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Sackevewell, Thomas, m. as 2nd husband, Ann, dau. of Louis Duvall of AA Co. She m. 1st, Joseph Way of Sc, and 3rd, John Wilson ([AALR?] BB#3:361).


Sadlor, Ann, m., 1790, John Gardner(BAML).

Saffell, John, m. by 1764, Elizabeth, widow of John Warfield (MINV 84:239).

Safford, John, m. by 25 Oct 1773, Sarah, dau. of John Hubbard of DO Co. (MWB 39:690).

Sail, Elizabeth, m. Thomas Cannon, and m. on or by 11 Oct 1743 (N) Maynadier (TAML, recorded at MHS [Leeds' List of TAML?]).

Sailer, Barbara, m. by 1798, Isaac Stoner of FR Co. (MCHP # 3948, 3995).

Sailes, Mary Ann, dau. of George, m. by 1 Aug 1733, William Edmondson (Judgements 40:59).


Saintee, Nathaniel, m. by 22 Dec 1744, Sarah, dau. of Joseph Porter (MDAD 21:68, 71).

St. Tree, Sarah, m. 12 Feb 1747, William Roberts of TA co. (TAML, recorded at MHS [Leeds' List?]).


Saller, John, m. by 2 Nov 1695, Mary, heir (sister?) of Richard Charlett of of Patuxent River (Pro. Court WRC# 1:772).

Saldsbury. See Salisbury.

Sale, Clement, m. by 1698, Elizabeth, dau. of Joseph Rodgers of TA Co. (MCHP # 1496).

Salety, Philip, m. by 1785, Christina, dau. of William Flick of WA co. (WAWB A:234).


Saller, James, of Worcester, eng., m. by 1685, Mary, sister of Richard Charlett of CV Co. (PCLR WRC:772).

Sallesbury. See Salisbury.

Salloway, Anthony, m. by 1667, Martha, dau. of Richard Wells of AA Co. (MWB 1:287).


Salsberry. See Salisbury.

Salsbury. See Salisbury.


Salway, Anthony, m. (N), widow of William Ayres (Warrants Q:186).

Sample, Charles, m. by 1729, Frances, dau. of William and Alice Sanders (CHLR M#2:183).


Sams, Margaret, m. by 1659, John Askew (MPL 4:60, Q:70).


SANDERS Sands, Thomas, of QA Co., m. (date not given), Mary, admx of James Bradaway of DO Co. (MDAD 51:260).

Sandsbury, John, m. by 30 Sep 1724, Mary, admx of Mark Sewell of TA Co. (MDAD 6:152.

Sansbury, (N), m. by 1683, Margaret Bratt of CV Co. (MWB 4:39).

Sappington, John; 14 Nov 1771; Anne Clarke ("Marriage Register of Rev. David Love," discovered by Peter Wilson Coldham in the Public Record Office, London (PRO: AO 13/61(II)/ 420ff.).

Sarjent, William, m. by 17 Feb 1692, Mary, relict of Charles Stephens of CH Co. (INAC 10:251).

Sater, Henry, m. by June 1718, Mary, admx of Edward Stevenson (BACP IS#IA:316; MDAD 2:26).

Saulsbuy (Saulsbury?), James, m. by 22 Oct 1748, Frances, dau. of John Hawkins of QA Co. (MDAD 25:194; MINV 306).


Savage, Hill, m. by 1 March 1719, Elinor, extx. of Peter Bond (MINV 3:216; MDAD 3:205, 6:53).

Savory, William, m. by 14 April 1709, Penelope, extx. of John Ricketts of CE Co. (INAC 29:217).

Scantlebury, Thomas, marriage contract, 1701, to Sarah, dau. of George Fey, late of the Parish of St. David; contract written in Latin, and Scantlebury died by 6 June 1719 (TALR 12:366).

Scarborough, Col. Charles, of Accomac Co.; m. by (date not given), Elizabeth, dau. of Richard Bennett of Accomac Co., VA (Early Settlers 19:684,10:3, 14:314, 19:604).

Scarlet, (N), m. by 16 May 1754, Bothya, admx of James Barnes of BA Co. (MDAD 36:257).

Scartell, John, m. by 23 Oct 1722, Judith, extx. of Patrick Kelly of CE Co. (MDAD 5:73).

Schee, Harmanus, m. by 14 Oct 1719, Johanna, widow and extx. of Philip Hopkins (MDAD 2:173).

