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Rackliffe, John, m. by 1763, Zeporah, widow of John Purnell (MDAD 49:457).

Radcliffe, (N), m. by 1749, Dorothy, dau. of Thomas, and sis. of John Carpenter (MDTP 34:131).

Raitt, Ann (Riatt), dau. of John and Ann Raitt, m. by 1769, John Duckett (MDAD 59:51).


Ranadier, James, m. by 16 March 1725, Elizabeth, extx. of John Sanders of CH Co. (MDAD 6:313).

Randall, Christopher, m. by 14 Jan. 1722, Ann, sister of William Chew of BA Co. (BAAD 1:109).

Randell, Theophilus, m. by 17 Nov 1750, Margaret, admx of Ebenezer Perkins of KE Co. (MDAD 29:70).

Rashone, Stephen, m. by 1 Sep 1720, Ann, admx of Edward Dadd of TA Co. (MDAD 3:257).

Ratchiffe (Ratcliffe?), Charles, m. by 21 May 1736, (N), dau. of William Fossett, Sr., of SO Co. (MDAD 15:17).









Rawles, William, m. by 10 Feb 1679, Elizabeth, admins. of Edward Copedge of KE Co. (INAC 6:641).


Rawlins. See Rawlings.


READ Reams, Harwood, of TA Co., d. by 12 Jan., 1753 having m. Elizabeth, extx. of Philip Porter of TA Co. (MDAD 33:288).

Recand, Thomas, m. by 22 June 1718, (N), sister of James Lewis of KE Co. (MDAD 2:252).

Record, Philip, m. by 27 Nov 1724, Anne, extx. of John Lemay, Jr., of DO Co. (MDAD 6:228).

Records, Thomas, m. by 26 Oct 1759, Sarah, dau. of John Lamee, Jr. (DOLR 16 Old:250).

Redding, (N), m. by 3 Feb 1753, Sarah, extx. of John Mandealy of PG Co. (MDAD 33:291).


REDMAN Ree, (N), m. by 28 Jan. 1756, Sarah, dau. of Anne Hale of CE Co. (MDAD 39:124).

Reed, Joseph, m. by 31 Oct 1765, (N), dau. of Jarvis Ballard of SO Co. (MDAD 53:264).


Reevely, (N), m. by 19 June 1677, Mary, widow and extx. or admx of William Hampstead of SM Co. (INAC 4:143).


Regester, (N), m. by 27 Nov 1722, Sarah, later wife of Thomas Turner of TA Co., dau. of Francis Neale (QALR I(J)KB:164).


RENSHAW Reston, James, m. by 9 July 1725, Sarah, dau. of Daniel Scott of BA Co. (MDAD 6:406).

Reveland, (N), m. by 3 Dec 1741, Elizabeth, dau. of George Ayres of QA Co. (MDAD 18:429).


Rhiley. See Riley.,

Rhoades. See Rhodes.


RHORER Rialey. See Riley.

Riatt. See Raitt.

Ricand. See Ricaud.

Ricard. See also Ricaud.

Ricards, (N), m. by 1748, Ann, dau. of  Thomas and Sarah Holbrook (MWB 29:213).




Richan, Stephen, m. by 1720, Ann, widow of Edmund Dodds of TA Co. (Judgements 19:600).


RICHARDSON RICKETT(S)/RICKITE Rider, Col. John, m. by 9 Aug, 1767, Ann, dau. of Thomas Hicks (DOLR 26 Old:436).


Ridley, James, of Salem, New Jersey, m. by 5 July 1723, Rebecca, dau. of William Berry of TA Co. (QALR I(J)KB:194).

Rigbie, Nathan, m. by by 26 July 1734, Cassandra, dau, of Philip Coale (BAAD 3:172).

Rigby, Lewis, m. by 17 Aug 1720, Elizabeth, extx. or admx of Peter Elzey of SM Co. (MDAD 3:240).


Rigdon, John, m. by 23 Aug 1742, (N), dau. of William Bond (BAAD 3:271).

Right, William; 17 Oct 1764; Cecilia Lever ("Marriage Register of Rev. David Love," discovered by Peter Wilson Coldham in the Public Record Office, London: PRO: AO 13/61 (II)/420ff.).



Rippen, Henry, m. by 13 Aug 1725, Augustine, admins. of Roger Larramore, gent., of CE Co. (MDAD 7:68).


