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MacCauley, Zachariah; 25 Nov 1775; Ann Green ("Marriage Register of  Rev. David Love," discovered by Peter Wilson Coldham in the Public Record Office, London: PRO: AO 13/61 (II)/420ff.).


MacDaniel, Charles, m. by 2 Nov 1723, Johannah, extx. of James Barlow, Sr., of BA Co. (MDAD 5:234, 8:198).

Macgill, Robert, m. by 1787, Elinor, dau. of Basil Beall (PGWB T#1:314).


Mackarly, Dannis, m. by 16 Nov 1720, Phillis, extx. of William Marrett of  DO Co. (MDAD 3:137).

Mackell, Thomas, m. by 23 April 1752, Mary, legatee of John Stevens of  DO Co. (MDAD 33:1).

MacKelvie, John, m. by 18 March 1720, Katherine, admx of Robert Hammett of  SM Co. (MDAD 2:434).

Mackendo, James, m. by 5 Sep 1728, Sarah, dau. of Arthur Young of  CV Co. (MDAD 9:53).

Mackenney, Patrick, m. by 26 May 1720, Ann, extx. of John Barron of  CH Co. (MWB 15:198; Liber 3:51).

Mackey, John, m. by 2 June 1747, Aramintha, widow of William Alexander of  CE Co. (MDAD 23:245).

Mackfarland, Alexander, m. by 11 April 1688, Elisabeth, extx. of Mathew Selly of AA Co. (INAC 9:518).

Mackmillion, George; Jan. 1669; Grace Carr (CHLR P#1:205).

Mackneale, Daniel, m. by 15 Feb 1696, Margaret, relict and extx. of William Burdin of  CE Co. (INAC 15:51).

Macknemarra, Timothy, m. by 17 Feb 1680, Sarah, relict and admx of Lewis Griffin of  DO Co. (INAC 7A:377).

Maclamy, Owen, m. by 15 July 1699, (N), admx of John Hammon (INAC 19½A:106).

Macnemara, Timothy, m. by 28 Feb 1720, Jane, relict and extx  of Robert Leeke of  DO Co. (MDAD 3:288).

Maconikin, (N), m. by (date not given), Letitia, dau. of Francis Bright (MDAD 66:356).

Madcalf, William, m. by 2 Dec 1754, Susannah, widow of John Bould of SM Co. (MDAD 36:514).

Madding, (N), m. by 16 May 1772, Mary, dau. of James Smith of CH Co. (MDAD 67:66).


MADDOX Magee, Daniel, m. by 27 Oct 1766, Sarah, extx. of Edward Hall (BALR B#P:463).

Maglamory, George, m. by 18 Jan 1731, Mary, widow of Andrew Bashaw of SO Co. (MDAD 11:353).


Mahan, Edward, m. by 1 July 1718, Ann, admx of Samuel Grinning or Gunning of BA Co. (MDAD 1:23).

Mahone, Thomas, d. by 31 Aug 1744, having m. Mary, widow of John More; she m. 3rd, John Read (MDAD 21:165).

Malling, John, m. by 1683, Elizabeth, dau. of Ralph Williams (AALR IT#5:72, 77).

Malow, (N), m. by 171-?. Margaret, dau. of John Alward (Liber 14:82).

Mankin, Tubman, m. by 8 Dec 1743, Jane, admx and rep. of John Alford of CH Co. (MDAD 20:48).


Marr, John, of AA Co., m. by 25 Oct 1748, Elizabeth, dau. of John Orrell, of DO Co., dec. (DOLR Old 14;334, 630).

Marraine, Thomas, m. by 18 Nov 1719, Grace, admins. of Elisha Fenwick (MINV 3:194).

Marriott, Sylvanus, 1 Sep 1764, Mary Marriot ("Marriage Register of Rev. David Love," discovered by Peter Wilson Coldham in the Public Record Office, London: PRO: AO 13/61 (II)/420ff.)