Schofield, Henry, m. by 1761, (N), dau. of William Adams of So Co. (MDAD 47:372, 373).


Scidmore, (N), m. by 11 April 1688, Judith, dau. of Capt. Joseph Hopkins of CE Co. (INAC 9:508)


Scotten, Richard, m. by 15 Dec 1742, Mary, dau. of Catherine Brown of QA Co. (MDAD 19:291).


Scudamore (or Skidmore), Thomas, d. by 1 Nov 1743, having m. (N), only dau. of John Dixon of BA Co.; she m. 2nd John Hayes (PCLR EI#10:745).

Seabrooke, William, m. by 26 March 1742, Jemima, sis. of Christopher Gist (BALR TB#A, 132).

Seagol, (N), m. by 3 Dec 1748, Margaret, dau. of John Birmingham of QA Co. (MDAD 25:222).

Seamans, Jno., m. by 1680, Rebecca, widow of 1st, John Askin, and 2nd, Bryan Daly, and dau. of George Wright (MWB 2:82; Liber 4:51; Pro. Court BB WRC:429).

Sears, Wm., m. by 28 Jan 1756, Rosamond, dau. of Anne Hale of CE Co. (MDAD 39:124).

Seatain, John, m. by 1748, Maball, dau. of John Collins of QA Co. (MWB 25:569).


Secat, George, m. by 1795, Elizabeth Storm, dau. of Dorothy Storm of FR Co. (FR Co. Deed Abstracts 1:821).

Sedgmore, John, m. by 29 Jan 1721, Mary, admins. of John Bromer or Boomer of SM Co. (MDAD 4:79). See also Sledgmore.



Seeders, Bennett, m. by 13 Jan 1764, Eave, dau. of Peter Cornelius of QA Co. (MDAD 50:276).


SEL(L)MAN Semmes, James, m. by 1701, Mary, admx of John Anderson of CH Co. (Judg. 3:737).

Semphill, Joseph, chyrurgeon, m. by 26 Feb 1683, Mary, dau. of William Finney (TALR, 4:269; TALR 5:149 gives his name as Joseph Sampele).

Sepple, Martinas, of Kent Co. on Delaware, m. by 18 Aug 1766, Enar, dau. of William Starkey of QA Co. (DOLR 21 Old:127).

Sergeant, John, m. by 4 Aug 1737, Elizabeth, admins. of Thomas Gostwick (BAAD 3:229).

Sertain, Robert, m. by 27 June 1716, Dinah, dau. of Joan Taylour, widow (QALR I(J)KA:79).


Seward, (N), m. by 15 April 1729, Ann, dau. of Rev. Christopher Wilkinson (QALR IKC:221).



Shackelet, Michael, m. by 1724, Elizabeth, dau. of Mary Campbell of CH Co. (CHLR L#2:152).

Shackells, Lydia, m. 1st, Walter Magowan, and 2nd, by 1769, Edward Alby of AA Co. (St.. James' Parish Record: 409).

Shadwell, John, of BA Co., m. by 1676, Katherine Therrold, dau. of Margaret Therrold.  She m. 2nd, by 1677, Robert Benjer (MWB 5:347; MDTP 8:247, 9:335).

Shafe, Jacob, m. Margaret, dau. of Henry Webb of Boston. She m. 2nd, by 1673, Thomas Thatcher of Boston, New eng. (MDTP 5:481).


Shaffer. See Shafer.

Shahalet, Tabitha, dau. of Michael, m. by 1746, William johnson (CHLR Z#2:146).

Shahan, David, m. by 1713, Bridget fairbanks, dau. of David and Ann Fairbanks, Sr., of Wisbeck, TA co. (TA and QA Rent Rolls 1:62, 163; MWb 13:672).

Shaiver, Susannah, dau. of Lewis Shaiber, m. Jacob Moyer, of FR Co. (MCHP # 3612).


Shalk, John, of Bedford co., PA, m. by c1798, Mary, dau. of John Lemmon, dec. (Abst. of FRLR 2:350).

Shanklin, Joseph, m. by 1763, Rachel, dau. of Charles Rackliffe (MDAD 50:329).

Shanks, (N), m. by 1713, Mary, dau. of John Bailey of SM Co. (Liber 13:582).


Shavers, Abraham, m. by Aug 1718, Mary, extx. of Henry Dukes (BACP IS#IA:19).