ROACH Roads, Mark, m. by 2 May 1748, (N), dau. of Bartholomew Dorsey of SM Co. (MDAD 25:63).

Robarts, (N), m. by 21 March 1750, Jane, dau. and heir of Anthony Squires, Dec (DOLR 14 Old:502).

Robb, (N), m. by 27 March 1753, Margaret, widow and admx of Littleton Tingle of WO Co. (MDAD 33:399).


ROBERTS Robertson, Robert, m. by 2 July 1723, Sarah, widow of Martin Taylor (BAAD 1:110).

Robins, Philip; 29 Sep 1771; Rachel Jacobs, by banns ("Marriage Register of Rev. David Love," discovered by Peter Wilson Coldham in the Public Record Office, London: PRO: AO 13/61 (II)/420ff.).


Robson, Thomas, m. by 26 Oct 1750, (N), sister of John Booker of TA Co. (MDAD 29:91).

Roby, Ralph, m. by 1735, Penelope, dau. of Stephen and Mary Roby (CHLR O#2:200; MWB 21:439).

Rocend[?], James, m. by 30 Sep 1739, (N), dau. of Wm. Fassitt (MDAD 17:280).

Rockwood, Edward, of Chas. Co., m. Mary, widow of John Nelson; Mary m. 3rd, by 4 Oct 1719, John Gosling of VA (PGLR F (Old 6):844).

Rodgers, John, m. by 5 April 1720, Sarah, extx. of Joseph Hopkins of KE Co. (MDAD 2:407).



Roland, Lawrence (Rouland), m. by 25 June 1683, Grace, relict and admx of James Williams of CV Co. (INAC 8:55).

Rolings, Richard, m. by 16 April 1724, Mary, execs. of Jeremiah Small of PG Co. (MDAD 6:28).

Rollen, David, m. by 23 July 1761, (N), dau. of Leonard Johnson of WO Co. (MDAD 46:247).

Rollings, Isaac, m. by 16 June 1725, Penelope, execs. of Edmund Hungerford of CV Co. (MDAD 6:412).

Rooke, William; 10 Feb 1771; Mary Brewer ("Marriage Register of Rev. David Love," discovered by Peter Wilson Coldham in the Public Record Office, London: PRO: AO 13/61 (II)/420ff.).

Rookwood, Edward, m. by 10 July 1686, Elizabeth, admx of Capt. Henry Aspenall of CH Co. (INAC 9:55).

Roper, (N), m. by 10 Oct 1676, Alice, relict and admx of Jarvis Morgan of AA Co. (INAC 2:347).


ROSS Rough, Ann (or Rought), dau. of William of PG Co., m. 1st, Charles Walker, and 2nd, by 1706, William Austin (PGLR C:171, 210, D:90 Pt. 2; Warrants CC#9:91).

Rouland. See Roland.


ROUNDELL ROUNDS ROUSBY Routhorn, Joseph, of CH Co., m. by 9 Aug, 13th year of Anne, Mary, dau. of William Langworth (PGLR F:415).


ROYSTON RUFF Rumney, Edward, m. by 27 Feb, 12 Anne (c.1713?), Elinor, sister of William Maccubbin (AALR IB#2:194).


Runnalls, John, m. by 23 March 1716, Elizabeth, sister of Richard Shelvington (TALR 12: 309).


Russum, Thomas, m. by 14 Oct 1687, Elizabeth, one of the daus. and conheirs of John Morris of Thirdhaven (TA:R 5:151).

Ruth, (N), m. by 14 Dec 1749, Mary, dau. of John and Cornelia Sparks of QA Co. (MDAD 17:385).

Rutland, Thomas; 10 Sep 1774; Comfort Griffith ("Marriage Register of Rev. David Love," discovered by Peter Wilson Coldham in the Public Record Office, London: PRO: AO 13/61 (II)/420ff.).


Ryan, Andrew, m. by 25 Sep 1752, Martha, widow of James Brooks of CE Co. (MDAD 33:91).

Ryder, (N), m. by 20 Nov 1674, Jane, relict and extx. of Thomas Wright of SM Co. (INAC 1:125).

Rylie, (N), m. by 6 June 1692, Jane, dau. of Jane Pattison, widow (also widow of (N) Johnson), of AA Co. (INAC 11A:45).

Rymer, Ralph, m. by 20 June 1699, Elizabeth, admx of Col. Nehemiah Blackiston of SM Co. (INAC 19:159).

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