 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1814/05/26
615: Nicholas Brice vs. Nicholas Gatch. BA. Petition to record deed for Stones Range, Orange, Gays Enlargement.
Accession No.: 17,898-615 MSA S512-1-645 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1814/05/28
1097: John J. Cox vs. William Ward. CE. Contract to lease Neighbors Neglect. Recorded (Chancery Record) 111, p. 666.
Accession No.: 17,898-1097-1/6 MSA S512-2-1170 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1814/05/31
5069: Ellis Thomas vs. Seth Sweetser. AA. Petition to partition Hollands Ferry.
Accession No.: 17,898-5069 MSA S512-6-5213 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1814/06/01
1805: Farmers Bank of Maryland and Solomon Frazier vs. John M. Heighe and James Heighe. CV. Defraud of creditors of John M. Heighe - Roberts Chance, Roberts Addition, Breakly. Recorded (Chancery Record) 105, p. 842.
Accession No.: 17,898-1805 MSA S512-2-1878 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1814/06/04
4079: William Pryor vs. James Massey. QA. Estate of Hemsley Massey.
Accession No.: 17,898-4079 MSA S512-5-4197 Location: 1/36/4/

Date: 1814/06/04
5835: Samuel Winchester and Benjamin H. Robinson vs. William W. Smith, Jr. BA. Settlement of a debt.
Accession No.: 17,898-5835 MSA S512-7-5929 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1814/06/06
983: James Calhoun amd Daniel Lammott vs. Edward P. Wilmer, Francis Wilmer, John Wilmer, Walter Wilmer, Anna Wilmer, Mary Wilmer, William Wilmer, William Frisby, Elizabeth Frisby, Elizabeth Frisby, Richard Frisby, Thomas R. Cooper, and Susanna Cooper. QA. Estate of John McClellan.
Accession No.: 17,898-983 MSA S512-2-1026 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1814/06/07
1534: Lewis Duvall and Jasper E. Tilly vs. Mary Ann Green. AA. Estate of Thomas Talbot.
Accession No.: 17,898-1534 MSA S512-2-1608 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1814/06/10
3042: Jacob Lambert. WA. Estate of Elias Gerhart - Adventure, Manheim. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 73 and 104, p. 309.
Accession No.: 17,898-3042 MSA S512-4-3126 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1814/06/13
2251: Henry Hardesty vs. John Elliott. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Mount Royal. Recorded (Chancery Record) 98, p. 53 and 101, p. 527.
Accession No.: 17,898-2251-1/3 MSA S512-3-2329 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1814/06/15
4566: Jacob H. Slemaker and Eliza Slemaker vs. Thomas Elliott, John Elliott, Samuel Elliott, Roderick Earickson, William Elliott, and Peregrine Elliott. QA. Estate of Ann Barnes - Primers Rotterdam, Eastern Island. Recorded (Chancery Record) 96, p. 187.
Accession No.: 17,898-4566 MSA S512-6-4735 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1814/06/20
3801: Edward Norwood vs. George Calvert, William Lorman, George Bailey, Richard Snowden, John C. Thomas, Richard Ross, Thomas Bowie, Francis Fenwick, John All, and James Baker. BA. Injunction against construction of Baltimore - Washington Turnpike Road on United Friendship. Plat.
Accession No.: 17,898-3801-1/2 MSA S512-4-3922 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1814/06/20
4240: Rachel Reid vs. Henry C. Gaither. MO. Estate of Ann Gaither. Recorded (Chancery Record) 96, p. 139.
Accession No.: 17,898-4240 MSA S512-6-4362 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1814/06/20
5566: Charles Wells, Nicholas Wells, Richard Roloson, Margaret Roloson, Ann Partridge, Dennis Read, Rachel Read, Caleb Davis, and Mary Davis vs. Rachel Pierpoint, Hugh Roloson, and John Roloson. AA. Estate of John Wells.
Accession No.: 17,898-5566 MSA S512-7-5681 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1814/06/25
3238: John Lester and Elizabeth Lester vs. Thomas Evans and John Dushane. BA. Contract to purchase Fullers Outlet, Carrolls Security. Plat. Recorded (Chancery Record) 110, p. 222.
Accession No.: 17,898-3238 MSA S512-4-3327 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1814/06/27
1778: Jacob Fetterling vs. Caleb Stansbury. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Plowmans Park, Johns Desire.
Accession No.: 17,898-1778 MSA S512-2-1856 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1814/06/29
2066: Benjamin Gaither, John Gaither, Ely Davis, Sarah Gaither, Rebecca Gaither, Ruth Gaither, Rezin Gaither, Joshua Gaither, and Elizabeth Gaither vs. Robert McGill and John Golden. AA. Estate of Benjamin Gaither.
Accession No.: 17,898-2066 MSA S512-3-2134 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1814/06/29
5527: Thomas E. Waggaman vs. Michael Kimmel. DO. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-5527 MSA S512-7-5644 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1814/06/30
2644: Henry S. Holland and Susan Holland vs. John Tydings. AA. Validity of title to Portland Manor and slaves Sawney, Sall, Toney, Flora, Nell, Dick, Nat, Sally, Charity, Sawney, Frank, Jack, Paul, Jerry, Bob, Trot, Ralph, Henry, John, Salley, Dick, and Harry.
Accession No.: 17,898-2644 MSA S512-3-2718 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1814/06/30
4117: Levi Pierce vs. William Shipley, Jr., John T. Worthington, Thomas D. Barry, P.L. Tanner, John Price, Richard Williams, Ichabod Jane, John Crooks, Benjamin Barry, Leopold Donsee, John Simonson, Andrew Clopper, John Babler, Randall Moale, and Thomas Williams. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Chatsworth, Welshes Adventure. Recorded (Chancery Record) 104, p. 547.
Accession No.: 17,898-4117-1/3 MSA S512-5-4241 Location: 1/36/4/