Marsh, Robert, of KE Co., m. by 25 Aug 1701, Rachel, dau. of William Rogers (KELR JD#1:13).


Marsham, Richard, m. by Jan 1697/8, Ann, admx of Henry Brent late of CV Co., Dec Brent d. intestate (PGCP A:274; INAC 15:186, 17:144; Liber HH:172).


Martindale, (N), m. by 15 Sep 1682, Ruth, relict and admx of Thomas Vaughn of SM Co. (INAC 7C:328).


MASSEY Mathan, (N), m. by 9 Nov 1724, Ann, extx. of William Smith (MDAD 6:195).


Mathis, David, m. by 18 Sep 1746, (N), dau. of Thomas Adams of SO Co. (MDAD 22:407).


MATTINGLY Maud, Daniel, m. by 1732, Magdalen, dau. of William Stevens of TA Co.  (DOLR 18 Old:176, 178).

Maxwell, Samuel, m. by 29 Sep 1720, (N), dau. and admx of Henry King of  BA Co. (MDAD 3:358).

May, Roger, m. Ann Phillips (poss. of SM Co.) (Warrants 1:134).

Mayjors, John, m. by 21 March 1763 Rebecca, dau. of John Pollard (BALR B#L:103).

Maynadier, Daniel, m. by 15 June 1759, Mary, dau. of William Murray of DO Co., chirurgeon (DOLR 16 Old:180).




Mazotine(?), (N), m. by Nov 1731, Rebecca, widow of Anthony Ruly (AA Land Commissions, 1724-1767:63).

McCallister, Andrew, Sr., m. by 3 Nov 1755, Elizabeth, dau. of William Jones (DOLR 15 Old:300).

McClellan, John, m. by 3 Nov 1770, Mary, dau. of Mayberry Helms (BALR AL#B:732).

McCollister, (N), m. by 10 March 1762, Elia, dau. of William Guy of DO Co. (MDAD 47:465).


McDonald, Daniel; m. by 13 Dec 1728; Anne, extx. of Stephen Brown (CHPR, 1717- 1735: 256).

McDowell, Wm., by 1`655, Mary Brood ([MPL?] Q:205, 217).

McGill, John, m. by 1795, Mary, dau. of Betty Belt (PG 1:375).

McNair, Thomas; 1 Oct 1765; Anne Burgess ("Marriage Register of Rev. David Love," discovered by Peter Wilson Coldham in the Public Record Office, London: PRO: AO 13/61 (II)/420ff.).

McNamar, John, m. by 4 Oct 1748, Mary, dau. of John Stewart (DOLR Old 14:255).

McNear, George, 1 Aug 1764, Mary Sexton ("Marriage Register of Rev. David Love," discovered by Peter Wilson Coldham in the Public Record Office, London: PRO: AO 13/61 (II)/420ff.).

McNeil, John, m. by 8 May 1752, Sarah, extx. of John Clove of KE Co. (MDAD 33:57).

McPherson, (N), m. by 1742, Barbara, dau. of Henry Acton of PG Co. (Warrants IC#10:246; MWB 23:29; MDTP 24:56).

Mead, Edward, m. by 6 Nov 1746 Darcas, dau. of John Ewings (BALR TB#E:188).

Meads, William, of QA Co., m. by 5 Nov 1728, Elisabeth, dau. of George and Margaret Gray (MDAD 9:100).

Means, Edward, m. by 25 Nov 1751, Mary, heir of John McCullogh of CE Co. (MDAD 33:101).

Meaver(?), Alexander, m. by 22 May 1719, Esther, extx. of John Jobson of CE Co. (MDAD 1:437).


MEDLEY/MEDLY MEEK Meekin, William, m. by 1707, (N), dau. of Robert Beard (SMRR:11).

Meekins, William, m. by 1 Dec 1748, Elizabeth, dau. of Jacob Pattison (DOLR Old 14:295).

