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Wailes, Benjamin, m. by 1723, (N), dau. and coheiress of Daniel Hast of SO Co. (SORR:16, 20).

Wainwright, William, m. by 1723, (N), the coheir of Stephen Cannon of SO Co. (SORR:44).


WALLACE Walley, John, d. by 1 March 1691; m. Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Thurston; she m. 2nd Charles Ramsey (BALR, RM#HS:340).

Wallford, John, m. by Nov 193, Mary, extx. of John Nicholson BACP G#1:165).


Wallox, John, m. by 4 Sep 1742, Eliza, widow of Jacob Jones (BAAD 3:291).


Walsh, Benjamin, m. by 11 July 1713, Elizabeth, dau. of John Nicholson, Sr. (AALR IB#2:110).


WALTON WALWIN Wanell, (N), m. by 11 Sep 1766, Priscilla, rep. of Sarah Blackiston of KE Co. (MDAD 54:341).


Warfe, James, m. 28 July 1796, Elllenor Brewer (Diary of William Faris, MHM 28:219)


Warfoote, John, m. by 7 Jan 1695, Mary, extx. of John or William Nicholson [or Nicholls] (BAAD 2:33; INAC 14:154, 155; INAC 14:155).

Waring, John, m. by (date not given), Ann, dau. of Peter and Ann Barnett (MPL 6#3:390, 391).

Warman, (N), m. by March 1744/5, Mary (now age 75), dau. of Andrew Roberts of AA Co. (AA Land Commissions, 1724-1767:211).


WARREN Warwick, Jeremiah, of DO Co., m. by 15 Nov 1759, Elizabeth, dau. and devisee of Mathias Costin, Dec (DOLR 16 Old:265).


WATKINS WATSON WATTS Wattson [or Walton], John, m. by 1695, Jane, amdx of Thos. Spinck, and dau. of Jane Payne of SM Co. (INAC 10:481).

Waughop, Thomas, Gent., of SM Co., m. by 5 Sep 1719, Mary, granddau. of John Evans of SM Co., Gent. (PGLR F (Old 6), 834).

Wayman, Leonard, m. by 22 May 1744, Deborah, widow and admx of Abraham Boyd of PG Co. (MDAD 20:219).

Weaver, Alexander, m. by 22 May 1719, Esther, admx of John Jobson of CE Co. (MDAD 1:437).


Webster, Michael, m. by 8 Sep 1768, Elizabeth, dau. of John Giles (BALR B#Q:633).

Wedershant, (N), m. by 13 Oct 1761, Mary, dau. of John Sayer Blake of QA Co. (MDAD 47:167).

Weedon, Richard, m. by 1 Aug 1771, Hannah, dau. of Richard Small of QA Co. (MDAD 66:22).


Weight, (N), m. by 1762, Elizabeth Adkey of PG Co. (MDAD 48:162).


  1. (N), m. by 2 June 1748, (N), dau. of John Horn of SM Co. (MDAD 25:179).
  2. Richard, m. by 22 Aug 1766, Elizabeth Morgan, extx. of William Morgan of CE Co. (MDAD 54:260).
  3. Robert; 25 Sep 1777; Ann Ferguson ("Marriage Register of Rev. David Love," discovered by Peter Wilson Coldham in the Public Record Office, London: PRO: AO 13/61 (II)/420ff.).
Welling, John; 28 Sep 1769; Ann Stewart ("Marriage Register of Rev. David Love," discovered by Peter Wilson Coldham in the Public Record Office, London: PRO: AO 13/61 (II)/420ff.).

Wellplay, Andrew, m. by (no date), (N), widow of Andrew Norwood of AA. Co. (AALR IH#1:222).


WELSH West, Richard, m. 9 Oct 1798, Miss Henrietta Lloyd (Diary of William Faris, MHM 28:229).

Westbury, William, d. by 4 June 1695; widow Margaret (coheir of Thomas O'Daniel), m. 2nd Robert Oless (BALR RM#HS:466).

Wetherly, James, m. by 1677, Ann Ackworth (Warrants 15:298, 16:302).