Date: 1814/06/30
5395: Ann Watkins vs. Gideon White. AA. Injunction against civil proceedings.
Accession No.: 17,898-5395 MSA S512-7-5520 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1814/07/01
662: Philip Battee, Josias Green, Mary Green, Elizabeth Battee, Juliana Battee, Samuel Battee, Isabella Battee, and Gassaway Battee vs. Sarah T. Todd. BA. Contract to purchase Tripple Union, Todds Range. Recorded (Chancery Record) 91, p. 403.
Accession No.: 17,898-662 MSA S512-1-689 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1814/07/01
718: James A. Buchanan vs. Peter Bonnefel. BA. Petition to record deed for lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 91, p. 397.
Accession No.: 17,898-718 MSA S512-1-740 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1814/07/01
3521: William McMechen vs. Gerard Tipton. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Davids Fancy. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 676 and 98, p. 502.
Accession No.: 17,898-3521 MSA S512-4-3630 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1814/07/01
8795: William P. Hardesty and John Ward vs. John Crandell and Richard Crandell. AA. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-8795 MSA S512-11-8740 Location: 1/38/4/

Date: 1814/07/05
27: Joseph Allender vs. Nathaniel Thompson and Union Insurance Co. of Maryland. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 104, p. 585.
Accession No.: 17,898-27-1/2 MSA S512-1-27 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1814/07/05
29: Robert Aitken, Edward H. Stall, Martha Stall, George Monk, Ann Monk, Maria Aitken, Eliza Aitken, James Aitken, and Rebecca Aitken vs. Daniel Bruce. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 108, p. 384.
Accession No.: 17,898-29-1/2 MSA S512-1-29 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1814/07/07
443: Richard Battie vs. John Wells, Hannah Wells, William Mayo, and John Mayo. AA. Estate of James Mayo.
Accession No.: 17,898-443-1/6 MSA S512-1-496 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1814/07/08
3738: William H. Nicholson vs. Anna Marin Hackett. QA. Estate of John B. Hackett.
Accession No.: 17,898-3738 MSA S512-4-3860 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1814/07/11
2067: Mary Gilpin, Joseph Gilpin, Henry Gilpin, John Gilpin, and William Gilpin vs. Joseph G. Partridge. CE. Petition to sell Mathias Hill, Gilpins Addition.
Accession No.: 17,898-2067 MSA S512-3-2135 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1814/07/12
62: Levi Brown and Nancy Brown. DO. Petition to sell lots in Cambridge. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 467.
Accession No.: 17,898-62 MSA S512-1-58 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1814/07/12
1801: Ann Fountain and Thomas Cooper. CA. Estate of Levi Frampton - Harris Farm. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 410.
Accession No.: 17,898-1801-1/2 MSA S512-2-1875 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1814/07/12
2442: John E. Howard vs. William Krebs, John Davis, Moses Hands, William Jones, John W. Barry, and John Lewis Wampler. BA. Injunction against paving Eutaw Street in BC. Plat.