Meeks, Robert, m. by 8 April 1720, Susanna, admx of William Darby of AA Co. and of Nicholas Darby of AA Co. (MDAD 3:1A, 37).

Mekin, John, m. by 6 Feb 1676, Rebecca, sister of Daniel Clocker who was exec. of Daniel Clocker (INAC 3:68).

Melling, John, of London, Eng., innholder, m. by 9 Oct 1683, Elizabeth, dau. of Ralph Williams of AA Co., dec. (AALR IT#5:72).

Mercer, John, m. by 31 July 1766, (N), dau. of Robert Lusby of AA Co. (MDAD 54:135).

Meredith, Absolom, m. by 2 Dec 1771, Sarah, dau. of John Beale, of  QA Co. (MDAD 67:3).

Meriday, Henry, m. by 7 Oct 1718, Sarah, dau. of Thomas Aldridge of AA Co. (MDAD 2:341).

Merrick, James, Jr., m. by 16 March 1740, Mary, dau. of Daniel Connon (or Conner) (MDAD 18:144).


Merrill, Esaw, m. by 23 June 1737, (N), dau. of John Beauchamp of SO Co. (MDAD 14:339).

Merryman, Elijah, m. by 3 April 1782, Frances, dau. of John Ensor (BALR WG#H:198).


Miecks, William B., m. by 21 Oct 1793 Lydia, dau. of Hannah James (BALR WG#MM:315).

Milburn, Stephen, m. by 2 June 1748, (N), dau. of John Horn of SM Co. (MDAD 25:179).


Milestead, Edward, m. by 6 Oct 17820, Mary (lately Shakerlie), extx. of John Shakerly of CH Co. (MDAD 3:141).

Mill, William, m. by 11 Feb 1729, Jane, widow of John Abercromwell of AA Co. (MDAD 10:203).


Millman, John, m. by 8 Jan 1721, Mary, extx of Robert Thomas of TA Co. (MDAD 4:54).

Mills, (N), m. by 30 Oct 1765, Rachel Marshall, admx of Solomon Marhsall of TA Co. (MDAD 54:18).

Missek, Nehemiah, m. by 11 Aug 172, Sarah admnx of Joseph (Tadaway?) of Do Co. (MDAD 4:267).




Moblett, Francis, m. by 1740, Mary, dau. of Mark Fisher of DO Co. (MWB 20:600; MDTP 31:661).

Mobray, Samuel, m. Susan, dau. of Geo. Graham of DO Co. (MCHR 150:305).


Mockdell, Williiam, m. by (c.1699), Ann, admx of Benjamin Hunt of DO Co. (INAC 18:191).

Mockee, (N), sister of Joseph Mockee, m. John Ridgway (PGWB T#1:371).


Mocknee, Jane, dau. of Matthew and Jane of PG Co., m. by 1746, Dr. James Doull (MWB 24:507).


Moggs, Anne, dau. of Jane, m. by 1804, Jacob Franks Levy of Baltimore (MCHP # 3681).

Mohan, Elizabeth, widow, m. by 1796, John Creswell of CE Co. (MCHP # 3065).

Mohany, Samuel, m. by 1724, Monica, dau. of Edward Field of SM co. (SMWB PC#1:292).

Mohawny, Dennis, m. Mildred Shercliffe, dau. of William Shercliffe of Sm co. (MWb 12:157).



Moll,  Christian, dau. of  John and Mary Moll of KE co., m. by 1723/4, John Fisher pof KE co. (MDAD 5:353).

Mollehan, James, m. by 1792, Mary, widow of Clement Parsons of  CH Co. (MCHP # 917).


Mollohon, James, m. Susannah Parsons, dau. of Clement, of SM Co. (MCHP # 4118).

Molohon, Samuel, m. by 1770, Tomison St. Clair, dau. of Mary St. Clair (CHLR 6:271).


Monday, Edward, m. by 1757,  Hannah, widow of Abraham Taylor (MWB 30:371).



