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TANEY Tannehill, Ninian, m. by 22 Aug 1719, Christian, widow of the late John Barrett, Jr. (PGLR F (Old 6), 828)).

Tanner, Philemon, m. by 20 Nov 1751, Susanna, widow of John Legg, Sr., of QA Co. (MDAD 31:238).


Tant, John, m. by 1 Dec 1724, Margaret, extx. of Marina Bloomfield of SM Co. (MDAD 6:254).

Tar, Samuel, m. by 15 Jan 1719, Easter, admx of Henry Webb of SO Co. (MDAD 2:379).

Tarbotin, William, m. by 19 March 1719, Elizabeth, dau. of Edward and Hannah (Crump) Richardson (QALR I(J)KB:9).

Tarent, Leonard, m. by 1718, Mary, dau. of Robert Brooks of Essex, VA. ([MWB?] 14:489).

Tarlton, John, m. by 1 Sep 1761, Ann, extx. of Kenelm Boult of SM Co. (MDAD 46:435).

Tarmin, Henry, m. by 4 Oct 1720, Elizabeth, admx of Philip Trewitt of SO Co. (MDAD 3:328).

Tasker, Benjamin, m. by 4 Nov 1721, Anne, dau. of William Bladen of Annapolis, AA Co. (MDAD 4:32, 7:306).

Tate, (N), m. by 24 Feb 1762, Jenny Taylor (DOLR 18 Old:72).

Tawney, Michael, m. by 1692, Margaret Beckwith (INAC 9:476, 10: ??)

Tayler, (N), m. by 18 Sep 1746, Susanna, dau. of Thomas Adams of SO Co. (MDAD 22:407).


Tayman, (N), m. by 21 Aug 1745, Sarah (formerly Cockey), grandmother of Sarah Hanson who m. John Garrettson (BALR TB#D, 311).

Teal, (N), m. by 8 Nov 1722, Hannah, sister of Thomas Randall of BA Co. (MINV 9:118). He m. by 20 Sep 1735, Hannah, sister of Christopher Randall (MINV 24:257).

Teall, Edward, m. by 28 April 1720, Hannah, widow and admnx. of Nathaniel Stinchcomb (BALR TR#DS:209).

Tear, John, m. by 321 Aug 1752, Mary, admx of Thomas Bailey of SM Co. (MDAD 33:208).

Tester/Lester, Ebenezer, m. by 17 Sep 1765, Philis, dau. of Edward Perkins of TA Co. (MDAD 54:19).

Thackerell, John, m. by 12 Nov 1750, Rachel, dau. of John Whittle of AA Co. (MDAD 29:63).

Theobald, John; m. by 7 July 1729, Elizabeth, admnx. of Dr. Daniel Jenifer (CHPR, 1717-1735:264).

Theobald. See also Tibbald.


THOMPSON Thornton, William; 27 Feb 1772; Sarah Johns ("Marriage Register of Rev. David Love," discovered by Peter Wilson Coldham in the Public Record Office, London: PRO: AO 13/61 (II)/420ff.).


Throne, Jonathan, m. b6y 28 June 1752, Mary, admx of Samuel Taylor of PG Co. (MDAD 32:364).

Thurcall, Thomas, m. by 27 July 1686, Jane, coheir of Thomas O'Daniel (BALR RM#HS:188).

Tibbald, John, m. before 1756, Ann, dau. of Mary Edmonds (or Edmondson). Ann m. 2nd, John Davis, and 3rd, Peter Caulk (MDAD 39:195).

Tibbald. See also Theobald.

Tibballs, John, m. by 1743, Ann, dau. of Mary Edmondson of TA Co. (MDAD 20:43).

Tibbett, James, m. Grace (N), who m. 2nd, Robert Money of KE Co. (KE Co. Abst. of Deeds 1:82, 110).


Tibbs, William, m. by 1786, Victoria Nelson, widow of Thomas Nelson (CHWB AH#9:269, 320).

Tiernan, Catherine, sister of Patrick Tiernan of WA Co., m. by 1789, Patrick Ferrall (WAWB A:217).

Tilden, Dr., of KE Co., m. Louisa Harvey Howard, d. 21 April 1805. She was tyhe 3rd dau. of Samuel Harvey Howard of AA Cl., who d. 1805 (Memoirs of the Dead, p. 28).


Tile, William, m. by 28 Nov 1718, Mary, dau. of George Lillingstone of QA Co. (MDAD 3:134).

Tiler, Elizabeth, widow, and sister of George Reed of KE Co., m. by 1675, William Comegys, son of Cornelius Comegys.