Accession No.: 17,898-2442 MSA S512-3-2530 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1814/07/12
2794: Hickman Johnson and William Jameson vs. Ephraim Igan and Samuel Clarke. BA. Petition to sell Brotherly Love. Recorded (Chancery Record) 95, p. 120.
Accession No.: 17,898-2794-1/2 MSA S512-3-2870 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1814/07/12
5551: Samuel White, Joseph White, and Edward White vs. Thomas White and James White. CA. Estate of James White. Recorded (Chancery Record) 95, p. 696.
Accession No.: 17,898-5551 MSA S512-7-5667 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1814/07/14
302: Richard Boulden. Mortgage foreclosure on Long Creek Mill. Recorded (Chancery Record) 92, p. 38.
Accession No.: 17,898-302 MSA S512-1-349 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1814/07/15
3783: Edward Norwood, Richard Hall, and John Hall vs. Richard Ridgely. AA, BA. Injunction against execution of judgment on Eslington, Bucks Range, Northstead. Plats at 1/38/1/16; also show Hoods Haven, Littleworth, Martin Luthers Mount.
Accession No.: 17,898-3783-1/4 MSA S512-4-3905 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1814/07/19
2232: Ezekiel Stewart, Elizabeth Stewart, Aquilla Yieldhall, Elijah Yieldhall, and Frderick Yieldhall vs. Harriett Yieldhall, Eliza Yieldhall, John Yieldhall, Harry Yieldhall, Samuel Yieldhall, and Gassaway Stewart. AA. Petition to sell Phantanco, Addition to Timber Ridge. Recorded (Chancery Record) 95, p. 385 and 123, p. 675.
Accession No.: 17,898-2232-1/3 MSA S512-3-2305 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1814/07/20
879: William Creek vs. John Cloherty, John McNulty, Catherine McNulty, Polly Cloherty, Elizabeth Cloherty, Honour Cloherty, and John Cloherty. BA. Estate of Patrick Cloherty - house and lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 95, p. 136.
Accession No.: 17,898-879 MSA S512-2-915 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1814/07/20
5779: Richard Wootton vs. Elizabeth Beall and Samuel Beall. MO. Contract to convey land.
Accession No.: 17,898-5779 MSA S512-7-5882 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1814/07/26
619: Mary Barnes vs. Reubin Sutton. HA. Mortgage foreclosure on Halls Plains.
Accession No.: 17,898-619 MSA S512-1-649 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1814/07/29
560: Jesse Browning, Nathan Browning, Jesse Browning, Meshack Browning, and Jeremiah Browning vs. Elias Browning. MO. Petition to sell Red Oak Slip, Ten Acre Warrant.
Accession No.: 17,898-560 MSA S512-1-602 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1814/08/02
4102: John Poag vs. William McCreery. CE. Mortgage foreclosure.
Accession No.: 17,898-4102 MSA S512-5-4226 Location: 1/36/4/

Date: 1814/08/02
9132: Elisha Kirk, John Kirk, Jacob Kirk, Timothy Kirk, Lewis Kirk, Levi Kirk, Josiah Kirk, Jeremiah Brown, Nancy Brown, Slater Brown, and Mary Brown vs. Phebe Brown, William Brown, Rebecca Brown, Margaret Brown, John Brown, Thomas Brown, Nathan Brown, Isaac Brown, Elizabeth Brown, and Elizha Brown. CE. Petition to sell Carpenters Hall. Recorded (Chancery Record) 120, p. 114.
Accession No.: 17,898-9132-1/2 MSA S512-11-9061 Location: 1/38/4/