Shehawne, Thomas, m. by 11 Sep 1748, Sarah, dau. of Miles and Ann Mason (DOLR Old 14:375).

Shells, Robert, m. by 19 Feb 1661, Bridget, widow of John Greenhill (ARMD 41:563).


Sherer, Conrad, m. by 1764, Catherine Ash (MWB 33:82).

Shermadine, John, m. by 11 March 1728, Margaret, dau. of John Shermadine (MDAD 9:290).


Sherred, Mr., who lives on the Eastern Shore, m. 3 Feb 1799, (N), dau. of John Wells (Diary of William Faris, MHM 28:230).

Shield, Edmond, m. by 3 Sep 1720, Kathrine, admx of John Maton of QA Co. (MDAD 3:258).

Shields, William, the younger, m. by 20 Oct 1712, Rhoda, sister and coheir of John Dammes of TA. (TALR 12:140).

Shircliff, Wm., m. by 7 Aug 1718, Mary, admx of Edw'd Howard of SM Co. (MDAD 1:199).

Shirley, Richard, m. by 1707, (N), widow of John Wiseman (SMRR:12).

Shore, (N), m. by 25 July 1678, Katheren, relict and admx of John Lewis of SM Co. (INAC 5:240).


Shumaker, (N) m. by 16 July 1758, Elizabeth, dau. of Frederick Unseld of FR Co. (MDAD 44:79).

Shurley, Richard, m. by 25 July 1720, Katherine, extx. of John Wiseman of SM Co. (MDAD 3:71).

Silverthorne, John, m. by 20 Aug 1765, (N), dau. of Samuel Addams (MDAD 53:75).

Silvester, Thomas, m. by 15 Oct 1725, Jane, execs. of Thomas Eubank of QA Co. (MDAD 7:169).

Simco, George, of PA, feltmaker, m. by 26 July 1717, Jane, dau. and heiress of Robert Sims of AA Co. (AALR IB#2:397).

Simm, Marmaduke, m. by Oct 1668, Fortune (formerly Mitford, extx. of William Champe of SM Co. (ARMD 57:358).


Simmons, Charles, m. (N), admx of Thomas Jones (BAAD 2:238).


Simpers, Thomas, m. by 19 Aug 1752, Amy, extx. of Richard Lewis of CE Co. (MDAD 33:95).


Sin, Jacob, m. 31 Oct 1756, Mary Magd. Biber (Records of the Evangelical Reform Church, Frederick, MD).


Sinclere. See Sinclair.


Sing, Ruth, dau. of Joseph Thomas of BA Co., m. by 1749, John Hendricks (MWB 25;325;  MDTP 33:27; NB: MDTP 33:87, states that she m. John Hendrickson).

Singer, Samuel, m. by 1799, Hannah Shrier, dau. of Jacob Shrier of FR Co. (MCHP # 678).


Singler, Chrostopher, m. by 1780, Sally worman. dau. of Jacob and Mary Worman of FR Co. (MCHP # 5403).


Sinkler. See Sinclair.



Sinnot, Sinnott. See Sinnett.

Sipple, [-?-}, m. by 1736, Mary Swift, of QA co. (MWB 21:681).

Sisk, James, m. by 1757, Ann Gainey, dau. of Rachel Gainey, of DO Co. (MWB 31:14).

Sislee, Polly, m. in 1803, John Penn ( Hodges cites BC Marriage Records).

Skee/Shee, Hermanus, m. by 14 Oct 1719, Johanna, widow and extx. of Philip Hogkins of QA Co. (MDAD 2:172).

Skelton, John, m. by 9 Aug 1686, Ann, relict anbd admx of Robert Croft of SM Co. (INAC 9:145).

Skervin, William, m. by 24 June 1718, Margaret, admx. of Alexander Brown of SO Co. (MDAD 1:163).


Slatter, James, m. by 2 Oct 1724, Elizabeth, extx. of Thomas Harrington of TA Co. (MDAD 6:153).

Slaughter, Edward, m. by (date not given), Eve, dau. of Richard Harrington of QA Co. (MDAD 46:100).

Sledgmore, John, m. by 29 Jan 1721/2, Mary, widow and admx of John Boomer of SM Co. (MDAD 4:79, 5:48).

Sloane, John, m. by 20 April 1720, Sarah, extx. of Dennis Rock of TA Co. (MDAD 4:307).


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