Mong, Catherine, widow of Godfrey Mong,  m. by 1755, Peter French  (MDAD 38:252; BFD 1:117, 2:20).

Mongin, (N), m. by 1736 (N), dau. of  John  Dodson of  CV Co. (MWB 21:73).


MONROE Montgomery, Hugh, m. by (c.1693), Katherin, extx. of George Parker of CV Co. (INAC 10:355)

Moody, John, m. by 20 July 1752, Martha, widow of James Armstrong of CE Co. (MDAD 33:90; BFD 1:50).

Moor, James, m. by 20 April 1722, Frances, admins. of Jno. Gay of BA Co. (MDAd 4:147).

Moorcock, (N), m. by 25 May 1732, Susanna, mother of Thomas and Richard Demmett (BALR, HWS#M, 85).


MORAN Mordant, William, m. by 1715, Ann Watts (Hodges cites Queen Anne Parish, PG Co., p. 253).


Moredock, Samuel, m. by 1774, Jane Posey, sister of Elizabeth Posey (CHLR S#3:669).


MORELAND Moreman, Alice, m. by 1636, Francis Gray of  SM Co. (MPL 1:134).

Moremancer, Alice, m. by 1638, Francis G. Carpenter, of  SM Co. (MPL 1:134).


Morgaine, William, m. by 2 June 1724, Mary, admins. of Thomas Coombes of SM Co. (MDAD 6:34).


Morley, Richard, m. by 9 Aug 1720, Sarah, admx of Rowland White of TA Co. (MDAD 3:123).

Morrah, Anguis, m. by 17 Sep 1687, (N), relict and extx of Thomas Daniell of DO Co. (INAC 9:428).


Morrow, Thomas, m. 14 Aug 1796, Miss Fanny Whitcroft (Diary of William Faris, MHM 28:219).

Morton, Robert, m. by 9 Feb 1719, Ann, extx. of John Davis of TA Co. (MDAD 2:471).

Mould, John, of CH Co., m. by 12 April 1669, Anne, dau. of Francis Posey, and stepdau. of John Belaine (CHLR H#1:248).

Mountakue, William, m. by 18 July 1727, Ann, dau. of Jeremiah Jadwin (QALR IKC:126).

Mudd, Thomas, m. by 1707, (N), widow of John Low (SMRR:4).



Munford, John, m. by 4 June 1739, (N), dau. of  Benj. Aydelott of  SO Co.  (MDAD 18:30).

Munro, Richard; 2 Sep 1765; Margaret Miller ("Marriage Register of Rev. David Love," discovered by Peter Wilson Coldham in the Public Record Office, London: PRO: AO 13/61 (II)/420ff.).

Munroe, Wm., m. by 30 May 1745, Eliza, widow of John Ashfield of CH Co. (MDAD 21:343).

Muntchell, Stephen, m. by 9 Sep 1771, Catherine, widow of William Black of AA CO. (MDAD 67:188).

Murdock, Wm., m. by 1749, Ann, dau. of Anthony Addison (PG Liber 1:563).

Murphey, Thomas, m. by 14 Dec 1724, Alice, admins. of Stephen Thomas of TA Co. (MDAD 7:169).


Murrain, James, m. by 11 Aug 1720, Grace, extx. of Elisha Sedgewick of CV Co. (MDAD 3:129).


Murry, Daniel, of Kent Co., DE, Proivince of PA, m. by 22 June 1715, Elizabeth, widow of Robert Surry of TA Co. (QALR I(J)KA:73).

Murwent, (N), m. by 1677, Eliza, widow of Richard Blunt, of KE Co. (MDTP 9:370).


Mynes, Robert, m. by 27 Feb 1681, Marjory, admx of Patrick Due of  CV Co. (INAC 7B:201). He m. by 22 Sep 1685, Margory, admx of Patrick Done [sic] of  CV Co. (INAC 8:487).

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