WHARTON Whayland, Patrick, m. by 9 March 1731, Catherine, dau. of Henry Matthews (BALR IS#L:208, HWS#M:90).


WHEELER WHICHAL(E)Y Whinfield, John, m. by 1748, Eliza, dau. of Eliza Bowen of CV Co. ("Liber 25:" 445).



Whitby, William, m. by 15 March 1714, Tabitha, dau. of Richard Purnell (TALR 12:199).

Whitcroft, Henry, m. 14 Aug 1796, Sarah Witcroft (Diary of William Faris, MHM 28:219).


WHITEHEAD Whitely, Augustus, m. by 19 March 1743, Elizabeth, dau. of Daniel Hubbert (DOLR Old 13:18).

Whitherington, Thomas, m. by 1763,  Margaret Jones, dau. of Solomon Jones of SM Co. (MDAD 49:627; Sm co. Admin. Bonds, 1805-1816).


Whitker, John S., m. Rachel Johnston, sister of Mary Johnston of HA co. (HAWB 2:362).

Whitlock, Samuel, m. Louise Pearce, dau. of Joshua and Julia Pearce of CE Co. (MCHP # 3950).

Whitman, Jacob, m. by 1794, Elizabeth Swingle, dau. of Nicholas Swingle of WA Co. (MCHP # 4463).

Whitmell, winiffed, m. 1766, William Stevens (SO Co.:  Coventry Parish Records).

Whitmer, Henry, m. Frances, dau. of  John Musser (dec. by 1804), of FR Co., MD, and Lancaster Co., PA (MCHP # 4679).

Whitsel, Margaret, dau. of Peter (dec. by 1791, of BA  Co.), m. Christian Stopfolk (Hodges cites "MCHL 21:552-553").


Whitten, William, m. by 1704, Margaret Poore, widow of Walter poore (CHLR Z#2:100).


WHITTINGHAM WHITTINGTON Wiatt, Thomas, m. 30 Sep 1778, Anne (North?} (Bible Records of Solomon Wiatt, in Hayes' Maryland Genealogical Bulletin, 13:23).

Wickam, Nathaniel, m. by 12 May 1696, Sabina, extx of Thomas Barnard of PG Co. (INAC 13B:89; INAC 16:71 gives his name as Thomas Barnett).


Widdah, Robert; 2 March 1765; Sarah MacCubbin ("Marriage Register of Rev. David Love," discovered by Peter Wilson Coldham in the Public Record Office, London: PRO: AO 13/61 (II)/420ff.).

Wien (Wier), Robert, m. by 7 March 1721/2, Bridget, execs. of John Kirk of SO co. (MDAD 4:118).


Wild, Peter, m. by 16 Oct 1719, Edith, extx. of Richard Moore of CH Co. (MDAD 2:336; MDAD 7:52 indicates thet Moore may have been a res. of QA Co.).

Wilding, Henry, m. by 7 March 1678, Mary, dau. of John (Askew?) (AALR IH#1:83).

Wildman, William, m. by 19 Aug 1721, Elizabeth, aextx. of Stephen Johnston of PG Co. (MDAD 3:516).

Wilkie, Thomas, of NC, m. by 10 May 1769, Flanetta [probably Frenella], dau. of Samuel Howell (BALR AL#A, 226).

Wilkinson, John, m. by 5 Sep 1728, Ann widow of Joseph Harris, and dau. of Arthur Young of CV Co. (MDAD 9:53).

Wilks, Thomas, m. by 10 Sep 1745, Sarah, admins. of Peter Manley, of KE Co. (MINV 32:9).

Willery, Philip, m. by 10 Oct 1711, Mary, dau. of Bernard Johnson of CV Co. (PGLR F:156).


WILLIAMSON Willmore, Simon, m. by 9 Feb 1719, (N), admx of John Bully of KE Co. (MDAD 2:406).

Willoughby, Samuel, m. by 8 Sep 1773, Elizabeth, dau. and devisee of Thomas Skinner, Dec (DOLR 26 Old:431).