Tillman, Gideon, m. by 13 Aug 1737, (N), dau. of Stephen Odear, Sr., of SO Co. (MDAD 14:507).

Tilly, Charles, m. by 18 June 1706, (N), dau. of John Gray of AA Co. (AALR IH#1:264).

Timmons, Aaron, m. by 1 Feb 1760, (N), dau. of John Bradford of WO Co. (MDAD 44:206).

Timms, Edward; 12 May 1766; Mary Harris ("Marriage Register of Rev. David Love," discovered by Peter Wilson Coldham in the Public Record Office, London: PRO: AO 13/61 (II)/420ff.).

Tindall [or Sindall], Philip, m. by 22 July 1721, Catherinew, sister of Jacob Peacock (MDAD 3:506).

Tinnieum, (N), m. by 2 Aug 1739, Mary, admx. and one of the reps. of Christopher Bateman of QA Co. (MDAD 17;258).

Tippitt, (N), m. by 1757, Susannah Bowling of SM Co. (MDAD 40:29).

Tippolis, William, m. by 5 July 1726, Mary, widow and admx of George Briscoe of SM co. (MDAD 7:406).

Tipton, Jonathan, m. by 1705, Sarah, dau. of William Pierce of AA Co. (Warrants A:425).

Toadvine, (N), m. by 10 April 1753, Grace, dau. of Philip Quinton of WO Co. (MDAD 33:416).


Tolson, James, of QA Co. m. by 18 Aug 1766, Elizabeth, dau. of William Starkey of QA Co. (DOLR 21 Old:127).

Tomlin, Grove, m. by 9 Dec 1720, Mary, admx of John Burke of PG Co. (MDAD 2:488).

Tomlinson, John, m. by 1736, Rebecca, dau. of Thos. and Jane Anderson (MDAD 15:73).

Toole, Timothy, m. by 22 June 1714, Sarah, dau. of John Stark of TA Co., Dec (QALR I(J)KA:3).

Townehill, Edmund, m. Magdalene (or Maudlin) Abbott, widow of Simon Abbott; she m. 3rd, George Nettefold, and 4th  by 12 Nov 1675, Thomas Smethwick (MDTP 7:112).

Townroe, Richard, m. by 25 Aug 1713, Alice, coheir of Samuel Farmer of TA, Dec (TALR 12:141).


Towson, William, m. by 4 Nov 1752, Diana Wilmot (MDAD 33:155).


Travers, Lewin, m. by 22 June 1765, Sarah, dau. of Thomas Kennerly (DOLR 20 Old:222; MDAD 54:69).

Trayman, Thomas, m. by 22 June 1718, Janbe, admx of John James of CV Co. (MDAD 1:93).

Treadway, Thomas, m. by 5 April 1771, Mary (N), who joined him in leasing her thirds of Thompson's Choice to Thomas Lucas (BALR AL#C:253).


Trehern, James, m. by 3 Dec 1752, Hannah, extx. of Joseph Cottman of SO Co. (MDAD 33:373).

Treusale, William, m. by 12 Nov 1685, Mary, relict and extx of William Luffman (INAC 8:460).


TRIPPE TROTH .Trott, Sabrett, m. by 1811, Nancy, dau. of William Conner of AA Co. (MCHR 115:455)

Trotten, (N), m. by 18 June 1758, Eliza, widow of Stephen Body (BFD 1:36).

Trotter, Walter (by 10 Oct 1710 a res. of Talbot Co.), m. by 12 April 1705, Katherine, widow of Capt. John Gallon who owned land in Tal. Co. (TALR 12:15).

Truelove, Thomas, m. by 1728, Jane, dau. of Simon Nichols of PG Co. (PGLR M:309).


TRUMAN/TRUEMAN Trunker, (N), m. by 27 May 1721, Elizabeth, admx of Thomas Clark of PG Co. (MDAD 3:409).


Tuck, Washington G., m. on 17 March 1814 (in CV Co., but recorded in St. James Parish Parish Register), Rachel S. Whittington (Hodges cites St. James Church  Record, p. 437).


Tue, Restitutia, came into MD, in 1634, and m. bt 2 June 1639, John Hollis (MPL 1:138).

Tuit, James, m. by 9 Feb 1740, Mary, sister of Robert Knatchbull (QALR RTB:346).





Turbot, Richard, m. by 17 Aug 1771, Sarah, dau. of Nicholas Goldsborough, Gent. (MDAD 66:195).


Turpin, Nehemiah, m. by 10 Sep 1765, Orpha, widow of Levin Brithingham of So Co. (MDAD 53:102)