Date: 1814/08/11
810: John Cox vs. Dederick Shrike and Thomas J. Brown. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lots in BC.
Accession No.: 17,898-810 MSA S512-1-840 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1814/08/11
1771: John Foss vs. Matthew Walker and Thomas Todd. HA. Mortgage foreclosure on Turkey Hill.
Accession No.: 17,898-1771 MSA S512-2-1849 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1814/08/11
2249: Francis Hollingsworth and Charles Worthington vs. William Hawkins. BA. Mortgage forclosure on lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 94, p. 209.
Accession No.: 17,898-2249 MSA S512-3-2327 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1814/08/11
3532: William McQuinn vs. David Mohler. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 95, p. 418.
Accession No.: 17,898-3532 MSA S512-4-3645 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1814/08/12
2233: Thomas Holliday, Richard G. Holliday, Rebecca Foggett, Richard M. Foggett, Mary Warfield, Singleton Warfield, William Warfield, Samuel Stockett, Joseph H. Stockett, and Elizabeth Stockett vs. John Holliday and Nicholas Holliday. AA. Petition to sell Hollidays Purchase. Recorded (Chancery Record) 95, p. 14.
Accession No.: 17,898-2233 MSA S512-3-2306 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1814/08/19
2674: Alexander Hemsley, Henrietta Hemsley, Anne Tilghman, and James Tilghman vs. John Hambleton. TA. Petition to record deed for Chance.
Accession No.: 17,898-2674 MSA S512-3-2744 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1814/08/19
5546: John Williams vs. Alison Brannock, Henry Brannock, and James Brannock. DO. Estate of William Brannock - Addition to Brannocks Regulation. Recorded (Chancery Record) 94, p. 157.
Accession No.: 17,898-5546-1/3 MSA S512-7-5662 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1814/08/20
3668: Alexander Maxwell, Sr. and Alexander Maxwell, Jr. vs. Vinson Baxter, Joseph Baxter, John Baxter, Susan Hopkins, and Sarah Sneed. QA, TA. Petition to partition Londonderry in TA. Also Penroy, Bentons Pleasure, Bentons Discovery, Sudlers Island in QA. Accession No.: 17,898-3668 MSA S512-4-3782 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1814/08/20
3739: William B. Nicholson vs. Thomas Hemsley and Thomas C. Earle. QA. Estate of Philemon Tilghman.
Accession No.: 17,898-3739 MSA S512-4-3861 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1814/08/24
4965: Peter Shane vs. George Shane, Adam Custard, Clara Custard, Nicholas Firestone, Elizabeth Firestone, John Waters, Christina Waters, John Nicholson, Sarah Nicholson, James Ebert, Elizabeth Ebert, Henry Shane, Jacob Mariartee, and Susanna Mariartee. FR. Petition to sell Forrest. Accession No.: 17,898-4965-1/2 MSA S512-6-5112 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1814/10/17
4967: Benjamin Stoddert, Thomas Ewell, Elizabeth Ewell, George W. Campbell, Harriet Campbell, Nancy Gantt, Ann Lowndes, Francis Lowndes, William B. Jackson, Elizabeth Jackson, Dorothy Lowndes, Richard Lowndes, Charles Lowndes, Levi Gantt, Francis Gantt, Thomas T. Gantt, William Spriggs, Elizabeth Spriggs, Christopher L. Gantt, Elinor Gantt, Sarah Gantt, Charles Gantt, and Benjamin Gantt vs. William Stoddert, Rebecca Stoddert, Christopher Stoddert, Andrew Lowndes, Benjamin Lowndes, Susan Lowndes, Christopher Lowndes, Eleanor Lowndes, Nancy Gantt, Harriett Gantt, Priscilla Gantt, and Amelia Gantt. PG. Contract to purchase Bostock House. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 578. Accession No.: 17,898-4967-1/3 MSA S512-6-5114 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1814/10/21
5665: Amadeus Willot vs. J.J. Boyrean. BA. Defraud of creditors of Boyrean.
Accession No.: 17,898-5665 MSA S512-7-5777 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1814/10/28
5516: Gideon White vs. Asahel Linthicum. AA. Mortgage foreclosure on Linthicums Walks. Recorded (Chancery Record) 98, p. 193 and 101, p. 53.
Accession No.: 17,898-5516 MSA S512-7-5635 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1814/10/29
3603: Samuel McCullough vs. Matthew Russell, James Russell, and John Anderson. CE. Injunction against removal of timber from Contention Ended.
Accession No.: 17,898-3603 MSA S512-4-3721 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1814/11/18
704: Samuel C. Brown vs. Nathan Deale. AA. Mortgage foreclosure on a slave Nell.
Accession No.: 17,898-704 MSA S512-1-728 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1814/11/19
1745: Robert Fisher vs. John Stewart. BA. Contract to purchase lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 96, p. 169.
Accession No.: 17,898-1745-1/2 MSA S512-2-1823 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1814/11/24
546: Samuel C. Brown vs. William Scrivener. AA. Mortgage foreclosure.
Accession No.: 17,898-546 MSA S512-1-588 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1814/11/25
2822: William Johnston, Agnes Johnston, Ralf S. Lee, Alisiana Lee, Edward Brenton, and Susanna Brenton vs. Peter Bond. HA. Title to Bonds Forrest. Recorded (Chancery Record) 93, p. 481.
Accession No.: 17,898-2822 MSA S512-3-2902 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1814/12/01
4317: George Russell, Archibald Russell, William R. Boote, Sarah Boote, Frances Johnson, Eliza Johnson, John Graham, Henry Schroder, and Francis Donaldson vs. John Tod Russell. BA. Petition to partition Chatsworth, Welshs Adventure. Plat filed in Maryland Survey Papers (Division Plats) 2, No. 48, MdHR 40,283-101, S65-99, B5/10/1. Recorded (Chancery Record) 74, p. 659 and 105, p. 745.
Accession No.: 17,898-4317-1/2 MSA S512-6-4444 Location: 1/37/1/