Willowby, John, m. by 3 April 168-, Sarah, formerly widow of 1) Alexander Gordon, 2) John Ewens, and 3) Robert Franklin (AALR WH#4:256).


Wilmer, William, m. by 1748, Rosamond Blackistone, dau. of Ebenezer and Sarah (MDAD 27:171).


WILSON WIMSATT Wincheley (Wichaly), Thomas, m. by 1694, Elizabeth, widow of Edward Ford, and dau. of Thomas Allanson (CH Liber Q#1; Liber 7:393;


Windell, Thomas, m. by 23 June 1696, Ann, relict and extx. of Henry Higgs of CE Co. (INAC 13B:114).

Winder, Thomas, m. by 6 Jan 1741, Elinor Nutter, mentioned in acct. of Sarah Nutter of DO Co. (MDAD 18:534).

Window, Henry, m. by 1 March 1745, (N), dau. of Charles Dean of SO Co. (MDAD 22:184).

Windsor, Joseph, m. by 1762, Elizabeth Adkey, [dau.?] of Mary (PGAD DD#6:358; MDAD 48:162).

Winks, Joseph, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Marsh of BA Co. (MCHR 57:255)


Winsor, Thomas, m. by 24 Jan 1723, Sarah, dau. of Anne Dorsett of PG Co. (MDAD 5:316).

Winter, Thomas, m. by 1 March 1721, Sarah, dau. of John Dorsett (PGLR I:173).

Winton, Thomas, m. by 1666, Grace, widow of James Adwick, and sister of John Walker (Liber 1, Part F: 2:88, 89).


Wister, Samuel, m. (date not given), Mary Baker (HA WSF#1: 4).

Witchell, Thomas, Quaker, m. by 30 June 1694, Mary, relict and admx. of Edward Sarson of AA Co. (INAC 13A:187).

Witham, Dr. Henry, m. by 5 May 1721, Mary, execs. of Benj. Hall of PG Co. (MDAD 4:180).


Wolverton, Walter, m. by 8 July 1686, Margaret, extx., of James Pegrave (INAC 9:55).

Woltz, Elie, m. 2 July 8 1816, Eliza Walling (Walling Bible, in Md DAR Gen. Rec. Committee 33:95).


WOODALL Woodcock, Edward, m. by 1775, Eliza Walker (MDAD 73:111).


WOODFIELD WOODLAND Wodman, John, m. by 1730, Sarah Newman, dau. of George Nerwman of George (CHLR M#2:235, 334).


WOOLFORD Woolrick, (N), m. by 28 Feb 1778, Sarah, dau. of Job Evans (BALR WG#B:155).

Woolsey, Joseph, m. 27 March 1718, Deborah Coles (Memorandum and Family Papers of James Hill Townsend, in Md DAR Gen. Rec. Committee 33:37).

Wootten, Joseph, m. by 29 Aug 1737, (N), dau. of Charles Daft (MDAD 41:188).

Wootters, (M), m. by 10 June 1761, Esther, dau. of (N) Edward Andrews of DO Co. (MDAD 47:44).

Wootton, Simon, chirurgeon, m. by 24 Oct, 1677, Susanna, relict and admx of Richard Wodworth of CV Co. (INAC 4:481).

Worcester, John, m. by 17 Sep 1719, Susannah, admx of Thomas Rouse of QA Co. (MDAD 2:325).

Worleysmith, John, m. by 2 Nov 1717, Mary, dau. of Thomas Dutton (TALR 12:305).

Worlysmith, John, of TA, planter, m. by 8 March 1715, Mary, dau. and coheir of Thomas Austen, dec. (TALR 12:235).


WORTHINGTON Wotton, Simon, chirurgeon, m. by 24 Oct 1677 Susanna, relict and admx of Richard Wodworth of CV Co. (INAC 4:481).


Wright. See also Right.

Wrightson, John, m. by 10 Oct 1698, Mary, extx. of James Sedgwick of TA co. (KELR M:94a).

Wyatt, John, m. by 29 Oct 1687, Sarah, relict and extx. of Thomas Jones of KE Co. (INAC 9:496).



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