Date: 1814/12/10
1456: Peter Hoffman, Jr. vs. William H. Dorsey, Rezin Hammond, James Cox, Dennis A. Smith, Abraham Worthington, Henry Payson, William Gwynn, Robert Gilmore, Jr., Alexander McDonald, and William McMeehen. AA. Title to September 14, 1739 I was Born John Hammond son of John. Recorded (Chancery Record) 97, p. 310, liber 100, p. 662 and liber 94, p. 232.
Accession No.: 17,898-1456-1/3 MSA S512-2-1522 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1814/12/15
862: Thomas Cromwell and William Winchester vs. John Nace. BA. Estate of George Nace. Recorded (Chancery Record) 99, p. 513.
Accession No.: 17,898-862 MSA S512-2-896 Location: 1/36/1/

Date: 1814/12/16
3276: William McMechen vs. Jacob Myer. BA. Mortgage foreclosure. Recorded (Chancery Record) 92, p. 1.
Accession No.: 17,898-3276 MSA S512-4-3371 Location: 1/36/3/

Date: 1814/12/20
106: John Ash vs. Christopher Armat and John Hunter. BA. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No.: 17,898-106 MSA S512-1-117 Location: 1/35/5/

Date: 1814/12/22
1919: John Gibson vs. William G. Tilghman and John L. Tilghman. TA. Contract to purchase a mill.
Accession No.: 17,898-1919-1/2 MSA S512-3-1984 Location: 1/36/2/

Date: 1814/12/26
5574: Adam Waltemeyer and Rachel Waltemeyer vs. Samuel Pierpoint. BA. Title to Cannons Lot.
Accession No.: 17,898-5574 MSA S512-7-5689 Location: 1/37/2/

Date: 1814/12/30
1675: John Elliott vs. Henry Hardisty. BA. Defraud of creditors of Hardisty - Mount Royal.
Accession No.: 17,898-1675 MSA S512-2-1746 Location: 1/36/1/

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